how to block pop up ads on chromebook

How to Block Pop-ups in Chrome (2022) - Block Advertisements hey guys welcome back in this video i,w

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Updated on Jan 08,2023

How to Block Pop-ups in Chrome (2022) - Block Advertisements

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how to block pop up ads on chromebook catalogs

How to Block Pop-ups in Chrome (2022) - Block Advertisements

hey guys welcome back in this video i,will show you that how you can,block pop-up ads in google chrome,browsers,so if you're getting such advertisement,like,that you can see on the right and bottom,or if you're getting any notifications,and even these days there are many,websites,that you know while browsing on internet,that comes on your website and it,totally block your computer,so what to do to avoid such kind of,advertisements and pop-ups,so i'm going to tell you a simple trick,without downloading any extension,you have to make some changes on your,google chrome all right,so this was by the way this was an image,that i was showing you just to explain,it,so let me just go back,to my computer,so this is the google chrome and on the,google chrome,on the very right and top you will see,the three dot,click on it and then click on settings,now in settings here you'll see privacy,and security click on it,and then here you will find site,settings,click on it again,and scroll down so you will see,notifications okay you click on it,and now you will see that there are few,uh,notification that you can enable and,disable it,and here are few section of block and,allow so,these are the websites for which,notifications has been allowed,and this is a website which has been,blocked,okay so what i would say if you really,need any notifications,and if you have already those websites,here,so you can leave it but also check for,those website which you do not identify,so simply click on the three dot in,front of them and click on remove,so remove all those website which you do,not identify,and which is under the allow section,okay and if you really do not want,anything then you can simply turn off,the notification from here,okay now once you are done with this,go back,and here you will see pop-ups and,redirects,so right now i have already disabled in,your case it might be enabled,okay so what you have to do so it will,block,all kind of pop-ups and redirect so uh,you know like but if you if you really,need,a pop-up for any specific website so you,can manually add it from here,okay so for example if i want,so i will copy the link,and click here on add and paste the,website,so that can be any website for which you,want the pop-ups and redirects,i click on add and this will be added on,allowed so now even if i block it,if i disable this notification this will,be,even working okay so now this has been,blocked so i won't be getting,any kind of notification on the right,hand uh bottom,or on the left and bottom anywhere okay,so this is how you will be easily fixing,uh,the note the pop-up that coming on your,chrome brows coming from your chrome,browsers that can be notifications and,advertisements hope so this will help,you to fix the problem and if yes,please consider subscribing to to the,channel for getting more,exciting and really related videos and,please,like and share with other friends thanks,so much see you in the next session

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