how to block ads on aol mail

Remove unwanted email: AOL accounts hello this is Aaron Drucker my wife,Laura Rutgers the editor of

Painting World Magazine

Updated on Jan 07,2023

Remove unwanted email: AOL accounts

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how to block ads on aol mail catalogs

Remove unwanted email: AOL accounts

hello this is Aaron Drucker my wife,Laura Rutgers the editor of painting,world magazine and we have been talking,that a lot of people have trouble with,subscription email junk mail spam email,and some easy ways to kind of deal with,that so this video covers using AOL,as your email client so I launched the,Google web browser,I'm just sure that icon behind there so,that's I launched Google Chrome went to,AOL comm and I logged in and so this is,my email so I have my course there's,there's like all the different stories,and stuff but I go to the inbox and I've,got some example emails here now you may,have one situation where you have a,bunch of subscriptions do things you no,longer want to have a subscription to so,in this case I've got so I can get the,right one I've got a test email here on,the top and I've got the images there so,of course I'm not going to tell you to,unsubscribe from painting world magazine,that would be that would be horrible but,if you had an email from any at least in,the United States a customer from the,United States a store or something that,you have subscribed to you will get,somewhere in that email and unsubscribe,link so in this case it's at the top of,the painting world magazine so they say,just click unsubscribe at the link below,each company can do this however they,want so that's kind of difficult but,typically if you go to the very bottom,of one of these business emails you'll,see something in here about you know,updates and preferences unscrewed from,this list there is a link that will take,you to a site where you have to confirm,getting removed from the subscription,list that's the best way to do that if,you are getting a large amount of,spanned emails okay a lot of people go,through they'll highlight an email then,you get more options that pop up once,you select that,individual email of course you can click,that little delete icon and delete every,one that you want okay but then you're,constantly deleting those if you have,real junk spam email one way to deal,with that is to once you have your email,selected and you go further along the,icons more to the right you see this,thing called more actions by hover over,it I'll click that list and you can hit,move to so you got this move queue area,here spam trash save mail if if you move,it to trash that is the exact same thing,as clicking that delete icon if you move,something to the spam folder okay I'm,going to go ahead and pick one of these,other test emails here I'll click more,and I click spam what will happen is it,will move to this folder in here now I,mine is empty but you'll start seeing,emails in here that are in your spam,folder so once something's designated as,spam AOL will start to block it okay I,don't want to actually do it here,because I actually wanna get all these,emails here but anything that you don't,want you can select email go here to the,more action spot go here and move to and,send it to spam eventually you may,collect a lot of spam email so you may,have several here if I highlight over,the spam email every once in a while you,may want to then click this icon,permanently delete all messages and spam,and that will clean it up and I'll keep,things a little bit more tidy so that's,one way remember you got two kind of,ways to go about doing things if you,have a subscription someplace you no,longer want a subscription go ahead and,search out the unsubscribe button to,whoever you want to unsubscribe from or,you work through a little bit more and,just work through the more move to spam,and then you should not get any more,emails from that so hopefully that helps,the thing that I want to talk about is,there's all sorts of more details about,using AOL and Mail I'm just going to,open up another tab here and then Google,I'm just going to search a AOL and then,as they email help and some of the top,things we should get here like in our,I'm going to look for our first see help,not AOL yeah so they have a variety of,sources yeah help,AOL calm if you can remember that and so,they have a variety of shortcuts in,their own movies and stuff that you can,watch that you can kind of get a little,bit more up to speed on using AOL,alright hope that helps

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