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Block Facebook Ads | How to Turn Off Ads on Facebook 2022in this video i am going to show you,how to

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Updated on Jan 14,2023

Block Facebook Ads | How to Turn Off Ads on Facebook 2022

in this video i am going to show you,how to turn off ads on facebook in 2022,nowadays,we all are disturbed with,annoying ads,which we don't want to see on our,facebook,profile,or news feed,we all are disturbed with this kind of,sponsored ad,which,shown on our news feed,i'll show you one more here is another,one,if you want to stop this kind of ads,or,while watching a video,sometimes you will find,ads,today i am going to show you how to turn,off this kind of ads on facebook,watch the full video to learn,open your facebook app and tap on the,three vertical lines for menu,scroll down,and,find settings and privacy,under settings and privacy,tap on privacy shortcuts,scroll down and find add preference,here we'll find ad preference,learn how,ads,work on facebook and how we used data,to make the ads that you see more,relevant,from here,facebook will decide which ad you should,watch or not,tap on this,and then,tap on add settings,scroll down,you will find,manage data,used to show you ads,here you will find four option,data about your activity from partners,category used to reach you,audience based advertising,ads shown of facebook,we'll go through,all of these one by one,tap on the first one,and you will find,choose whether you can use data from our,partners to show,your personalized ad,turn this off,was this section useful,yes,go back,tap on the second option,here you will find,profile information,turn off all of this,and then,tap on the fourth option,turn off,you can review this what you should know,after turning off all of these,tap on advisors,which,companies ad you are,showing now,you can hide all of these,if you hide all of these they will not,be able to show their ads to you,here you will find some more ads,you can hide all of this one by one,it may take some time but you will find,result,was this section useful,yes,go back,at topic,by this way you can turn off ads on,facebook in 2022,now,close,facebook,and,open again,you will find less ad,thanks for watching this video if you,like this video share with your friends,give a like,thanks for watching till the end

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how to block ads from facebook catalogs

How to Block Ads on Facebook

How to Block Ads on Facebook

I've already talked about ways to block,ads while browsing online now let's,narrow it down to Facebook and see how,we can minimize ads here unfortunately,it is impossible to fully remove all ads,from your news feed but still let's try,to do something about it starting with,ad blockers,option one get an ad blocker I,personally don't mind seeing one or two,ads once in a while but Facebook news,feed has gone out of hand recently I,must say and almost all I see there is,recommended posts suggestions Etc it's,basically every other post but can I see,what my friends post or the pages I,follow this is ridiculous so the,simplest solution when you'd like to get,rid of online ads is getting an ad,blocking program it can be either in,desktop application or browser extension,form the most popular and the easiest,format of course is an extension if you,Google it there are plenty of free,extensions I already have one probably,the most popular ad block I see there,are some ad blockers for Facebook,specifically and for Chrome browser,which I'm using so let me throw it in as,well to see some extensions are out,there for Mozilla Firefox Safari and,even Microsoft Edge browsers just add,your browser name to the search try a,few extensions and you'll see which one,Suits You after I got my ad block I,noticed that sponsored ads were no,longer appearing in my Facebook feed Let,me refresh it yes no usual ad on the,right and seemingly no sponsored ads in,the news feed maybe because of the,second extension I've got moments ago,but still plenty of other annoying,suggestions there is also a lot of talk,about custom filter lists user can add,into ad blockers for example I found an,article by Adblock employee Rana Cassidy,that has a section with Filter lists,examples for Facebook ads so I can try,it out by the way curiously enough,adblocks seem not to notice ads on my,Facebook page as it shows zero as block,this page aren't it also has a feature,called high something on this page so I,could click on an item and hide it but,none of these page elements are add so,this is useless but back to the filter,list so basically I should open Adblock,options go to the filter list Tab and,find custom lists then copy any of these,URLs with code Snippets inside paste,them and click subscribe here but it,failed I tried all three not working,this is because Facebook meta is,constantly contract tracing any attempts,to hide or block their ads today a new,ad blocker feature script lists May,emerge tomorrow Facebook shuts it down,there's still a chance that some Adblock,extension will introduce and upgrade,that will prompt Those ads who knows one,little yet valid thing I've noticed and,Adblock is able to do in terms of,Facebook is to hide those mid video ads,when watching short videos that usually,autoplay as you hover over it I've seen,no ads so probably similar effect with,YouTube as an extra you'll definitely,enjoy ad free browsing on any other,website ad lockers are really effective,in this regard let me show you let's go,to let's say BuzzFeed a big head better,on the top and under white panel scroll,down and add a larger banner and one,more and so on let me visit one more,site say OLX and here's a huge ad when I,used as a page background now I'm going,to enable Adblock and refresh both pages,okay Alex now has a simple background no,advertisement same with BuzzFeed,although not 100 all ads are hidden in,addition to ad blockers in the form of,browser extension you may also get it as,a desktop application the old school way,all major ad blocker products have,Windows and or Mac OS versions I'm using,Windows 7 so let me try the respective,version of edguard let's say while it is,disabled here's my Facebook feed as,usual sponsored ads blocks at the top,and more in the feed when scrolling down,now basically all I have to do is to,enable ad guard and refresh the page and,to my surprise almost no ads appear in,the feed except a few posts from people,and pages I do not follow I have to say,since Edgard implements quite radical,traffic filtering that is sending is all,through their own DNS some pages may,even display incorrectly with some,elements broken as we see here this also,causes pages to load longer than usual,such is that drawback although I can,configure various options such as,automatic language filters search ads,protection filters social media filter,stealth mode servers and protocols and,more Let me refresh the Facebook page,one more time to see the effect yes much,better and according to the counter 30,ads have been blocked since I enabled,adguard desktop software is of course,not free for example the one I used is,thirty dollars per year or 80 lifetime,both subscriptions for up to three,devices bottom line an ad blocker won't,hide all your Facebook ads or even may,not hide Facebook ads at all but it will,be trying option two adjust add,preferences so since we cannot fully,remove ads and all those recommended,posts on Facebook another solution is to,customize it that is to make it less,personal if you don't want advertisers,to know a lot about you or vice versa,make ads more relevant to you it depends,on your user preference go to your,account icon in the top right corner,click it and select settings and privacy,and then settings,on the page with all the various,Facebook settings find ads from the left,panel closer to the bottom there are the,ad preferences that include three tabs,advertisers add topics and add settings,in advertisers you will see the names of,companies whose ads have been displayed,in your feed mine is blank because this,is a test account the first option you'd,have here is to select hide ads from,certain advertisers then in add topics,you can select the exact ad topics you'd,like to see less advertisers often use,this route and it is logical if you sell,sportswear you want to show ads to,people who are into sports who are,Sportsmen themselves Etc but if you as,Facebook user are annoyed with a given,topic of ads you can find it and set the,C less preference for example I don't,need ads about God and religion so I,find this topic and select CLS number of,overall ads will remain the same so I'll,see some other ads instead of religious,ones next go to add settings to manage,how you use activity data is used by,Facebook advertisers well at least to,input your preferences on how this,should be done I'd say since Facebook,still isn't fully transparent on how,they use this data but they do use it,for sure anyhow open every subsection,read carefully and take further actions,that's about your activity from Partners,so Facebook has partner websites and,receives browsing history from them,especially when users make purchases the,main option you have here is to allow it,or not yes if you want relevant ads know,if you don't want Facebook to get such,data on you but again we don't know,exactly how this works category is to,search you that is user profile,information your job location,relationship status Hobbies Etc by,default all of them are on to no,surprise but you can disable it one by,one there might be other categories,based on your activities so check there,too similarly you might be included in,certain audience lists based on your,online interactions so check audience,based advertising mine is blank good as,shown of Facebook this is interesting so,use a data exchange between Facebook and,partners has two ads it gets user,browsing data outside to serve ads but,it also hands user activity data on,Facebook to its partner websites if you,don't want targeted as based on your,Facebook activity select not allowed one,more thing I'd like to show is feed,preferences settings and privacy feed,preferences there are several options,there too that might be helpful news can,set favorites people or pages to see,first in the feed snooze someone that is,to stop seeing their posts temporarily,or unfollow and stop seeing their posts,and ads permanently finally you always,have the last and the most decisive,action as disposal hide the exact ad or,post say it particularly makes you crazy,or something like that click the three,dots button top right next to a post or,ADD and select hide post for this,specific one or hide all same with ads,you can hide add hide all as from this,app Advertiser and even report it to,Facebook if you think it's too extreme,sensitive abuse option 3 get the Opera,browser well one of the solutions,although also far from 100 efficiency at,the Opera browser how so it has a,built-in ad blocker both into Mobile and,desktop versions it is designed to stop,ads and website trackers it could be,sort of an extra layer of protection,just install Opera that is free by the,way and enable the ad block that can be,done in two places here in the top bar,on the right one of the icons is called,privacy and Protection One from settings,privacy and security there are only two,toggles to switch As I turn on the,browser automatically refreshes and,starts displaying the number of ads,blocked on a current web page just to,check if it will find some ads or not,let me scroll through Facebook for a bit,no still zero not sure about this the ad,blocker has just two settings,manage exceptions and manage lists the,first one is basically a white list,where you can specify web pages where I,don't want,ads to be blocked and the letter is for,filter lists I've mentioned in the first,chapter tech savvy users or programmers,will be able to utilize this feature by,uploading their custom scripts here,another benefit of Opera is that it also,comes with a VPN go to settings and,enable it it can also be used to,disguise real personal information from,advertisements by default it is set to,Optimal location connection and oil,includes America's Asia and Europe but,without specifying your country or IP,address I'm still curious about Adblock,efficiency it is range with 0 as were,found and blocked on Facebook I have to,check on another website say BBC UK it,loads a bit slowly probably due to VPN,but anyway yes 9 ads and 11 practice,block so it works option 4 get an,Adblock app for mobile since most users,nowadays visit Facebook from their,smartphones and mobile devices one more,option we can fly is ad locker apps,first let me view my profile on Facebook,Lite app I have installed on my Android,phone all the same stuff pretty much now,I'm opening the Play Store and searching,for ad markers to be frank I have,already tried a few apps including,mobile browsers and I wasn't impressed,at all let me try some different apps,same Adblock fast and AD guard since,I've already used its desktop version,let's start with the second one at guard,you should be aware that while launching,it requires one of two browsers to be on,the phone Yandex or Samsung browser,without either of those you won't be,able to proceed so I got the Samsung,browser and now I enable airgot checking,the filters base filter tracking,protection filters social media filter,all our on others are off although,annoyances I'd rather enable than search,ads language filters I leave as so now,I'm opening my Facebook app it's all the,same no ads so far just suggested for,you pages and posts next I'm going to,check my feed from the Samsung browser,and here I see the sponsored ads slip,through into my feed as an alternative,I'm launching the Adblock fast app and,going to my Facebook app again okay no,ads so far as I'm scrolling and,scrolling and scrolling more next time,checking through the browser 2 and there,after a bit of scrolling by feed I get,sponsored ads so the overall impression,I get from my experience with adwalker,mobile ads including this little part,I've shared with you is that such apps,are only partially efficient and perform,better when I'm using the Facebook app,instead of visiting my page from the,browser wrap up and that's it I'm afraid,you won't be able to hide all ads on,Facebook due to the aforementioned,reasons but you can take control of your,ad preferences and get an ad worker as,an extra which will be quite helpful on,other websites if you've got any more,suggestions please do share in the,comments

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