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How To Stop Pop Up Ads And Notifications On Google Chrome Android hey guys today we'll look at how t

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Updated on Jan 08,2023

How To Stop Pop Up Ads And Notifications On Google Chrome Android

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How To Stop Pop Up Ads And Notifications On Google Chrome Android

hey guys today we'll look at how to stop,pop-up ads and notifications on google,chrome why we browse through websites in,chrome we sometimes get pop-up ads like,this,because the sites want to generate money,from ads and this can be really annoying,because the pop-up ads always appear,when you're about to do something,important,and they will most times end up with,messages like this it says would you,like to receive notifications from this,website either block,or allow and i think a lot of people,don't really read this or hit allow by,accident,and the next thing you know you start,receiving lots of these really weird,notifications from the sites through,chrome,because they want more frequent visits,and they just keep on coming and coming,no matter how many times you swipe which,can be really annoying,so let's look at how you can stop both,the pop-up ads and notifications you get,from google chrome and completely block,them from getting to your device,ok the easiest way to stop the,notifications is as you receive one from,a website through chrome in your,notifications panel,long tap on the notification you got,from the site and then disable the,button by the right to block the site,from sending your notifications,if you just swipe you'd only dismiss,that notification but later another one,will pop up from the same site and then,another one and another one and you get,how it goes,so if you want to permanently stop the,website from sending notifications you,should just disable the button,once you've disabled that tap done and,all the notifications you have from that,site will be removed from your device so,you will not receive any more,notifications from the sites through,google chrome,but you can't always wait until you get,a notification before you can block the,sites,so a better way to stop this weird,notifications is to head over to google,chrome and tap on the three dots icon at,the top right corner of the screen,from the options select settings in,settings scroll down below and tap on,notifications,and then from here you can choose to,fully stop receiving notifications of,any sort on chrome by just switching off,the on button at the top,and this will block not just websites,but the entire chrome browser from,accessing your notifications but i don't,recommend you doing that because there,are some very important sites that you,might need the notifications enabled on,chrome so instead of blocking the entire,chrome app what you want to do here is,scroll down to sites and you'll see the,different sites that have access to your,notifications from chrome as you can see,i have a lot of sites here so you can,disable the button for each site to,block them from sending notifications,through chrome and if you no longer want,anything to do with the site and,completely remove it from your saved,site,tap on the site you want to delete and,below all the options tap on additional,settings,in the app then from here tap on clear,and reset and this will clear the site,from existence in your chrome browser,quickly if you're finding this video,helpful as up to this channel will be,fantastic,now before we look at how to stop the,annoying pop-up ads you get why using,google chrome,still on unwanted notifications go back,to chrome settings,and here you want to scroll down and tap,on site settings,in here select notifications,and you can turn off this button to just,block your entire chrome from sending,notifications which again i don't really,recommend,but below that you can check this box to,use quieter messages in this case the,notifications will come but it will be,silent,and you will not receive any annoying,prompts that disturb your browsing,below that you can share your sites like,we saw before but now it's filtered into,your blocked and allowed site,if you tap on any of the sites you can,block or allow or delete the sites as we,did before,so this is another way of getting here,now to stop the annoying pop-up ads that,disturb your browsing on google chrome,back inside settings,scroll down and tap on popups and,redirect in here just turn off the,button to stop the pop-up ads and,redirect as the name says,then go back to site settings again and,tap on ads,here you want to disable the button to,block ads from infringing and misleading,websites,so that's how you stop pop-up ads and,notifications from google chrome,like this video if it was helpful and,don't forget to subscribe and turn on,bell notifications,catching the next one

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