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10 Ways To Keep Your Facebook Ad Account Safe From Restrictions And Ban In 2022 i have about six sev

Courage Ngele

Updated on Jan 08,2023

10 Ways To Keep Your Facebook Ad Account Safe From Restrictions And Ban In 2022

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10 Ways To Keep Your Facebook Ad Account Safe From Restrictions And Ban In 2022

i have about six seven or there about,other accounts,that i've been using,for over four years and it has not it,has never been banned or restricted,now this is because i believe i've been,following the facebook ads policy and of,course there are certain things which i,have been doing that has helped to keep,my other accounts safe,if you have been advertising on facebook,if you're a business owner e-commerce,athletes marketing whatever it is and,then you must have noticed that facebook,has been,banning people's other accounts recently,it's crazy like facebook has gone wrong,the ban account whether you adhere to,policy or not it's the restrict they,even restrict pages,they go as fast restricting people's,pages people's business manager people's,ad accounts and then you have to supply,the you know information like the,identity information and stuff like that,i understand all of that but in this,video i'm going to share with you 10,ways that you can keep your account safe,and avoid restrictions or burning,okay and also even if you get your other,accounts restricted i'm going to show,you exactly how to appeal it and get the,other account back,okay so stay with me that's what i'm,going to share with you in this video,like i said you have noticed that,there's been frequent banner,restrictions it's not just a nigerian,thing it's general everywhere around the,world facebook is crazy right now and,it's not fun for most entrepreneurs it's,not fun like i said i have a versus that,account that i've been using for about,four years it has never been banned and,of course i have a few other accounts,also that i have using to sell some kind,of products right i use it to do some,kind of stuff and it gets restricted i,appeal and they,let me have it someday,van okay,because i know what i sell and i know,that to an extent it's not kind of cool,with facebook but of course we have to,make sales now right so in this video,i'm going to share with you how to avoid,getting banned so let's get started,straight up the first one is don't use,before and after pictures in your ad,image,also don't use it on your sales page,because,when i when i the other adverts itself,or is the sales page facebook before,they approve your adverts they will,first of all get to your sales page they,will see where the advert is leading to,i mean this is common knowledge you,should already know this by now before,they approve your ad they will,scrutinize the ad scrutinize your sales,page and see where all of this is,leading to,if it add heads to their policy they,will approve your adverts,so one of the things that can get your,other account banned or restricted is,when you use before and after pictures,in your art image or on your sales page,avoid it if you want to use it to be,creative you can use it within a video,all right you can use it within a,product video and you have to use it in,a very creative and explanatory way,i hope that makes sense,second one is you have to avoid deleting,comments on your ads this one is crazy,truth is,when you start running ads right people,are going to drop some nasty comments,some very very silly comments and stuff,like that it's it's it's you should get,used to it,okay,you have to limit the way you delete in,fact you should stop deleting,okay you should stop deleting because,when you do this facebook considering it,considers it a negative feedback,okay,and every negative feedback that they,get from your ad that is from the,engagement on your ad,any negative feedback that they get,there,can actually trigger a restriction on,your on your other account it has a very,bad effect,so you should avoid deleting comments,okay,facebook might be thinking that you're,trying to mislead people in fact the,best thing is just to hide the comment,if any comment goes against your stuff,hide it or you go to your page settings,and include certain keywords that you,don't want to appear on your ad so that,when you are running adverts and,somebody tries to type in nascam or this,or that it cannot the comments will not,appear,all right so your best bet is to use,that keyword option on your facebook,page settings or you hide every bad,comment that you don't want to appear,on your ad,you hide it or you report a spam,okay you should be also careful the way,you report,because the more reports,the the more comments that you report or,hide then facebook you need to sense,some kind of power play,so it increases your chances of getting,restricted be careful stop deleting,comments hide them and if someone so,nasty respond to the person politely so,that other people can come there and see,your response and know that this person,is a silly human being you know,the third one is that you should not,advertise multiple website domain,on the same ad account,i have different for instance i have,different,i have up to 60 other accounts right and,these other accounts have i've assigned,different domains i've registered,different domains,under each of them and,i will not for any reason whatsoever i,use this ad account for any other domain,or any other business,those are the domains that they're going,to be advertising as long as the,business stands,so you should avoid,choking,your other accounts with multiple domain,registration and multiple domain adverts,okay,if you if you have multiple domains get,more ad accounts,get more ad accounts you can register,probably two three domains and that's,enough but i use one and i think that,one is okay,account for me it has been working for,me it's been over four years and i've,not been restricted or banned so i think,for now i'm very okay with having,having different domains for different,accounts so that i don't get,into any issues with facebook,the fourth one is,you should avoid using copyrighted,materials this one is common,sometimes when you use certain music in,your video you notice that the music,stops as at a point,at a point,and then the video continues but the,music is not playing anymore that is,because it's copyrighted,the same thing happens with celebrity,pictures and videos and images that you,do not have any rights to do not use,them because if these people see them in,fact they have bots they have things,like they can see them,once you use a copyrighted video,music whatever it is,you are most likely to get a restriction,of the band because you do not have a,right to the resources to those,materials,these are the things that can put your,other account in your party they can put,you in a position of getting banned and,that is why i always teach people in my,e-commerce class and if you want to sell,a product,ensure that you do the video yourself,create a video yourself,so that no one gets to report your other,account for violating their own privacy,or for using their own materials okay so,avoid using copyrighted materials,so that you don't you know so that you,don't get your account banned,don't make claims that are bogus don't,make claims that are not verifiable,right,clips like financial claims,um,health claims,um family claims a lot of claims don't,make claims at all facebook does not,want any claims on their platform okay,how to make 300 thousand dollars in,three months how to lose 20 kg in two,days how to drive,how to buy this and don't make claims,facebook franchise claims whether on the,adverts copy whether on your sales page,do not make claims,if you want to make limbs there are ways,that you can creatively,make these claims and it will work for,you okay i have a course on e-commerce,that i sell with through facebook ads,and i don't tell people that how you can,make,how you can make or how to make sure,amount ever you know,what that means is how we what i say is,how we,i use us now how we make so-so amounts,right how we make at least or how we,make over so amount monthly doing,e-commerce,i'd not say how you can make i'm not,making any claim i'm i'm using me and,not you,and then i i go ahead on the copy to,explain how we do it's not how you can,do it,what yo,so that you don't fall into the mistake,i explained how we do it,so that you can begin to see yourself in,us i don't see you i want to avoid,facebook problems and so i have to,creatively find a way to use these,things without actually using it,number six that you must not use trigger,words on your ads on your landing page,wherever you don't,lose weight,don't even use personal attributes like,fat,are you fat um,are you black,if you're a christian,if you're a muslim,if i might don't use faith persona i,don't attack people's personal,attributes like fat shorts religious,what's it called again,sexuality,all right,mental issues stuff like that don't use,those trigger words on your advert it is,going to,cause a problem to your other account,even to your page,also your business manager so avoid,using trigger words,facebook makes this clear personal,attributes is a no no,number seven is that do not let you add,account to balance you know there's,always money in other accounts right,right because your ad account if you are,using for instance in nigeria we have,two types of other accounts we have the,post paid,and the prepaid,the prepaid is that is an narrative,account an error is prepared you have to,have you must have money in your other,accounts before you're able to run,adverts,that's for prepaid for post spread is,probably dollar ad account you can run,that you can run out when you run out,then after you have spent a certain,amount they will now charge you,so even if you have zero account balance,you can still go ahead to run advance,after,you run a certain amount or after some,days or some weeks they will now charge,you,now always ensure that you have money,in your other account whether it's my,account or dollar account,make sure you always have money don't,allow your money in your account to,finish while your ad is still active,can lead to restriction because when,they try to build you and then the,building fails,first time it can lead to restrictions,second thought they can restrict your ad,account and then they might possibly ban,you from there,ensure that there's always money in your,balance do not let your other account,balance get empty while your advert is,still active it can trigger restrictions,if you're enjoying this video please,give me a thumbs up that's all i'm going,to ask you a thumbs up and then,if you have any question of course the,comment section is there for you to ask,me any question let's continue so,don't mask your url yeah u r l u r,url,whatever don't mask your url all right,facebook friends are these,so the thing now is if you have been,using any,url redirect,and you notice that over time your other,account has been getting restrictions,but you don't know what the course might,be this might be because,facebook do not want it at all,once you begin they don't want anybody,to mask their url they want everything,to be plain simple and straightforward,so you should stop masking your url when,you begin to redirect url facebook,records it as masking,and they don't want it,if you want to avoid getting restricted,or getting banned then you should avoid,masking your url,the next one is that you have to limit,the use of you,and you are,in your copy your ad copy,you can do this in this no,you can change it to how i,how we how my students,how these students,right if you want to use you there are,instances where you can use you but it,has to be limited,you and you are,okay you have to limit it greatly,limit it greatly,i'm not saying you should not use i'm,saying you should limit,okay,yes,so the last one which i'm going to get,to but before we get to the last one,please ensure that you give this video a,thumbs up like this video so that more,people get to see my video on youtube,so the last one is when your ad account,gets restricted you appeal it,you appeal it other countries,restriction is normal if it happens all,of us we are chopping this breakfast,from facebook okay it happens all the,time,it's not the end of it all affiliates if,you know you haven't gone against their,policy okay you can do all of this,honestly you see i've listed 10 things,here,the truth is,you can do all of these 10 things,right you can,try your best to be safe to be clean to,not go against their policy and facebook,will still restrict your other account,they'll still buy you that is they have,gone wrong they have gone mental they,don't collude,everybody just being served this,breakfast from facebook but that's by,the way all right,if you notice that your other account is,restricted do not panic,the simplest way or the best thing is to,appeal it,and you have to be polite about it do,not be aggressive do not be,temperamental,do not insult them,you can say hi i noticed that i was,informed that my ad account has been,restricted,um this is shocking to me because i know,the facebook ads policy and i have ahead,to all your policy,i believe,that my other account was restricted in,error,this is because,i sell,this that and i sell xyz products,and my target audience are,xyz within the age bracket of these and,this age bracket i have legger each to,purchase or to see this kind of adverts,understand that facebook does not allow,this and that and that and i have i have,not gone against your policy,i have every reason to believe that my,other account was restricted in error,therefore i humbly,request that you kindly have a look at,this,and and reinstate my other account or,and restore my advertising assets,so that i can commence,advertising and showing my business to,the people who need my products or,services,i look forward to your kind response,thank you you put your name simple,simple,don't shout don't scream you see the way,we took it,calm,gentle politely whoever is reading that,because whoever is going to release it,is a human being whoever is reading that,is going to find it calm soothing and,you know very very,well coordinated message and then they,will have a look at your,ad restriction and they will lift the,ban and then you can they will restart,your advertising assets and then you can,start advertising,like i said i have i've had,some other accounts that i used to sell,some kind of products most times and,they get,restricted,and then i appeal and they restate it,but i have this very six other account,that i use for my business strictly i,don't use them for any other thing,i know i don't use them for e-commerce i,don't use them at least marketing for,whatever i have,my my line of business my series of,businesses that i use this ad account,for and that is that i'm not going to,touch them for any other business but,for the awards i use for e-commerce and,i place marketing sometimes i get,restricted i get some karma from,facebook and i politely,appeal this stuff and then they restate,it if facebook ban your other account,one appeal if they burn if they if they,restrict you to other accounts sorry,appeal if they restrict your page,also appeal,okay other accounts restriction,doesn't take long for them to reinstate,it is only page restriction that takes a,bit like a few days,okay,if you have any question,if you have any concern,please,use the comment section ask me your,questions i'll be there to answer you,thank you for watching make sure you,like this video leave your comment if,you have anything that that has been,budgeting you around facebook adverts,around page restriction and account,restriction please leave your comments,in the comment section below leave your,questions here in the comment section,and i will be there to answer you,another thing please,if you are an advertiser and you have,not been restricted yet,and you have not verified or you have,not submitted your document to facebook,to verify you you should find a way to,do so before they begin to restrict you,once you do so you'll stand a better,chance of having your account safe,i hope this makes sense if you have any,questions i'll be happy to answer your,questions use the comment below,and i will attend to you thank you for,watching and i'll see you in my next,video cheers

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