how to advertise on google ads for free

How to run google ads free | 2021 | worldwide hello people,what's good trust you are doing fine,wher

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Updated on Jan 08,2023

How to run google ads free | 2021 | worldwide

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How to run google ads free | 2021 | worldwide

hello people,what's good trust you are doing fine,wherever you are in the world,welcome to my channel get in this, gtb for shorts,um so basically what we do here is we,review or we look at,the latest marketing tool or software,that can help you as an online,entrepreneur take your business to the,next level or grow your business,we also look at tools that can help you,as a digital marketer,do your job a lot more easy and,effectively,um but secondly this channel is also a,money channel so,look at anything and everything that has,to do with making money,online so we look at methods,love method that are out there that has,been working for a lot of people and how,this same method,can work for you um well so,in today's video uh before we move into,that um,if you are new to this channel please,help this channel grow,by clicking on the red subscribe button,and the bell notification icon,so you get notified every time we drop,awesome videos such as this one,um okay so for today's video we are,going to be looking at,how to run google ads in 2021,for free yes you heard me correctly,while looking at how to run google ads,for free,in 2021 well,if you have been following up on this,channel um in my previous video i talked,about,how to get um free 150,google ads credits so um why i made,mention of that video is,that 150 dollars that you got from that,video,is what we are going to be using here to,run ads,on google ads um before we move right,into it,if you don't know what google ad does,is simply google advertisement it's,advertising your business,so what it does is it puts your business,or,your product or the services that are,offered in front of people that,are looking for it every typical example,is something like this is how it,basically looks like,this is how it looks like so for,instance if you are,selling let's say um like a,shoe maybe if i said you're selling,wristwatch or bids,or you have a cleaning service a,cleaning service,and you want people to see what you're,selling um,you can run ads on google and put your,product in front of people that,are searching for it so um,for instance let's see let me show you,what um a google ad or what,what this what it looks like um for,instance let's go to,um let's go to top do you let's go to,, let's go to,okay,so let's see let's see,i'm looking for a cleaning service i,want to hire a cleaning service,okay so to i'm going to type in cleaning,service,on the google search bar here cleaning,service,okay i see cleaning service let's click,the screen service lagos,service oh okay fine good okay so,you can see,all this um all these ones that have,popped up here at the top,with iggy by the side all these are ads,that were created by this person,on the google ads platform all these are,ads that were created by these people,on google ads and they are currently,running so this is what we're going to,be doing today we're going to create,ads on google ads such as this one,such as this one so let's get right into,the business of today,um well because of that 150 dollars that,you um generated in the previous video,um and you remember you said you,remember we said that that 150,only applies that coupon only applies to,places that are living in the united,states and remember we have to use a vpn,to hide our location and,to hide our location make sure that the,google site thinks,that we are working from,the united states so in this video we,are still going to use our vpn so first,off,you connect your vpn i'm going to,connect my vpn to the united states by,clicking here,mind you this is proton vpn i made,mention of vpn in my previous video,so you can go check that out so i'm,connecting my vpn,so i just clicked on i just clicked here,connecting to the united states and you,can see it's connecting,that's finally connected okay so,let's get right into our business,okay so firstly okay so you,have to create a gmail account i said,that in my previous video,and i sincerely hope that you have done,that already you have to create a new,gmail account,yeah you are creating a new gmail,account because of,that 150 oh well i will be using,the same gmail account that i created in,our video so if you have created,an account in that video good for you so,let's,um move let's get right into it,so before you click on start now before,we click on start now,let me just say this so when people,start running ads for the first time,they usually have this very,high expectation like oh i'm running i'm,running ads now and,i'm going to get into traffic to my,website or a lot of customers and all,but the thing is you have to give this,a little just a little time i know,you're spending money here,but you have to give it a little time to,see what works for you,and what does it you have to give it a,little time for it to work,perfectly well for you but not to worry,the good news is,the fact that you are here you are,father on this channel and you are,watching this video,we are going to be showing you what,works and what doesn't,and we are going to be showing you the,best way to optimize your,ads so i'll click on start now,click if you haven't run us on,google as before sometimes,everything might look a little bit,confusing first page that you see,get more phone calls get more sales sign,up get,more visits to your physical location so,what you do,is you come here to um switch to expat,mode,you click there so after clicking on,switch to export move,this is the next thing you'll see um,select the group that will make this,campaign successful to you,so if you sales you're looking for leads,website traffic products and brand,consideration brand awareness outreach,app promotion local store visitor,promotion,um for this video we are going to be,sending traffic to a website,uh we are going to be sending traffic to,your website so i'm going to click on,website traffic,then i'll click on search if you have a,video you can use video,i'll click on search,or click on search,i'll click on search um so,so for this video i'm assuming that i am,selling,my products is um shoes i am selling,shoes,online so i'm going to be directing,traffic to my website,so i'll put in this is just,an assumption so our assumed website,would be,w,w dot broke,shoes dots com,so i'll click on continue,click on continue it's loading okay and,here we are,so um campaign name would be,broke shoes,i remove display network only search,remove display network,and leave search network,you scroll down click on more,settings it's kind of important that you,put an,end date it started and ended to your,ads,and reasons being that you don't know,what can happen,you might be in a particular place and,maybe you are,you don't have um any internet,connection to actually stop your art,so while that is going on you are to be,running and,google will actually be charging you,from your credit card,but if you put an end date you already,know your ad is going to run for a,certain amount of time,and end on a particular date you might,even get locked out of your account for,the reason,and before you try to stop your ad and,all that google has already charged you,for something that you did not plan for,so,it is kind of important that you put a,stat on empty to your ads,so our ad is starting today april,and it is going to end,it is going to end let's say we're,running this at for,um two weeks it's going to run,sale um until,26th of april okay so,that is done um you leave,campaign url options empty and,leave those other apartments so that is,for that,country we are going to be,let's look allocation options,let's click on enter selection so,we are going to be using the united,states,okay so we're targeting the united,states and,what i get in the united states okay,so i selected that already,i selected that are targeting the united,states,you can target as much countries as you,want,but for this video we're targeting the,united states,our language is english,um for audience we are going to be,leaving,let's see we'll leave this for now,we'll leave this for now we'll leave,audience alone for now,um i'll call me,leave rdsa loan for now then you put in,your budget,my budget is um ten dollars,um then for conversion,um set italy click on set a target,cost per action so cost per action,will be let's see,one dollar um then,what next let's see what do we have here,let's see what we have,two more settings there's nothing here,okay,let's check and see what we have done,so we put in our campaign name click on,search network,edited our location we also put,started and ended started and ended,and languages we've done that we left,audience alone we put in our budget,our video to one dollar okay so,but down here let's click on save and,continue,save and consumer,um our ad group name we're still going,to leave it as,broke we're still going to leave it as,broke,shoes,we're still going to leave it as broke,shoes okay so,for the keywords you can see that google,is already giving you some keywords here,but um this is not what we need um,google has a keyword planner that you,can use to search for particular,keywords a very powerful,tool so you can go here but the thing is,you need to have started running ads,first before you can gain access to it,from the new one we don't have access to,that too yet,but once this ad start running you can,see you see that when i average to,the google keyword planner so you can,come back,search for the keyword that you want to,search for look at the bid range,then you can tweak and edit the keywords,that you are going to be before,for this for this one here we'll clear,all of this,um so let's see let's see,our keyword would be,broke,let me go search for these particular,keywords that my ad is going to pop up i,don't want to post session for something,else google put in my ads,for anything else that's related to this,keyword i just want,my ads to pop up when people search for,this particular keyword,so i'm going to put in this i want to,put,all of this brackets,so click on save and continue,okay so let's create our ads,so headline b luxury,white shipping,then we'll add our description,then you add your description,okay we've already has um,ideas already i think i'm going to take,this one but you should able to put,you should put something that is a,little bit more compelling,um we hope you find what you're,searching for,then the new description will be no i,think,this is um let me put,um quality,quality,broke shoes,at a very,affordable,price,then i think i'll take this we hope you,search what you are looking for,okay so you can see this is what your,ads is going to look like this is what,it's going to look like,when when somebody searches for those um,keywords,that you are going to be before this is,what is going to look like,on the search page on the google page,is what it's going to look like so you,can do better than this,then i'm going to click on save and,continue,fix it,okay too few elements um,let me add one more,okay okay,so let's click on save and continue,i think that should fix it,checking your campaign and voila and,boom you can see your campaign is ready,to be published,so this is what it looks like this is,what it looks like a pretty good,campaign um ads yeah by distinction,we'll talk about how to create our,distinction in a lot,more later video,how to quit add essentials and how it,can help you boost,campaign performance but this is your,art this is what it looks like,so you click on publish,you click on publish and it's going to,take you to the payments,the next page should be payments,and where you're supposed to add your,coupon code,and when you are supposed to put in your,payment details,so we're going to click on publish,copied our offer code,so let's go to let's head back to,the google ass platform,let's check out,so let's put in our let's put in the,promotional code ctrl,include v,so i have applied my google 150,um credits and you can see,i put in my my code,and you can see offer apply successfully,apply,will match your spend for the first 31,days,up to 150 so you can run ads with this,150,and you can run ads,with this money right here for free,um my my,home page is not properly opened but you,should see,a you should have something here that,you're supposed to put in your,um details of your card without putting,these on your card google,will not allow you to run ads on your,platform you don't necessarily need to,have a lot of money it's maybe a dollar,or two,it should be on your credit card,so mind you um you cannot use your local,card for this i have tried it and it,didn't work,what i did was this i used an app,called butter by flutter wig i'll leave,a link in the description box below,so you can just go there click on it,download the app and then you can create,a dollar card,what this app basically does is it,allows you to create dollar cards,somewhere that helps you with some other,financial some of your financial,transactions,well basically that's what i use before,it's very simple and straightforward,all you have to do is just go to the,link in my in the description box of,this video,and then download the app and sign up,then get your dollar card,just put about a dollar two or three,minutes and put in the details here,um in this page that is not open on mine,but i'm very pretty sure it's going to,open,yours thinking the vpn is kind of,disturbing my network,so once you're done with that um,once you are done with that you will you,cannot continue,uh running your ad and tweaking it,anyway um,and tweaking it to what suits you or,what works for you,um in consequence videos we are still,going to be talking more on,google ads um uh how to set up your,audience how to,add set up more ad groups and all that,um,well we have come to the end of this,video and if you have found if you have,gotten any value,from this video so far please do not,forget to click,the red subscribe button and the bell,notification icon so you get notified,anytime we drop,awesome videos like this so please and,please,do not forget to subscribe subscribe to,this channel so we can,grow so stay safe wherever you are and,peace out

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