how to add someone to facebook ads manager

How To Add Someone To Facebook Ads Manager? [in 2022]hey everybody in this video tutorial i'm,gonna

How To Add Someone To Facebook Ads Manager? [in 2022]

hey everybody in this video tutorial i'm,gonna show you how to add someone to a,facebook ads manager this is just gonna,be a quick video tutorial so if you,wanna get more details about this then,check out our more detailed blog post on,roi where we also share some,additional information that we're not,gonna mention in this video you can also,find hundreds of tutorials there on,social media and facebook ads for,absolutely free one more thing before,the tutorial if you want to audit your,facebook ad account to get higher,facebook ads return on ad spend then,check out our facebook ads audit,checklist that you can download from our,website and now it's,completely free,links to the 56.3 checklist in the,description below right so if you want,to add someone to a facebook ads manager,account the easiest way to do it is in,the meta business suite account which,used to be called facebook business,suite or facebook business manager,account and you can access this meta,business suite by going to,,and one thing you have to keep in mind,is you have to first add the facebook,ads manager account to this meta,business suite account if you haven't,edited it yet i have a tutorial on my,channel on how to do it so make sure to,check out that but once you have added,this facebook ads manager account or now,it's also called meta admanager account,to the meta business suite now we can,add someone to this facebook ads manager,and all we have to do is open up the,meta business suite account this ads,manager account is added to and then,click on settings on the left here and,if you click on the people tab you will,see everyone who has been added to this,meta business suite account so all you,have to do is click on add people here,then add the email address of that,person then select employee access and,click on next and here you're gonna see,all the assets that have been added to,this meta business suite account and we,have to select ad accounts in this case,and here we'll see all the facebook ad,accounts that have been added to this,meta business suite select the ad,account you want to add this person to,in this case i only have one ad account,here and then you have to select what,kind of access you want to give to this,person so do you want to give him,partial access or full control of the,accounts in most cases partial success,is enough if you know is an agency or a,freelancer that is managing your,facebook ad campaigns then you can,select this partial access or full,control and then click on send,invitation here wait a couple of seconds,and and as you can read here facebook,has sent an invitation to this email,address and then he can accept this,invitation and then that person will,have access to your facebook ads manager,account and start running campaigns for,you before we would wrap up just make,sure to check out our free facebook ads,audit checklist so you can get 56,checkpoints we use to consistently find,opportunities to increase the return on,ad spend of facebook ads campaigns we,are planning to charge money for this,checklist in the future so get it now,for free until you can you can get the,checklist by clicking on the link in the,description below or search on google,for ioi and add the keywords,facebook ads or the checklist,spreadsheet and then it should be the,first page on google also if you want to,learn more about running and optimizing,facebook ads campaigns make sure you,check out our facebook ads tutorial,youtube playlist see you next time

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How To Add Someone To Facebook Business Manager And Assign Them Assets

How To Add Someone To Facebook Business Manager And Assign Them Assets

in this video I am going to show you,quick how to add somebody to your,business manager account you would add,if you need it to act somebody you would,add them to a business page you might,need to add them to a pixel or you might,need to add them to your ads manager,account if that's where you host it so,the first thing you're going to do is,you're going to go to business dot, and once you're in here,you're going to choose your account that,you want to be in and so this is my main,account for where I manage my clients,ads where I manage my ads etc and so,once we get in here up in the upper,right there's a business settings button,you will click that business settings,button and it'll take you to your,settings and so when you get here it's,going to start you off with your users,and again things might change a little,bit get resourceful click around if you,can't find it but as of right now this,is what it looks like and so let's say,you need to add a brand new person so,you're going to click add I yeah and so,you would enter in that person's,information and so I'm just going to add,my husband admin access I'm gonna click,Next and what's really cool is once you,put in their email then you will be able,to click for the pages I want him add it,to my business page and then I can give,him the permissions and so you'll give,the permissions that you deem necessary,for this particular person that you're,adding it's my husband so as of right,now he could have full access might get,revoked though and so I want to add him,to my add account and so he can get,added to my brand-new we're getting,ready to start a different website,together as a family so he can get added,to that and he can manage the ad account,and so I'm able to click invite and now,he's going to get an email notification,that I invited him to these let's say,that the person is already in here,and you need to add them to an ad,account you would it's interesting that,I have these hidden and that they're,still showing which anyway,so then you would go to the ad account,that you want them added to and then you,would click here and click add people,and this is where you can choose from,the people who have been added to your,business account and assign them where,you want them to be and that is how you,would add somebody to an ad account and,you would do the same thing if you had,pixels if you had pages again all of,them have the ad people you would click,and you would add them and it's super,simple super easy you would just do,creamy add them when you're ready all,right thanks so much have a great day

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