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Add a Mailchimp popup on Shopifyhi and welcome to another mail chimp,update video in this video wha

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Updated on Jan 24,2023

Add a Mailchimp popup on Shopify

hi and welcome to another mail chimp,update video in this video what you're,going to do I'm going to show you how,you can add a pop up on your Shopify,store so the first thing we'll do we'll,go to MailChimp and then we're going to,get the pop-up chord then we'll bring it,back to our Shopify admin area and then,we'll add that code on the team so let's,get started right away,and the first thing is for us to go into,MailChimp to get the pop-up code so to,get that code I would go into lists and,then let's use the form that we used,when we were creating our first pop-up,and that was in this list so I'll just,go here and click on signup forms and,then I want to go to subscriber pop-up,so I'll just click there so if you can,recall this is the pop-up that we,created when we were talking about,pop-up forms in MailChimp so if you,don't know how this was created go back,to that section and watch the section on,pop-up forms in MailChimp so here I'm,not going to edit anything I only want,to get the code so to get the code I'll,just click on view code and then ctrl a,ctrl C to copy everything and then I'll,come back to Shopify and then here in,Shopify I want to go to online store so,this will enable me to edit the theme,and any other thing that I want to edit,about my store this is just a sample,store on my development account in,Shopify so what I want to do here is you,see I'm already in themes if you're not,in themes just click on themes what I,want to do is I want to go and edit the,HTML and CSS for the theme so if I click,there it will take me to their code,editor area for Shopify,so these are all the templates that are,used in your Shopify theme so make sure,when you're choosing the theme to edit,you choose the theme that you're,currently using so in my case I just,come here into theme not liquid and this,is where I will add this pop-up code so,if I come here and I scroll all the way,down here just before the body element,is closed I can add that code right,there if you want to do this manually,this is how you do it so if I save this,if I save this and I go to any page on,my Shopify store the pop-up is going to,show up for my site so I do know that,I've already used this pop up somewhere,on a different website and therefore,it's not going to show up let me go back,here my store is currently protected by,a password so if I have to use it on a,different browser I would need to remove,that you can see it doesn't show up here,but I'm going to I'm going to open it in,chrome so that we can see if it pops up,but for your guests,just know that it's working that's all,you needed to do so let me go and remove,this password because I want to make,sure that I can access this shop on any,browser without having to input a,password so if I scroll down if I scroll,down in this section white says enable,password,I can uncheck that and then save let me,take this link control C and I want to,open it in Chrome,and if I open it in chrome you'll see,that the pop-up comes up and this will,happen for every page on your website if,you put it on team not liquid that will,ensure that it shows up on every single,page on your Shopify store so if you,want to close it I can close it here but,once I close it I won't be able to see,it again,in this session so that is how you can,add a pop up on your Shopify store so,just a recap how to add a pop up on your,Shopify store first thing you have to do,you'll get the code from MailChimp and,you know how to do that you can edit,this however you want to edit yours you,can change the theme here and once you,take the code you just click on View,code you'll get the code then you bring,the code back to your Shopify store then,you go into online store and then in,online store you go into theme store,into theme store you'll choose to edit,the HTML and CSS and if I click on,themes if I click on themes you'll see,that this is a the theme that I'm using,it's called simple and I can simply edit,there the code by going to HTML CSS and,that will take me to the page where I,can edit the HTML and CSS and that's,where I will add the embed code make,sure you choose the theme which is,currently active okay so that's it for,this video in the next video let's come,back into Shopify and we're going to see,how we can add how we can add an embed,form just on the page so if you want to,add an embedded form a MailChimp,embedded form watch the next video I,will see you in that next video

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how to add mailchimp popup to shopify catalogs

Learn to easily add a Mailchimp signup popup to your eCommerce store

Learn to easily add a Mailchimp signup popup to your eCommerce store

hi,i'm gary from and i'm a,mailchimp partner specializing in,mailchimp training and consulting,in today's tutorial i'm going to go,through,how if you have an ecommerce store,connected to mailchimp,how you can very quickly add a subscribe,popup in other words,someone will visit your store and a,subscribe,button or sorry not button modal or,pop-up will appear asking the person to,subscribe,it's incredibly simple to do if you've,already connected your woocommerce,presta shop magento,shopify and and so on um store with,with mailchimp let me take you to my,screen,so first off i'll just go across and,what i'm going to do in this,is add the pop-up to this what we call,this this,woocommerce test store,fortunately because it's already,integrated with mailchimp,we don't actually need to add any code,to the woocommerce site at all and i'll,show you this so let's go to mailchimp,so to create the popup that will show on,that test store,all i need to do is viewing my audience,i click,sign up forms,i'll just scroll down a little bit and,you'll notice here the subscriber pop-up,i'm going to click subscriber pop-up,because that's what i'm wanting to,create,i can design i can change various,different,things okay so first of all i could go,into style for example,change the font change the colors and so,on,i could go into layout and this is,self-explanatory where will image show,do you want it showing on the right hand,side on the left hand side,above do you not want an image and so on,and so on and so on okay easy enough but,i'll just leave that for now,but you can change it as you see fit,i'd go into settings change the opacity,uh when do you want it to,display after five seconds when a person,scrolls,even when they intend to exit your page,so that's nice and easy now just to let,you know that once you've created your,pop-up you can always come in and change,it again,and and save the changes that's very,simple to do,i'll come across to the main type of,screen here,and generally you would add an image,here and this is because i selected that,layout with the image at top at the top,you would set your image here or maybe,even add your logo that's up to you,but i'll click say sorry set image i'm,taken to my content studio where i've,added my files in mailchimp you could,add another file if you really want to,but let's say this is the image we want,i'm going to click on that,click insert and there we go,okay so that's the image now,if i want to i can click on the,subscribe to our newsletter,change the font as i see fit even change,the text you know,um get a 10 off coupon if you're going,to enable for example a customer journey,to automatically send a coupon when,someone signs up,if i click on email the field email that,is mandatory on the form,the email field is mandatory and,mailchimp,so it is required you could change the,label however and even add a description,if you really want to,you can also click the plus button to,add another field such as first name,and if i click on that field,you could make it required add a,description change the label and so on,and that's up to you you could add more,fields if you really want to,on the button i'm going to click on the,button you can align it,you can change the colors you can even,change the text such as,send or get my coupon or whatever you,can add a disclaimer if you want to,and this made with mailchimp that sorry,was under settings which are which i,didn't show and you can disable the show,mailchimp badge and so on there if you,really want to,so i've created my pop-up that will show,the success message is what does the,person see once they've submitted their,details or sent their details so i'll,click on success,and the default is thanks for,subscribing but of course we could click,in there,and i mean that your coupon's on the way,your promo code's on the way,whatever,now i've designed,my pop-up i mentioned earlier on that,i'm assuming that,you have an e-commerce integration with,mailchimp already so,enabling it on our website is as simple,as where it says,your pop-up is currently disabled click,edit you will then see your store name,or if you have more than one store,connected you'll see,multiple stores and you can choose which,store you want that or all of them even,which store stores you want that pop-up,to appear,so if i now click the,that little on button there i guess it,is now going to show on my ecommerce,store my woocommerce test store,because it's already integrated with,mailchimp that's how simple it is,so now if i click save and publish up,the top,and just a few confirmations and i click,save and publish,now when i visit my test site my,woocommerce site or when anyone does,they will see that pop up up here just,keep in mind however that,it is cookie based so that if someone,dismisses it clicks the little,cross in the corner it won't show for,them again,so that's a common trap what people do,is when they test on their website,they'll submit to test and it doesn't,show again or they click the cross at,the top,and it doesn't show to them again that's,because they've already seen it,and dismissed it in some way but that's,how easy it is if you already have,an ecommerce store or another or another,way of connecting your website to,mailchimp how simple it is to very,quickly add a pop-up,and at any time you can come in and,change your text your,style etc and save your changes but,please like this video please subscribe,to my channel and i'm gary from,

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