how to add instagram to shopify store

How to Add Instagram Feed to Shopify Store (Quick & Easy)in this video I'm gonna show you how you,ca

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Updated on Jan 24,2023

How to Add Instagram Feed to Shopify Store (Quick & Easy)

in this video I'm gonna show you how you,can add your Instagram feed onto your,Shopify store let's get started right,away so you want to sign into your,Shopify account and you want to go to,apps which you can find right here so,click on apps next up you want to click,on visit the Shopify app store we're,gonna do that now once you're on this,store you want to search for an,extension or an app which is called in,stuffed feed and this is gonna help us,add our Instagram feed to our Shopify,store this is gonna be a free app so,don't worry about that so once you're,here you want to find the app you want,to find this app right here in stuff,feed slash Instagram feed buy mints to,do so click on it and you don't want to,download that now before I click on add,app I just want to show you that this is,indeed free and that the reviews are,very good,as you can see right there it's free,they're also having paid plans but you,can just use the free plan and as you,can see right here the overall rating is,4.8 out of 5 which is just insane so,click on add app right here and it's,then gonna add this app to your Shopify,store so I'm gonna do that let's just,wait for that to happen and there you go,so click on install app and here we go,so right now we need to connect our,Instagram to the actual in stuff Eid app,right so you can click right here on,connect an Instagram account it's then,going to send you over to Instagram,where you need to afford guys this so,I'm already signed into my account this,is just a random account that I just set,up for this video,so you want to give in stuff feed,permission and next up you can see that,this account is now connected now what,you can do you can customize this so you,can add different feed titles so you can,say check us out on Instagram for,example or you can say follow us on,Instagram whatsoever and you can also do,post spacing so notice that right now,there's no space between these posts you,can then click on 2% maybe hit save and,there's then going to be a small space,between these posts so as you guys right,there check us out on Instagram and you,have you have this small spacing you,could also,an Instagram when people click on that,seek you can make it do nothing or you,can make it pop up and show a product,that's up to you guys I would just click,on save once you're done now once you've,got this set up,you want to click on online store right,here and you can then click on themes,and then right there you can click on,customize and what we're gonna do right,now is actually add it to a store so,we're gonna add a section with that in,stuff feed so you want to scroll down,click on add section right here and then,you should be able to find the insta,feed app so click on it and you can then,add the Instagram feed okay so if you,click on add right there you could then,change and customize all of this with,the heading size beef eat with the,heading font any custom codes if you,want any okay so once you're done,customizing this all you need to do is,click on save at the top right corner,and it will then at your Instagram feed,on air so as you can see right there,it's now loading we'll have to wait for,that and once that's done I can see my,Instagram feed there you go so it's now,right here check out check us out on,Instagram you can see your Instagram,feed posts now you can also customize,this in terms of the order so let's say,that you don't want one layer with four,Instagram posts you can also change that,to let's say two layers of free,Instagram posts you can do that by,simply going to the app and then,customizing that as well but yeah I'm,pretty sure that all of you will be able,to figure that out so just click on it,and right here you can see number of,rows and number of columns now if the,video helped you out please leave a like,on the video I would really appreciate,that and let me know the comments down,below if you're going to use it and what,kind of Shopify store you have I would,be interested in that that's it for,today I hope you enjoyed have a good day,peace out if this video helped you out,please consider subscribing to my,channel to help me grow the largest how,to eat channel on YouTube I appreciate,it

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How to Enable Instagram Shopping for your Shopify Business | Product Tagging & Shoppable Feed

How to Enable Instagram Shopping for your Shopify Business | Product Tagging & Shoppable Feed

how do you enable instagram product,tagging for your shopify business and,sell,products directly from your instagram,shop,hi everyone i'm lydia and on this,channel we talk about social media,marketing for business and how to grow,online,instagram pinterest facebook and other,social media marketing strategy if,you're interested in these topics make,sure to subscribe before you leave so if,you don't know instagram product tagging,for,shopify business is a bit different than,for any other business because the,catalog creation is being made by,shopify so you won't need to create a,manual catalog,shopify does that automatically for you,so before you even think of applying for,this feature on instagram what you need,to do,is make sure that you don't have any,errors in your products,in your catalog so in the products that,you've listed on shopify,on your shopify page make sure you have,a title a description,and photos for every single one of your,products because that will allow your,catalog to have no errors,and the application for instagram,product tagging will go a lot smoother,so now the first thing that you need,in order to get instagram shopping on,your instagram account is to have a,facebook page for your business,and make sure to do the setting that,that button on your facebook page,leads people to shop on your website as,well as that make sure to have a profile,image a cover image,and grow your facebook page a little bit,before trying to apply because,facebook wants to see activity on your,account the next thing that you need is,an instagram business account so turn,your account into a business one,and after that you also need to grow,your account a little bit as well,there isn't a set number of followers,that you need to have or of posts or,stories posted but you do need to have,your account grown a bit because,otherwise your risk of getting rejected,on the motive that you don't have an,established presence on,instagram so instagram says that you,need to have an established presence on,the account,so basically engage with your followers,have activity on your account,and basically be credible as a brand on,instagram,after you have that on your instagram,account and you connect the two,through business manager through,facebook business manager by going to,facebook business settings,and accounts and connect your facebook,page there and your instagram account,also make sure you are an,admin for both of those so you are a,partner with your,unique facebook account there for your,business as well as an admin for your,page after that what you'll be needing,to do is to verify your domain,so to verify your domain you have to go,to your facebook business manager,brand safety and domains,there you will need to add your domain,without the www,extension so just add,,i usually use the third method of,verifying the domain which is,adding the head code in an app in,shopify so you'll need to get that code,copy it and then go to shopify app store,and install the head app just type in,head,and this is the app that you need to,install once you've done that you will,need to start the free trial you have,three days free trial and don't worry,they won't charge you but you can start,the free trial and then go to,special pages all pages site wide and,add your code there,once you save it you'll need to wait a,few minutes before,facebook will find the code in your,website so wait a few minutes then go,back to facebook business manager,refresh the page and click verify,this is what you should be seeing that,your domain is verified and that the,little round circle,next to your domain is now green and,says verified is no longer,red another thing i want to mention,about domain verification,is that you cannot apply for instagram,product tagging if you have,a domain with the,,you need to purchase your own domain and,you can do so from shopify or you can go,for,a godaddy domain the website is down,below they have a bunch of domains you,can choose from,and here is how you add that domain to,shopify after you purchase it to add,your new domain to shopify,all you need to do is sign into your,shopify account,go to sales channels and online store,and then click on domains after that,you'll be able to buy a new domain,transfer an existing domain or connect,an,existing domain so if you've already,purchased a domain from godaddy,all you have to do is click on transfer,domain,and write the domain you want to add,after that you'll be given instructions,on exactly how to transfer that domain,to your shopify account,after your domain verification is done,what you need to do,is to apply for product tagging and,there are two ways in which you can do,that,the first way is by going to your,instagram account just simply as,everyone else does,go to settings business and set up,instagram,shopping from there you'll be asked to,add the facebook page the facebook,account that you have the catalog,the domain and you'll be asked to agree,with their,policies after that you'll be able to,submit your account for review,another way you can apply for instagram,product tagging on your shopify,store is by going directly in shopify to,the facebook sales channel,app and just connect your facebook,account there connect your page,and then they will ask you to review the,shop and they will ask you to apply to,have a shop on instagram,usually if this works and instagram,improves your account for shopping,in a few days you'll get a notification,on your instagram account saying you can,start tagging products now,and add a shop option will be shown on,your profile,if that doesn't happen and instagram,doesn't approve your account there are,two ways in which you can appeal their,decision,the first way is by going to your,instagram app to settings business and,shopping and there you'll see the option,of requesting another review,and the reason which they didn't approve,your account so before you even think of,applying again or requesting another,review,make sure to take note of why they,didn't approve before,and make the changes that they ask you,to make in order to get your account,approved,then you can write them a reason why you,think they should approve your account,and ask them to review it again the,second way if that doesn't work as well,you can go to shopify in the facebook,sales channel app,and there you will see the option of,contacting facebook support directly or,you can do so by clicking the link below,even if you don't have a shopify,business and are watching this you can,click the link below to contact facebook,support regarding instagram shopping,they will ask you to add in a few,details maybe,include a screenshot of what is not,working and they usually respond really,fast and are very helpful so,click the link below and contact them be,sure to be signed into your facebook,account when you're doing this,now after you finally get approvals left,for you to do is to start tagging,products in your posts in your stories,and of course creating and designing a,shop that is unique to your brand and,you can do that from commerce manager in,facebook,so there you go this is how you apply,for instagram product tagging even if,you have a shopify business,as i said the process is a bit different,but it should work for you if you have a,shopify business so that was pretty much,it for this video thank you so much for,watching i hope this has been helpful to,you and,now you know how to apply for instagram,product tagging,and start an instagram shop with your,shopify business if you've enjoyed this,video don't forget to leave it a like,and subscribe down below for more such,videos every single week,you can also follow me on instagram for,ih tvs with insights on my business,and income reports and all of that and,also educational reels on social media,marketing thank you so much again for,watching and i will see you in my next,video,you

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