how to add google ads to youtube video

How to Promote YouTube Videos in Google Ads and Boost Channel Growth - Full Google Adwords Tutorial

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Updated on Jan 10,2023

How to Promote YouTube Videos in Google Ads and Boost Channel Growth - Full Google Adwords Tutorial

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How to Promote YouTube Videos in Google Ads and Boost Channel Growth - Full Google Adwords Tutorial

if you have no subscribers and no views,on your channel then I don't know find,another hobby just kidding there's only,one way for you to get some organic,traffic and it's Google ads this can be,the best way to make a grand entrance on,YouTube while boosting the organic,promotion algorithms in today's video,I'll tell you how you can spend less on,clicks and Views and get your first,loyal viewers and subscribers on a,budget I will demonstrate the entire,process on this video about YouTube ads,it's funny in the video about Google ads,we're promoting a video about YouTube,ads anyway the first thing you need to,do is setting up the advertisement,campaign to do so click on a big plus,create a campaign a new campaign we need,to choose a campaign without a ghost,guidance and end the content type choose,videos then select custom and click,continue the next part is somewhat,tricky first you select the video you,want to promote and only after that you,can select the type of an ad campaign,there are two main options to choose,from in stream and end feed in feed,appears in between videos in people's,feets but in feed campaigns are costly,since you're going to be paying for hvu,and click within feed you are paying for,irrelevant clicks some subscribers may,become inactive and it really damages,their attention plus the potential,viewers can only see a thumbnail and the,title and according to statistics 70 of,all attracted viewers will watch no more,than 30 seconds of your video which is,not great and feed campaigns are not,really a good investment in stream ads,on the other hand require payment only,for viewers who watch more than 30,seconds and if your video is less than,30 seconds you will pay only for those,who watch it from a start to finish,after an in-stream campaign YouTube,algorithms can more easily determine who,is more likely to click on your videos,plus in-stream advertising is the most,affordable that's why I I will recommend,in-stream ad campaigns to all new,YouTubers when compared in feed provides,a higher viewer to subscriber conversion,rate because people are directed to a,landing page with a subscribe button but,in-stream ads appear over the video,people are watching and give no option,to instantly subscribe but they are,harder to ignore too so choose in feed,only if you want to get subscribers fast,in all other cases choose an end stream,campaign therefore I will choose end,stream to increase watch time Boost,video search rankings and save money by,paying only for Relevant traffic next,paste the link to the video You're,promoting the next thing is very,important call to action type in watch,now or video and the text will appear on,the blue button never skip this step one,more thing you can put a link to your,channel in the final URL box so the,viewers will be sent directly to your,channel after clicking on the ad to make,things even better you can add this text,sub confirmation equals 1 at the end of,your channel URL so that the viewers,will get a pop-up asking them to,subscribe next you can make the,advertised video a trailer video of your,channel this way after clicking on the,ad people will instantly start watching,your video and get the subscription,pop-up so ad campaigns are a great thing,and they are far more effective if your,videos are creative and relevant to keep,up with the YouTube trends you have to,create videos quickly and most,importantly make them really stand out,and this is what the new mobile videos,Suite 2023 and the unlimited access to,the effects store may help you with and,what is video Suite video Suite is an,affordable and intuitive software,platform that combines video editing,screen recording and file conversion,tools that don't require a powerful PC,to run smoothly the latest AI features,will give you the opportunity to focus,on the creation process without wasting,your precious time on adjusting settings,manually with more Barbie videos with,such things as improving video quality,noise removal and background replacement,can be done in the blank of an eye video,suite comes with the unlimited one-year,access to the effects store there are,not only standard themed effects but,also unique overlay packs that are,designed to help you create a cinematic,color scheme and unique style of your,video you can use overlays to make your,own intros b-rolls or transitions the,effects store has more than a dozen such,overlay packs to offer and new items are,added to the collection every month all,this great variety of effects is,available by subscription and you can,get more puppy videos with 2023 and the,unlimited access to the effects store at,20 off so click the link below to use,our special offer after the initial step,is done we still have to tweak a few,things we must set the title for the,campaign and select the budget as my,title I will use the name of the video,as the budget let's say 100 bucks for a,six day campaign don't forget to open,networks and turn off video Partners on,display network if you don't disable it,then in addition to YouTube your ad will,be shown on many other websites that is,not very cost effective since we want to,pay for Relevant traffic and when people,are casually browsing the third party,sites watching YouTube videos isn't,something they want to do next set up,the targeted location I will choose the,USA Canada and the UK these are the,three most common countries with the,native English speakers and as the,language I'll set it to English so for,instance to Target India we should,remove all the selected countries from,here and choose India Indonesia and some,other countries where this topic is also,relevant and leave the English language,thus we will Target the residents of,India and Indonesia who speak English,don't make any changes to content,exclusion and go to related videos here,you can add links to videos that will,appear next to the ad but we won't do,that today now let's move on to the main,attraction setting up targeting there,are four main parameters to customize,audience segments keywords topics and,placements I suggest setting up a,separate ad group 4-H parameter because,if you simultaneously select specific,YouTube channels audiences and keywords,then the parameters May interfere with,each other as a result you will show,your ads only on specific channels for,only viewers who looked for selected,queries and at the same time they must,belong to one of the audiences you had,chosen before such an overlap will,simply kill all the effectiveness I will,show you how to set up all parameters,except for topics since this parameter,gives very strange results you do get a,lot of views but their quality is far,from perfect so let's call it a No-No,for now to begin with let's choose our,keywords the easiest way to find the,best keywords is to type in the short,description of your video I will type,YouTube ads I will choose a couple of,good ones from this list of suggested,keywords and add a few of my own that,are relevant to the topic if you have,vid IQ it will give you more suggestions,next give this campaign a name choose a,bit in my case it's 7 cents and click,save I recommend you to set a bit in,price lower than YouTube suggests simply,to maximize the output it would be wise,to start from small bits and slowly,increase them with time but that's up to,you next we need to repeat the same,process for placements to do it you need,to do some research first see what,channels you are rivaling you can do it,in the YouTube studio for example look,for the other channels that your,audience watches section and simply copy,the URLs to the ad campaign settings,then save the ad group once again,finally we'll set up the ad group for,audience segments and it gets a little,tricky here Google by default will give,you some suggestions to choose from but,sometimes you may need to answer them,yourself to do it open the audience,management tool next create an audience,by keywords select people who search for,any of these items on Google and insert,the keywords but hey we already have one,ad campaign with keywords why do another,the ad campaign we created previously,will advertise our video in all videos,that contain these keywords but the ad,campaign based on audience segments with,keywords will show the ad to everyone,who were interested in this topic in the,past month and people will see your ad,everywhere not only on videos with,specific keywords this means more,traffic for you the conversion rate will,probably go down a bit but the views,will be more relevant save it wait for,processing and add to the list of chosen,audience segments Additionally you can,Target your campaign on your previous,viewers or in people who were affected,by the previous ad campaign go to browse,and choose how they have interacted with,your business YouTube users here you can,specify which type of activities you're,interested in by holding a cursor over,the category of interaction you will see,the potential reach you can get that's a,really handy feature for recovering the,Lost traffic or reminding people of your,existence after the campaign is finished,you will be able to see how each ad,group performed you will see how much,you paid for clicks the number of clicks,CTR for each request Etc plus the stats,will tell you the demographics who,clicked their age and gender where these,clickers were from all that based on,that info you will be able to more,precisely Target the ad campaign,eliminating poorly performing categories,keywords audience groups Etc to exclude,the audience or keyword press on a Green,Dot and choose exclude from ad group,additionally it would be helpful to,exclude the viewers of your channel from,the ad campaign so you won't pay for,existing audience to do it go to,audience scroll down to exclusions and,search for subscribe then select the,preferred option and save changes to the,ad campaign by tweaking the parameters,of AD groups including or excluding,elements you will be able to tailor your,ad campaign specifically for your needs,it is very important to pay attention to,proper ad setup because if you won't do,that your money will simply get wasted,as you see YouTube promotion through,Google ads isn't all that difficult it's,relatively cheap and is really easy to,set up some elements need more work than,others but that's the best way to,promote small newly created channels,YouTube search will probably give better,results but it requires much more work,to be done most of which is Out Of Reach,for small channels I really hope this,video was useful to you if so smash that,like button and subscribe to the channel,so you won't miss any secrets of YouTube,thank you very much for watching and see,you soon

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