how to access assets in facebook ads manager

How to add facebook assets to your facebook business managerokay so if you're following along in the

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Updated on Jan 21,2023

How to add facebook assets to your facebook business manager

okay so if you're following along in the,blog you should have,gone through and set up your uh facebook,business manager,um from the facebook, so,you'll see a page that looks similar,like this but you'll just have your one,business right instead of all these,different businesses so,um you know one thing to remember when,you're dealing with facebook,is that they move things around all the,time but usually you don't change the,naming conventions so if you start to,learn the names of things then you can,usually find you just have to look,and so the one thing i want to say is,like don't be scared you're not going to,break anything,um so like look around and like click on,things and become familiar so,for example so this is uh obviously,my business manager and it brings in the,picture from,my personal facebook page um even though,it's completely separate none of the,businesses i work with have me listed,like as the the admin on the page where,people can see publicly um and you can,access the different businesses that you,are considered that you,are employees of the business and i'll,explain that in a later a later um video,but,so anyways so you can move between,different businesses that you work on,here,so like if you're a person that has,several different businesses maybe you,have a,yoga studio and a restaurant and a blah,blah you can have,one business manager to manage all the,facebook,um all the facebook pages and all the,facebook business managers,which is also referred to as facebook,assets so,all right so the first thing you want to,do is you want to add those facebook,access assets to your business manager,and what facebook at,um again speak what facebook,assets are is a fancy word for the,facebook business page,the um facebook business um,the facebook ads manager and pixel and,among other things but,um those are the mains one that most,people will be dealing with right,so what you want to do is um go over,here to where it says business manager,and you'll get a bunch of shortcuts for,different places you can sort of,navigate to so you can go to ads manager,business settings audiences etc so i'll,go through some of these different ones,in later,videos but for now you want to hit,business settings so the business,settings are going to take you to a,place where you can start to,add your facebook business page and make,changes and stuff like that so,you click that then it's going to ask,you basically to select your business,and so in this case i'm going to select,la social karma,and it's going to take me to the actual,business settings of that page right so,you if you only have one business it,probably isn't going to ask you that,so um in here the first thing i,i suggest doing when you set up your,business manager is go ahead and add,your pages so,just on the left hand side you'll see,pages,and you'll click on it and what you want,to do is you'll select,up your ad and you'll either want to,add a page and that's a page that you,own already that,it's your personal page or request,access so example like if you're working,with,us as an agency we would then request,access,to the page we're not going to take,ownership of the page,or lastly you would create a new page,now there are some instances,where many years ago when facebook first,rolled out the,business manager they sort of forced,business managers on,um on the businesses and what happened,was a lot of times the,the marketing agency or the social media,consultant became the owner of the,business,and it was just basically out of lack of,knowledge,um but you can um so if you go to add,your page that you think you own,and all of a sudden it says you don't,own it you,have to just contact the person that,used to work on your facebook business,page,and ask them to please log into,business.facebook with a personal login,and see if they actually own the account,and a lot of times,they will and they won't even know that,they have owned the account so,just a little um tip there because it,really does come up a lot,so anyway so yeah you'll just select add,and then you'll actually type the name,of the page you want to add you'll,select it,and you'll go add and if you have the,correct permissions it'll just add it to,that,just make sure if you're an agency that,you're requesting access and not adding,it because then you then you could if,they don't have an ownership of the page,you could actually end up owning it,which can be undone so it's not a big,deal so the next thing i want to do,is if you have an ad account go ahead,and do the same thing,go you know add the account you'll have,to get um the ad account number which,actually can be found,let's see here i believe,uh to check and make sure that's correct,but yeah that you would actually type,that number in to add the,ad account oh yeah it is okay good um,and,and then um you would if if you were the,owner of that account it would bring it,in,now so this is really really important,if you're an agency,you would request access not add,an ad account because once you add an ad,account to your,business manager you own that ad account,and you cannot get rid of it,and so in that case the the business,would have to start a new ad account if,they ever stopped working with you so,it's really really important that you,that the customer sets up the ad account,in their,in their business manager and gives you,access to it so super super important so,you would add that your ad account here,and that would be um so you do that,and then the last thing you'd probably,want to do is,you want to add your instagram account,and same thing here you would just um,you add your credentials,um to the account and um the one thing,that's just super critical again is like,make sure you don't take,ownership of the ad account because you,cannot undo it,and that can be upsetting to a client if,you know if they've been running ads for,many years i mean if they've only been,doing it a few weeks like it's not going,to be a big deal but you know,if they've been using that ad account,and you take ownership of it for all,these years that's not going to be a,good deal,so anyways um so then the next thing,you'll want to do is you're going to,want to add the people,so when you go add and then you just,type there you can actually use their,business email address which i think is,really great or their,or their personal facebook account um,but this what's great about this is you,don't actually have to become,friends with them which is you know a,huge um,which kind of sucks like you know,everyone you work with you have to,become personal facebook friends,um this way you can just type their,email address in,um to invite them to the page,and then you can give them you know,whatever employee access or admin access,and then um it won't work because this,is already,i'm already let's do a different one,um and then go next and then i can,decide,like what kind of access i want them to,have,ads or whatever and then,so here's to actually classic page and,then i would say,manage full full control here,and then i would invite the pages that i,would want them to,manage and i would say invite,and then an invitation would be sent to,this person right,now a lot of times the,uh invitation does not go through and so,that's a hassle so what you'll want to,do is just come back in here,and go resend and what you can do is,copy and paste this link and just send,it to them in an email,and then that way they'll easily be able,to um,to,to um add themselves to a business,manager and then,you can invite them under their business,email address but they're still going to,have to do it through their,they're still going to have to set up,the business manager with a personal,facebook page,but it still keeps you guys separate as,far as you don't have to become friends,or anything like that,and then what i think is a really great,thing is um,when people leave the organization like,before you'd have to go around to each,individual facebook page and remember to,take them off and now it's like you go,in the business manager and like oh well,such-and-such doesn't work here anymore,and you can just remove access to the,different pages um,so i think that's really nice um,so anyways i hope that helps in setting,up oh here's one more thing,just for the page access to so when you,go if you have a page here,and you need to add people you could,just you would just go add people,type their email address and if they're,already in the business manager you can,just click them,you know give them their control and,assign them to it and they have,automatic ass,access without them having to accept it,through their personal page and all that,stuff so,um super um great and seamless way to,manage the admin access of everything,and then the last thing is if you're,working with a partner so if you're,working with someone like us which is an,agency,you will want to assign partner so they,would need to provide you with their,business,manager id which is this number here,this 877 and then you would go in add,them as a partner,and you would say give partner access to,your assets,you would copy and paste their um,oh let's see what i did oops,see what you would um,copy and paste their partner number here,not sure why it's doing that i think,that,so you copy and paste their partner,number,um let's try,one more time or you could just type it,eight seven eight one seven zero eight,two one seven eight,four,oh that's because it's my own so anyways,you would enter their partner id and you,would click,next and then you would actually invite,them to the different,um assets that you want them to manage,such as your facebook page,and your um your facebook page and your,um,your ads manager if that's the case um,and then the last little thing that you,might um,actually yeah that's it for this and,then yeah so let us know if you have,questions i hope that simplifies this a,little bit,more okay

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how to access assets in facebook ads manager catalogs

Facebook Business Manager Tutorial: A Guide for 2022

Facebook Business Manager Tutorial: A Guide for 2022

- If you want to be able to create custom audiences,,have different team members,manage different parts of your social media presence,,or manage other people's ad accounts and assets,,then you need to set up a Business Manager.,We're gonna address all of that and more in today's video.,(soft ambient music),All right, here we go.,To find out if you already have a Business Manager,or a Business Suite, go to,And if you do already have a Business Manager,and you want another one, or you want to start from scratch,,go to,And that will prompt you to create a new account.,If you're already logged in,,then you're gonna see a page that looks like this.,But if you're not logged in yet,,you're going to get a prompt to go ahead,and log into your personal Facebook profile.,This is a great time to remind you as well,that Facebook does not want you creating,a fake personal profile just to run your ads.,You always want to connect your Ads Managers,,your Business Managers, your Business Suite,,to your actual personal Facebook profile.,In other words, the profile that you're using,to connect with family and friends.,The first thing that you're going to do,is click on the button that says Create Accounts.,A little dialog box will pop up,asking for your business name and your name and your email.,Go ahead and fill that out and then click Submit.,You're going to see a screen that looks like this.,Just as a reminder, Business Manager is like your hub.,So this is where you're putting all of your people,,your Instagram accounts, your Facebook pages,,your ad accounts, your pixels.,And then this is also where you can determine,who's in charge of what,and what they're able to do on each of these assets.,We're gonna start with accounts.,Even though people appear first in your Business Manager,,it's a little bit easier to assign access,once you've added all of your assets into your account.,When you click on Pages,,there's gonna be a little blue box that says Add.,Let's go ahead and click that.,You have three options that are going to pop up.,Click on Add a Page to bring in all of your existing pages,that your business already owns.,Remember the goal is to bring in all of your assets,to your Business Manager so that you can disperse permission,to your employees, your partners,,your contractors, et cetera.,The next option is to request access to a page.,So this is going to be, if you need to perform work,on behalf of somebody else's company,,on their page or their Instagram account, et cetera,,you're going to request access to those assets.,So you do not own them.,And the third thing you can do is create a new page.,So if you wanna create a brand new Facebook page,,you can do that here as well.,Let's go ahead and add a page.,You'll type in your page name or URL,,and then simply click Add Page,and it will bring it into your Business Manager.,The next thing that you wanna pull into,your business manager are your ad accounts.,Again, you have three options,when you click the Add button up at the top.,The first option is to add an existing ad account,that you own.,The second option is to request access to an ad account,that you need to manage.,And the third option is to create a new ad account.,Once you click Add a New Ad Account,,you're going to need to put your ad account ID,right in here, and then you will be able to add this,to your Business Manager.,When you add an ad account to your Business Manager,,it is permanent.,If you request access to an ad account,that is not permanent,,and you can always remove that out of your Business Manager.,When you create your personal profile,,you automatically get an ad account attached to your name.,Instead of creating a new ad account,and creating confusion down the road,,you can go ahead and pull in your existing ad account,to your Business Manager.,Now, if I'm guessing correctly,,you may already have a couple of ad accounts,and it could be confusing.,At the very end I'm gonna show you,how to sort all of this out.,The next thing on the menu is business asset groups.,If you want to create asset groups of your pages,and your pixels and your Instagram accounts and all of that,,you can do that right here.,Simply click Create Business Asset Group.,There's gonna be four options that pop up,,and this will give you a really good idea,of how this could be useful for your business.,Perhaps you have separate brands or lines of business,,or maybe you operate in different regions,,or if you have an agency,and you manage a lot of client assets,,all of these would be great scenarios for which,you would want to create these business asset groups.,So for example, if I'm an agency,and I want to create all of client A's assets,and client B's assets into little bundles,,and then I can just give my team members access to all,of client A's bundle or all of client B's bundle.,It just creates an organizational structure,that's a little bit easier to manage.,Next we're into apps.,So if you have any apps,that you need to connect into Facebook,,you're gonna do that right here.,The next thing that you'll wanna do,is connect any Instagram accounts.,So go ahead and click Instagram Accounts, click Add.,And from here, it's gonna pop up with a little dialog box,to actually connect your Instagram accounts.,You'll need to log in and do a little verification,,and then it will pull your account,into your Business Manager.,If you've created any lines of business inside of Facebook,,you can go ahead and add those here.,Next, you can add any WhatsApp accounts,that you want to connect to your Business Manager.,And now we're down to our data sources.,So if you have any catalogs set up,,perhaps for your e-commerce store with all of your skews,,this is where you're going to start the process,of adding that catalog right in here.,The next section is the pixel section.,So if you want to create any new pixels,,you will create those here,,and then give permissions here as well.,Remember that you only need one pixel per business.,If you want more information,on how to properly set up and use the pixel,,watch our video that we have linked right here.,If you have any offline events created, you can go ahead,and add those into your Business Manager right here.,You can also add your custom conversions,right here into Business Manager.,You just simply click Add,,and it will allow you to add a custom conversion in,or to create a new custom conversion,right here in Business Manager.,Any shared audiences that you have with another ad account,will live right here under the shared audiences section.,Just remember that when you're sharing audiences,,you can get into some privacy territory.,So typically, only ad accounts,that are owned by the same business would share audiences.,And finally, for this section,,if you have any creative folders, you're gonna add those in,right under the business creative folders.,The next section is the payment methods.,You can add one payment method in right here,,and you can use this payment method,and associate it with different ad accounts.,When you want to run ads on Facebook,,you're going to need to make sure,that you have a payment method associated with your account.,So if you are feeling like I don't have all of that stuff,,most people just start with their Business Manager,with an ad account, Instagram account,,a Facebook page, a pixel, and that's it.,So if that's all you have, pull those pieces,into your Business Manager, and that's perfect.,Before we move on to the next step,,if you are getting value from today's video,,please give this a like and subscribe to our channel.,Let's go ahead and move on to the step,of adding your team members, contractors, and partners,into your Business Manager,and assigning them to each of these assets.,The first thing that you're going to do is add your people.,So go ahead and click the Add button,and fill out the dialogue box that pops up.,You're going to enter their email,,and also determine if they have admin access,to your Business Manager or employee access.,Just a word of caution.,Don't let everybody in your business have admin access.,This should really only be for people,who have responsibility over all of your assets,,including your payment methods.,So keep those admins to a minimum.,Facebook does say that it is best practice,to make sure that you have two admins or more,on each Business Manager.,That way, if you suddenly get locked out of your Facebook,for some reason, at least somebody else can go ahead,and make sure that everything continues,to move forward without you.,Once you click Next, that's where you're going to determine,which assets each person has access to.,Just a reminder that admins,have access to your entire Business Manager.,They can add themselves or remove themselves,from any assets that you have in your Business Manager.,Employees only have access,to the specific assets that you assign them.,For both admins and employees,,you still need to assign all of the assets to them.,So let's go through this piece by piece.,You're going to click on Pages,and then select the page that you want to access to.,Read through the menu options carefully,and select between partial access, task access,,Facebook access, or full control.,Remember that when you add somebody in, you can always,remove them later or update their permissions.,The next thing that you're going to give access to,is your ad accounts.,So go ahead and click on the ad account,,and then you will see a menu of options.,Perhaps you have somebody who's just evaluating performance,and they don't need to manage campaigns.,Or you might have somebody who's working,on creating mock-ups for you inside of Creative Hub.,If you have somebody,that is going to be running ads for you,,you want to allow them to manage campaigns,and/or manage ad account.,The next thing you're going to get permission to,is any catalogs that you have set up in your business,,same for apps.,If you have created any new pixels for your account,,you're also going to give access here.,You'll select the pixel,,and then you're going to go ahead,and select either partial access or full control.,And finally, this is where,you're going to give access to Instagram.,So go ahead and select the Instagram account,that you want this person to have access to,,and then read through the menu of options and determine,which level of control you would like them to have.,Once you've given this person,all of the access you want them to have,,go ahead and click Invite.,That invitation also goes to their email.,They can go ahead and click the link, verify,,and then they will have access,to your Business Manager assets,that you have allocated to them.,Once you've added your people to your account,,now you can add in any other partners that you need to.,Go ahead and click Add, and you'll see two options pop up.,One is to give a partner access to your assets,and another is to request access,to another partners account.,If you want more detail on how Business Managers,interact with each other, how to connect them,so that you can run other people's ad accounts,or manage other assets in their Business Manager,,we've got an amazing video on that.,We're gonna link it in the description box below.,Now, what if you want to remove a team member,or even an asset from your Business Manager?,Simply go to the category.,So let's say it's a business page,,click on the business page,,then click on the team member who is assigned to this asset.,Click the little pull down menu right here by their name,,and simply click Remove From Page.,This will remove their access to that page.,Likewise, if you have any asset that you want to remove,from your Business Manager, simply click on the categories,,such as pages, Instagram accounts, et cetera.,And then you will see a button,on the top right that says Remove.,So any account that you've requested access to,,you can simply remove out of your account when you need to.,Speaking of removing accounts,,if you are like most people that we encounter,,there is a spider web of accounts on the backend,of your Facebook Business Managers,and ad accounts and Business Suites,,and all of the tools that Facebook has for us.,90% of the people that I talked to have multiple ad accounts,multiple business managers,,and they are so confused about what goes to what.,So let me show you a way that you can organize this.,Now, if you want, you can try to clean up,some of this as well.,You can close certain types of ad accounts,or remove certain types of assets,,and that will help clean things up as well.,But for a lot of accounts, once they're created,,you're kind of locked into them.,A great way to organize this,and kind of keep everything straight,is simply to rename these accounts so you know,which ones are active and which ones are backups.,Before I show you how to rename these accounts,,let's just see how many you actually have.,On the top left-hand corner of your screen,,if you click this little pull down,,you're gonna see how many Business Managers,you have created or have access to.,So you can simply click on these Business Managers,,scroll down to where you see business info,on the left-hand side,,then you can edit the name of this Business Manager.,So if you have multiple Business Managers,,you might just name this your business name, active,,something like that, just to indicate,that this is the Business Manager you are going to use.,And then you can go to any Business Managers,that you're not using.,You can call those backup accounts or inactive accounts,and just go ahead and rename them,so that you're keeping track of which ones are active,,which ones should you be using,,and which ones are you gonna save for later.,Now, we can do the same thing with our ads accounts.,Unbeknownst to most people,,they usually have a couple of ads accounts created,just because Facebook gets a little bit confusing,behind the scenes.,So go ahead and click on your ad accounts,,click on the ad account,that you've pulled into your Business Manager,,click on Open In Ads Manager.,That will open the ad account in a new tab.,And you can see, is that an ad account,that you're actively using,,or do you wanna keep this ad account as a backup?,And just to show you how many ad accounts,you may have created,,click on the little pull down menu and see more ad accounts.,Again, you can rename these to make it really, really clear,which ones you're using right now,and which ones you're going to reserve as backup accounts,,or just label them as inactive accounts.,For more information about Business Suite, Business Manager,,how to connect Business Managers, et cetera,,check out this playlist, I know you're gonna love it.

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