how to accept facebook lead ads terms of service

How To Accept The Facebook's Lead Generation Terms of Servicesyeah hello guys welcome back to my,you

Sanni Sheriffdeen

Updated on Jan 19,2023

How To Accept The Facebook's Lead Generation Terms of Services

yeah hello guys welcome back to my,youtube channel so in this video i'm,going to be showing you how to,um,solve a particular error while running,your ads on a new business accounts yeah,if you are using a new facebook um let,me see you've never done ads on facebook,on facebook accounts,probably you bought it from someone or,probably your family or friends they,give you um either a facebook account to,run ads or probably your personal own as,well and you want to run a lead,generation as there are some errors that,appears which you need to like solve,before you can be able to run any ads so,can you see now he said terms of,services are not,i'm not accepted you can't run leads at,until your facebook page accept the,facebook lead generation terms of,service and there's a way you can solve,this in less than three minutes now if,you are new to this channel i want you,to hit the subscribe button so you can,keep getting my notification around the,marketing around web design as well and,also if you are my subscriber kindly,smash the like button so facebook can,show this video to a lot of,entrepreneurs a lot of other experts,running ads so they can be able to solve,their problem in no time,so,let's go on so once you see a message,like this sometimes i don't tell you,whenever you face any issue while,running ads on facebook what you want to,do is this to copy this stuff and,open it once you click on ctrl c,then you come here and paste it i guess,my point now see your problem is not the,new one it's not the first one i get in,but my point a lot of qualifications,like this so you just click on enter so,once you click on enter you see a lot of,videos as well,so that's one of the best way to solve,your issue well let me show you how to,solve this now that you've gone through,um now that you've you're trying to,something and the issue using this,method is fine as well,or probably if it's any other issue you,can always use this method to solve it,now,after you just go to to solve this you,go to,slash ads,slash legion i get my appointment so,once you click on this particular link,first one here once click on this,particular link first one these um lead,ads terms of service business clinical,once you click on it you open it another,tab,then once you open it in another tab,then it's going to bring it up a page,with their policy with their page policy,which you need to accept so this is only,when you accept a particular policy,that's when you will be able to,run legion ads on facebook i get my,point now so you need to make sure that,you accept the policy whenever you are,trying to,create an ad on a new account i don't,mean,a new facebook account like a facebook,account that's just i just want to go,into the advertising um,space on facebook so these are the,things you need to make sure you do so,once you get here it says lead adverts,themes,this stuff is not it's not long you know,surely that that includes the following,disclosure,okay it's just them showing you their,page policy and you now accepting the,terms and policy so they can be aware,that's okay you actually have their,policy i get my point now and you can,actually go through this and understand,what is there,so,and understand what is there,so what you want to do is this,hold on then click on accept here can,you see,accept you accept,okay,i'm coming,so just come here and click on accept,scanner,so as you click on our saved is going to,hold on,you know clicking,so to accept the um facebook,condition,uh you're going to open another tab and,also one of the reason why you're doing,this is because whenever you,my name,data is useful and also how to use,people's data as well because facebook,don't want any um issue like that,and this drink machine makes a thousand,dollars a month she doesn't she makes a,thousand dollars a month,i had a friend who saw a woman,hasn't accepted the policy so you click,on ourselves,uh,and they're going to get everything for,free,hosting all the projects,to get everything for free,so that's it so there's anything you um,until you have a place to put it,bye

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Facebook Lead Ads Form | Kommo

Facebook Lead Ads Form | Kommo

whenever you think of advertising you,probably think of facebook and with good,reason facebook lead ads are a fantastic,tool to drive business and generate,revenue what's more they are really,simple to use and have a user-friendly,interface with forms that potential,users can use to fill out the,information you need ammo crm is fully,integrated to support this lead flow,into the system and allows you,flexibility to work with it without any,hassle with its many features and,automation it will help you to fully,structure your sales and marketing,processes,so here's how it works in action,we're scrolling through the facebook,feed full of features and then boom a,cool ad,i haven't ever clicked on it in my life,but today's the day,and what we see is a form i'm eager to,fill out,i do that and now we can see how it,looks in ammo crm,all the new requests filled out forms,and messages are visible in the incoming,lead stage of your pipeline,each customer has their own unique chat,with you all of the main contact info,has been grabbed from the lead ad form,and stored in the ammo crm lead card the,lead can now start the journey across,the sales pipeline,you can reply to an incoming message by,opening the lead card and selecting chat,in the feed at the bottom of the page in,our case we're accepting the request and,the lead stage is changed to initial,contact,you can also configure some personalized,chat templates which will definitely,speed up the conversation and save you,plenty of time,all the qualified leads you get from,facebook lead ads are moved across the,sales pipeline with the goal of turning,them into your loyal customers,to make sure they really do become your,customers you can use many automations,such as sales bot or automatic tasks,that can help you to make sure that your,sales process goes in the right,direction,now let's get to the actual integration,process before you begin there are three,important things to know number one the,facebook lead ads form integration is,built into designed by the ammo crm team,it's available free of charge and,doesn't require any special skills to,integrate number two you will need to,integrate your facebook account with,ammo crm in order to make all facebook,integrations work including facebook,lead ads,number three your facebook account,should also have an email integrated to,check if your email is connected or not,you need to,a go to your facebook page b click on,more then settings and privacy,c check your contact in the general,account settings you should have your,email connected here,the process isn't complicated at all on,ammo crm site getting your campaign up,and running will require a bit of effort,let's leave the easy stuff for later and,start with setting up the campaign,to get started with the integration you,will need facebook business manager,active ads campaign on facebook facebook,instant lead form in one of your ads,before you begin make sure to review,facebook lead ads terms and advertising,policies you need to make sure that the,questions you want to ask your potential,customers are in line with facebook,policies and also make sure you have the,url for your organization's privacy,policy to include it in your form,let's go back to our page click on the,facebook icon which is located in the,upper left corner,then click on add manager,then go to ads manager and click on,create in the top left,choose the lead generation objective and,then click continue,add your campaign details campaign,budget optimization information if it's,needed then click next,in the lead method section select,instant forms,next in the page section choose the,facebook page you'd like to use to,create lead ads if it's the first time,you're creating a lead ad on this,facebook page click view terms,review the lead add terms and select i,agree to terms and conditions,let's go back to the previous page and,choose our daily or monthly budget this,time i'll assign 10 a day for strike web,agency,you can select the start date and time,and if you wish an end date and time to,you could also categorize the audience,that is going to see your ad by place,age or gender,an important thing to know here is that,unlike other campaign types you can't,show lead ads to people under the age of,18.,moving on to placements where your ad,will be displayed,you can select the automatic recommended,placements or select them manually,let's leave the automatic placements for,now,let's carry on click next,in the identity section select your,facebook page and connect your instagram,account if applicable,in the ad setup section select create ad,and in the format subsection you can,choose between a single image or video,or carousel if you want to include only,one or more than one image or video this,time we will only add one image,in the add creative section you can,select the image or video that will be,used in your ad,click next,right here we can also make some basic,adjustments to the image,and then click done,add the main text of your ad and if you,want you can also add a headline and,description about your ad it can be a,quote a promotion a specific service or,whatever you want,and you can also add a link to your web,page you should also include the call to,action that is most appropriate to your,form,instant form allows you to obtain,information about the people who see,your ad,in the instant form section click create,form and choose a name for it,in the form type field choose which type,of instant form you wish to use,choosing more volume will allow you to,create a form that is quick to complete,and submit on a mobile device,choosing higher intent will add a review,step that gives people a chance to,confirm their information before,submission we're choosing the first,option,in the intro section you are able to add,a background image and a greeting to,your instant form,you can add a new background image or,just leave it as it is,you can include a greeting that will,allow you to include additional,information about your product or,service,in the intro section you're able to add,an introduction to your instant form you,can attach an image headline and,description to demonstrate your product,or service in the best way possible,in the questions section click add,question to add up to 15 questions,custom questions allow you to get,answers to the questions that are most,important to your business or,organization you can also include,pre-filled questions to ask for user,information,we are going to add a multiple choice,section with the question how would you,like to be contacted the options are,facebook message,whatsapp message,phone call,we have also added some short answer,questions such as,phone number,email,what service are you interested in,in the description field of the,pre-filled questions section inform,people how their information will be,used or shared you may only use the,information collected in your lead card,for the purposes stated in this notice,choose which information you'd like to,have pre-filled in your form you can add,categories using the add category button,in the privacy section add linked text,and the url in the privacy policy field,you can also click add custom disclaimer,if you want to add additional,disclaimers to your instant form custom,disclaimers have no character limit,in the completion section you can inform,the people who filled out the form what,action is next it can be simply closing,the form or moving to your website or,another site you can add a title,description,call to action button,and link to provide more information of,interest to potential customers after,they submit the form the title and text,fields of the call to action can include,up to 60 characters,click the arrows at the top of your form,preview to make sure your complete form,looks the way you need it,to click save draft if you think you'll,want to make changes later be careful,though once an instant form has been,saved you cannot edit it if your form is,ready and you want to publish it right,now click publish,if there is a field that was not,completely filled in or with some,erroneous information the system will,tell you automatically and you will have,to modify it before publishing,if you wish supplement the ad by adding,information in the tracking section,you can complete the rest of your ad by,including tracking parameters to help,you identify where your leads are coming,from they will be available when someone,submits the form,these parameters will be automatically,included in the leads data if the data,is sent to ammo crm or available in the,csv file which is downloadable from ads,manager or your facebook page,parameter names and parameter values,cannot be empty they must be unique and,not overlap with the names of the fields,you're including in your form,when you're done click publish to,release your lead ad,and that's it easy peasy hopefully you,didn't fall asleep in the process,because this sure is a complicated thing,to get started with no worries though,get it right once it'll be much easier,the next time,what you've achieved here is this,when a person clicks on your lead ad,from facebook they are taken to an,instant form available on facebook,itself,likewise when they click on your lead ad,from instagram they are taken to an,instant form on instagram,in this form they can edit their,pre-filled information and answer the,custom questions you've wanted them to,answer before clicking the submit button,and now the easy part time to connect,your form to ammo crm,let's go to the setup section in the,lead section of your amocrm account,you should see the stages of your,pipeline on the right,and your lead sources on the left,click add source,to add a facebook form click on add,source and select facebook lead ads form,and select your business page where you,set up your facebook form and then,select the desired facebook form,now you can see all the fields you set,up in the question section of the,facebook forum,match the form fields to the desired,fields in ammo crm,in the form customization tab you can,select the lead stage where the capture,deed will go as well as decide if any,tags need to be added to it,click save and everything will be,installed successfully and done,good job for surviving this whole ordeal,and well done you've managed to connect,well or at least learn how to connect,the lead adds form to ammo crm now you,can enjoy a steady flow of qualified,leads to your ammo crm account while,enjoying the fact that all the data will,be in its place good luck and we'll see,you next time,oh

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