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Dropshipping Cons NOBODY Talks About (PERSONAL) hey what's going on everybody Scott,Hilke here with

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Updated on Jan 11,2023

Dropshipping Cons NOBODY Talks About (PERSONAL)

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Dropshipping Cons NOBODY Talks About (PERSONAL)

hey what's going on everybody Scott,Hilke here with you today bringing you a,brutally honest video literally I looked,this up before I made this video there's,not one video on YouTube like this yeah,there are a lot of videos like the cons,of drop shipping and it's just like drop,shippers and you how to correct the cons,or anything but nobody really talks,about the actual cons that you just,can't even correct there are actual cons,to drop shipping and that's what I'm,gonna cover here maybe a lot of people,think I'm stupid for making this video,but I'm gonna be brutally honest with,you guys from start to finish on every,single one of my videos I'm not here,with an agenda or to be fake or anything,like this or pretend to be something I'm,not,these are the actual cons that I've,experienced with this business and there,are definitely some that you just can't,correct and honestly most of them are,personal most summer in the personal,life financially it's awesome like,location neutral income automation,there's nothing better than that,but most of it comes from the personal,side before I start this video I just,want to make one thing clear after a lot,of thought I've decided I'm not gonna be,responding to every single message I get,on Instagram Facebook and everything,just because I started realizing I was,spending five to six hours a day,answering messages just to get back to,everybody and I and I started actually,effecting my own personal business and I,just at this level I just can't have,that anymore so I'm gonna make a deal,with you guys,I want you guys to subscribe and turn,post notifications on a lot of you guys,already know this and then every single,video I post I'm gonna respond to every,single question immediately within the,first hour only I'm still gonna get to,some questions as it goes along but I'm,gonna stay on the YouTube video for the,first hour and just keep refreshing,answering every single question so that,way I can get to all your questions that,way instead of spending five six hours,going through all my inboxes every,single day to get back to you guys so be,sure to turn post notifications on on,YouTube and be sure to follow me on,Instagram right here and turn post,notifications on there there you get a,double dose of the notifications when I,do post a video all right and sorry thir,static I'm by this waterfall there's a,couple of waterfalls up here I'm right,outside my apartment so there might,sound like they're static but really,that's his waterfall the first con I,would say of dropshipping is that this,is definitely not for people who had to,work in group projects in high school or,can't make decisions on their own or,literally just can't work unless they're,with other people like this is a kind of,a lonely road you're gonna meet a lot of,people online who do drop shipping stuff,but in general not many people are doing,this so you're gonna find that,conversations are gonna start to become,unrelatable like you got to do this for,yourself this is definitely not a,get-rich-quick scheme and it is,definitely not for those people who give,up easily if you want to be told what to,do or give up easily you can go to like,an MLM or something there's nothing,wrong with that I'm just saying that if,you really want to start an actual,business for yourself this is the way,you're gonna have to do it you actually,have to put in the sweat tears you now,have to rely on your group for support,and stuff if you need motivational words,to do it don't do it at all you're not,meant to do it because you should have,that motivation inside yourself I kind,of covered this in my last video so I,guess I'd be Kahn number one most of the,work and most of the things you're doing,you're gonna be doing by yourself and,the majority of your friends if not all,of them friends are gonna have no clue,what you're talking about at all at the,start of this now I'm gonna come back to,this none of the people in your life are,gonna even be really interested or gonna,think it's a scam or a get-rich-quick,scheme at the beginning of things when,you're first starting out because here's,the thing the saddest people in life do,anything in the world to drag other,people down who are actually trying to,do something positive and awesome with,their life because all the people like,that at one point had the idea to do it,or maybe they convinced themselves out,of it or maybe they tried it and then,they failed and then they're pessimistic,they want to hit and punch anybody down,who's trying to do something that they,just couldn't achieve and that they've,always wanted to achieve like this is an,actual business model this is a new-age,business model no inventory all online,location neutral this was never even,possible until I'd say like five or six,years ago and actually more like the,older folk I'd say like 25 and above,generally think this is going to be a,scam like anybody 25 and older that told,us to accept that one server at my old,job whoo I'm so thankful for and so,grateful for for pushing me everyone,said it was a scam I remember when I,first started that selling that cooks,about at my old job and one of the cooks,was like hey Scottie saw you done with,that get-rich-quick scheme yet and I was,just like oh my god like everybody,everybody is gonna doubt you in one way,or another when you start this and again,this is not for the groupthink people,this is for the people who are gonna do,it for themselves and don't give a damn,what anybody else is gonna take,consistence persistence perseverance all,that and it's all gonna be within,yourself you cannot rely on other people,for this if you want to rely on other,people you can get into the MLM set are,more group based in all that that's for,a different type of person this really,depends if you want to be the master of,your domain and have full control of,everything or if you want to follow some,sort of template and go with that like,there's nothing wrong with the MLM style,it just was never for me because I,didn't want anybody telling me what to,do and I didn't want my personal,finances,business to suffer just because of,certain policies that these companies,make that you have to follow you're,gonna get kicked out that's kind of,number one you just can't really do,anything about that the only thing you,could really do about that is try to get,all your friends involved and drop,shipping but again most people give up,on this when they don't get sales or,they do a stupid general store with,generic iPhone cases and accessories and,then or generic clothing and stuff or,generic watches and then oh no they,don't get any sales,I guess drop shipping is a scam the shut,down then they hammer down on anybody,who ever tries it no it really depends,on your own creativity your own,innovation just how persistent you can,be and how much you can tune out all the,people who are trying to drag you down,to their level just drag you down to,their level all that,alright so canto I kind of touched on in,the last one but as you start to develop,as you start to grow in this things are,gonna start to become very unrelatable,to you and this is what I noticed in my,personal life what I'm trying to do with,this is like I'm trying to show you the,cons as you develop so that you know,what you're going to face as you go,along so con number two after you face,that first con this is what you're gonna,face when you start to get a little,success so say you're making about $100,profit a day and you're like all right,yes I can do this full-time you're doing,this full-time you're gonna notice very,quickly that a lot of people and things,around you are gonna become very,unrelatable because they said like 97%,of people in America are not happy with,where they are in lives whether they're,in a nine-to-five or like a cubicle,whatever that's this is what society has,always been like until this whole tech,thing came and hold this whole internet,thing came and you don't have to,subscribe to that you have to subscribe,to these companies policies anymore you,can literally make way more money on,your own than you ever could with a,company and this is the time to do it,but a lot of people don't think that way,they think group mentality like what's,the group doing the group my group's,going to college my group's getting 9 to,5 jobs if you really really really want,to do this and something inside of you,is telling you this is the way to go you,really really have to trust that okay,and as you prove yourself right and,everybody around you wrong you're gonna,notice you can't relate when people are,complaining about their job you can't,relate when people are talking about,their business stuff you can't really,relate when people are talking about oh,I got to get up at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow,you can't really relate to any of the,normal things that were normal until,this time just because the general,population are is stuck in this loop and,stuck in this thing of like oh I got to,work a 9:00 to 5:00 Monday through,Friday,then by the time Friday comes they are,so they want to scream inside because,their boss is yelling I'm telling them,what to do they want to scream inside so,most people become alcoholics,unfortunately in the weekend they,started drinking right when they get off,work on Friday and they drink all the,way through Sunday until Monday when,they have to go back to that job they,hate I don't know about you guys but I,never wanted to be like that and that's,why I never wanted to be relatable to,them and so as you start to develop in,this like I was saying like you start to,see a different side of life,I didn't start to see this other side of,life until about a year ago when I,actually started to having success and I,was like wow this is the way life's,supposed to be going to college for 4 6,8 12 years just to be told what to do,the rest of your life why are you doing,that why are you spending hundreds of,thousands of dollars on this College,when you could take that money and apply,into your own business not only would,you not have to be told what to do you,could literally just hire people the,same things that these companies are,doing you can be at the top of the,company hire people to do your work for,you and then you have that location,neutral income automation and really,guys this not a lot of people think like,that I've noticed and it can become very,isolating so like it's a really good,idea to not only try to get your friends,into it and do it with you but also find,other people who are doing dropshipping,around you or like I didn't know anyone,in st. Louis is even dropshipping until,I met my friends KJ and Austin shout out,KJ in Austin and those are only two,people in all st. Louis that I know who,are actually having success and dropping,them so those are like the only two,people I can really relate on that level,with like for me personally I don't even,really look forward to the weekends,because my weekends and weekdays there's,really no difference anymore the only,difference is on the weekend my friends,are more available so that kind of makes,me want to do more stuff but I keep it,consistent like I do my work every,single day there's no such things as,weekdays or weekends for me like I work,every single day yeah if I want to take,a day off I for sure can but just like,Joe Rogan was talking about on his,podcast the reason he goes to the gym,every single day whether he's sick,whether he's not feeling it whatever,it's because the second you decide that,oh I can skip today that's gonna start,applying to everything in your life,you're gonna start realizing like well I,don't have to really work today and then,now you have the clearance to skip that,day now you have the clearance to slack,off and all aspects of life not just the,gym but that reflects on everything so,it's really a good idea to keep it,consistent but why you're keeping it,consistent you're working for yourself,you're making your own hours you're,really wearing what you want you're,doing what you want why you were,so like I guess that's the benefit of,this but again that kana comes back to,you like you not many people you meet,that's gonna be relatable to all right,sorry about that I think my microphone,was moving and if it was a little muddy,I sorry about that it should be very,clear now kana number three again we're,going with the progression of things so,say you were making $100 and nowadays,you're making around 500 or $1,000,profit today this is where it gets,really interesting so at this point,maybe you're talking about on Instagram,maybe people are starting to hear about,you getting articles written or whatever,this is when it gets hilarious to me at,least in my own life this is when all,the people who doubted you are going to,come into your life all the people who,ignored you in the past they're going to,try to come back into your life all the,people that you haven't you don't even,remember from high school are gonna hit,you up acting buddy-buddy and it's at,this point when people start learning,what you do and how much success you,actually had in it almost everybody you,meet is gonna try to use you this is why,I kind of stick with the same friends,I've had basically my whole life it,seems like every person trying to get in,my life now is either pretending to so,they can get the drop shipping or just,straight up saying I want to get the,drop shipping all these people are gonna,try to get into your life because now,they see like oh he actually did it,now let's do it it's so funny and I was,in LA I only have really one friend,shoutout Camila I only had really one,friend that I could actually hang out,with and all this well actually live in,LA I had two or three like scattered,throughout the valley and stuff but I,mean in LA that's like an,hour-and-a-half two-hour drive so I'm,not gonna lie my LA days are pretty,lonely because I'm an awesome Airbnb,host shoutout daraa,but other than that it was like I was,driving uber all day long and just,talking to people for only 20 minutes,and then never seeing them again and I,remember there's two people from around,here st. Louis in Kansas City who I like,hit up seven eight nine times like hey,let's hang out let's hang out blew me,off blew me off blew me off blew me off,how ironic is it that now months and,months later they're hitting me up like,how how we live in broke acting like,we're all cool no I remember everything,I forgive but I never forget for example,a certain cook at my old restaurant,would always talk down to me since I was,16 five years straight talking down,treating me like and all this,how funny is it that he's trying to be,my financial adviser now and asking me,for tips on job shipping and all this,and same with a lot of the servers a lot,of servers treated me extremely bad,while I was there and now they're the,ones asking me for help no I remember,everything so this is,the con I'm talking about now that you,actually reached the level a pretty good,success there's gonna be a lot of fake,people who are trying to get in your,life like extremely extremely fake just,acting straight fake not a lot of people,know this about me but here's another,example,so my second so my fourth semester at,college sophomore year second semester I,did pledge a fraternity I went through,pledge ship on the first day I moved in,I'm like this is I'm going down a dark,path on here I'm dropping out and,something told me drop out thank God I,dropped out so all through pledged ship,these people are treating me like,or whatever and talking down to me,treating me like nothing when I became a,member they're still like trying to say,I got to earn their respect I know this, and then when I dropped out I was,told I'm gonna end up homeless I was,told I'm not whatever a fraternity I was,pledging I'm not dad anymore cuz I'm,dropping out a lot of them refused to,talk to me and on another level they did,some crazy fucked-up to me again,how ironic is it that these same people,are now hitting me up for advice I'm not,gonna lie they weren't all like that but,I remember the people who were like that,and I remember the people who are now,hitting me up trying to act all,buddy-buddy when they thought I was the,one who had to suck up to get their,respect their respect I do what I,want when I want where I want what are,you doing are you gonna go to your gonna,go to your 9:00 to 5:00 so honestly guys,it's just stuff like that you're gonna,see a lot of people who treated you so,poorly in your past treating you like,dog didn't believe in you at all,told you you're stupid and idiot all,this and then all of a sudden now,they're buddy-buddy because they see,accesible they want to be in your life,and all that you guys are gonna realize,this like a lot of you watching this are,gonna be successful in this and again,like I touched on before it's not only,the people in your past life we're gonna,who are treating you poorly and then I'm,gonna come and try to get into your life,it's literally every new person who,meets you who finds out what you do is,gonna try to get in your life for their,own personal gain and not many people,are gonna be able to help you for your,own personal gain now when you do find,people that you can equally gain from,that is when you can really benefit from,you have relatable talks with them,lifelong friends and whatnot but for the,most part I'd say 98% of the people who,are gonna try to get into your life are,gonna do it for the wrong reasons and,it's gonna be old people who you don't,give a about anymore and who never,gave a about you until they learned,that they can actually benefit from you,now it's a oh really guys if I,had,any suggestions for that one I would,learn how to read people as quick as,possible I'm blessed to read people very,very quick like I can see in their eyes,like basically into their soul what,their intentions are I'd say within 30,seconds to a minute it's rare that I'm,wrong about their intentions like I can,tell a bad person when I see one and,like that's gonna be super important for,you,between wasting your time on them and,all that you just got to understand,when you're doing dropshipping or,basically anyone online business it's a,very very unique and new road that,barely anybody really and the grand,scheme of things barely anybody on this,world is doing and you have to be ok,with that and there's some people who,cannot handle that they don't know what,to do with themselves because they've,been told their entire lives what to do,so they do they literally just can't,fathom how to do something by themselves,you know so that those types field this,I'm sorry this is not for you and then I,guess the fourth con would be and it's,not too big of a deal I haven't really,experienced too much of this in my own,life but I have experienced it what's,gonna happen is since you are capable of,making money online and cable but,basically teaching other people online a,lot of your friends won't understand the,concept of there's a fine line between,personal and business for example I have,to charge for hourly consultation if,someone wants to get on a phone call or,Skype with me this is because for I hate,phone calls if you guys watch my ask me,anything,I just hate phone calls so I can only,recharge what I want and I have to be,very careful with my time so with that,being said there has to be a fine line,between your personal and business life,and a lot of people misconstrue this as,being a dick or being whatever no like I,had I can't just teach every single one,of my friends or any single one of my,friends who are now trying to get into,my life because they see what I'm doing,and didn't give a about me when I,was a busser I don't I just can't I,don't have the time to do that I have to,get my business and personal life set if,you want that consultation you want that,help you're gonna have to pay just like,everybody else I can't give you special,privileges because once I do that for,one person I have to do that for,everyone and then then all of a sudden,I'm stacked up with helping people all,the time and then I don't have the time,for my own business which is why I have,to like stop responding to every single,question like I used to do yeah that's,not too big of a deal but that's just,something I've noticed if any of my,friends are watching out there I'm sorry,guys but you have to understand there's,a fine line between my business life and,my personal life if you're my personal,life and one again my business life I'm,going to,the exact same way for most people if,you've been in my life my entire life,that's a whole different story,not only is what I think about on a,daily basis changing but what I do on a,daily basis is changing and just how I,perceive life in general on a daily,basis is changing I probably go out once,a month maybe once every other month,just because I don't really feel that,need to release all this anger and,stress that most people have inside of,them and just release that by just,drinking massive amounts of alcohol it's,just not for me,on that topic I'm not I'm not gonna get,too deep into that put on that topic I,think our generation has a kind of,backwards the only reason you should be,going out is to celebrate something but,it seems that most people are going out,because they have nothing to celebrate,it's just that massive amounts of stress,of working in 9:00 to 5:00 their boss,being a dick to him like in told what to,do constantly having to save up money,for years just to go on a vacation all,this like that's not the way life's,meant to be at all like you're supposed,to live life on your own terms not work,your 9:00 to 5:00 Monday through Friday,and then guzzle down your sorrows and,alcohol just that weekend if you really,want to do this you should be spending,every weekend working on something that,can better yourself better your finances,and just in general better your freedom,instead of just like waiting for Friday,waiting for Friday Oh finally hey who,wants to hit a happy hour drink until,happy hour drink until the night wake up,get mimosas in the morning drink all,through the afternoon get some food and,then get ready to go out that night and,then Sunday recover for your Monday,morning job ever since I found my,success I just been way more content,with life I don't really feel the need,to do that anymore in college I did it,all the time just because like every day,I'm like why am I here like I hate this,class I hate this class that teachers,that did I skip this class I got an F on,my final well the bar it's all you can,drink eight bucks I'm definitely going,to that you know I'm gonna forget about,all those problems tonight and the next,day and the next day and the next day,and what it all boils down to is not,many people can relate to that,yeah guys like that's basically what I,want to cover I always kind of hesitant,to make this video just because I am,very passionate about dropshipping and,very encouraging about dropshipping but,I have to keep it extremely real with,you guys and acknowledge these faults I,guess some of these faults would apply,with anything with success but the,relatable NIST is definitely something,you're gonna find you're gonna you might,struggle with that first and that's just,something you have to be okay,like how a mentally strong are you and,how self-reliant are you to actually,pursue this and do this regardless of,what anybody else think I could,literally sit here and tell you story on,story on story of people who didn't,believe in me people who talk after,didn't believe in me and now trying to,get into my group like people from that,fraternity multiple people told me oh,this person's talking on you oh,this person's saying it's illegal,whatever it's those same people who,we're talking on me now trying to,get back into my life acting all,buddy-buddy and acting like I'm gonna be,like oh thank god I'm part of the cool,kids now I finally have the respect the,people who think I want their respect,are the last people that I actually,respect because I would never hang I,would never hang around those types of,people at all Donnie said guys that's,what it comes down to you definitely,want to be working for yourself you,don't want to work at 9:00 to 5:00 and,then just guzzle alcohol down every,single night at 5:00 or guzzle alcohol,every single weekend like you're just,drowning in your sorrows you have to,find something that you got to be proud,of something you can work for that's,your own not you're just working for,somebody because they tell you to and,follow in all their policies and by the,end of the day you just want to get out,of that building and scream your,head off because you're going insane,inside and you feel like you your entire,life you've been tricked and you've been,trapped into this loop of being told,what to do being told what to do when,nobody really said you don't have to,listen to everybody that's not the way,life supposed to be humans are not meant,to do that at all you're not you're,supposed to find your own leadership in,yourself you're not supposed to be,working on group projects your entire,life you're not supposed to be looking,for everybody's approval all the time or,doing something and then making sure,that everybody around you approve it or,not doing something just because you,think everybody around you might judge,it you have to be yourself and that's,what this all boils down to dropshipping,allows you to be your 100% authentic,self with no apologies to anybody you,can choose your friends you can choose,who you work with you can't choose who,your work with you when you get a,regular job you follow your own orders,you don't follow orders from people who,get their only sense of confidence from,I have more authority than you listen to,me or I can give you I can write you up,or something like that it's ridiculous,that's why 97% of people in the United,States are unhappy you've all been,tricked into this system once you're out,of that mentality you realize how stupid,it is,I realize how stupid I was for going to,cau,why would I apply all that time all that,money into doing something I don't want,to do I was studying business if I were,to pursue this I probably be working in,this building right here five days a,week being super and happy wearing a,suit pretending to be stuff I'm not not,cursing sucking up to my boss playing,this dumb ass rat race look how,beautiful life is right now guys look,how beautiful this is would you really,want us to be stuck inside a cubicle the,rest of your life who really want to,listen to people you don't respect but,you have to follow the orders of alright,guys so I really did not mean to go on,that larger a rant but I am very very,passionate about this like I was so so,pissed when I found out how big of a,trick I was played into just the biggest,trick in 1950 eleven percent of people,went to college now it's like 70 percent,something's wrong here they don't want,you to know that you can create a,business on your own they don't want you,to know any of this they don't want to,push you to do this and the people who,tried and failed or never even thought,of it at all and just jealous of the,people who did it they're gonna hammer,you down and make fun of you and do all,this and you just gotta tune them,all out because you know in your head,you're gonna find success one day and,these are the types of people that are,now going to be coming to you for advice,and you're gonna feel so great when you,can tell them to off and never talk,to you again alright guys so that's the,end of my rant thank you so much for,watching I can't wait to see your guys's,thoughts on this and again be sure to,subscribe and turn post notifications on,and I respond to every single question,within the first hour immediately like,that be sure to hit like if you like,these types of videos when I just go off,the rails just be sure to hit like that,helps we send this video to the trending,get this message out to more people like,you've all been tricked wake the hell up,you have been tricked,don't be part of that 97% that are just,miserable every day and then guzzling,alcohol to drown away their sorrows be,passionate in what you do do what you,want and that should be the end of it,keep going until you find it the only,way you're not going to get there is to,quit and the reason you might quit is by,listening to all these fakes who are,going to come back into your life until,it and act all buddy-buddy when they,never believed in you in the start so,yeah thanks for watching my name is,Scott Hilke I am extremely proud of,every single thing I said in here and I,believe it a hundred percent these are,the actual personal cons of dropshipping,and I guess who's online businesses and,working for yourself in general,see you later I'll see you in the,comments

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