how much to charge for shipping fees dropshipping to australia from china

Shipping From China Is CRAZY – Do This Instead right now shipping from china,anywhere in the world w

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Updated on Jan 12,2023

Shipping From China Is CRAZY – Do This Instead

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how much to charge for shipping fees dropshipping to australia from china catalogs

Shipping From China Is CRAZY – Do This Instead

right now shipping from china,anywhere in the world whether that's,australia the usa the uk no matter where,it is,is absolute insanity costs are,through the roof waiting times are,insane,so what do you do instead well in this,video i'm going to show you,exactly what to do and more importantly,where you can go source if you don't,want to wait and you don't want to pay,that extra money,now before we get into the video if,you'd like this kind of con,content if you are building your own,e-commerce business and you want to find,out more,about how to do that at a very very high,level consider subscribing,to this channel and if you like this,video give it a like,it really really helps with the youtube,algorithm,okay with that being said let's get into,it,let's talk about,china and let's talk about covid and,let's talk about this,insanity of the shipping costs right now,shipping costs have gone through the,roof the last,i'm going to say uh two weeks they have,it's so it feels like they've doubled so,the cost to get,a product from china,in bulk of course into australia the usa,the uk,eu wherever it is you sell has gone,insane,it feels like it's doubled in the last,two weeks and it had fear,it felt like it had doubled in,that previous two months as well all,thanks to kovid,all thanks to um some holidays in china,as well,so this is the current state of play and,this is a nutty,nutty nutty situation so i just went to,freightos which is one of my favorite,websites to go and get ideas of things,uh ten boxes hundred and so fifteen,kilos a box,so pretty standard size and then i did,standard sized,boxes for the dimensions,here's what's coming in at 613,is the very very cheapest one on,freightos,to get it sent over and that's shipping,that's shipping,it is expensive at the minute like i,typically,don't ship individual cartons or pallets,i typically ship full container loads,or part container loads i,recently got quoted eighteen thousand,dollars,us dollars from uh china,into uh l a x so into the uh,california which is just insane,i mean that's normally a 8 000,thing so you can imagine the difference,that makes to your,profitability of your products when,we're paying so much for shipping,it is nuts at the minute,uh myself and the people who,are going through my advanced product,sorting course,we were speaking a lot about this on,saturday,um which was a really interesting,discussion to go through,but so what i thought was i'd kind of,bring a little bit of that,conversation to the table so that if you,aren't in my product,sourcing mastery program at least you,can still get some of this,this cool that we talked about so,let me explain what's going on,so that's the prices which suck here's,what's going on so,guangzhao uh they're closing ports so,china is in the grip of a covid,re-epidemic so it's all kind of,resurfacing again,the indian version variant whatever you,want to call it,is surfacing in china and so what,they're doing,is they're closing things so that's,gwang zhao that's craziness here's,another one for guangzhou,uh they're getting 26 covet patience in,10 days sounds like bloody melbourne,but that's enough for that to cause some,serious,all right so here's if you don't,actually go to this you should get,yourself onto this it's called,the,go and get their free newsletter it's a,really good thing to sign up to,to keep your um hand in,with what's happening with supply chain,logistics and like that okay so,have a load start go sign up it's all,free,anyway here's what's going on in,yantian which is another big port,which they have shut which they've shut,uh shenzhen gateway let me show you that,so,here's the shenzhen gateway ports you,know if you've seen these before but you,can get to, and you can track,normally you would use it to track your,own stock,there's a couple of advanced ways you,can use it um,but most people just use it to track,their stock,where it is so they can see oh well my,stock,is two days away from port i better get,my together and go and do it,but you can see all this is traffic all,this is traffic,waiting holy it's insane,here's a video i got sent from,one of my guys they're all,ships hopefully you can see that they're,all ships,waiting to unload and then reload,at port okay it's nutty,at the minute it's absolutely insane,at the minute so,what does all that mean for you and for,me,as amazon ecommerce entrepreneurs,what does all that mean for us uh i will,share those links with you in a second,so what i reckon that means is let me,turn my webcam back on,so what i reckon that means,is um it's opportunity,disguised as pain in the ass,and i think this is a,awesome opportunity to diversify,out of china so let's think about what's,going on at a kind of like a macro,level so at the macro level uh chinese,ports are overwhelmed chinese ports,are being shut down due to covid,shipping times are elongated,which means you need to buy more stock,because the amount of time it takes to,get your from one place to the,other is so long,which means as a result of that you've,got to tie up,more of your money in stock to do that,okay so,what i've been looking at instead is,sourcing in other countries so,uh as an example to source,in uh to sell into australia,we're looking at other countries within,the asia pacific,places like uh vietnam and,taiwan although that's getting crazy in,terms of covet as well,they've just had a big outbreak shit's,hitting the fan there,um but when that's not happening that's,another kind of plan b,country okay but vietnam is doing very,very well philippines,my team in the philippines we've been,working very closely with those guys,finding supplies over there and so on,and so on okay so that's where i'm,sorting for,uh my australia business for what's,happening in the usa,well you've got two really interesting,options the first one of those,is the uh americas specifically,mexico and that's what i'm gonna focus,on tonight for you okay,the other one of course is canada uh,although canada's manufacturing they,only manufacture certain things,but certainly in terms of a um,a plan b it makes a lot of sense for,some things now,here's just a little bit of background,for that,so you probably are thinking to yourself,but holy if i'm going to go source,either domestically within that target,country,or from a country that's kind of close,then surely that means the cost per unit,is going to go,up yes that's what it means,however i want you to think about that,and think about it,in terms of the amount of time it takes,you to get a product from a,to b if you're buying from china which,is per unit,cheaper the amount of cost to get that,product,from a to b because shipping costs out,of china is,insane at the minute and,the amount of money that you'll have to,tie up the amount of stock that you'll,have to tie,up if you utilize one of those,particular,countries specifically china,it ain't good it ain't good and i think,now,um there are significant advantages to,be had,by getting yourself out of china and,into somewhere like mexico so that's,what i want to focus on,tonight for you let's talk about going,sourcing from,mexico so where do you go look for,places,in mexico to source from the places,i have found that are the best,let's see if i've got anything up here i,can just kind of show,you how i get to this kind of stuff um,so if i go to a similar world,this is how i do my kind of like what,the where the hell should i go,find to buy from okay i got a,similar web and i use,similar web to go and find um,uh websites that are,say in the same category as another one,okay so if i for instance i'm thinking,about selling,on in mexico then i might come,to amazon dot,com dot m x,i might go look at amazon in mexico,which is by the way a horrendous,website it's terrible in terms of the,amount of traffic it gets,um nowhere near as good as other places,okay,there's much better places to sell,globally than going to mexico first,okay uh but you can also learn,from this,where else are competing websites so,mercado libra for instance,is their i think it's number two website,so you can learn that sort of thing okay,so when it comes to due diligence that's,where i start doing it,all right little side note let's,continue on,thomas net is one place which has,got a lot of factories in mexico,where you can go source thomas net lots,lots of places you can go source,and it operates a lot like alibaba,or any of those kind of sourcing,websites you just put in what you're,looking for,you make sure you've got supplier there,and then you go look for it okay so,that's one place i look for, the other place i use a,lot for mexico,and i've i've now started using a lot,more,is,great website typically it's um,a lot more how can i say this legitimate,factories that are on global sources um,and uh the reason for that is it just,doesn't attract,a great deal of smaller factories it,tends to attract,mid-tier to large factories okay,i don't know why that is it i've got no,idea but anyway that's what it does,when you come here to,you should join up and get you should,definitely go register account,and then you should go get all of their,have they still got in here you should,go subscribe to those things here you,should definitely go,do that okay because they will send you,a weekly email with some really,interesting ideas on it make sure you do,that anyway so global sources,super super cool okay uh,if you are also selling in america this,is my last little one for this if you're,sourcing it in america selling in,america,then a great directory to go look at,is the iqs directory so this is all,about companies,um in america that will do,oem manufacturing for you which is like,private label manufacturing basically,that's what that means okay,so you should also go and check that out,as well that's a really good,um another plan b for you mexico,and then iqs and canada all really,really good plan b's okay,that's what i have been doing i have,personally found it,extremely good extremely good as a way,of um diversifying,and that's what we're doing now we're,i'm like i'm,right for the next i feel like for the,next 18 months,china sourcing from china is going to be,difficult,and so i feel like it's,a great idea to go source from,everywhere else domestically,where possible but there's lots of other,countries where you can source from,okay that was a video,from my regular monday night q,and a session um where,myself and the members of the aussie,online entrepreneurs we all get online,and they ask me questions and i answer,them for them and i do that all live,and then i take that and post it onto my,youtube channel,so if you've enjoyed that video make,sure you subscribe to my youtube channel,i post videos every single day and if,you want to find out more about,joining the aussie online entrepreneurs,over 2000 members,and growing we're the fastest growing,e-commerce community,here in australia and our members have,made sales of over 50,million dollars if you'd like to find,out more get yourself off to,,see you next time bye

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