how much to charge for facebook ads management

How Much To Charge For Facebook Advertisinghow do i price my facebook ad management,services and how

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Updated on Jan 19,2023

How Much To Charge For Facebook Advertising

how do i price my facebook ad management,services and how do i price them in a,way that i'm earning great money and I'm,not getting overwhelmed with work from,the client piling more stuff on top of,me that's what we're gonna be talking,about today howdy and welcome to the,laptop Empire show my name is Mike,yonder we're here to help you make money,online and today we're talking about,freelance services and more specifically,how to price Facebook ad management,services so whether you're a agency,owner or you're starting a side hustle,like many of our Facebook side hustle,students we're gonna walk you through,how you can price your services and,specifically some things that you need,to be careful of now the first question,you're probably gonna ask yourself is,how much can I realistically make for,Facebook ad management services and the,going rate these days for Facebook ads,is about fifteen hundred dollars per,month and that's recurring that's on,retainer they hire you they pay you,$1,500 per month over and over and over,again and we teach our students that you,can earn somewhere between a thousand,two thousand dollars per month once,you've got a lot more experience like I,do I really don't take on clients for,less than $2,000 but 1500 is that kind,of industry standard and a thousand,dollars per month is a great place to,start with you really don't want to,charge less than $1,000 per month for,this service because especially is,you're growing because for one your,clients are gonna end up asking you to,do some things that are a little bit,extracurricular and you got to be really,careful that they're not putting too,much extra work on you but especially,when you're first getting started,you're just hustling to get clients and,do whatever it is they need to provide a,good experience so you can stack two,four six eight clients and start making,a really good income from it so early on,you're probably gonna do a little bit,more work than you will later on when,you're systemized and you have an agency,you've set it up the way I have right so,you want to make sure you're getting,paid for that work also as you start to,scale down the road you're gonna want to,bring people in to provide some of this,service for you you're gonna want to,hire your own media buyers that focus on,the service delivery that way all you,have to worry about is generating your,own leads closing sales and doing that,client face-to-face stuff right and,that's kind of how we have it set up,agency these days is that we have a,service delivery team and I really focus,more on the strategy looking at the,analytics and the client facing face to,face stuff so you want to make sure you,price in a way to be able to do that as,you go down the road now before we get,into some like common mistakes that you,could make when you're pricing your,services to your clients if you're,interested in saying you're like man,this sounds great I want to learn how to,make fifteen hundred dollars per month,month after month after month from a,single client then I want you to check,out our Facebook side hustle webinar we,go way more in depth on how to provide,the service you can find that in the,description learn about it see if it's a,good fit for you all right so let's get,into two common mistakes I really want,you to be aware of the first is the type,of clients that you're taking on this,has a big impact on pricing and how much,work you do and then the second thing is,how you structure your services and what,you actually give people for that price,that you're providing okay all right now,I want to talk about three common things,that are related to pricing and this is,where people make mistakes that really,cost them money down the road or result,in them working way more than they need,to for this type of service okay so,those things are you know how you,structure your pricing the the way you,structure the work and what you're,committing to doing and then choosing,the right clients and I actually want to,start with that last one okay so let's,talk about choosing easy and hard,clients and honestly you can pause this,video right now check out the one on the,info card and go ahead and check out our,easy clients vs. hard clients video or,just save it and watch it after this,video because if you choose the wrong,type of client you're gonna end up,working way more than you should for the,same amount of money and we talked about,in that video that there's very clear,differences in types of clients there's,some that are very easy to work with,they're easy to get results for and,they're a low amount of work and then,there's some that are way more advanced,more complicated harder to work with,harder to get results for take way more,time and the reality is they both pay,the same okay and so that's one of the,things that like why one of the reasons,in our course that we teach how to,manage Facebook Ads for local,brick-and-mortar businesses it's super,simple and it's easy to get results but,when you start talking about things like,managing ads for online business owners,like people have EECOM stores,dropshipping corp coaches court,course creators consultants I can't talk,you start talking about some of those,local versus online stuff online is,complicated and local is easy and those,easy ones pay the same amount maybe even,more than the online ones in a lot of,cases the other thing to keep in mind is,the type of business right like if it's,something that's really in demand and,it's really common then that's gonna be,easier to work with because there's more,demand for the offer that you're putting,out into the world if it's something,that not everybody needs or it's,incredibly expensive there's a lot a,smaller group of people that need it you,know there's a place for that if you get,into real niche advertising but if,you're just doing this as a side hustle,go with those easy ones that are really,common and there's a bigger market for,it all right and of course watch our,video so you can learn more about that,now back to the pricing and you know,that was about pricing but more,specifically like how you should price,and some things you need to keep in mind,it's really important that you use a,retainer model in my opinion especially,when you're first starting out there's a,lot of different ways to get paid but,for ad management services the best,thing you can do is have a set fee like,fifteen hundred dollars per month to get,you whatever result and then you're,getting paid over and over and over and,it's also really important that you get,paid up front people suck and if you,don't get paid up front before you do,the work there's a good chance you won't,get paid I personally never start,working for a client until they've paid,their first invoice and I don't do a,traditional invoice like hey here you go,pay this and then they pay me and I send,them that invoice every month I send,them to an order form that I've created,I use thrive cart and they enter their,credit card details and it dulls them,and process it through stripe and then,every single month after that it,rebuilds them the same amount on the,same date I have no issues and if for,some reason their card there's a problem,I just message them they fix their card,we're good to go but when I used to do,invoicing and be like here's your,invoice people wouldn't pay their,invoices so make sure you get paid,before you work paid upfront and that,it's set up for recurring that way you,have more consistency in your business,and you're not spending time chasing,down clients to get paid for the work,you've already done okay and then the,other thing that you need to think about,is that struck,the next thing to think about is how are,you structuring the service you're,providing all right I'm a big fan of,doing a total done-for-you service,instead of more of a done with you,service and what I mean by that is when,I work with clients I'm doing everything,I take it totally off their plate I'm,building the funnel I'm choosing the,images I'm writing the copy I'm doing,everything in the process of running the,ad instead of saying hey get me these,images write this copy build this funnel,and the main reason I do that is because,it's more scalable and it's more,valuable let me explain,it's more scalable because what I,learned eventually is that it was faster,for me to just build it and create,everything and launch it than it was for,me to work with the client to teach them,to show them how to do it to critique it,to wait on them to get it done and fit,it into their schedule it just created,these delays and I spent more time,trying to get them to do it and helping,them with it than if I had just done it,myself and when I just did it myself we,got better results and the other thing,was when they were doing it and it,caused delays I wasn't getting them,results because I wasn't running ads I,was waiting on them and so then they,were leaving because it was expensive to,pay me to not get results but when I,took it all in-house and I did it and,made it a completely done-for-you,service we moved faster we got things,done it was easier for me and by easier,I mean less time and I was getting paid,we were getting them results faster they,were sticking around longer it also made,it so much easier to sell is when I'm,talking to a business owner and I'm,saying hey this is 100 percent done for,you we're gonna take all of this off,your plate all you have to do is sit,back make sales and get results for your,clients provide your service your,customers whatever it may be that's a,huge relief for them they don't have to,worry about it marketing is probably,something very stressful for them,because they don't know how to do it or,you know they're they don't want to do,it or they don't have time for it so,just that peace of mind and the time you,free up for them taking it off their,plate increases the value of the service,you're providing even though it's making,it easier on you and it means that it's,easier to sell at,that high price that you're trying to,sell for the last thing that this is a,big one to keep you know think about is,don't pin yourself into providing set,schedules like I'm gonna create three,campaigns per month or anything like,that okay leave it very open focus on,the result I'm gonna get you X result,I'm gonna bring more members to your gym,right and we focus on the money you,spent this much you brought in this many,new clients it got you this much money,you spent two thousand total to earn,15,000 extra big ROI right focus on that,alright that's it for this video but,we're not really done yet wait a second,I want you to do one more thing for me,go watch this next video it's about how,to create Facebook ads for your clients,we're gonna talk about the three most,important things that you need to know,when you're doing this so whether you're,a total beginner and you've never done,this or you've been doing it you just,want to get better results go check it,out because better results means people,are gonna stay with you forever and,they're gonna keep paying you month,after month and if you want to learn,more about managing Facebook Ads as a,business check out our free training in,the description give it a watch let me,know if you have questions

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Facebook Ad Agency Pricing Structure

Facebook Ad Agency Pricing Structure

Don’t under-price Yourself In this video, I’m gonna show you how to,pick your service, running Facebook Ads for the clients in way that you turn the strangers,into high paying clients.,So you can quickly build your successful business by helping businesses grow through the power,of Facebook Ads,Plus I’m gonna talk about 3 most common pricing structures that Facebook ad agencies,use to charge their service, so stay with me till the end to learn which pricing strategy,is the best for you,1st of all, lets make something clear, you wanna build a profitable business right?,You are not looking for a hobby, you wanna make money from this you are with me?,Ok,In this business, you run Facebook ads for the business and they pay you in exchange,for this service.,So the first step is to get clients.,You approach businesses and offer them your service.,Now your sales pitch when you approach a potential client is very important.,You shouldn’t start off by telling them for example, I’m gonna run 2 Facebook campaigns,a month, or 5 ads, or I do 10 posts a week for you.,No that’s not the right way, your sales pitch should be about the result, the result that,they want in the business, more leads, more sales, more revenue, growing business, automated system.,So you should say this, I’m gonna help you build or grow your business, my service is,not just getting likes or comments, or even building your brand, which is a great thing,on itself by the way But to a small business owner, you should,talk about the result that you can help them get which is having more customers,This is how they value your work, and they’ll be happy to pay you high amounts for this,super important service.,So don’t under-price your service, because when you under-price yourself, you are not,doing a favor to your client.,actually You harm them .,Why?,Because when it doesn’t make sense to you financially, if the income doesn't make you happy then you won’t dedicate enough time,and enough energy to generate the best results for them. right?,So under-pricing is a bad idea for both, you an your clients,Now lets talk about 3 common pricing structure that you can have for your Facebook ad service.,1st one is a cut, a percentage of Ad spend.,SO a company spending 100,000 a month on Facebook ad, you essentially get a cut or percentage of that.,Its usually around %15, so it will be 15000 a month,This model is really good for big brands, with huge budgets, its also very good for,scaling, so when a client wants to scale, and if they wanna increase their budget, you’ll,scale with them.,as I said, This model is for big brands, so when you are just getting started, maybe it is not,the best approach for you,The next model is the most popular one, that’s the retainer, a fixed monthly fee, if you,wanna do this, I suggest to start with 1000 monthly in the beginning.,And then when you get more clients and more testimonials and referrals, then you can charge more for your,service.,The last model is, performance based model, or revenue share.,In this model you take a percentage of the lead or sales generated.,So you don’t charge them a monthly fee, its just a portion of the result that you,generate, the lead or sles, This model also allows you to scale, as your clients scales,,The incentive for you is to get better results for the clients, right ?,So if you are for example getting $50 for a lead, then you try to get as many as leads,possible for the client. because that how you make more money so that’s a great thing both for you and for the client.,This model might be easier to convince a client to work with you, because they don’t pay,a fixed monthly fee, but there is a catch in it for you.,you shouldn’t go to performance based right away, The most important part in this model,is to audit that business well, before going on this model, otherwise You get burned, client,get burned.,You end up wasting your time and passion, you cant get testimonial and referrals and,your reputation gets spoiled.,So What is the solution here?,First Audit the business very well, make sure it has room to grow and you can help them. ok?,if everything is ok, still don’t go straight to this model.,You have 2 options here If you feel the business owner is willing,to spend money and they wanna grow their business, Offer them a hybrid model.,Meaning you charge them a fixed monthly fee, a retainer, plus you get a percentage of the,leads, or sales like 10%.,so a retainer and a revenue share, both,2nd option, is you feel the business owner is skeptical and they are not sure about this,Offer this one For the first couple of months, you gonna,charge a fixed monthly fee, even if you have to go lower than 1000, its ok. So your fixed feel plus you get,a percentage of the leads, or sales And then after 2,3 months, the contract becomes,performance based, so no retainer anymore, just the share of the lead or sales.,Now, This 2,3 first months you have got all your testing and all your learning,And you ready to generate leads results and get huge benefits from it,This works well for the tougher clients, because they are not gonna lose anything, just for,the first couple of months they pay a small retainer and then its all based on the revenue, the performance,so nothing to lose for them.,But again before you go with any of these hybrid models, make sure the business you have,approached has room to grow, so you must audit the business first. Ok? this was about the Facebook Ads,pricing structure,Now let me tell you something.,honestly, I don’t know any better business, any more profitable and scale-able business that you can,start immediately with no money, no related work experience, and no academic degree.,You just need to learn how to run successful Facebook Ads, and you can build a super profitable,business, that’s it.,Don't you think you can learn Facebook ads? and let me tell to something, Facebook ads are not,techy at all, so you don’t need to know how to code, and html and all those techy stuff,so My Questions for you, Do you want to become a successful business owner, do you wanna be,your own business, do you wanna build the income, the success and freedom you love?,then my Facebook ads training course is the right fit for you.,Its just $47 to invest in yourself, and to learn a future proof skill, that you can immediately,use it to build your own Facebook ad agency.,or if you have another business and if you want grow it, or if you want to start a completely different kind of business,,Learning Facebook ads is the best thing you can do, because that works now, most successful,companies are taking advantage of Facebook ads right now, don’t miss this out, click,below complete your registration, and get instant access to this crash course and kick start,your successful business.,Click now and see you on the other side

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