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WATCH Before Using Spocket! Spocket Dropshipping WARNING! you're about to sign up for s pocket or,sp

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Updated on Jan 13,2023

WATCH Before Using Spocket! Spocket Dropshipping WARNING!

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WATCH Before Using Spocket! Spocket Dropshipping WARNING!

you're about to sign up for s pocket or,spock it stop right there because today,i'm going to be telling you why you need,to stay away from spocket,and let's get into it so spock it is a,product hunting app or program whatever,you might want to call it and they,market themselves as a drop shipping,supplier which enable you to find the,cheapest product for the easiest,shipping time but sprocket is actually,just a big ripoff let me tell you guys,all about this so spock it has only one,feature that is different from any other,online e-commerce store that is,supplying in bulk and that is their,integrations sprocket easily integrates,with your shopify store your wix store,your squarespace store your ecwid store,your woocommerce store whatever,e-commerce store that you're using,s-pocket will be able to integrate into,that and be your drop shipping partner,but for the exorbitant amount of money,that they are charging they are,definitely not worth it if you just take,a look at their pricing,right here,let's look at pay monthly so they do,have a free getting started program in,which you can only just browse as,pockets catalog but to actually use as,pocket you will actually have to buy one,of their memberships and they start out,twenty four dollars a month and they go,up to ninety nine dollars per month so,you might be wondering what is the,differences pocket why don't i just hop,onto aliexpress and that's exactly what,i'm here to tell you guys s pocket is,going to charge you a monthly fee only,for a limited amount of product so you,will only be able to see 25 unique,products by buying their 24,per month program and you will only be,receiving email support and i must tell,you guys i have personally experienced,this kind of email support and it is not,worth it they have stingy replies and,won't be able to actually help you,acquire the kind of profits that you are,looking for and their pro program only,allows you to have access to 250 unique,products and 25 premium products and i,must tell you most of their products are,based in india or china and can easily,usually be found on,alibaba or aliexpress or any other,chinese bulk sites they provide branded,invoicing so you can build your brand,but all of these little niches probably,are covered by your ecommerce store so,if you're using wix shopify ecwid or,whatever,these kinds of little niches are already,supported by that platform so you won't,really be needing their branded,invoicing and for 99,a month you will only be getting 10 000,unique and premium products which we all,know is just a fancy way of saying,expensive aliexpress products and you,get branded invoicing and chat support,which you also don't need because your,ecommerce store will already be covering,your branding and the chat support is,not really something you want to,experience now taking a look at their,dashboard t over here i have my s pocket,account and you can see like i've,clicked on,jewelry and,let's take a look at a specific product,just so i can show and compare,them to what is available on other,websites and you guys can actually see,how s pocket is charging far too much,for their product let's urge feather,bracelets and,over here you can see this kind of cough,bracelet is listed for 313,and you will not be able to ever sell it,for 6 27 because that is just too much,for a cuff bracelet like this,this kind of product can easily be found,on aliexpress now just taking a look at,this product i'm just going to show you,guys the details around it and how it is,being overcharged so the shipping time,is around four to seven business days,and it does not ship worldwide it's only,available in the us and it's gonna cost,three dollars for just for shipping,and the listing price is,313. so keep that in mind with these,product images just keep this in mind,it's an oxidized feather cuff and it is,made of nine to five sterling silver so,we're gonna keep all of these factors in,mind and look for a similar product on,aliexpress just clicking on it i've,searched feather bracelet on aliexpress,just as i did on s pocket and you can,see the second search result is a nine,to five silver cuff bracelet which is,almost identical to the one available on,s pocket this is just wider and this,bracelet is just a bit thinner but it,does provide a gold ringlet detail and,it's only for 2.99 it's not 299 dollars,it is available for almost just let's,approximate it to three dollars and it,also has free shipping to the united,states,and this just shows you how as pocket is,ripping you off s pocket is the initial,listing or the seller basically is,making around,310 dollars just by selling you this,bracelet and you won't be able to sell,it for 6.27 it does not have that kind,of value uh they might say that it's oh,it's nine to five sterling silver well,aliexpress now also sells nine to five,sterling silver products on their,website and you can see over here that,even if you select a premium shipping,method like,dhl's let's say if you're spending a lot,of money and even then the highest you,could charge for this bracelet is,probably the highest amount of shipping,which is 39.22 and plus the cost of the,bracelet which is around four dollars so,that's like 45 dollars and even with,package tracking uh insurance on your,items um delivery dates and all that you,will still be able to get it on,aliexpress for less than fifty dollars,while s pocket is going to be charging,you four times the price and this was,just a singular example i'll just show,you guys another example just so you,guys can see the stark difference,between s pocket and other bulk retail,sellers and let's search for lip tints,on aliexpress so just to show you guys,how s pocket is not worth it i'm gonna,compare another product i've just,searched lip tints on both s pocket and,aliexpress,and i'll just take a look at this one,you can see it's in a very basic kind of,packaging the type that's usually found,in drugstore products it's a very simple,bottle and you can see they have a few,colors in it,now if i go to aliexpress and i've also,just searched lip tints and i opened,this so this is costing,0.68 to,1.21 usd even at the highest it's going,to cost me 1.21,let's just select the color so it's 1.21,usd,for a lip gloss or lip tint that looks,exactly the same as this one,you can see they're very much almost,identical and yet on s pocket it's,selling 4.20,dollars and that was how i viewed s,pocket,i don't think it's worth it even with,the integration that is available i,think you so yeah that was it for today,and i'll catch you guys in the next,video

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