how much does unity ads pay

How much money did my mobile games earn? (2 years #indiedev revenue) hello world it's alex at dev i


Updated on Jan 07,2023

How much money did my mobile games earn? (2 years #indiedev revenue)

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How much money did my mobile games earn? (2 years #indiedev revenue)

hello world it's alex at dev i started,creating games independently,just over two years ago around january,2019 which is when i created all my,social accounts my twitter youtube and,everything else,today we are going to look at the games,i have created over that time period,which,include egghead clicking around and drop,down hopefully you know what those games,are and you've played all three of them,if you haven't then,do me a favor please get out of here i'm,joking but we're going to take a look at,each game's analytics how they've,performed we are going to look at how,they've been monetized and then we're,going to look at how much money each,project has made,hopefully the numbers will just be,interesting to look at and we can learn,a thing or two,once we've finished i'm going to talk,about what the plan is next because i'm,thinking about going through the,projects and experimenting with a few,things so if you'd like to know about,that stick around till the end let's go,but wait i'm trying to hit 100,subscribers which seems pretty realistic,so if you are not currently subscribed,and want to see more awesome videos like,this,hit that subscribe button cheers okay so,the first thing we're going to do is,load up the developer consoles for the,google play store and the app store just,see how the games have performed overall,so this is the apple developer console,there's lots of cool things,going on here we can ignore this at the,top that's just telling me i have a new,agreement to accept,october 2019 is the furthest we can go,back for some reason but these are the,lifetime stats for my games,as we can see egghead is the game that,has performed the best with 31 000,impressions that's pretty exciting but,that's only how many people have seen,the game pop up while browsing the store,that's not necessarily how many people,have viewed the store's page,what we should really be looking at is,units which is how many downloads the,game has had overall egged is still the,top performer there,and it's pretty much a draw between,clicking around and drop down we will,leave the sales blurred out for now but,we will be coming back to those very,soon if we click on a project's page we,can actually dig deep into the analytics,we won't do this for every project,because,we'd be here all day we might save that,for another video we will look at,my top project egghead the reason,actually i think it did so well is if we,look over here at the impressions we can,see there's a bit of a bump and that is,because impressions,steadily increased after release but,then for some reason,in february 2020 it had a massive bump,where it gained,over 10 000 impressions in just that,month alone,if we scroll down on the main page and,look at where most of the downloads came,from we can see over 50,of the downloads came from the app store,browse rather than searching for the,game or clicking on a direct link which,suggests to me that at some point in its,lifetime egged got promoted,on the app store which is pretty cool to,think about okay now we've taken a quick,look at that let's see how the game's,performed over on the google play store,and this is the homepage you can see our,games here you can also see the,installed audience which is how many,people have the game installed on their,phone right now which is just a pretty,cool number to look at,i don't think we can view the lifetime,analytics side by side like we can on,the app store there probably is a way i,just don't know how to do it so what we,will do instead is click on each app,individually and take a quick look at,the lifetime stats there's a lot we,could look at here but i'm just going to,focus on the downloads we can then later,see how that translates to revenue if,you would like to see a full video of me,digging through the analytics let me,know in the comments below and i'll make,it happen,all right let's get through this quickly,so we can get to the good stuff this is,egged which achieved 68 downloads or 68,new users,apparently i lost 89 of those i'm not,100 sure exactly how that works,considering we still have nine active,devices but,i'm guessing it achieved around 68,downloads now to switch over to clicking,around we can see,oh and switching to lifetime stats let's,not forget about that we can see that we,have acquired,39 new users and lost 54 of us i'm,really not sure how those stats work we,still have two people that have it,installed on their phones now,it hasn't performed quite as well as,they did but i'm still quite happy with,how it performed,last but certainly not least let's take,a look at door drop down my most recent,project,okay dr dan has acquired 136 users which,is quite interesting it doesn't actually,tell us how many users we have lost,instead it shows us our revenue,which i suppose would be more important,but that would ruin the video so let's,blur it and put a funny number over the,top we have actually acquired a lot of,these new users,over the recent month which is,interesting i don't know exactly where,they've come from but that could be,due to some of my other videos i've been,doing recently we also have 19 active,devices which is pretty good that makes,dot drop down my most popular game on,android,alright we've looked at the games i've,made we've seen how well or not so well,they did on the stores before we get,into the good stuff and look at how much,income was generated from each project,we need to know how,each game has been monetized we'll start,by looking at egged this should be,pretty easy how does this game make,money,it doesn't this was my first game i made,it in a week or two and i made the,decision to release it for free,there's nothing to buy there's no ads,and it's free to download was that a,mistake,probably but i created this game for fun,to build experience and,mostly to figure out publishing which,never gets easier it does make this,video a little easier though we now know,my first game has made a grand total of,zero i will talk about that more towards,the end of the video when we got to,cooking around i made sure not to make,the same mistake again,this game is free to download however,this time i included ads you can't pay,to remove i'd saw this is mainly because,at the time i had no idea how to do that,anyways,an advertisement pops up once every,three levels that may not seem like a,lot but you'll be surprised how fast you,fly through the levels in a game where,you can't remove ads that's more than,enough,rewarded ads are also available you can,use this to double your points at the,end of the level or get an extra life,when you die the ads are provided by,unity ads google admob and applovin,we'll take a look at those in a second,finally we have dropdown which is,probably my most complete project at,least in terms of monetization in this,game we have ads pop up after every game,we have more appear in between longer,game sessions,there's also a rewarded ad you can click,once every five minutes that gives you,more gold,and finally we can remove the ads,is that enough though let's find out so,we are back in the apple developer,console this time we're going to take a,look at sales,since start drop down is the only game,with in-app purchases it makes sense to,take a look at this first so let's click,over here and click on lifetime stats,there we go we can see we've done 1.28,in sales it says right here that we have,sold,remove ad start drop down once that's,about 99 p,which is the price point i say at on,both android and ios,if i come over to proceeds we can see,how much i actually get i get 74 census,is because,some taxes are taken away and apple,obviously take their cut which is 30,although i have recently been accepted,in the small business program which,means apple will only take 15,from future sales which is pretty cool,all right we now know how much money,we've made over on ios let's go check,out android,the first thing we are going to do is,scroll down here and take a look at,revenue here we can see how many items i,have sold which countries bought them,and when,let's switch to lifetime stats and take,a look awesome we can see there is a,couple of sales here obviously there's,none earlier than this because none of,my other games have anything to buy and,drop down is still fairly new,if we click on the item which is remove,ads we can actually get a bit more,information we can see it sold twice,once in the netherlands and once in,canada the prices do vary a little bit,but i'm guessing that's due to currency,conversion and taxes one good thing,about google is the payment threshold is,actually pretty low and you get paid,monthly so if i click over here on,payment settings i may have to blur a,few things on this screen,we can see i actually got paid on the,15th of december 2020 and i received one,pound 35,after google take their 30 like any,other store good news though not long,after apple started its small business,program google announced it would be,doing basically the same thing which,is a massive win for us in the devs,victory,before we summarize what we looked at,let me just do some quick conversions,please hold,right we now know how much my games have,made from sales dot dropdown made two,pound 12 from android and at 99p on ios,which brings a total to,three pound 11. however from that i only,received one pound 89 pence that's 54,pins from ios,and one pound 35 from android cool cool,cool,call with sales covered that only leaves,ad revenue so let's take a look at that,as i said earlier in the video this,comes from three places unity ads admob,and apple of in so let's open up all,three and take a look,starting with unity ads on the home page,we can see both projects have earned a,little bit extra this week not bad,but let's see how much each project has,generated from when they were published,let's start again with dot drop down we,click on this and switch to lifetime,stats just like we did before,and there we go we can see dropdown has,made around 14 cents which doesn't sound,like a lot but we have got to consider,dr dan,is my most recent game it hasn't,actually been out that long it has,around 399 impressions and a ecpm of 35,cents if you don't know already ecpm is,just how much i get paid per thousand,impressions 35 cents is pretty low for,that especially since unity say the,average is between six and twelve,dollars although that can vary for many,reasons,but i'd assume that is again because the,game is just hasn't been out long enough,and it would need more impressions to,get a more accurate,ecpm i should also mention that unity,ads has a 5 000 impression threshold,before you will start to see consistent,revenue because of this the revenue,numbers i'm showing you here have only,just started appearing over the last,couple of months which may be why the,numbers are pretty low,and inconsistent all right we've seen,enough of dot drop down let's take a,look at chickens which is cooking around,this game has been out longer so we can,hopefully expect better results,for example this week alone we have only,had two impressions but we have an ecpm,of,17 i wouldn't expect that to stick,around on the lifetimes that's the,quality of impressions will differ but,that's pretty damn good when i switch,over to lifetime stats we can see the,ecpm drops to 535 which is a lot more,realistic and closer to the average,amount this is ideally what we should,expect in every project what's,interesting to me though,is this game only has 71 impressions,which is far less than drop down had but,it has earned over twice as much with,38 cents now we know how much both my,games have made from unity ads let's,take a quick look at how and when it,pays out,unity ads has a threshold of 100 paid,monthly if you reach that amount until,then your balance is stored here,everything you earn is added to this,balance at the end of each month which,also explains why the available balance,is a little lower than the current total,one down two to go now let's take a look,at google admob this is the home page,and straight away things are looking a,little better we can see from only 17,impressions i got around,19 pence this is from this week alone so,that's pretty good the ecpm,is 10 pound 93 which is quite the,improvement before we look at the games,let's quickly take a look at how the,payments work,firstly we can see i've earned around 80,pence the actual amount may vary,like unity ads admob pays monthly if you,reach the payment threshold we can see,mine set to 60 pounds which works out,just a little lower than unity if we,come over to this screen we can see how,each ad placement has performed the best,ad earning over half the total amount is,the pop-up ads in clicking around they,earned 51p,followed by the pop-up pads in dropdown,rewarded ads do seem to earn more but,they,get less impressions overall making it,harder for them to compete pause,there's been less impressions overall on,admob and this is by choice yet has,performed better and earned double,you may be wondering why i don't just,stick with admob well let me tell you,why,long story short when i first monetized,clicking around i tested all three,providers setting a new one every update,admob showed the best results so i let,that display around 80,of my ads i even got a nice email saying,i earned my first dollar then about a,week later i got another saying i was,banned for 30 days for invalid traffic i,had no idea why so like any gamedev,problem i googled it and found i wasn't,alone,apparently it happens for many reasons,if too many people click on ads so the,same person,repeated the click so there's too much,traffic in one location and so on,there's not really too much you can do,to prevent it after this i decided to,restore balance and now admob only gets,around 10 of my ads,anyway back to the video enough of that,it's time to take a look at the final ad,provider aplovin,just like before we'll be taking a look,at the total here we can see the,analytics for all my games 1.41 is the,total which is pretty good in comparison,it just about has the same number of,impressions as unity adds but has a much,lower ecpm than both providers this can,be explained though when we take a look,at each project,we can see it's split up into four we,have each game on each platform let's,take a quick look at each one before we,finish up starting with clicking around,on,android we can see this version didn't,do very well at all which isn't,surprising the android version of,clicking around didn't do,too great either when we switch over to,the ios version we can see it starts,making up for it a little but the,numbers are still pretty low,this could be because ink looking around,admob served the majority of the ads,okay moving on to dot drop down the,android version we can see i have a,decent number of impressions but the,income is still pretty low,which means the largest chunk of revenue,comes from the ios version this version,alone earned 1.14 which is the best,we've seen so far the ecpm is back to,normal and surprisingly,the impressions aren't much higher than,the other versions all right we have,taken a look at everything we have seen,all the numbers time to do some,conversions and add everything up i'll,be right back,okay with that done it's time to take a,look at how much i earned over the past,two years we already know egghead made,zero throughout we know,in total i made three pound 11 from,in-app purchases of that i received one,pound 89.,unityads made 52 cents which is around,37 pence at the time of converting admob,made 88 pence,and aplovin made 1.41 which is roughly,one great british pound that brings our,total ad revenue up to two pounds 25,pence meaning the total overall,is short drum roll please,four pounds 14 pence roughly 5.86 not,bad for two years worth seriously though,all jokes and sack as i'm aside i am,happy with that and grateful to anyone,that's still playing my games i've made,plenty of games without making money the,fact numbers are showing now however,small is incredibly motivating and who,knows in a year or two i could be,recording part two of this video from a,private island in the sun,i wish before this video ends or gets,too long i want to quickly run over the,plan from here this is my not so good,illustration and handwriting that,explains everything,step one was this video now i need to,focus on gelatos my next game which,would have probably been out by now if i,hadn't spent so much time on this,i'm back to gamedev so don't expect,another video for a while at least until,this game is finished,after gelatos of course i can move on to,my next game but wait,alongside creating new titles i want to,head back to my old games it's time to,properly monetize starting with letting,people remove ads and clicking around,and adding ads and in-app purchases to,egghead the cool part about this is it,gives me a chance to add new content and,i can experiment with different types of,monetization in my old projects in hopes,of increasing revenue remove ads doesn't,have to be the only thing to buy on top,of that i'd like to increase the,exposure,of my games increasing downloads i could,do that by optimizing the game store,pages,i'd like to pay to advertise my games,and lots of other crazy stuff just to,see if it makes a difference,if it does or even if it doesn't i can,come back and make a video about it so,there's plenty of interesting videos to,come all right that's about it,let the games begin wait before you go,if you stayed this long,well done this has been a pretty boring,video where i took a lot of boring,numbers at you as a reward here's two,codes to remove ads in dot drop down,one for android and one for ios if you,do manage to claim it just leave a,comment save other people some time,thank you you're welcome have a good day,peace

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