how much does twitter ads cost

How much should I spend on Twitter ads? (Social Media Ads) how much should you spend on Twitter ads,

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Updated on Jan 08,2023

How much should I spend on Twitter ads? (Social Media Ads)

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How much should I spend on Twitter ads? (Social Media Ads)

how much should you spend on Twitter ads,or social media ads in general before we,get into figuring out like what this,number is gonna be for you let me put,into context in this way if every time,you gave me a dollar I gave you back two,dollars and I said you can do this as,many times as you want how much money,would you give me obviously you would,give me as much money as you possibly,can every single second that you can and,that's essentially what you want to,happen when you're running ads on,Twitter so it's not a question of how,much should you spend as long as you're,in profit you want to spend as much,money as you possibly can all right so,what you're paying for when you're,paying for ads on Twitter or any type of,social media platform is for your ads to,be shown to specific people so when you,do your targeting and all this different,stuff for the demographics what you're,actually paying for is for your ad to be,shown on their platform now there's a,bunch of factors that come into play,when asking the question of how much is,it gonna cost for your your content your,ad to be shown to the different groups,of people but the main two things are,gonna be who you're targeting and the,content that you show these people that,you're targeting another major factor,that comes into play with how much it's,gonna cost for your ads is what your,overall objective is sometimes people,just want to have their content seen by,people so maybe it's a video they want,to share they want a bunch of people to,see it and to share and to engage,sometimes people just want other people,to go to the website maybe they have a,bunch of different blogs or articles or,whatever it is that they want people to,get off of the Twitter platform onto a,different website and for the most part,a lot of people when they're getting,into ads they want to have some type of,profitable campaigns so they're gonna,try to drive conversions basically,meaning they want the users to take some,type of action after seeing the ads so,this could be a lead this could be a,purchase this could be a sign up for,some type of newsletter or whatever it,is these are the different type of ads,that,you have so it's going to be a little,bit cheaper to have your ads seen to,people when you're just getting video,views but you're not necessarily looking,for a profit so when you're looking for,a profit it's going to be cheaper to get,those leads or purchases but it's gonna,be a bit more expensive to show it to,more people all right and now to tackle,the question of how much did you,actually be spending on Twitter ads or,social media ads it comes to your your,goal what is your actual goal of running,these ads like I said maybe you just,have a video that you want to be shown,to people if this is the case most,likely you have a budget and you can,just spend that entire budget on the,different campaigns or a single campaign,that you have but for the most part um,people that are running ads people that,are in business try to be in profit so,when you're first starting out if you,want to have a budget to test with I,always recommend like let's say your,product is a hundred dollars um a,hundred dollars should be the budget,that you first start to test with so,within that first hundred dollars that,you spend on ads you should hopefully,get at least one sale in there and that,way you were pretty much breakeven I,know there's other cause when it comes,to maybe different software's that you,use in and different services that um,you have to pay for every month but if,we're just looking at plain and simple,if you spend $100 you should be able to,get $100 back and that's what I would,suggest to Tesla so obviously you're,gonna have your different prices so,whatever your price is that's what I,suggest that you test to start running,your ads on Twitter or any other social,media platform now before you get to,that mark of your price point let's say,we're sticking to the hundred dollar,price point before you spend a hundred,dollars there's a few things that you,can look at it to see if your campaign,is working or not so let's say you have,an ad and maybe after people click off,of the ad they are sent to some type of,freebie so maybe it's a free ebook or,something like that and then you send,them to a video that explains whatever,your product is so let's say it takes,maybe ten people to to come through as a,lead before someone actually buys,something so a free dessert,vibe that that $100 divided by 10 people,that's $10 that we can afford to pay per,person that signs up for our free,freebie whatever it is so that means if,every ten people that become Ali became,a purchase that means we can spend $10,per leaves so what we're doing it was,dividing the price the hundred dollar,price divided by that ten an amount of,people it takes that our leads become a,precious and that's where we get to ten,dollars so we can essentially afford to,pay ten dollars for Lee now if we if we,take it a step further we can say I how,much can we afford to pay per lead so,maybe to pay-per-click sorry so maybe it,out of every 10 people that land on our,page on they actually put in their email,and become a lead so that means we want,to take that $10 and divide that by 10,and that equals $1 so that essentially,means we can pay $1 per click and,break-even based on the averages,obviously it's not going to be the same,every single time but based on our,averages we can afford to pay one dollar,per click and this is what you can you,can look at when you're looking at your,your ads when you're looking at your,campaigns you can say all right so even,before I spend ten dollars if I'm paying,five dollars per click I'm most likely,not going to be able to break even,because everything else is going to be,more expensive down the line that means,the leaves are going to be more,expensive and then obviously the sales,are gonna be more expensive so once you,kind of have these numbers and have,enough data to analyze this is the type,of numbers you can look at and this is,how you can essentially know how much,you can spend on your ads I hope this,wasn't too complicated I didn't want to,use too many different things but this,is just the basics when it comes to to,spending um when it comes to Twitter ads,and any type of social media ads once,again I'll continue to do these videos I,hope you enjoyed this so if you're,watching on facebook just make sure you,give me a like and if you're watching on,youtube make sure you subscribe if you,haven't already hit that notification,bell so the next time I do,like this about Twitter ads and social,media ads you'll be the first one to,know alright I'll see y'all on the next,one peace thanks Paige Paige Paige Paige

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