how much does it cost to run ads on pinterest

I spent $1,000 on Pinterest Ads for my Small Business... Was it worth it? okay so i spent almost a t

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Updated on Jan 09,2023

I spent $1,000 on Pinterest Ads for my Small Business... Was it worth it?

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how much does it cost to run ads on pinterest catalogs

I spent $1,000 on Pinterest Ads for my Small Business... Was it worth it?

okay so i spent almost a thousand,dollars,testing pinterest ads for my small,business for two weeks,with the help of a pinterest marketing,agent or manager actually like from the,pinterest marketing team,and in this video i'm going to show you,the results and i guess from that,you can figure out if pinterest ads are,worth it or not,hey it's mariella welcome or welcome,back to my channel where i show you,everything that i am doing to continue,to grow my small business,whether it is working or not and before,we get started please be sure to give,this video an early,thumbs up if you want to see more videos,like this and of course smash that,subscribe button,okay so i literally spent a little bit,over 900,on pinterest ads because i was so tired,of facebook ads and,all the changes that that are going on,with the whole ios 14 update so i'm like,okay i need to find,new ways to market my small business,besides facebook ads,and influencer marketing so i started,looking for other apps where i could,potentially start running ads,so i decided to try out pinterest and,when i was trying out pinterest on my,own i actually had a marketing agent,from the pinterest team reach out to me,and tell me that they actually offer,help,um if i don't know much about pinterest,ads they could actually set it up for me,which i thought it was amazing,because i didn't want to have to learn,pinterest as from scratch like i did,facebook ads so,i got in touch with them and together we,set up a campaign so i am going to tell,you straight off the bat,that pinterest ads were not profitable,for me,at all like i was so excited about,pinterest ads because like the marketing,team told me like pinterest ads is a,great place,um to run ads because 47,of people that go into the app every day,go with the intention,of finding an inspo and buying something,which i thought it was amazing because i,was like oh my gosh and that literally,means that half of the people that i'm,going to be hitting,or reaching are literally going to be,most likely to buy than as of like other,apps from like facebook or instagram or,tick tock i'm like that sounds,absolutely amazing and currently,pinterest ads are like,one of the cheapest type of ads that you,can run so i was just so excited for,this okay so we ended up setting up a,campaign um which,we ran for about a week and it wasn't,working and then we,set up another campaign or we made,changes to the existing campaign,which we let run for another week,pinterest asked the same thing as,facebook people would tell you like to,not turn off the campaigns right away,you have to let them optimize,so essentially that led to me testing,pinterest ads for two weeks and by the,end of the two weeks i was just like,listen,i have spent almost a thousand dollars,and i have seen no results so i decided,to stop the campaigns,so let me go ahead and show you guys,what this looked like,okay so here we are in the reporting,page,of the pinterest ads manager i don't,know how they call it that's how they,call them facebook,um and you can see we had three,different campaigns so the first,campaign that i have set up myself,was a look-alike campaign using my email,list,or my subscriber list from my shopify,website,which i thought like say if the same,thing as facebook like let me run a,look-alike campaign,which eventually the pinterest marketing,agent told me that lookalike campaigns,are not as,effective on pinterest as people swear,by them,on facebook so we essentially decided to,turn,that one off after i had already spent,almost 180 dollars on it so i was just,like okay whatever because literally i,spent 180 dollars,and i got like no results from them,whatsoever um,and then on pinterest you have you can,run campaigns with keywords,and with interest so it's kind of like,on facebook like on facebook you can run,it with interest but on pinterest they,have like this other,thing that you could do with keywords,essentially so we decided to set,two of those up so we did a keyword and,an interest only,and this is like literally down running,for,two weeks straight so i'm just going to,show you guys like the whole thing like,and honestly,these numbers are very surprising to the,point that i couldn't believe that i get,it i didn't get the results that i,wanted from them,okay so this is one campaign and then,you have the different ad groups so it,was the email list the keywords and the,interest,so this is the amount spent with a total,of 902,i actually there was another campaign,that i was running before,uh which i did spend some money on that,as well so technically i did spend like,a full one thousand dollars,and these are the actions um actions i'm,not really sure what they mean so,i would be skipping over that but cost,per,click it was pretty awesome like a click,like for 25 cents 71 cents or like,even a fraction of a cent like that's,unheard of i know like,on facebook my cost per click will be,like,a dollar sometimes even two dollars so,this was actually pretty awesome,and i was very surprised by the amount,of impressions like literally the total,of impressions from spending,almost a thousand dollars was like over,200 000 impressions i think that's,pretty darn good,um then this is like the cost per 1000,impression,which i i think this is actually really,good too like with five dollars you,could reach 1 000 people,on facebook i'd be reaching 1000 people,with like 30 dollars,so that this is damn good so then you,have the gross pin,clicks but that's not what i was most,worried about what i was most,worried about was outbound clicks,because outbound clicks are the clicks,that actually,end up on your website so i mean i was,pretty impressed by this as well,there were a little bit over 1200,outbound clicks which means that was,1200 people that ended up on my website,like i thought that was awesome,but then the total conversions which was,the most disappointing,only four conversions,for a total of,fifty 144.50,that's freaking horrible guys i mean,like i literally spent,almost a thousand dollars and only made,back,145 dollars like that is,awful so i mean i was literally,so disappointed on these results,especially because,i was working with someone from the,pinterest team so i thought like they,know exactly what they're doing,so it's not i didn't think it was gonna,be like facebook like i have done so,much trial and error on facebook like,trying to figure out what is what would,be like the best strategy,but because i was given this strategy by,pinterest themselves,i really thought this was going to be,profitable like i was so excited like i,really thought pinterest was going to be,like,my bread and butter you know so this,test was actually,right after i had tested facebook for,the first time ever as well but i mean,i've tested facebook same thing for,about two weeks i spent,thirteen hundred dollars test testing,facebook but,i did get nine hundred dollars worth of,sales you know so,i didn't break even but at least it i,made some money back whereas pinterest i,spent 900,and i only made 145 back which which it,was only,like four sales so i was pretty,disappointed,so after i tested facebook and pinterest,ads and i wasn't getting the results,that i wanted,i did go back and i made a lot of,changes to my website,and i have recently started testing,facebook ads again and the conversion,rate on my website,has got rocketed so i am thinking about,testing pinterest as again um,you know since i made these changes to,my website so i don't know you guys,let me know what you think should i give,it another shot like based on these,numbers and on the amount of traffic,that it actually,generated to my website i mean 900,for 1200 people going on your website,like i think that is,absolutely amazing it's just really,disappointed that,only four of those 1200 people converted,i mean i did get a lot of new people,on my email list so like that i think,that is always a positive that you can,still um,target those people even if they don't,buy anything because they do sign up for,your email list,so i don't know because i was so hopeful,this was going to work,but clearly it did not so at this point,i am in the back of my mind blaming my,website like maybe my website just,wasn't good,for conversions but i mean,i might try them again let me know what,you guys think if you guys want me to,try it again i will and,same thing i will come back to you with,results other than that,guys that is all i have for this video,please be sure to give this video a,thumbs up,hit the subscribe button comment down,below do you want me to try,pinterest ads again because you know i,would and let me know any other,platforms that you guys think would be,awesome for me to test out ads and,um to see if it would work for a small,business so,drop all that in the comments down below,if you want to check out my small,business,the link is down below as well grab you,some skincare,and yeah i will see you guys on the next,one bye,you

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