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How Much do Facebook Ads Cost | In 2020so how much do facebook ads cost today we're inside one of my

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Updated on Jan 19,2023

How Much do Facebook Ads Cost | In 2020

so how much do facebook ads cost today we're inside one of my at accounts,back-office and I'm gonna give you a good idea on how much you're gonna be,spending on a Facebook ad how you can save money on your ads and how you can,get your hands on a free Facebook Ads course so let's get started,hey what's going on I'm jr. and welcome to my channel if you don't already know,my channel is all about learning new ways to make money online and one of my,favorite ways to make money is using Facebook ads and affiliate marketing,it's how I'm building a six-figure and come straight from my computer if you,want more info on affiliate marketing then just click the first link in my,description and you're gonna see exactly how I'm using it to build real passive,income online and how I made my first $1000 straight from my computer so again,just click the first link in my description and I'll send you all the,info on that now how much are you gonna spend on Facebook ads it really depends,on your own budget so for example if I go ahead and click on create' right here,to start creating a new ad after that you're gonna see that you get to choose,your marketing objective so do you want to drive traffic to your website do you,want people to click on your ad and go to your website do you want an,engagement ad so do you want people just to like your post share it comment on it,are you trying to do a video ad or maybe a lead generation that once you go ahead,and click on one of those right there scroll down to the bottom and as you can,see you can set your own daily budget so maybe you want to be spending a hundred,dollars per day on an ad or maybe you just want to spend ten dollars just go,ahead and enter that in right there and that's exactly how much you're gonna be,spending per day for an ad now you have two different options you can do a daily,budget or you can do a lifetime budget and what a lifetime budget is for,example let's say you want an ad to run for two weeks exactly only two weeks and,in those two weeks you want to only spend about a hundred bucks so you can,set the lifetime budget of those two weeks to a hundred bucks and that's all,Facebook is gonna spend inside of those two weeks so again you get to choose,between a daily budget and a lifetime budget for daily it's what you're gonna,be spending on a daily basis for a lifetime budget is the budget you set,for the lifetime of the ad now going back up here you guys depending on what,your marketing up Java's do you want to drive traffic to,your website or do you just want an engagement ad it's gonna really,determine how much you're gonna spend per ad so to give you an example as you,can see right here for this ad I was using it for link clicks I wanted to,drive traffic to my website and for that I was spending an average of one cent,excuse me one dollar and three cents per click so overall I ended up spending $16,on this ad right here as opposed to the ad right above it that's for post,engagement so I only wanted people to like the post comment on it or share the,post and for that I was spending one cent her result so obviously a huge,difference between those costs right there if you're trying to drive traffic,to your website you want people to click on your ad and go to your website you're,usually gonna spend between 75 cents and up per click so if you set a daily,budget of $10 then you're gonna get roughly between 8 to 10 clicks on their,ad right there now another thing that's going to determine how much you're going,to spend on the ad is the location you're trying to target so for example,if I jump over here as you can see inside of this ad I was targeting,Australia Brazil Canada several different countries and for Australia I,was paying an average of 13 cents per result as opposed to Brazil where I'm,only spending one cent per result now what's the difference the difference is,Australia is a top five - your country the top five tier countries are usually,the most expensive ones and those are the United States the United Kingdom,Australia New Zealand and Canada those are usually the top back to your,countries every other country below that is usually a lot cheaper because most of,them are third-world countries you know South American African countries now,something else that can make your ad a more expensive is your relevant score so,for example if I jump over here as you can see here are some of the ads that I,posted right here if I start scrolling down it gives me some of the analytics,for my app so for example my results reach impressions and if I keep,scrolling down as you can see right here we have add relevant score so you want a,higher add relevant score for a cheaper cost on your ad if Facebook things that,your ad is relevant to the audience that you're trying to target it's gonna give,you a higher add relevant score and it's gonna make your ad a lot cheaper as,opposed to a lower one that's gonna end up costing you a lot more so you do want,to make sure you pay attention to your ad irrelevant score inside of your ads,tab right here so here's the ads tab jump,inside of that and scroll down to the bottom where you can excuse me scroll,down to the side until you see add relevant score right here now none of,these are showing up right now because I haven't ran these ads in a while but,once you create an ad you usually want to wait about a day and it's gonna give,you your add relevant scored you want to try to hit anywhere between eight and,above nine and above ten being the highest guys to get a better cost on,your Facebook ad and what that means again is that your ad is relevant to,your audience you're trying to target so people are engaging with your ad people,are liking it it's really connecting through the audience so you do want to,make sure you do your research on who your audience is exactly before you,start running your ad to get a little bit more info on your audience go ahead,and click on this tab right here ads manager and jump over to the audience,insights and you're gonna be able to get some more information on who your,audience is for example the gender the age group what their interest is their,day their household income and a lot more information so make sure you do,your research check out the audience inside to get better information on your,audience guys now another thing that will determine exactly how much you're,going to spend on your ad is what you're trying to target exactly so for example,if I jump over here as you can see inside of this ad right here I was,targeting entrepreneurship small business investment financial money,stuff right there it's usually gonna be more expensive than targeting bow and,arrows darts or bowling or you know other lower random niches like that,obviously if you're trying to target you know money or financial ads it's gonna,be more competitive meaning your ads are gonna cost a little bit more than other,niches again like bow and arrow or bowling so exactly what you're trying to,target my determine how much you're gonna spend on the ad now to give you,guys a few tips on getting better ad cost one huge mistake I made when I,first started running Facebook ads is letting Facebook to automatic placements,now when you create a Facebook ad it's because you wanted to show on Facebook,right you wanted to show when people are scrolling on their phone or maybe,scrolling on their time timeline on their computer you want them to see your,ad now if you let Facebook through automatic placements they're just gonna,throw your ass everywhere so for example they're gonna put it on Instagram,Facebook marketing plays Facebook video feeds right column as stories Instagram,stories Facebook stories messaging stories and all,a bunch of other random places if you only want your ad to be showing on,Facebook when people are scrolling on their phone then make sure you go ahead,and click on edit placements right here and after that click on Facebook,newsfeed only right here click on this box only,and make sure you leave all these other box unchecked double check all these,other boxes make sure they're all unchecked because again Facebook is,gonna throw your ad everywhere which is gonna cost you a lot of money so if you,only want your Facebook ad to show on Facebook you know on Facebook ad make,sure you choose Facebook newsfeed only right here another way to get,better Facebook ad cost is looking at your analytics after you run the ad so,for example if we jump over here as you can see oops on this one over here as,you can see I was targeting Australia Brazil and Canada right so obviously,Brazil was giving me the lowest amount of cost so maybe I could only target,Brazil inside of this hat because obviously that's where I'm getting the,lowest cost for my ad so what you can do is just go ahead and edit your ad and,only target Brazil now it doesn't only work for a country if you go ahead and,click on this breakdown tab right here after that click on buy delivery you're,gonna be able to see it by age gender age and gender business location regions,so if I click on buy age I can see exactly what a troop is saving me the,most amount of money which one I'm spending the least amount of money on,and which one is costing me the most amount of money so for example if I go,ahead and get this out the way so ages between 45 and 54 I'm spending an,average of 8 cents per result inside of this ad as opposed to this age group,right here 18 to 24 where I'm only spending half of that 4 cents per result,so what I could do is go ahead and click on edit my ad and only target the age,groups that are costing me the least amount of money and again you can also,do it by gender by region and target the regions or you know the gender that's,charging you the least amount of money for your ad now the last tip I want to,give you on you know getting better Facebook ad cost is learning how to use,your audiences now there's a little bit more advanced right here if you click on,this ads manager tab and click on audiences excuse me audiences you're,gonna see that you can start creating custom audiences look-alike audience,says Facebook pixel audiences and in essence what this is is basically a,group of people that are already familiar with your brand with your,Facebook page they seen your Facebook ads before they seen your Facebook page,before maybe like the post they interacted with it,you want to start targeting these people right here why because they already seen,you before they're not cold traffic anymore they know who you are they,recognize you maybe they like some of your post you can choose to only target,those people they have interacted with your page if you want more information,on how to create a custom audience or how to create a look-alike audience and,how it works then check out my playlist on facebook as my facebook ads and,tutorial playlist guys I have a ton of great tips all on Facebook Ads by,creating look-alike audience you know getting your Facebook ad to prove just a,whole bunch of great tips and info on getting facebook ads approved and,created guys so again just check out my facebook ads tips and tutorial playlist,and you're gonna see a lot more great details inside of there now like I,mentioned in the beginning of this video I want to give you a free Facebook Ads,course so to go ahead and claim your free Facebook Ads course then just go,down to my description and click on the link that says free Facebook as course,guys that's basically it for this video if you guys have any more questions,excuse me guys if you have any more questions on Facebook Ads how much they,cost or just any questions in general then leave them down below inside of the,comments and I'll be happy to get to them I hope you guys enjoyed this video,if you got some value from it and hit the subscribe button down below check,out some more of my cool videos inside my playlist like I mentioned and I'll

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Cost of Facebook Ads - What Gurus Don't Tell You!

Cost of Facebook Ads - What Gurus Don't Tell You!

hey it's Sam welcome to boring money,where money should be the only boring,aspect of your life if you're watching,this video then you're probably,wondering how much Facebook ads cost,what is the price of Facebook ads right,well stick around because that's exactly,what I'm gonna talk about,on my channel I always release videos on,digital marketing and passive income,strategies so consider subscribing,also if you want you can click on the,link below to get access to my recession,recruit business model that will teach,you how to build an online business from,the ground up so don't worry if you have,zero experience because you'll get the,best training that will make you the top,marketer,great let's get to the content all right,so first things first Facebook ads,compared to maybe six seven years ago,it's completely different now and I,don't mean the design or anything like,that what I mean is the back office of,Facebook ads really changed a lot of,different terms of services a lot of the,different privacy policies are now,intact as designed back then will not,work today and I'm probably gonna,probably gonna get taken down and you're,gonna get banned now to answer the,question,what's the price of Facebook ads well,that's really arbitrary depending on,what your budget is for Facebook,advertising that's what you can spend on,Facebook ads now is more designed for,people with a really Deepak back then,Facebook ads were for everyone even if,you're small business you can use it and,it'll work effectively I was able to,make a good chunk of money using,Facebook ads back then with doing Drop,Shipping but things have changed time,has passed and my my interests weren't,there anymore so I've moved on from then,and I tried to do it again recently well,I can tell you everything's really,different the algorithms the rules if,you're planning to do e-commerce or,Facebook ads you're gonna need a lot of,money gurus that tell you to spend five,dollars today start with five dollars a,day and maybe and scale up from there,that's not gonna work anymore especially,if you're just starting out but if you,have Deep Pockets go ahead Facebook was,designed for people with the pocket with,a big budget especially for big,companies I'm sure you're well aware of,all the rules and regulations that the,past few years have changed Facebook ads,right now reaching the people you want,is a little bit harder you're going to,have to do more research on the audience,you can you can Target and if you're a,beginner if you don't have that much,money,stay away from Facebook ads because,you're just gonna waste your money,you're just gonna empty your wall even,quicker if it's your first time using,Facebook ads then let me tell you this,one ad is not enough you're gonna have,to create multiple campaigns to to get,engagement to get views to get people,going to your website or or whatever,you're trying to achieve with Facebook,ads you're gonna have to run multiple,ads at once for for it to even be good,you're gonna need at least a few,thousand dollars for you to really get,started with Facebook ads or or any sort,of ads to really get enough information,for yourself right and if you do have,that money then yeah Facebook ads can be,worth it you're gonna have to hustle,your way through to build an audience if,you don't have money to spend and that's,just the hard truth the real the real,advice that you're gonna get and if,you're trying to reach a new audience,with your Niche you have YouTube or or,any search engine to try because search,engines are where the gold is YouTube is,the number two search engine next to,Google and number one for video so think,about that right and as entrepreneur I'm,sure you know that video is the most,engaging when it turned when it comes to,building your audience and building,relationships with them right it's just,way more effective as a marketing tool,and it just works Wonder that's why,every single platform is starting to,implement more videos either it's either,short form or long form Tick Tock or or,feature or feature webinars things like,that video is really big for marketing,it has been for a very long time and,YouTube is here to stay and it's not,really going anywhere I mainly use,YouTube to drive traffic to my website,doing affiliate marketing and if you,want to learn how to use YouTube to,build an audience and drive traffic to,your to your site then be sure to click,on the link down below I hope my answer,was sufficient enough and if if it was,please leave comment down below if you,want to learn how to start your own,online affiliate marketing business then,be sure to click on the link down below,because you're going to learn how to do,the right way there's a lot of crap out,there that you want to stay away from,because they're going to teach you the,simplest way as as fast as they can but,you're gonna generate possibly zero,income or even lose money if you want to,learn how to promote things of value,such as information on teaching people,how to solve their problems whether it's,making money whether it's improving,themselves whether whether it's guitar,lessons or learning how to invest in,real estate be sure to click on the link,down below because you're going to get,free 40-day Builder training series,they'll teach you the benefits of,affiliate marketing and how you can get,started imagine being able to provide,value to people to enhance people's,qualities and lives and being able to,make money while doing so it's a really,good feeling because all you're doing is,recommending products that will solve,people's problems and on top of that,you're collecting commission by helping,people solve their problems with these,products you're gonna learn how to pick,and choose the best products to promote,you're going to learn how to build an,email list for yourself and learn how to,recommend even more products that that,will help other people so with that said,I'll see you on the other side thank you,for joining me in this session I hope,you learned some valuable tips and,tricks to begin your affiliate marketing,career if you want to find out more,about doing affiliate marketing the,right way consider subscribing to the,channel,like the video if you liked it and hit,the Bell icon to be notified when I,upload a new video for more tips be sure,to subscribe into my email list and get,the 8 step affiliate marketing mastery,guide for free and I'll see you on the,other side

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