how much does etsy ads cost

Etsy ad: $1/day vs. $10/day Etsy Ad budget comparison would your etsy advertising bring you,enough s

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Updated on Jan 09,2023

Etsy ad: $1/day vs. $10/day Etsy Ad budget comparison

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Etsy ad: $1/day vs. $10/day Etsy Ad budget comparison

would your etsy advertising bring you,enough sales to cover the cost,if you increase the ads amount would the,sales increase,some people recommend advertising with,the top allowable amount,is that a good idea for everyone is etsy,ad worth it,some say it does and some say it doesn't,if you increase etsy ad spending would,you get,more sales here i run an ad campaign,experiment in my own shop where i,increase the ad,spending by 10 times want to see the,results,i have an amazon and jd store and,recently joined the etsy platform as a,seller,i need to find out how much to spend on,an etsy ad campaign,here i run an ad on three items in my,shop on a budget of one dollar a day,i will then increase the budget to ten,dollars a day and show you day by day,difference,how did it go here is a report of,running the etsy ad,for a month i spent eight dollars 48,cents on the ad clicks,and got to sales of 19.49,it sounds great if i increase the ad,budget,would it increase the sales overall,although i gave etsy,the permission to charge up to one,dollar a day,as you only charge a fraction of that,budget because it only charges based on,clicks,not impression what is an impression,if someone types in magnifier they will,get a bunch of suggestions,if your ad item is listed there it is an,impression,obviously at this moment it is free,at other platforms like amazon it is not,free,when someone clicks on my item and view,the details,it counts as a click if i type in the,word magnifier in etsy search box,a number of items are listed i can see,that one of my advertised item is ranked,fairly high,for another advertised item the regular,appearance happens even before its,advertised appearance,here is a breakdown of how the three,items fared in the etsy ad campaign,as i started here is the starting screen,the first item has 2990,impressions 20 clicks and one sales,the other two items each has a lot of,impressions,but no sales one has 2 750,impressions no sale from the impressions,the click-to-impression ratio is roughly,one to one hundred,the next had 1059 impressions,and no sales here is the progression for,four days,here is the total spending and total,sales again in progression of four days,here is a graph of the impressions and,clicks as presented by etsy marketing,tools,as you can see increased ad spending,does not bury you,but does not increase sales i can draw,three conclusions here,in most cases etsy cannot spend your,full amount of budget,this is for a lack of impressions or,visitors and a lack of clicks,if you increase the ad budget under this,circumstance,your impression will increase and clicks,will increase,but not necessarily the sales i am,convinced if i further increased the ad,spending,my items would still not have greater,sales,if you have a lot of items in your store,then perhaps increasing ad spending,helps,but not when you don't have many items,and you cannot differentiate from your,competitors,you must also absolutely make sure your,satisfaction rating,is high on the store and items

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