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TIPS ON EFFECTIVELY PROMOTING WITH THE SHADEROOM! okay,so somebody just said when you're,posting do


Updated on Jan 07,2023


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okay,so somebody just said when you're,posting do i,like do i tag them so so let me give you,all some,some more advice or a trick okay first,off,tagging them in a post over and over i'm,gonna be honest,it's not as effective as you would think,it is,okay because they're getting millions of,impressions,daily okay so that could get overlooked,quick,all it takes is them to to create one,post and now,all those comments and tags is gone so,i'm gonna give y'all i'ma give you a,little tip,this is something that will be more,effective than tagging them over and,over,create a story post tag them in a post,now some people is going to ask why is,this more beneficial because that's a,separate notification,so i finally went to and i'm like oh,okay,so this was a time when they were,highlighting,black designers so it was on twitter,again it was this thread and it was just,like you know,small businesses drop drop a picture of,your,products and tell us what you do so i,said hey i specialize in customizing,slide,sandals using photos logos quote or,whatever,it was hundreds of reply so they replies,they picked me and i think i want to say,like seven other people,to showcase on their platform time for,me because i already have my website up,you can just upload your photo your logo,um the only questions people,had kind of was like okay how long is it,going to take blah blah blah blah blah,blah,after i answered those questions they,just went on the website and ordered,um so that brings me to the first tip,that i'm going to give you,you want to make sure that you have a,website okay because,the cash app and the paypals and all,those other ways to order,through the dm is not going to be,effective if a major platform like the,share room post your business because,what's going to happen,you're going to get thousands of people,on your page but once they see,cash at me to order or something like,that they're going to get turned off,they're not going to want to,order with you because it it's kind of,like scam scam lights,scammers so that's before i give you,guys more tips i want to get into the,last time,that they posted me and this is the time,that um this is the time that i,actually paid for promo because it went,well when they posted me for free,so i'm like why not why not pay them you,know so,first thing,okay so before they give you a price you,have to fill out a form and i'm gonna,pull up that form right here it's a,google docs document,put my,tsr at submission and then it asks you,which page are you interested in,the shea room or the shea room teens,your name your email your company name,your website what services are you,interested in because they have,instagram facebook,they have a package deal and they have,an article,advertising budget so you have to put,your budget here,and type of advertisement business,promotion,music or personal me personally already,knew their prices so in the budget i put,their price,and then yes it's a lot of back and,forth,don't think that you're going to get,your your stuff posted the next day baby,for video it has to be 1080 by 1080,pixels,your your caption has to include your,company's name,and then it has to say um the shade room,partner at the end or it has to say add,um the third thing they need from you is,the day or time that you want them to,post,so they have different time blocks is,not a specific,time for it they have,five hour time blocks,okay so it says it right here micro,businesses receive a special rate of,three thousand dollars per ad,ad rate is non-negotiable,our rate is non-negotiable and we do not,offer special rates or bulk packages,through our micro business programs,so three thousand dollars,three thousand dollars and that's the,small business rate so i know some of,you guys are saying like,that's a lot of money that does not seem,like a small business rate,but you have to consider they have over,20 000 at,20 000 20 million followers they have,over 20 million followers and most of,them are active so,you have to base it off of their,followers and their engagement,please note we're not accepting to,submit your video or your photos,they have to be approved first so you,have to submit them once they get,approved,they're going to send you another email,but when you submit your photos and all,of that,too you're going to ask you're going to,submit your time block so you're going,to tell them what time you're going to,submit the caption and you're going to,submit the photos,once they get approved you got to burp,again,so once they get approved they're going,to send you another email yes,another email they're going to see,another email and they're going to send,you the link to pay for it,when i promoted with them when i did,paid promo with them it was a very,professional video,okay so this is gonna be the second tip,make sure your content is,professional okay it should not look,like you shot it on an iphone,it should look like you hired somebody,to create,your video or took your product pictures,period okay,so video the price for a video,in photos are the same exact thing so i,recommend that you do a video ad,on top of that i feel like you can,capture more people with a video rather,than a photo they might just,look right past it so first thing,have an influencer make a video about,your product,okay somebody that's already known have,them make a video,talking about your product and then put,that on the shave room because that's,going to get,way more traction than a video of you,describing your product or service or,whatever because,the shea room is all about celebrity and,popularity and stuff of that sort,shady like that so if you put,a celebrity on there,it's more than likely that more people,is going to click on that ad versus,somebody that they do not know,and um the celebrity helps you build,credibility you know what i mean people,say okay,if they got it then maybe you know i'll,test it out product,if you don't have no money just send,them the product send them the product,and just,hope that they that they'll make a video,or repost it,or whatever if you can afford it you can,also pay the influencer to create that,content,for you okay so next thing,okay so something that is very very very,important you want to make sure that,your,product or your service is very like,different,exclusive or your branding is on point,you know what i mean,you don't want to just go in there and,promote with them and you're just,selling something as simple as lashes,with no type of branding to draw people,in okay,so you want to make sure that you have,good branding or a very good,product that no one has really seen,before all agree,on there is a lot of black people there,and we,we like to support our own you know what,i mean so you have to really look at,their target audience you have to see,what age range is there who's commenting,the most is it ladies is it men,what do what type of post do they like,you know what i mean this is one company,that adds with them,that do ads with them and it's always,like weird videos of like a girl dancing,and doing weird stuff and,like the first time we seen it we was,like what the heck but they kept putting,this type of content on there now,everybody is like okay now this is,actually starting to be cool,and it's a lot of comments where people,are starting to buy from that company,more because,they're ads you know they're like well,this ad is so funny that i'm gonna go,buy something right now,make sure you're not make sure you're,not running an,ad with them when there's things going,on,in the world such as like political,issues um,make sure that there's no social no,social adversities going on,make sure that it's not like major event,or anything going on because,when stuff is happening when they post,your ad on that,platform they're gonna they're gonna end,up typing like okay we don't care about,this right now we don't care we don't,care we don't care so make sure your,timing is on point,i know it's always different things,going on but just for example,let's say that we have to vote for the,president on the 20th,why would you put an ad up on the 20th,you know what i mean content because,i've seen so much stuff that's like,funny,that's been on there i've seen so much,stuff that's like creative to go on,there,and stuff like that um question how,would you say,that being posted on the shade room has,helped your business did it propel it,forward,did it bring you any new clientele any,new customers,okay so that's a good question so the,first time they um posted me it brought,me,i want to say like at least a thousand a,follow like at least a thousand,or two thousand followers i don't,remember the exact amount but it brought,me,a lot of followers it brought me a lot,of people on my website that bought,products,um it brought me a lot of awareness you,know what i mean so not only do i have,people,ordering the product i have 2 000 new,followers that one day,might buy something so it just it was a,lot of traffic,and i'm glad you asked that question so,this is another tip,make sure you have facebook ads,set up okay so let's say you go viral,right go to facebook ads manager and set,up a retargeting ad,so what this is going to do everybody,that came to your page that did not,follow you or didn't stay or whatever,is going to start retargeting them it's,going to start showing your product to,them over and over until,they purchase or until they end up,following you or whatever,so if i would have retargeted ads set up,when i got posted by shea room i,probably would have made,so much more money,the question that everybody wants to,know is is it worth it,did you make your money back um how long,does it stay up so look,i highly recommend it if you have a good,product,you have a good ad you have an,influencer,promoting your product you have,something that's different,okay it's something that's not too,regular not too simple,yeah it's going to be worth it it's,going to be a lot of exposure every time,somebody comments something negative on,it,that's boosting your post so more people,that can see it and can't,buy something from it okay the next,question the next thing people want to,know is,did you make your money back i made,thousands of dollars with the shea room,i don't talk about the personal amount,that i made because that's my business,but i made thousands of dollars with,them and it's all about having a budget,for marketing,so that's really up to you to figure out,oh okay so somebody just said when,you're posting do i,like do i tag them so so let me give you,all some,some more advice or a trick okay first,off,tagging them in a post over and over i'm,gonna be honest,it's not as effective as you would think,it is,okay because they're getting millions of,impressions,daily okay so that could get overlooked,quick,all it takes is them to to create one,post and now,all those comments and tags is gone so,i'm gonna give y'all i'm gonna give you,a little tip,this is something that will be more,effective than tagging them over and,over,create a story post tag them in a post,now some people is going to ask why is,this more beneficial because that's a,separate notification,and 9 times out of ten nine times out of,ten a lot of times,a lot of people don't always tag people,in a story,they tag them like on a page or,something like that,so if you want their attention i,recommend that you create a story post,and you tag them like that because,that's a separate,notification and it's away from their,regular notifications,next thing so once they contact you,like for example the girl that they just,posted for and she sells the self,defense key chains,they have a message thread so what's,that what that means,is anytime you send them a message,your message is at the top that's like,me since i since i worked with them,before,anytime i want to send them a message,they're going to see it,and i love okay well now i have the,shady room's attention now they're in my,dms now we're,conversating and now we're interacting,how do you keep their attention,how do you still keep that rapport going,between you,and this big platform that has hundreds,of thousands of people in the dm trying,to do the same thing that you doing okay,now you got your break now what,okay so when you have,them or any other celebrity in your dm,you want to make sure that you're not,flooding in with messages because that's,the first thing that's going to turn,them off,period they can turn off the,notifications from you just,make sure you're not flooding them with,messages make sure that you're,doing stuff that's beneficial to them as,well you know what i mean like i know,what type of content they like so if i,see something i can send it to them,you know what i mean they reached like 8,000 8 million followers and i just said,congratulations and you know they said,thank you,so just don't overwhelm them and,something that i should have said,previously so when it comes with,getting all this exposure you have to be,ready for it,you have to be ready for it you cannot,say my dream is to get posted on the,shea room,my dream is to for a celebrity to repost,me or whatever,and you're not ready you know what i,mean you can't just have,100 products and feel like you know you,gotta have you got to be ready,you can't just have 20 products you know,what i mean you gotta you gotta you,gotta be ready for,all the traffic so it's more like a,physical and mental thing that you have,to,figure out as a business owner am i,ready for this exposure,how do i get ready for it,yeah yeah okay,so the answer to your question basically,like just don't overwhelm them and,make sure the conversation is beneficial,beneficial in what way not just not just,to you,that's like if somebody hit me up asking,about my supplier how is that beneficial,to me,now they hit me up like oh i was you,know i seen a page that do this,no like you know it's like different,ways to have a beneficial conversation,that's not just all about,one person's benefit,thumbnail

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