how much do i need to start a dropshipping business

How To Start Dropshipping in 2023 (FOR BEGINNERS) you made a goal to finally start your,Java shippin

Ac Hampton

Updated on Jan 11,2023

How To Start Dropshipping in 2023 (FOR BEGINNERS)

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How To Start Dropshipping in 2023 (FOR BEGINNERS)

you made a goal to finally start your,Java shipping store but you're probably,running into a problem called,information overload you don't know,exactly where to start what strategies,that you should be using and you're,probably feeling very overwhelmed with,how popular Drop Shipping is becoming it,is now a high level skill that can be,making you some serious money online so,you want to know exactly how to start,with no confusion left on the table,that's why today I'm going to be,breaking down a beginner friendly,step-by-step tutorial on how you can get,started with Drop Shipping in 2023 so by,the end of this video you feel fully,confident in the ability to know exactly,how to get started and I'm not going to,just leave it at that once this video,reaches 1500 likes I'm going to give you,a product list of the top 10 winning and,training products that you need to be,selling right now so if you want full,access to this product list smash that,like button down below subscribe to this,channel so I can release all the links,to these products and help you get,started in the right direction so,without further Ado let's go ahead and,jump right into it,what's going on my name is AC Hampton,I'm an a-figure marketer who has,generated sales just like this all from,starting and branding drop shipping,stores while doing this I also get to,teach students from all over the world,how to generate results with their own,job streaming stores and make money,online if you want to experience what,being a student in my one-on-one,mentorship feels like each week I get to,hand out a free Consulting call to one,lucky winner so if you want the,opportunity of getting on this call and,go over anything you may be struggling,with and answering all of your questions,along the way all you have to do is,smash that like button down below and in,the comment section comment the word,Dropship with your biggest takeaway from,this video now there's a ton of,information out there in regards to,starting your own dropshipping business,but let's take it all the way from the,top and the top is creating your online,store you cannot run an online business,without a storefront so let's hop into,how you're going to get it and how,you're going to build it so we're,heading over here to Shopify and as you,can see you can start a seven day free,trial no credit card required in your,next three months on only costing you,one dollar by clicking on the link down,in my description now this is great for,you especially while just starting off,because you're immediately cutting down,on the expenses that start in your,online store can come with so make sure,to go ahead and check that out now,Shopify is a platform that your website,will be built on and where you'll have,the actual store from for the product or,products that you're selling now there,are other e-commerce platforms out there,that you may have heard of but Shopify,is by far the most reliable and beginner,friendly so I highly suggest that you,start there so once you're on this page,you're going to come down over here to,enter your email address and just go,ahead and enter that and then after,entering your email you're sending go to,start free trial then this screen will,come up you'll just do I'm just starting,click on an online store and click next,you can go ahead and skip this part,right here and then this is going to be,the next screen that you see and then,here you can go ahead and just name your,store and like I said I would not spend,a lot of time on this you don't want to,overthink this just keep this very,simple and very general wherever your,business is located you'll go ahead and,click on next continue with email create,your password word and then create,Shopify ID now we just open up a new,store with the free trial and you're,already 10 steps ahead of where you,previously were at the beginning of this,video because your store is officially,open now let's go ahead and get into the,build and everything that you'll need to,make sure that when customers are coming,to your store they always leave with,purchasing something and putting more,money back into your pocket now the,first thing that you want to do is head,over to your Shopify App Store and,search for an app called autods and it's,as simple as this you come over here to,apps you type in Auto DS and click on,enter and this is what the Shopify App,Store looks like and it's going to be,this one right here that says Auto DS,all-in-one Drop Shipping and autods is,literally an all-in-one Drop Shipping,tool that you need on your online store,this app will allow you to connect your,store to different suppliers that you,may be wanting to use to help sell your,product they'll let you browse through,potential products that you can be,selling and it even has the capability,to fulfill the orders you're getting on,your store automatically and send out,tracking information directly to your,customer I mean Auto DS is going to make,running your job streaming business as a,beginner as seamless as possible I wish,I mean I wish they had apps like that,when I first started my Drop Shipping,Journey because automation is everything,and that's exactly what this app will,give to you I'm gonna go ahead and add,this app into my store and it's just as,simple as clicking add app and then,install app now that we have Auto DS,downloaded the next thing we need to do,is connect this with our Shopify store,so this is gonna be the first screen,you'll see you'll go to add store come,to this plus sign where it says ad store,at the bottom click on Shopify store and,click continue you come back over here,to your Shopify highlight the actual,HTML and then go ahead and add that to,your store and it's as simple as that,and if you want to make sure it's,connected you should see your actual,Shopify store right here at the top left,corner now before we head into the,overall build of your store and making,sure that you have all the necessary,instructions then get your store off the,ground and running my team and I do,provide Hands-On one-on-one guidance to,help you directly with learning,strategies of running your online store,that can help you make money not just,for short term but for a lifetime so if,you're ready to take action and start,learning with my team and I by your side,make sure you head over to my Instagram,at AC underscore Hampton DM me the word,mentorship or apply with the link down,in my description so I can reach out and,help you get started now that we have,Auto DS connected you're going to want,to start off with importing your first,product to your store but in order to,import a product you have to know what,you're looking for in a product that you,should be selling it is not smart to,come into Drop Shipping thinking you can,just sell any and everything because,that's going to cause you to spend a lot,of time and money into the wrong,direction when you're scrolling through,your products on autods and looking for,one that you could be selling you want,to make sure that the product is hitting,some very important key factors when,number one being that it solves some,sort of problem now this is because a,product that solves a problem is likely,to sell for a longer period of time,secondly that it can be sold for 25 or,more by doing a quick search for the,product on Google you can see on average,what your competition is selling the,product for and if it's being sold for,less than 25 dollars you'll find that,you're spending more money in ads than,what you're actually making from selling,it so let's take this product right here,as an example so this is the anti-theft,travel backpack and you can see when I'm,on Google and I'm actually searching for,this you can see that most of these,products are over 25 if not all of them,so this is telling me right away that,this is being sold for 25 or more across,the entire market and lastly you want to,make sure that there is demand in the,market for the product that you're,selling and you can do this by heading,over to Google Trends and searching a,keyword surrounding your product and,seeing if it's on an upward or a,downward Trend if we take that exact,product put it in Google Trends you can,see that this is slowly on the upward,Trend and that's exactly what you want,to be seeing across any product that,you're selling think about it every,business is based off of supply and,demand and when you see something like,this being in constant demand it shows,that we should have the supply to back,up the product and that's exactly what,we do with Drop Shipping so now in order,to start looking for the products that,you're going to want to start selling,you're going to want to go to auto DS,you're going to want to click on these,dots up here and then go over to product,research from there you're given a,couple different options for what type,of products that you want to look at,from popular products to new products to,U.S supply products and you can just,continue to scroll through each section,until you find a product that meets the,criteria that we just talked about and,if you want to give Auto DS a try with a,30 day free trial make sure you go ahead,and click on the link down in my,description to go ahead and try it out,so like I said the first step is just,going through any of these and just,scrolling to find any products that we,could possibly work with so let's say,this product right here is what I want,to add to my store it's as simple as,this I'm gonna come over here to import,product and then it's going to say item,is being added to drafts click here to,view and then you'll see your product,right here in the drafts before actually,uploading this to your store now I,typically draft a product just like this,so I'm able to work on the product,description directly from the screen and,make sure everything is good to go,before publishing for the customers to,see and inside this draft section right,here on auto DS you can see every,product that you've imported to your,store but haven't quite yet published,that's where I like to work on name mean,the products selecting the variants that,I'm going to be selling and choosing the,price that I'm going to be selling at,and how you actually edit the product is,you're going to click on this little,arrow and it's going to show you the,product the description the variants the,images and more now I always suggest,giving your product a catchy name and,then describing what it is so I'm just,going to name this anti-theft waterproof,travel backpack so you see I didn't just,name this the product itself but I named,it anti-theft waterproof travel backpack,to go ahead and customize it just a,little bit to stand out for my,competition Now by doing this you're,giving your customers something to,remember you buy so that they can always,come back and find you or the next time,that they see your advertisement they're,more inclined to head into your store,because they know it's you and as I said,you're also going to change the pricing,of your product on this exact same page,and whenever you're pricing your product,you always want to make sure that you're,selling it for at least 2.5 x your cost,of goods what this means is that if,you're buying something for ten dollars,with shipping included from AliExpress,or whatever supplier that you decide to,use you want to make sure that you're,selling it for at least 2.5 x which,would come out to 25 by standing by this,rule you're going to help in keeping,your profit margins on the higher side,so that you can continue to keep,profiting with your online store so let,me head over here to AliExpress for,example and I'm literally just going to,go ahead and type the product in and,let's take this variant right here for,example I see that this product is,37.74 so if I take out my handy dandy,calculator come over here and type in,37.74 Times by 2.5 I see that this comes,out to,94.35 so whenever I come over here to,Auto DS now I need to change the pricing,around that so I'll just come over here,to edit and you see where it says sell,price right here I'm just going to,change this to,94.99 and now out the gate I'm getting,the right profitability with this,product now after that you want to make,sure that you're actually choosing the,variants that you want to sell so for,this example right here there is only,one variant which is dark gray but if,there were multiple different colors you,want to choose the ones that you,actually want to be selling with and,those variants that you decide to sell,are based off of what your supplier can,actually get but for this example like I,said there's only one variant so once,you've named your product you change,your price and you chose the variance,that you want to be selling all that you,have left to do is Click import to your,store and then that product is published,and added directly into your store so,like I said once you're done you just go,ahead and click on import and then once,you're finished with that you'll see,that it says one out of one finish and,now that product is imported and if you,come back over here to your Shopify,store and click on refresh and then come,over here to products you should be,seeing that product right on your store,just like this which now at this point,it's time to get to work now once you're,on the screen you see your product is,imported and you actually click on it,this is what's going to bring you up the,product description now the product,description is also known as the product,page now this is the part of your store,that you will be leading your customers,to when you're actually advertising the,product and they click on shop now they,will be led into this exact product page,that you're wanting them to buy off in,simpler terms this means that the build,of your product page is extremely,important to the success that you're,going to have with your Drop Shipping,Store and you have to make sure that the,product page is as Shopper friendly,informative and clean cut as possible so,that you don't give customers any reason,not to want to buy from you but before,we get into showing you exactly how to,build a high converting product page I,know that this video has been packed,with information so far and we're only,going to keep getting deeper and deeper,into the value so if you're having any,questions about this video or about how,you can get started with your job,shipping store successfully head over to,my Instagram AC underscore Hampton DM me,the word YouTube so I can reach out and,help out in any way remember it's not,about how much money you can make in,this world but how much knowledge you,can teach others to change your life DM,me the word YouTube if you're feeling,stuck at all so when creating the,product page for the product that you're,selling you never just want to go off,the top of the head with what you think,would look good on this page you want to,use the resources that are available to,you so that you can build a strong wrong,and persuasive product page so what I,typically like to do is head over to,Google and search for my product so like,I said I'll come over here to Google and,type in anti-theft travel backpack and,what I'm going to do is just open up a,couple different people who are selling,these products and there's two main,things I'm trying to validate whenever,I'm opening up these product pages and,the first is making sure that they're,getting legitimate traffic and that is,actually legitimate competitor and,secondly making sure that they are using,a Shopify store we never want to be,Reinventing the wheel we want to allow,whatever's working in the market to work,for us which is a direct reflection of,everything that's going into our product,page and to validate step number one,which is are they actually getting,legitimate traffic or not is with using,one of my favorite free Google Chrome,extensions called similar web so you'll,literally come over here to Google type,in similar web you'll come to this right,here you'll go ahead and click on get,started and then download this Google,Chrome extension and then when you pull,it up it looks something like this it,shows you the traffic of the store it,shows you where they're advertising and,their traffic sources so they even know,if this this legitimate competitor that,we should be basing ourselves off of we,need to know if they're even getting,traffic at all so if I click on similar,web on these websites and it says,something like this we currently lack,sufficient data then I know that this is,not a legitimate competitor so I just,start going down the line and I see okay,which ones are getting traffic and which,ones are not okay this one's getting,traffic all right this one's getting,traffic this one's not so I'll exit this,one this one is so I'll keep that this,one's not so I'll get rid of that and,now the second thing that we need to be,figuring out is okay are they even a,Shopify store because we want to be,basing ourselves off of our exact,competition and to figure that out we,can also do it for absolutely free by,downloading another one of my favorite,Google Chrome extensions called Commerce,inspector so you'll come over here to,Google you'll type in Commerce inspector,you'll click on that one right there and,then just install the free Google Chrome,extension and to know if it's an actual,Shopify store or not you'll see that,this little magnifying glass is going to,highlight and once it highlights you can,go ahead and click on it and you can see,right away that this is a Drop Shipping,Store work I can see when they added,these products I could see their best,selling products and I can even see the,newest products that they're adding to,their store so now I just found out that,they're getting legitimate traffic and,these people are Shopify stores and to,take it one step even further I'll open,up another tab head over to Amazon and,search for my exact product type in anti,theft backpack click on the variant that,we're selling and then from there I'll,find someone who's selling the product,filter down by one star reviews so I can,see what troubles people are actually,having with this product and that means,as simple as this scroll all the way,down to the bottom and only filter by,the one star reviews so with examples of,other Sellers and feedback from our,customers are actually saying about the,product and reviews you're now able to,have the right information that help you,build a strong and persuading product,page selling your product while limiting,the customer's concerns and now you can,use the non-copyrighted images and gifts,that your senior competitors using on,their website but it's best to mix and,match from multiple websites as you,never want to just copy someone's entire,higher product page you're here to make,your product page better by pointing out,different features and benefits and to,create a stronger cell surrounding your,product but you can utilize some of,their best images and gifs to help you,do that let's go ahead and get into how,to build your product description out,because this plays a major role in how,long customers will stay on your product,page and the longer they stay the more,likely they are to buy so whenever,you're building your product page you do,not I repeat do not want to have a ton,of text or just images while trying to,portray why customers should buy your,product you need to have breaks with a,customer's eyes with images and gifts so,how you should be setting up is by,having the header ask a problem that,people may be having that your product,has the potential to solve and then,heading down into the features and,benefits surrounding the product so I'm,going to put a benefit as the header a,short description going further into the,description and then an image or gift,that corresponds to the feature that I,just listed and how I'm going to do that,is first literally just deleting all of,this that is already in here and I like,to start off from scratch I'll come over,here to heading one something like this,protect yourself and your belongings,everywhere you go this is probably one,of the main reasons that somebody would,buy this product in the first place and,then after highlighting this main,problem now I'm going to go ahead and,introduce the solution and as you can,see that's exactly what I did right here,so I went from protecting yourself and,your belongings everywhere you go aren't,that backpacks and bags are becoming a,vital piece of gear for everyone who,carries their gear to school work around,town or when they travel hitting all,different types of audiences of people,this must have wearable backpack is,designed to keep your gear safe and you,looking stylish which is again the main,problem that people are going to have,now with the immediate solution then,after this I'm just going to go ahead,and add an interactive GIF or image,that's highlighting what I'm saying and,how I do that is as simple as this so,I'll just come over here to insert image,upload file and then go ahead and select,on the first image that I chose and now,you see I have the problem the solution,and the image that's highlighting all,that together and then I'll continue,that same same type of format for about,four to five more features and benefits,and then we'll have our product page,built so let me go ahead and do that,real quick,and then when you're finished it should,look something just like this so you see,how it's the main feature the main,benefit image main feature main benefit,image all the way down and then whenever,you're done you just go ahead and click,on Save now that you have all this saved,you can actually preview it by clicking,on this preview button right here and,this gives you a rundown of what your,product page basically looks like out,the gate now one thing I definitely,advise doing is having a compare price,on your potty page so you see how this,just says 94.99 we want to make sure,that they're actually getting a good,sale when they're buying the product and,what I like doing is at least a 50 off,deal so I'll take this 94.99,and I'll multiply it by two and that's,going to be,189.98 so once I'm back on the Shopify,page I'm just going to go ahead and,highlight this variant and then open,bulk editor and that's where I'm going,to go ahead and put that compare price,of,189.98 and then go ahead and click on,Save and now you can see you have your,selling price and your compare price,right here now there are going to be,some apps that you're going to want to,make sure that you have on your store,that can help you increase your average,order value which means more money back,in your pocket and also some apps that,will make your customers purchase from,you I broke all those apps down and how,to set them up in this video right here,so make sure you go and check that out,after you finish watching this video so,now you have your product page set up,which is where you will be directing,traffic to from your ads and although,it's very important it's not going to do,anything for you if the rest of your,store is completely empty this means,it's time for you to set up your actual,storefront and home page so if customers,actually decide to browse around on your,site they don't run into blank pages or,links that don't work which can be,detrimental to whether you're getting,sales or not so as of right now if we do,click on the homepage of our store you,can see right now this is completely,empty so with that being said we need to,choose a theme and start building a,theme is what allows you to control the,layout of your store and how it looks,and Shopify provides multiple free,options that you can choose from and if,you want to see those options all you,have to do is come over here to online,store come down here to theme Library go,to explore free themes and you can see,all the ones that Shopify offers right,away now although there are paid or,coded themes that you could use I think,the free option is the best to use as a,beginner as it won't slow the speed of,your store down,and their very beginner friendly so,let's take this refresh theme as an,example we'll go ahead and click on that,and then add to theme library and then,once that's happening it will say right,here installing theme and then you want,to go ahead and publish that to your,store so you'll come over here to,actions and then go ahead and click on,publish and then click on publish again,and now you'll see that refresh theme is,the actual theme published to your store,we'll go ahead and scroll over here to,customize right next to the theme and it,will take us into the home page of our,store that we're able to customize it,exactly how we want when building your,Store homepage you always want to make,sure that it's as open and inviting as,possible and possibly aiming towards,whatever holiday or season is currently,happening like right now since it's the,winter time maybe I could have people,outside playing in the snow or hanging,around their family since that's what,people are doing in the family time and,making my store completely around that,and I typically put this in my home,image with the colors of my store,matching whatever season is currently,happening now like I said you want to,keep these images general and this is,going to be a key thing that you do,especially when starting your Drop,Shipping Store or as you always should,start off with a general store a general,store is a store that allows you to sell,different products that may fall under,different niches all under one specific,store and I always suggest starting off,with a general store because this is,what's going to allow you to test out,different products without having to,change everything on your store every,time just one of these things don't work,out for you this then saves you time and,money that you would be spending opening,and building new Shopify stores every,time you just want to test out a,different product this is exactly why,you want to keep your homepage as open,and generic as possible more so,pertaining to the season or holiday that,is happening as opposed to putting a,product on display that might not be the,same product that you're selling next,month and one of my favorite ways of,finding these images that I know are,non-copyrighted is using one of my,favorite free websites called pixels so,just come over here and type in pixel,and it's going to be this one right here,so because it's the winter time I want,to keep it generic I'll probably just,type in Winter family and I mean this is,a pretty good image right here and I can,just go ahead and click on download and,now I can come back to my store and add,that image right away and I'm gonna go,ahead and upload that real quick,and this is what it looks like when you,upload your first image I'm gonna go,ahead and upload the rest of this,product description,and just like that in less than five,minutes we have our home page set up and,ready to go and you can see I have,winter cell at the top around the season,that's happening I have my background,non-copyrighted image all the way down,to my mission statement some collections,my main feature product even a email,collector but at this point you're,missing one thing which is your logo,since we have a general store with a,general store name you got that right,we're going to make our logo kind of,general and there's no reason to spend,hundreds of dollars on getting a logo,made when you can head over to canva and,make one in less than five minutes with,the templates that we have waiting for,you so just come over here type in, and then you want to come over,here to the search bar and type in logo,and you're gonna see all the different,logos that you can work with I like to,just choose a logo that sticks out to me,and then just throw my brand name in,there and then choose the colors that I,want my store to be I always suggest,that when you're building your logo you,just choose white black and one accent,color so it's not too busy and,distracting from your store you want a,nice clean and professional feel and,that's exactly what that's going to do,for you so I could choose this one right,here for example I can go ahead and,build this logo out real quickly,and I mean it's literally this easy once,I'm done with that I'm gonna come over,here to share and then I'm going to go,ahead and download it and you do want to,download it with the transparent,background so you're able to throw it,directly onto your store let's head back,over to Shopify so I can show you,exactly what your next steps are so now,that we're back on Shopify we're going,to come over here to our header and,you'll see it says default logo this is,where you want to go ahead and change,you want to go ahead and select an image,upload and then this is where your logo,is going to be imported and that's it,it's as simple as that and you just want,to go ahead and click on Save now that,we have the logo in let's go ahead and,check it out by viewing the store and if,you want to view the store you just go,ahead and click on these three dots and,click on view hey and look at what we,got going on man look at what we got,going on not looking too shabby,especially for only a couple minutes now,that you have your home page and your,product page set up it's time for you to,get into running your ads but in order,for you to do that you need to make sure,that you have a Facebook business,manager and ads manager created so,you're able to connect it to your,Shopify account your Facebook business,manager and as manager is what's going,to allow you to set up your first,campaign and start selling your product,so you have to make sure that you have,these open and to do this you just come,over to Google and type in business,Facebook and this is one of the first,screens that you're going to see so you,just go ahead and create a meta business,account by just typing in your business,account name and this should just be,basically what your store name is called,enter your information and then go ahead,and click on create once you have all,that connected you're going to want to,head back over to Shopify where you'll,now be connecting your Shopify account,to the business manager and as manager,that you just created you have to,connect these two things to your Shopify,account in order to run your ads and,have data transferred over to your,Shopify account so make sure that you do,that but in order to get it connected,you're gonna head back over here to,Shopify like I mentioned you're gonna,come over here to online store come over,here to preferences and then you'll go,ahead and click on start setup and then,right here you're just going to connect,the same Facebook account that you just,registered your business manager with so,you just go over here to connect account,then you're going to go ahead and click,on the business manager that you just,created and click connect check out,method you want to ignore all this and,just go to your Shopify online store and,click save with the data sharing part,you're going to have it automatically,selected on enhanced but you want to go,ahead and click on maximum and then go,ahead and click on Save then you just,want to go ahead and connect with the,same pixel that you just registered with,your business manager terms of,conditions click agree and then submit,for review and then once you get through,that entire checklist of connecting your,Shopify account to your Facebook,business and ads manager you're now,ready to officially start running your,ads and I've broken down how to set up,test and run your very first,advertisements in this beginner friendly,video right here so make sure you go and,check it out so that you learn the,strategies that you need to be using to,start making sales consistently online,now this video is as Bare Bones as it,gets when it comes to setting up your,Drop Shipping Store so that you can be,prepared to start running your ads and,making those sales that you deserve all,the steps that we just covered are very,important and Aid in the success that,you're going to have with your online,store so make sure sure that you,re-watch re-watch re-watch and continue,to keep taking notes you now officially,know how to get started with Drop,Shipping in 2023 so I hope you take,advantage of it and take off but before,I leave you all to it you know I cannot,forget to announce the free one-on-one,Consulting call winner from last week's,video and the free Consulting call,winner from last week is Nathan Murray,Nathan congratulations on winning reach,out to me on my Instagram at AC,underscore Hampton we can hop on a,one-on-one call look over your ads look,over your products and help you out with,any questions that you may be having and,if you want the opportunity winning next,week do not forget all you have to do is,smash that like button down below and in,the comment section comment the word,Dropship with your biggest takeaway from,this video and if you want those 10,winning training products I'm gonna give,out to you for absolutely free to take,advantage of all 2023 smash that like,button below and get this video to 1500,likes I'll see you all next week for,another Banger this is AC with Supreme,Ecom and I'm out man,they just type fast

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