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Hamilton Bus Ads Case in this country in this day and age we,can talk about women's rights and and,r


Updated on Jan 07,2023

Hamilton Bus Ads Case

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Hamilton Bus Ads Case

in this country in this day and age we,can talk about women's rights and and,run an ad in public about that uh turns,out we're wrong,arpa canada along with the hamilton area,arpa chapter is launching legal action,against the city of hamilton we want to,explain what's happening why it matters,and what you can do about it john who is,with the hamilton arpa chapter explains,we,applied to city of hamilton to run bus,ads and the ad that we chose says we're,for women's rights,and then just has women of different,ages it says hers hers and hers that was,in february that we submitted that and,we didn't hear back in february or in,april and we didn't in fact hear back,till very end of may that they would not,be running our ad now of course we were,disappointed that the city rejected our,ads,but more concerning than just the,rejection was their reasons you see they,said our ads were inaccurate because we,referred to a pre-born child as a she,because we referred to a pre-born child,as a person,that's what really concerned us and why,we went forward with this legal,challenge,they objected to,the,truth that an unborn baby is a person,in other words they said you may not,share your viewpoint on the value and,worth of that human life that's in the,womb i mean you can put all sorts of,stuff on a bus ad but they are saying,that this debate is closed we are,picking a side in this debate,and that's not their role in allowing,bus,advertisements after the rejection of,the ad the hamilton area arpa chapter,began to discuss with arpa canada as,well as outside legal counsel john sigma,with the acacia group to figure out if,there was merit to bringing forward this,case in september we finally got a,second response to our request to,reconsider and they said the same thing,again,but there was a part of us,deep down inside,that knew,that this can't stand,because,we are,giving a voice to those who have no,voice and we were being told,you don't have a voice either,uh with reasoning that had no backing in,in logic or in the law the law doesn't,say that you have to have such and such,an opinion and that you're not allowed,to share it in public,starting a legal challenge is a major,endeavor there's no assurance of success,it comes with financial ramifications,and it can be quite intimidating,especially for those who are just,volunteering their extra time like the,people at the hamilton area arpa chapter,are doing that's why we're so grateful,for the perspective and the courage that,they are showing,god doesn't call us to know the impact,and god doesn't call us to change the,whole world in one day he calls us to,take the opportunities that he gives us,mordecai,says to esther,god will bring deliverance for his,people,in another way,but who knows whether or not he brought,you into the kingdom for such a time as,this,in other words this is the opportunity,that he's giving you you need to trust,him and take that opportunity and trust,that,he will use that for his kingdom,we filed our notice of application in,this case in october and we filed our,affidavits that's the evidence in,november now this is going to be a long,drawn out process we're not expecting a,hearing until next summer,so in the meantime what can you do well,the first thing we would ask you to do,is to pray we pray for the outcome of,the case pray for the lawyers involved,pray for the judge and also just pray,for everybody who is going to be hearing,the pro-life message going to be hearing,about the humanity and personhood of the,pre-born child,let's use this case as an opportunity to,witness to all those people secondly i'd,ask that you prayerfully consider giving,financially to the hamilton arpa chapter,this case is going to cost money and it,and they will need to raise funds in,order to cover it banning a narrative,shutting down someone's viewpoint is,something that we all disagree on so we,can all talk about this,and it's something we all need to fight,back on

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