how much do ads cost during super bowl

How much do Super Bowl ads cost now? 7 11 right now and of course we're,getting ready for the big ga


Updated on Jan 06,2023

How much do Super Bowl ads cost now?

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How much do Super Bowl ads cost now?

7 11 right now and of course we're,getting ready for the big game this,weekend and one of the things people are,most excited for are the commercials we,have rich herbeck here with agency 15 a,local marketing advertisement company to,give us some interesting information,about these commercials so first of all,how much are people paying how has it,increased over the years and then let's,tie in celebrities too a lot of these,commercials will feature celebrities,absolutely you know this is actually the,most expensive year ever for a,commercial spot it costs you over six,million dollars for 30 seconds of,commercial real estate my goodness and i,think that brings you to why you're,seeing so many celebrities you're,wondering why are they rolling out this,c-lister from storage for this spot yeah,and the fact is your spot has to live,beyond those 30 seconds you got to be on,those must-see lists you got to garner,the buzz you got to be mentioned on a,morning show like this and to do that,the celebrities are kind of a super,power that put you at the front of,everybody's radar that's so interesting,i didn't really think of that um fun,fact too the price of placing an ad,during the first super bowl in 1967 was,only,thousand five hundred dollars so that,kind of puts it now it's over six,million it's crazy it's like that number,you wonder it's like oh my goodness like,a brand pays this much money for a quick,spot the good news though is i like to,see these commercials played throughout,the year you tend to see that right they,want to turn them into campaigns usually,the spot is kind of the centerpiece of,an integrated campaign that you're going,to see on social and in print and,everywhere else that you'll you'll,interact with a brand,online sports gambling is new in new,york this year i feel like we can't get,away from those ads are we going to see,a lot of those during the big game on,sunday you know if there's a prop bet,for what product you're going to see,advertise the most i would put money on,sports gambling in new york state ever,since it's been legalized you can't get,away from it and i think the big game,and sports gambling go hand in hand um,you know i think this is the way the,state is,covering up and paying for a lot of the,money that we all lost during the,pandemic,let's uh let's legalize gambling and,then,vice will,see us through so yeah absolutely you're,going to see a lot of that and you have,a production background what can you,tell us about planning and production,for a big game ad sure i mean when,you're spending that much just for the,the space on air you want to really blow,out the production and that can take,months of planning and hundreds of,people so i would honestly say that,you're,doubling to tripling the cost in,production costs,from what you are just a place that you,had to begin with a lot of times when,you see some of these big ads you'll see,one with eugene levy,flying through,the air in a burning car and it's like,yeah that cost that that ad might have,cost you know tens of millions of,dollars for the production wow oh my,goodness,it's incredible i wanted to mention some,of the video we were playing are some of,these leaked ads that we've seen over,the past couple of weeks um last,question here,you know you mentioned online sports,betting are there any overall themes,elsewhere we could find in these ads,that are playing on sunday sure i think,one thing i'm personally looking forward,to is,enjoying the game in a more communal,experience,which we haven't been able to do as much,the last few years and even just,watching the ads with other people it's,like a mini movie you know there might,be a spot i'm like that wasn't funny and,then my 12 year old nephew was cracking,up or my dad is crying at a budweiser,commercial and,uh i think you're going to see that,theme in the ads too of of coming back,together um hopefully the next time it's,actually true yeah and uh yeah traveling,and and family and,being out into the into the world and i,think that'll be a big theme that you'll,see i know expedia has a big ad this,year absolutely traveling was one,example there fantastic well coming up,in the next hour we're going to play a,clip from one of these leaked,commercials and tell you what specific,ads you won't be seeing on sunday so,we're looking forward to that rich thank,you so much for joining us that was fun,thank you it was fun,it would be even more fun at 8 10. i,know stay with us we'll be back

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