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I Tried Shopify Dropshipping With NO MONEY For 1 Weekso in this video i'm gonna start a brand,new sh

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Updated on Jan 24,2023

I Tried Shopify Dropshipping With NO MONEY For 1 Week

so in this video i'm gonna start a brand,new shopify drop shipping business and,attempt to take it from zero dollars to,over one thousand dollars in just one,week and i'm not going to be using any,money for this challenge and i know a,lot of people think you can't start a,drop shipping business without any money,but we're gonna prove them wrong in this,video and i'll be starting the drop,shipping business completely from,scratch and walk you through the entire,step-by-step process and at the end of,the video i'll show you exactly how much,money the business makes honestly i'm,hoping it's gonna make over a thousand,dollars but we're just gonna have to,wait and see,so i have a lot of stuff that i have to,get done today and the very first thing,i want to do is just find a good product,to sell and then after that i'm just,going to find a good supplier then i'm,just going to create my online store,with shopify and then after that i'm,going to start creating advertisements,and for this challenge i'm basically,going to be using pinterest instagram,and tick tock and just basically post,viral videos on there for free and yes,this method does work well since i do,use it on my current drop shipping,businesses that make over six figures,okay so the first thing i want to start,by doing is trying to find a good,product to sell and honestly as long as,i can create viral videos with the,product and it has high demand it's,something i can work with and honestly i,find about 99 of my viral products on,tick tock so i'm going to kind of show,you my strategy and how you can do this,yourself so kind of what i do on tick,tock is just search up tick tock made me,buy it then i'll just click on that,little hamburger icon in the top right,corner then i'll just change the date,posted to this month and now it's going,to show you a bunch of relevant winning,products that are selling right now and,some other hashtags you can do this with,is amazon fines drop shippers exposed,and tick tock viral products but anyways,i'm going to take the next 20 minutes to,try to find some good products to sell,and once i do find something i'll come,back and update you okay so honestly i,found a ton of really good products but,there is one that stood out to me the,most which is the cordless hair curler,and for anyone who doesn't know the,cordless hair curler is really,convenient for females since you can,kind of touch up your hair anywhere you,go and there's so many stores on tiktok,selling this product so if they're doing,well i'm sure i can also do the same all,right so the next thing i want to do is,find a supplier that i can get the,product from and so for this video i,think i'm going to use spocket so i,found the cordless hair curler on spock,it for 28 dollars and 30 cents which is,really good and the shipping times are,only seven to 14 business days which is,also ideal and i think i'm gonna sell,the product on my store for 59.99 now,i've actually seen a lot of stores sign,this product for over a hundred dollars,but because i do want to sell a lot of,product in a short period of time and i,don't want it to be too expensive i,think 59.99 is a good number to stick,with and if my customers do see that,other stores are selling it for over a,hundred dollars and i'm only selling it,for a fraction of that cost i'm sure,they'd rather buy it from my store now i,do want to add one other product to my,store and i'm thinking just to make it,an upsell so anyways i found this heat,protectant spray and i think it goes,really well with the cordless hair,curler and i'm thinking to sell it on my,store for 19.99 and it's only going to,cost me eight dollars and 27 cents which,is pretty good and if you do need a,supplier for your drop shipping store,i'll leave a link for spock it in the,description of this video but anyways,now i got the product which i'm happy,about and so the next step now is to,actually start building my shopify store,and i do want my store to look like an,actual brand and so it is going to take,me a little bit of time to build it so,anyways i'm going to start working on,the store right now and then i'll update,you tomorrow once i'm done all right so,it's the second day now and i finally,finished the store and i made it look,very simple and clean and i'm going to,show you the page that the customers get,redirected to so anyways i have,different color options here and i also,did add a sales timer to create sense of,urgency i also included a ton of high,quality photos which is really important,and i also added this to build more,trust with the customers and if you,scroll down here you can see i put,what's included in the package then i,talk about the benefits of buying the,cordless hair curler then i added some,frequently asked questions and then i,also do have a 30 day money back,guarantee a lot of customers won't buy,your product if you don't have this so,make sure you do and if you scroll down,here you can see that i did include how,the cordless hair curler works so this,just makes it look really easy and,straightforward and all the way at the,bottom of the page i did include some,customer reviews now i obviously did,import these reviews to my store but,usually i do have real customer reviews,but that's pretty much it for the store,and i think it looks pretty good but,anyways now that i'm done with my store,the next important thing i have to do is,add a shopify app called after sell to,my store and the reason i'm going to use,after sell is because it can increase my,revenue anywhere from 10 to 15 which is,exactly what i want and afterstock is,for post purchase upsells and if you,don't know what that is it's basically,when you offer a customer a product to,purchase after they've already purchased,something from your store for example,after someone purchases the cordless,hair curler from my store i can then,offer them another product to purchase,so in my case i could upsell the heat,protectant spray since it works well,with the cordless hair curler and post,purchase upsells work so well because if,a customer just purchased something from,your store they're more likely to,purchase another item since you already,built that initial trust and you can,even give them a really good discount on,the upsell offer which will then make,them want to buy it even more now one,thing you never want to do with upsells,is actually offer them to the customer,before they've made a purchase this will,just end up confusing them and they,might not end up buying the product at,all but the good thing about after sell,is that the upsell offer only comes,after a customer makes a purchase which,is exactly what we want but anyways i'm,actually going to create an upsell offer,using after sale for my store right now,and kind of walk you through the process,step by step okay so the very first,thing you want to do is go to the,shopify app store and just search for,after cell and it should come up so it's,going to look like this after sell post,purchase upsell so let's add the app,okay so once you're in after sale the,first thing you want to do is click here,on enable settings then it's going to,bring you to the shopify page so just,make sure you click on after cell then,just click on save okay back here let's,just refresh the page okay now the first,thing we want to do is actually just set,up our first funnel click here on create,and i'm just going to name this funnel,heat protectant so here i want to click,show this funnel to all customers since,i only do have one upsell product okay,now i'm going to choose the upsell,product and basically what i'm going to,be upselling is this heat protectant,spray now the cool thing here is if the,customer actually does end up purchasing,this product you can offer them another,upsell and if they decline this product,then you can offer them a downsell now,since i don't have any other products,i'm just going to keep it like this but,you can add products in here now next,thing i want to do is click here on edit,offer so you can actually customize this,page if you want and that's what i'm,going to do so i'm going to click here,on add widget add text and image okay so,what i did here is just add a picture of,the product and then i kind of explained,what it does and so the main purpose of,this obviously is to protect your hair,from heat damage okay so anyways what,i'm gonna do now here is click save i'm,gonna go back so that's it for this page,now i'm going to click next okay so now,on the thank you page we can actually,customize this and this is kind of what,the customer sees at the very end so i'm,going to click here on edit page i'm,going to click here on the right area,and you can kind of add whatever you,want so you can add like a video images,frequently asked questions and reviews,so something like this can go a long way,and obviously you do want to use actual,customer reviews but i am just showing,you this as an example so click save,back so we're pretty much done now so,i'm going to click here on finish then,just turn on the funnel and so now,customers are going to be able to see,this upsell offer and so we're pretty,much done and after sell is completely,free if you have up to 50 orders per,month so definitely check it out i use,post purchase upsells for all of my drop,shipping stores and it is 100 worth it,and if you did want to add after sale to,your store i have a link for it in the,description of this video okay so it's,the next day now and since i'm done with,the store the next thing i want to focus,on is advertising now this obviously is,going to be the hardest part since i,don't have any money to work with but i,do have a solution for that so pretty,much any video you post on tick tock,instagram or pinterest can go viral and,so my plan is to just try to make viral,videos on these platforms and usually,what i end up doing is actually ordering,the product to my house and making my,own videos or i sometimes hire someone,from upwork and they make videos for me,but in this case since i actually don't,have much time what i'm going to do is,just go on tick tock and try to find,videos of people using the cordless hair,curler and then i'm just going to end up,reposting those videos on my social,media accounts and of course i am going,to give the owner of the video credit,now do i recommend you do this for your,drop shipping businesses honestly if,you're trying to build a real long-term,sustainable brand you may want to avoid,this or at least try to make your own,videos but if you are just testing,things out in the beginning i think this,is totally fine but anyways what i'm,going to do now is just scroll through,tick tock and try to find a bunch of,different videos and i'll update you,once i find some alright so i found a,bunch of really good videos to use and i,also did set up all my social media,pages i also did put the store link in,my social media bios but the only thing,that sucks with tic toc is you actually,can't put a link in your bio until you,have 1 000 followers so basically i have,to redirect all my tick ticktock,customers to instagram this definitely,will have a negative effect on my sales,but there really is nothing i can do and,my goal currently is to post at least,one to two videos every single day on,each social media platform and i do hope,that at least one video goes viral,because that's all i really need to make,over a thousand dollars so honestly i,just have to wait and see what's gonna,happen i really have no idea i'm either,gonna make a lot of money or i'm not but,i guess that's pretty much it for now so,what i'm gonna do is work on the,business every single day and i'll come,back and update you once this challenge,is done and then we'll see how much,money the business ends up making,okay so it's officially been over a week,since i've started the drop shipping,business and i'm honestly very happy,with the results so the first thing i,want to show you is how the social media,content performed so on tick tock i'd,say the videos performed the best i,ended up posting about 26 videos and i,gained over 100 followers and this video,specifically did really well and,honestly you'd assume that with all,these views i'd probably make at least a,thousand dollars but i'll show you after,now something to know with tick tock is,that it can be very easy to grow a,following and also get very high,engagement if you just post consistently,and high quality content i start brand,new businesses all the time with tiktok,and i'm able to scale them very quickly,so my biggest tips with tiktok is always,use a brand new account and always use,relevant hashtags on your videos and,make sure you're following trends and,using trending music in all your videos,and honestly just look at what other,small businesses are doing on tick tock,and just replicate it for yourself and,all it really takes is one viral video,on your tick tock to blow up your entire,account so be patient and stay,consistent even if you're not getting a,lot of views in the beginning just keep,going with it and i promise it'll be,worth it and for reference i'm gonna,leave my tick tock account up so you can,use it as an example now let's take a,look at my instagram account and,honestly it didn't do too well but the,first two videos did get a decent amount,of views and for the other videos i,posted on my account they honestly,didn't do well at all and that's just,because with instagram you need to be,consistent for at least a month to start,seeing results now moving on let's take,a look at my pinterest account and,honestly i pretty much got no engagement,and the reason for this is because with,pinterest you usually need to post at,least one month consistently if you want,to see results but anyways now onto the,exciting part which is how much money,did my drop shipping business make so my,drop shipping business ended up making,839.82,and these results are honestly really,good for the first couple of days,usually in the first week you don't,expect to make much money since you're,just testing out different things we,also got a pretty decent amount of,visitors every single day and just by,using the shopify app after sale i was,able to make an extra 119 so you,definitely should be using after sell on,your store it's a really easy way to,boost your revenue and i'll have a link,for after cell in the description of,this video and if you want to learn,exactly how i'm able to build multiple,successful drop shipping businesses just,like this one i do have a drop shipping,course that you can join so if you're,interested in joining the course i'll,leave a link for it in the description,of this video but anyways moving on now,i do want to go over all the expenses,and share the profit so i was completely,free to use shopify since i do have a,free trial the shopify and paypal fees,were around 30 and the product cost was,around 407.22,so the total profit is 432 dollars and,60 cents and that's actually really good,it's over 50 profit margin and what i,really want you to learn from this video,is that you should be taking advantage,of the three social media platforms that,allow you to advertise your products for,free this is exactly what i've been,doing for over a year and it's worked,out really well but anyways that's all,for this video i hope it helped you out,and i'll see you in the next one

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How To Build A Shopify Store Step By Step For Beginners | $16000/month | Make money Online

How To Build A Shopify Store Step By Step For Beginners | $16000/month | Make money Online

how to build a Shopify store from,scratch and launch in one day step by,step with no prior experience required,what is Shopify Shopify is a complete,Commerce platform that lets you start,grow and manage a business without,having to use a single line of code,Shopify is completely cloud-based and,hosted you don't have to worry about,upgrading or maintaining software or web,servers this gives you the flexibility,to create and customize an online store,and run your business from anywhere with,an internet connection step one sign up,for Shopify the first stage of setting,up your Shopify store is also the,easiest all you need to do is sign up,for an account navigate to the Shopify,website and click on the get started,button fill in your desired email,address password and store name remember,you're going to need to choose a unique,name for your store otherwise Shopify,won't allow you to purchase the domain,after you click next tell Shopify about,yourself by specifying how much you plan,to sell and if you're already selling,click on the enter my store button when,complete it will then ask if you'd like,to make a brick and mortar store or an,online shop for this tutorial we're only,going to make an online shop so select,that option and click next the following,page asks you to fill in personal,information such as your name address,and phone number all of which is used to,configure currencies and tax rates step,2. add a product to your Shopify store,once you're properly signed up with,Shopify the software will take you,directly to the admin screen for your,new website here is where you'll be able,to start customizing your store and,uploading products for your customers to,browse through when going to your,Shopify back-end it outlines a nice,step-by-step process on how to,completely set up your shop the first,button asks you to add a product so you,should click on that first the add,products page is similar to something,you would see on WordPress you can fill,in details like a title description,price and vendor feel free to complete,however much of the product page you,like just make sure you save the product,at the end remember the image is,connected to your product can make or,break your chances of a sale so it makes,sense to choose images that will appeal,to your target audience don't make the,mistake of overlooking the importance of,your website visuals another thing to,keep in mind is that you can set up,collections or groups of products,according to your individual needs too,for instance if you are a clothing,website you'd be able to set up a page,that was specifically for men's clothing,or specifically for shoes and,accessories with Shopify you can arrange,for the same products to show up in a,number of different collections making,it easier than ever for your customers,to find the items that they need when,you do add a collection to your store,you'll be able to select how products,should be added to it for instance you,can have products that meet with a,certain criteria automatically added to,your store step 3 customize the look of,your Shopify website go back to the main,dashboard and select the customize the,look of your site button this area asks,you to customize anything from logos to,Colors this takes a bit of tinkering but,the main part you want to focus on is,the link that asks you to visit the,theme store here you can browse through,hundreds of themes in Shopify to make,your site look awesome while free themes,are great premium themes can be very,appealing too premium themes will come,with extra modifications so if you want,to dive down into the very smallest,details of how your website looks then,it might be a good idea to pay a little,extra for a professional theme you'll,also find that you can make a lot of,adjustments to how your site looks and,performs if you access the CSS and HTML,aspects of the theme if you don't have a,coding expert in-house you can always,check out the Shopify experts page for,some extra help there are plenty of,Shopify experts that specialize in,product descriptions Shopify themes,email marketing and lots more you can,tap into the Shopify experts Community,for almost anything some of the things,you'll be able to change about your,Shopify theme fonts color schemes items,that appear on the page related item,functionality homepage Carousel slides,logos step 4. set up your domain with,Shopify after you choose your template,and design your website to your liking,it's time to select a domain to make,your site official and make it live go,back to the dashboard and click on the,spot that asks to add a domain this asks,you whether you want to transfer a,domain or register a new one choose the,domain you like and walk through the,steps to make the purchase you'll also,need to specify which Shopify payment,plan you'd like to go with remember you,can either purchase a domain from,Shopify and have it added directly to,your store or you can buy your domain,name elsewhere and add it into Shopify,it's totally up to you you will need to,update your DNS records if you're,uploading an existing name however upon,activation you can then go to that,particular domain and see your website,while you're in the main area of your,Shopify website make sure that the,following information is complete,General keep all of your information,filled in this settings area including,your billing information and legal,details taxes ensure that you've got the,box next to charge taxes in the variants,section of your website clicked to help,with your accounting shipping you'll,need to click on the required shipping,option next to products so you know,which products need an extra price,adding for Postage and Packaging,remember to select either a weight-based,shipping specification or choose,something that helps you to sell as many,products as possible if you're planning,on selling physical products from your,online store Shopify allows you to,automatically calculate the rates that,could be right for you and your,customers using reliable sources like,DHL and UPS you'll be able to process,online orders rapidly and print valuable,shipping labels without worrying about,issues like dealing with additional,plugins Shopify is pre-existing,arrangements with some of the world's,largest shipping carriers to help,customers reduce the cost of serving,their customers as much as possible to,find them you just need to go into your,settings page page and click on the,shipping option you can also test your,order system before you jump into,selling online by going to the admin,section of Shopify clicking on settings,and going to your payment settings from,the payments area deactivate it before,you continue then select a credit card,gateway to test you can click bogus,Gateway for testing and then place an,order just as if you're a normal,customer step 5 activate your payment,processor click on the tab to the left,of the dashboard called payments this,area allows you to select from dozens of,payment processors such as stripe and, Shopify also has its own,payment processor which is super easy to,implement simply walk through the steps,to activate your payment processor this,allows you to accept payments and put,those payments in an account payment,gateways are some of the most important,things you'll need to consider when,you're building the ultimate Shopify,store remember the Gateway that's right,for you will depend on a lot of,different things including the trans,action fees most payment gateways will,charge you a small fee every time,someone purchases something on your,website make sure you go for the Gateway,that gives you the lowest possible price,card types it's important to select a,payment Gateway that accepts a wide,variety of card types and other payment,options including things like PayPal and,stripe off-site checkout some payment,gateways will take the payment process,away from your website and into their,own server using a form this payment,Gateway strategy can be slightly more,secure but it's also a bit of a pain for,customers after all is said and done you,can click on the launch website button,to make the store live congratulations,you now have a fully functional Shopify,online store how do Shopify payments,work once your Shopify store is ready,and set up the next thing you'll need to,think about is how you're going to start,taking payments from your Shopify,customers Shopify offers the Shopify,payments option which is probably one of,the simplest ways to access and manage,your payments online read our our,Shopify payments review the payment,system means that you don't have to set,up a merchant account with another,provider like square or stripe what's,more Shopify payments integrates fully,with your online store so you can view,all your payouts as a Shopify admin,easily if you choose to use Shopify,payments for accepting customer cash,then you'll need to set up something,called a pay period basically this is,the amount of time between the day that,your customer places their order on your,store and the time that the order funds,are sent to your bank funds from orders,placed on Friday and the weekend are,usually grouped together and sent in a,single payment crucially just because,there's an option to set automatic,payout dates on your Shopify account,doesn't mean that you have to wait,forever to receive your money by default,the Shopify payments Gateway will give,you the money you've earned for a,specific day as soon as those funds are,processed and therefore available,however if you'd prefer to get paid,weekly or at another interval rate then,you can choose to do that too if you,select a reoccurring date for when you,hope to be paid then the payout will be,scheduled for that specific day to,schedule your payouts go to settings and,payment providers click on manage in,Shopify payments click on payout details,in the payout schedule click save,Shopify payments does come with access,to a few useful features such as payout,balances and fee tracking within the,admin section of your Shopify account,you can sync your payments with their,orders and therefore see how much you're,receiving from an individual order the,Shopify payment system also comes with,just one fee the card rate that you need,to provide to the card company for the,transaction there's no subscription,transaction fee a lot of third-party,payment processors do come with a,subscription fee that you need to pay,alongside the price of typical credit,card fees thank you for watching and,comment down below let us know your,thoughts and your perspectives we are,totally open to reading everyone's,thoughts and make sure you subscribe if,you haven't yet also click the,notification button so you don't miss,our latest videos we have a lot more,videos coming up

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