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How Trump's Facebook Ads Strategy Differs From Dem Candidatesyou normally focus more on Democratic,c

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Updated on Jan 21,2023

How Trump's Facebook Ads Strategy Differs From Dem Candidates

you normally focus more on Democratic,campaigns you guys actually help some,Democrats with their campaigns but here,you're focusing on a Republican,President Trump what did you find in,this research yeah I mean our actual,apparatus helps Democratic campaign but,when we research we want to research all,campaigns and understand what's going on,and what we found in looking at the,Facebook and Google ad archives is that,Trump's digital operation is just much,more sophisticated and much more,integrated than any Democrat other than,than Michael Bloomberg and his operation,has really just ramped up in the last,few months so we found that as you said,he's actually run 58 thousand more,variations of ads which is sort of a,proxy for how committed you are to a/b,testing message testing and hence your,sort of digital sophistication and he is,just steamrolling all Democrats other,than Bloomberg on that well I was just,gonna ask what is the real benefit of,being able to test all of these,different messages I mean I know how,Facebook's targeted ad business works,you you really can tailor a message to a,specific group is it just that or is,there something else that that's really,an advantage here by having that volume,of that yeah it's not just about,targeting it's actually about learning,and understanding what works and what,doesn't and being able to use that not,only in your ads but feed it into other,parts of your campaign and operation,whether that's events or mail or TV or,slogans or when your door-knocking and,that is actually one of the things that,he benefits from he we actually looked,at what candidates are asking for in,their ads Bernie and Pete are asking for,money,pretty much 60 percent of the time Trump,asked for money only about 25 percent of,the time the rest of the time he's,collecting information from voters and,who they are and what they like and he's,using it to take the conversation off of,Facebook off of Google and have a,different kind of conversation where he,knows a lot more about them maybe last,for money later on but he's really has,sophisticated voter data collection,operation going on and because his,digital is more sophisticated it makes,his whole campaign better Rebecca,want to bring you in here I mean it,feels like as the incumbent president,Trump sort of gets to play on a,different field than a lot of the,Democrats when it comes to his digital,campaign how do you think the fact that,he is now seeking re-election versus,kind of competing with a bunch of others,in a primary how does that change the,game for him well there at least a,couple of ways that this makes a,difference when you compare his campaign,to the Democrats I mean first of all,he's been building a digital campaign,and relationships with the various,platforms for digital advertising since,2015,so he simply has the long-term advantage,of having learned how this space,actually works the the Democratic,challengers are also in the middle of a,much bigger fight amongst themselves at,the moment right a battle to try and,figure out who's going to gain the,actual resources and so they have to,really be focused on fundraising much,more than the Trump campaign does and,that constitutes another major major,advantage for it for the Trump campaign,you know when I think about some of the,ads that President Trump has ran I can't,help but remember that ad attacking Joe,Biden a few months ago that some said,was factually inaccurate do you feel,that he's really pushing the envelope,here in terms of what is allowed on,these platforms is he doing that more,than others or is this just kind of the,state of play for politics these days I,think we're seeing that this is moving,much more towards the normal towards the,state of play but in many ways the Trump,campaign was first mover in this area,the Trump campaign has shown a,willingness fairly early on to push,boundaries to to break norms that were,that were built over decades in,traditional campaign practices on,television and radio and so on the,digital space really is relatively new,overall even though right we've been,talking about this,since 2008 certainly still candidates,are figuring out what works in this,space and they've based their,assumptions broadly on what they knew,from decades past but the Trump campaign,as early as 2015 showed its willingness,to push these boundaries to break norms,and so now we're starting to see other,candidates follow suit a real,willingness to push these boundaries as,well but but Trump has certainly been,first actor in this area yeah Jessica my,colleague Josh Brustein wrote about some,of this data yesterday or actually this,morning I should say and part of what,came out was that you know Mike,Bloomberg and president Trump are both,kind of advertising in the way that,often you would see from a big company,not necessarily a politician can you,talk us through a little bit about how,those two in particular are tailoring,their messages and how it might be,different from other candidates yeah I,think that you know I don't think it's a,coincidence that Bloomberg and Trump,both come from the commercial world and,they're the two doing it differently and,Rebecca's right about the less pressure,on Trump to fundraise than the,Democratic candidates but that's only,part of the explanation there is a,problem in the Democratic Party with,using digital for anything other than an,ATM and Trump and Bloomberg are sort of,unencumbered by the this is how we do it,in politics view point and so they've,actually taken on the way that the,tactics used in the commercial world,so nothing Trump nor Bloomberg is doing,are crazy or something that the,commercial world isn't using it's just,that it's being a skewed by most non,Trump non Bloomberg campaigns and the,other thing I would add is that there's,nothing happening down ballot that is,more sophisticated than the presidential,campaigns typically so 2020 is not just,a presidential year of course that is,incredibly important but on the line in,2020 as the Senate is redistricting,which,state legislators will decide and we,have to be able to ring the alarm bell,and say we've got to change something if,we want to win

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How Facebook Ads Made Trump The President

How Facebook Ads Made Trump The President

this is how powerful Facebook,advertising has become and how important,Facebook ads are I'm also going to show,you how Donald Trump used data Facebook,ads and clever marketing to become,President of the United States of,America if you want anyone to blame for,Donald Trump being the president and,this isn't a political video I'm not,gonna get into the morality or the,rights or wrongs of it I'm just gonna,explain that you should be blaming Mark,Zuckerberg and the data companies on,Facebook for Trump being elected instead,of Trump himself maybe a final builders,mic killing here from celje service if,you're a funnel builder you should,subscribe because I produce new videos,every single week to help funnel,builders like you attract more clients,increase your income and sell more,funnels I've got some free training in,the description below on how to build a,one hundred thousand dollar marketing,funnel with WordPress where I teach you,the themes plugins and automation that,you need to build and sell funnels using,WordPress so the big problem that,presidential campaign electives face and,this is true of everyone this is true in,the UK in France Germany Europe South,America Africa the rest of the world the,way we make decisions is changing every,few years,whoever wins either elections or votes,or sales if you're a business does so,because they adopt the latest,communication method it always staggers,me when I see businesses still using,radio advertising or print advertising,and local newspapers in order to get,their business out there when there are,far more effective methods there are,cheaper methods and if you follow the,plan that I'm going to show you that,Donald Trump and his marketing team and,Russia used I'm gonna show you how easy,it is to actually gain massive momentum,within a relatively small field there's,a huge misconception that people vote,with facts or logic and again this is,not a political video I'm just kind of,explaining the way that I saw the,election pan out it's also interesting,because we can compare it with something,else that kind of happened that year,which was the brexit vote so England or,the UK leaving Europe and a lot of it,was down to people think,King that people who make a vote are,gonna vote with logical facts or reason,and that's just not the case people vote,and people make all their decisions,based on emotion even when we're buying,things and when we think we're buying,something for a logical reason for,example we had to get a new boiler put,in just before Christmas people think,that oh if I give them facts and logical,information and model numbers and the,way that the gas pipes and stuff is,gonna work that's what's gonna convince,them to buy from me but in actual fact,what happens when people have to make,any decision is they typically go with,their gut and if anything the more facts,that people are overloaded with they,actually are less likely to make a,decision as called analysis paralysis,and Donald Trump knew this in fact let's,argue that Donald Trump and his,marketing team and the financial back in,the year from Russia knew this which is,why he became president Trump,essentially knew that no votes so people,refusing to vote were actually as good,as voting for him,the problem is that Hillary Clinton and,again this isn't political aside from,however you feel about the two parties,Hillary Clinton's campaign team and her,marketing team didn't adopt the same,database and Facebook advertising based,strategies that Donald Trump and his,team use they tried to use traditional,advertising and media methods to engage,with their audience when actually what,they should have been doing is following,Trump's lead and using a lot of his data,and marketing it's either because his,marketing team were better I would argue,that the reason Donald Trump had this as,disposal is because obviously he runs a,lot of businesses so he has a lot of,marketing teams working under him he,also worked with businesses like,Cambridge analytic ahooo knew that if,they were to get in front of the right,audience it's not enough to just show,one advert they can actually split that,ad between multiple different audiences,so let's go back to 1924 Calvin Coolidge,won his presidential debate over Davies,I think it was John Davis sorry,because Coolidge used radio they had a,presidential debate and before that we,can't even think of it like this but,before that presidential debates were,pretty much entirely put in print media,so in newspapers and flyers and letters,it was never ever ever,bought into people's homes and for the,first time in history the presidential,debates and the campaigns and the advert,could be beamed directly into people's,homes via the radio admittedly people,who owned radios it was a relatively,small proportion but it was the first,time in history that the presidential,election was now directly into your home,if we then look at the second example,John F Kennedy was good-looking he was,handsome he was good on TV,and that's what won him his election,regardless of whether he was the right,president for the job or not when they,had the presidential election in 1960,they had a TV debate JFK knew that if he,could get in front of the audiences and,have people see him and trust in him,again entirely emotional had nothing to,do with logic or facts or reason it made,him look better,Nixon was sweating he didn't understand,kind of the point of being on TV and he,kind of struggled to comprehend what it,looks like and how it translated he was,used to doing it on radio he was used to,doing on print so he carried like a,napkin around with him he was constantly,dabbing his forehead because of the,studio lights were so hot but it made,him look like he was sweating and which,he was of course but it made it look,like he was struggling and and thinking,of all the kind of ways that this debate,was going wrong it made him look bad,whereas JFK constantly smile just have,this great hair great cuts ooh and,looked like a TV star let's look at,another example even in the UK when,during Elizabeth the second coronation,Philip her husband he said that this,needs to be broadcast on TV because it,should be the people's coronation and,this was the first time in history that,a queen a monarch had been crowned in,public so to speak it was being beamed,directly into people's TVs and their,homes and we were connecting with it and,again regardless of your feelings about,the royal family they have adopted every,single method of new communication in,order to bring that to the people,because they know that the the PR and,the public relations that you can get,from being in people's TVs and in their,radios and in their podcasts is so vital,so that's another great example the last,example I want to give before diving,into Trump's version is Barack Obama,adopting social media to win his,presidential camp,again Joe Biden and for the millionth,time I am NOT making this a political,video Joe Biden focused really heavily a,lot of facts and logic and reason as did,Barack Obama but what Barack Obama did,is set up a Twitter account so now not,only would you have the presidential,information being beamed into your home,and where you live and work but also you,could now tweet a presidential candidate,you can actually reach out to them,outside of the usual communication,challenge which completely,revolutionized how people interact with,their presidential nominees and this is,what brings us on to Trump Trump yet use,social media the biggest of all Trump,news data,Trump had marketers like Cambridge,analytic obviously have a lot of,financial backing from Russia it's not,even as much as a conspiracy theory to,say that anymore,but Trump knew that you lie the vote for,him as Trump or Hillary he knew that,there wasn't much sway between them so,what he realized is that he could split,and I say he I wouldn't be surprised if,Donald Trump didn't ever look at any of,these adverts by the way there's over,4,000 different messages and adverts,just for Donald Trump and his page to do,with his presidency he's the biggest,spender on advert uh on advertising on,Facebook that's actually not true he's,the second biggest spender on Facebook,advertising behind Facebook Facebook is,Facebook's own biggest advertising,customer bizarrely but President Trump,is the second largest spender outside of,Facebook to spend money on Facebook ads,and what he realized is that whereas TV,station would show a TV ad to a,particular set assuming those four,people were looking at the TV that's,obviously not taking into account the,differences between the various members,of the family,it also doesn't really take into account,you know regions because although we,advertise to a specific area and I know,in the States kind of advertising works,slightly differently to where we are in,the UK and Europe and the rest of the,world but if you're running an advert,and you know that it's going to get me,go into 250,000 homes it's an extremely,expensive operation Facebook advertising,cuts that by hundred,it's hundredths instead spending you,know thousands of dollars per advert,you're now spending like three or four,cents per advert and this is where it,gets crazy,Donald Trump would change his,advertising strategies based on who he,was showing it to if you were already,relatively Pro Trump and again he could,use data or his team could use data to,see your income your job who you like,all the different types of pages you,like the activity you have in your page,the activity you have one of your,cookies and your browsers you know he,knows you're pretty likely to vote for,something like Trump so he'll put pro,Trump messages if he knows that you are,likely to vote for Hillary he'll put,anti Hillary Clinton messages to that,the people who are in the middle like,the swing voters he would change the,advertising message depending on the,Preferences that they have displayed and,this is where it gets so incredible you,now can show individual messages to,people not just on your street not just,in your neighborhood but now people in,your home would get different,advertising messages based on their,preferences either getting you to vote,for Trump not vote for Hillary or more,importantly not voting at all and that's,why Trump managed to win despite having,the lowest voter turnout in history and,it's all because he used data if this,video was useful if you found it,interesting a like and a share we really,appreciate it I'd love your comments,down below like I said this isn't a,political video I just want to talk,about how Trump use data and advertising,and Facebook to win a u.s. presidential,election which is mental when,you think about it it also shows that,the president that adopts the latest,form of communication is more likely to,win it's got nothing to do with who's,the best candidate it's got nothing to,do with who has the best facts or the,most logical arguments it's all to do,with emotion and who uses that,communication channel thanks very much,guys for watching I'll see you on the,next video I've got some free training,in the description below on how to build,a $100,000 marketing funnel with,WordPress where I teach you the themes,plugins and automation that you need to,build and sell funnels using WordPress,thanks for watching guys I've got a,couple of videos here which you might be,interested in talking about funnel,related topics like,a price a marketing funnel and how to,find your first marketing funnel,customer in the meantime if this video,was useful hit that like button make,sure to leave me a comment and subscribe,if you are a funnel builder I'll see you,on the next video keep building those,files

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