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How To Add A Custom Domain To Shopifyhey guys jason here with quantum courses,and in this tutorial w

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Updated on Jan 25,2023

How To Add A Custom Domain To Shopify

hey guys jason here with quantum courses,and in this tutorial we'll be going over,how to easily add a custom domain to,your shopify store,adding a custom domain to your shopify,store that matches your brand can help,build authority and trust with your,shopify customers,everyone on shopify is automatically,given a url to get started,but to change your web address you'll,need to add a custom domain this is a,simple process and can be done in a,matter of minutes you have several,options to change your domain on shopify,including buying a new domain connecting,an existing domain that you already own,or transfer the management of your,domain to shopify to manage all of your,domain settings from your shopify admin,in this video i'll be demonstrating how,to purchase a custom domain directly,from shopify and go through the setup,process to connect it to your store,so go ahead and log into shopify and,head over to your dashboard and if you,haven't signed up for shopify yet you,can also sign up and try it out for free,by clicking the link in the video,description,so from your shopify admin dashboard,let's look at the menu on the left hand,side here go all the way down to the,bottom and click on the settings tab,this will open up a new window where you,can manage your shopify store settings,if you look at the options on the left,hand side you should see the domains tab,under the domains tab you can view all,of the domains you currently have,connected to your online store by,default your online store will already,have a domain which is your store,,on shopify you can add up to 20 domains,or subdomains to your store in addition,to your url,but from here you can connect an,existing domain transfer domain or even,buy a new domain directly from shopify,if we click the buy new domain button,here we'll be taken to a page where we,can search for and purchase the domain,that we wish to use for our store,if you want to add a new domain you can,easily purchase the domain directly from,shopify making the process super easy,as an example let's purchase quantum,design as a new domain for my,online store,you can simply search for the domain,that you want and you'll see tons of,different options that you can select,from for my store i'm going to use the,dot com version which is around 14 per,year so let's click on the buy button,you can then finalize your order and,even set it to auto renew each year once,you've added all of your information go,ahead and click on buy domain,and voila the new domain for my online,store has now been purchased and added,to my shopify account,if you already have multiple domains you,can click the setis primary option here,to use your new domain for your shop,and voila,now when i go to,this should take me directly to my,shopify page and display the url i,purchased for my page earlier in the,video so now whenever anybody goes to,,they'll be taken directly to my new,shopify page remember you can have your,primary domain as well as several sub,domains that direct to your shop if we,check out the drop down menu at the top,right here we can also see several other,options to manage our domain this is,where you can edit your dns settings,transfer your domain to a different,shopify store and other options,so let's see what else we have on our,domain settings page here we've already,set our domain as primary but if we,wanted to set it back as a redirect we,could click here to do that as well,from the sub domains menu you can add,new sub domains as your primary,redirecting or market domains,if you click the add sub domain tab here,your sub domain can be added as a prefix,to your root domain,remember that your shopify store can,have up to 20 domains or sub domains and,up to a thousand with the shopify plus,plan,you even have a menu here where you can,manage your email forwarding this is,super handy especially if you're,managing a lot of emails in your shopify,store you can have an email address with,your store name and forward it to your,main email address,and finally we have our auto renew menu,which for my url is set to renew every,year at 14,so that's a quick overview of how to,purchase a new domain on shopify and,connect it to your store if you haven't,signed up for shopify yet you can give,it a try for free by clicking the link,in the video description and if you,enjoyed the video make sure you hit that,like button and subscribe to the channel,and i'll see you next time,you

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How to buy a custom Shopify domain || Shopify Help Center

How to buy a custom Shopify domain || Shopify Help Center

You can make your store's website and brand easy to remember by purchasing a custom domain,from Shopify.,When customers visit your online store, they see your store domain in the browser address,bar.,Hey there!,___ here from Shopify.,Today we’re going to learn what a domains is and how to purchase a custom domain from,Shopify.,A domain is the URL or website address that customers see when they visit your online,store.,Every Shopify store comes with a free default domain.,Your default domain is your,For example, our store's default domain is,If we want a custom domain, such as, then we can purchase it and add it to our,online store.,Customers often view custom domains as a sign of business legitimacy.,This helps build trust between customers and your brand.,You can buy a custom domain directly from your Shopify admin, and you will continue,to be able to manage it even if you decide to leave Shopify in the future.,If you already have a custom domain from a third-party provider, then follow the help,center guide in the video description below to connect it to your Shopify store.,To buy a domain from Shopify, start from your Shopify admin and click "settings".,Click "Domains", then click "Buy new domain".,In the text field, enter the domain name that you want to buy.,You will see a list of available domain extensions and their prices.,An extension is the text you find at the end of a web address.,The price of your domain depends on the type of extension you buy.,To view even more extension options, click "Show next 10" at the bottom of the list.,After you choose an extension, click "Buy" next to the domain that you want to purchase.,If you see any banner listing an error, follow the prompts and correct the issue before finalizing,your domain purchase.,If you haven't entered your payment details, then you will prompted to enter them in order,to complete the purchase.,After you add payment details, you're directed to the domain summary page to review the details.,By default, the account owner's information is used to purchase and renew domains.,Make sure to review your personal information for any errors.,Emails about the maintenance and ownership of the domain are sent to this email, so make,sure it's correct.,If you want your domain to be automatically renewed, then keep the "Auto-renew this domain,every year" box checked.,Otherwise, uncheck the box and you'll be sent a reminder email when your domain is about,to expire.,You can update your "auto-renew" preferences at any time.,Some domains also include "WHOIS" Privacy, if your domain extention provides this, then,you see a notice mentioning this.,For more information on "WHOIS" Privacy, check out the link in the description below.,Next, read the different domain registration agreements.,Be aware that domain purchases are non-refundable.,When you're ready, click "Buy domain".,On the next page, you see details and settings for your new domain.,Follow the steps included in the verification email to finish registering your domain.,After you verify your domain registration, no further action is needed on your part.,When you buy a domain through Shopify, your domain is automatically set up for you.,It's important to note that it can take up to 48 hours for your new domain to fully connect,to your online store and be visible to customers.,If you still have questions, you can review the resources in the description below, or,contact the Shopify Support team directly.,Thank you for watching!

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