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How Many Facebook Ads Should You Run?hi guys it's Ben he's from Leaguer and,in this video I'm going

Ben Heath

Updated on Jan 17,2023

How Many Facebook Ads Should You Run?

hi guys it's Ben he's from Leaguer and,in this video I'm going to talk about,how many Facebook ads you should be,running at any one time I get a lot of,questions people who say things like how,many Facebook ads should I run and I'm,gonna sort of discuss how we think about,then volume avange you should be running,at once how you should be changing that,over time and and some other questions,to do that saying that's gonna be really,valuable for a lot of people with those,sorts of Facebook advertising related,questions now when it comes to thinking,about your Facebook ad campaign,structure I don't really think about it,in terms of number of ads okay,so I get a lot of questions people who,say things like you know what should my,budget per ad be and that just kind,doesn't really make sense because I just,don't think about budgets in terms of,per ads you could have one campaign that,you spend half a million dollars on that,has three ads in it you could have,another campaign that you spend $5,000,on that has 20 ads in it the volume of,ads is not dictated at all by the budget,or the audience size or anything like,that the volume of ads is all about,optimizing your campaign for optimal,performance okay so what I've got in,front of me is an example Facebook ad,account in an example Facebook ad,campaign and then they go through the,structure of this very very quickly and,explain how we set that up and that'll,answer that question of how many ads,we're running at any one time so we're,gonna assume that you're advertising a,fairly simple product or service let's,say something that cost less than $100,and you're using a direct offer,strategies the strategy that I recommend,most advertisers use and it's very very,simple you put an ad up for your product,or service you get your to click on it,come to your website and inquire about,your services or but now there are other,strategies I do recommend for lots of,other scenarios and you can check out a,free webinar of mine that I'll include a,link to in the video description below,that talks all about Facebook,advertising strategies Esther called,three killer Facebook advertising,strategies to double or more your,business and I'm straight three,different sales funnels in there so if,you're wondering about different,strategies of different sales for us to,use,go ahead and check that out completely,free link in the video description,but in this I'm gonna the way I'm gonna,structure this video is talk about a,direct,offer campaign this structure can be,used with lots other types of campaigns,that you'll find out about in that,webinar as well but this is the simplest,way to demonstrate it so we've got one,example campaign right we're going to,turn on campaign budget optimization and,then within that we're gonna have let's,say four different ad sets what I would,say is three to five different ad sets,and each one of those different ad sets,is going to be targeting a different,audience,roughly could be little bit more could,be a little bit less once we've got a,campaign running for a while we might,narrow down the number of absence okay,then we get into our ad level so let's,take a look at ad set number one we have,in my deal world four ads running in,this ad set now I'd like to have four,ads running for a number of reasons okay,so firstly it's not too many if you were,to put 12 16 different ads in one ad set,Facebook would have a really hard time,optimizing that count campaign and,working out which ad is likely to,deliver the best results just because,there's so much data for it to chunk,through it's gonna take a long time,you're gonna stay in the learning phase,a lot longer so no more than five ads,live at any one time in one ad set is,what I'd recommend okay that's obviously,part of the question there I like for,three or four for a few different,reasons it's not too many we've already,discussed that but you can take a lot of,different boxes so firstly it's really,important to test lots of different ad,creative when you first create a,Facebook ad campaign it's very difficult,to work out ahead of time which ad,creative is going to land with your,target audience is image a gonna work or,image B gonna work best is a video gonna,work better than a carrousel ad better,than a slideshow and better than an,image ad you know we've got a lot of,experience in facebook advertising we,run dozens of campaigns for our clients,at any one time constantly spending,millions of millions of dollars on,Facebook advertising and even we are,often surprised when we put up a whole,suite of ads which one delivers the best,result it's not that obvious to work out,there are nuances between different,markets so the answer to that sort of,problem is to test a lot of different ad,creative so as I said I like to have,four different options because at the,beginning you could test four different,ad four,so you could have example aunt one being,an image ad example a to being a,carousel three being a video and four,perhaps being a different image at or,slideshow ad you can very quickly work,out okay it seems that our market seems,to respond better to let's say image ads,in this case everyone thinks it's all,about video and for a lot of business,businesses it is but not all the time,let's say in this example that image,output performance best results okay,what we've then to go and do is that say,image ad is example ad number one is the,image ad we would pause two three and,four and then we would create some new,ads add them to this ad set with other,images and test those alongside each,other so part of reason why I like to,have three or four different ads going,in one AD set and any one time is to be,able to test different ad options and,improve performance in if you create one,for ads one performs the best you pause,the other three you create some more ads,that is similar to the best performer,you may find that added that next batch,one of your ads outperforms the original,best performer if you go through that,process four or five six times you might,end up with ads that have a cost per,purchase that's half or a third of what,you originally had okay because you're,weeding out the under performers and,just carrying on with best forms so,that's a really key component of always,making sure you have multiple ads,running at once there are also some,other aspects to having let's say for,ads in an ad set at any one time live,and that's that different people respond,to different ads so whilst you may see,in my previous example that image ad,works best perhaps you get great results,from image ads and video ads and you,want to keep them both running alongside,each other and that makes sense because,some people are gonna are more,interested in videos and that's what's,gonna grab their attention and it's,gonna hold it and you're gonna convert,with those people better but other,people haven't got time for that they,don't wanna watch a video they want to,know exactly what's going on in an image,they're scrolling through their Facebook,needs to be really fast they see an,image to get the idea there either,interest or not they take action,different people respond to different,ads it's another great reason to have,three or four they say three to five,different ad creatives running at any,one time a really important thing that's,not talked about enough is that you're,not advertising to robots here these are,real people we,real preferences and differences the,other thing and this I find really,important about having multiple ads,running at any one time,is a dirty if you just use the same an,ad for weeks months even years or they,very much struggle to get to years never,make any adjustments to it never have,other ads running alongside it you're,going to run into advert ich and that's,where people in your audience are just,bored of your ad it doesn't have the,impact when it comes up in front of them,because they've been there they've seen,that they've either decided whether they,want it or not you can help overcome,advert ich by refreshing ad creative and,running multiple different and creative,at the same time so if you've got four,different ads and let's say you know,person within your audience sees and one,on a Monday and two on a Wednesday and,three on a Thursday and four on a Sunday,that's gonna have a much greater impact,because each each different and,variation is fresh and they're gonna pay,attention to it it's got a much greater,impact than if they just see the same ad,four times in a week and there's also,gonna be a lot better for it so three to,four different ads per ad set is about,perfect when it comes to the number of,ads that you want running number of,Facebook ads you want running at any one,time it will vary so you may see that,you just have one ad that performs,really really well you just can't beat,it,okay keep testing and keep adding it,along ads alongside that but it's,absolutely fine if your apps only have,two running or three running or one,running for a time period once you,create new ads so don't don't think I,have to have three or four running at,any one time all the time it is more,flexible that but as a general rule,that's perfect there are also other,cases other scenarios where by and you,know I dunno you might be running a,particular discount offer of course a,range of products and you really want,eight ads running in and out set for a,limited time only again that's fine and,just don't make a habit out of it,because it's a lot for Facebook to,optimize so in this one out set we've,got four different ads okay if I go back,to the campaign structure we've got four,different access you're thinking wow if,I got to create sixteen different ads,four times four is sixteen so you've got,four ads in each ad said that,sixteen different ads and the answer is,no and this is really important when I,set up a campaign with this structure,and I'll include a link below that that,sort of gives more detail about the,campaign structure and white wire works,really well so check that out if you're,interested when I have this campaign,structure I like to use the same four,ads in each of the four ad sets because,what I'm doing at the ad set level is,I'm testing targeting options I want to,know which targeting option delivers the,best results now that means to do that,properly you have to isolate the,variables if I have different ads in ad,set to versus ad set three and different,targeting options and let's say ad set,to really outperforms ad set three I,don't know whether ad set to performed,really well because of the different,targeting options or because of the,different ads it could be one of the two,could be a combination who knows it's,really hard to pick apart that data,whereas if I keep the ads consistent,across the four ad sets I can then very,easily take a look at things to go a,half that look-alike audience performed,much better than that cold interest,targeting option that we found great but,we can make adjustments accordingly so,in a campaign like this I'm gonna have,three to four ads running at any one,time the same three to four ads across,all the answers that we're using,including warm audience app sets by the,way a lot of people like to create warm,audience at sets where they then top,they tailor the ads and say things like,you forgot to buy these pair of jeans,that you add into your cart yesterday,there is some that can be advantage to,doing that but for the most part people,find it really creepy particularly in,industries that aren't marketing related,industries were people a bit more used,to it a bit more accepting of that sort,of thing,if you're operating in a non marketing,related industry people do not like that,breaches privacy it doesn't breach,privacy policies but looks like it does,and they just get creeped out by sort of,things so I like to use the same ads for,my cold audiences and my warm audiences,and use those ads as more of a reminder,to get them to take the action they have,previously started doing perhaps if they,kicked the website etc etc so I use the,same ads there don't get too fancy and,cute clever with it it doesn't tend to,work very well so how often we,refreshing these that so we're running,three or four ads at any one time,I would say on average we're refreshing,and probably once maybe twice a month,now bearing in mind that the campaigns,that we're running from our clients the,average ad spend is probably around,about ten maybe fifteen thousand dollars,a month we have some companies spending,literally over a hundred thousand a,month sundowner you know two three four,thousand something like that so the,average is less six ten thousand dollars,a month that means that we're gonna have,to refresh and creative more often than,someone who is spending $500 a month or,a thousand dollars a month on their,Facebook ad campaign because we're gonna,generate that many more impressions and,we're gonna run into ad fatigue that,much faster,so with this structure aside from,testing to China pre-performance just,regularly refreshing things once a month,on ADD created is absolutely fine,once every two months is probably okay,and bearing in mind you're not turning,off the best performing ads after a,month so let's say we've got these four,ads here example at one does really well,we might leave that ad running for six,months but we'll be adding in other new,mats alongside it let's say on a,fortnightly or in your case if you're,operating with a lower budget perhaps a,monthly basis that's when you're taking,out some of these other ads pausing them,performers and adding a new one to test,against you can do it more frequently if,you want if you want to speed up that,testing process and improve your,performance and a lot of people will so,by all means go ahead in which case you,might want to do it on a on a weekly,basis I would recommend more frequently,that because you need enough data to,make decisions for let's say on a weekly,basis and but in terms of what do you,need to do if you want this to be more,passive and more hands-off I would say,once a month once every two months in,terms of refreshing and creative is,absolutely fine okay so hopefully there,helped answer the question of how many,ads should you run at any one time and,and hopefully now understand why I don't,really think of budgets in terms of how,much did you spend per ad it's when,you're using campaign budget,authorization which I'll include a link,to by the way in the video description,if you don't know what that is,and Facebook will allocate budget,according to performance so you might,have one of your ads or two around,spending eighty percent of your budget,absolutely fine if that's a really high,performing ad that's what you want,they'll get better results now just we,go so I'm gonna quickly mention which is,our Facebook advertising services so if,you're spending on Facebook ads on,looking to spend on Facebook ads more,than $3,000 a month that's the starting,point to work with us and we'd love to,work with you we'd love to manage,optimize create your Facebook ad,campaigns and our done-for-you services,really takes all the Facebook and,Instagram advertising off your hands we,can handle that entire process for you,and you know unless you're a,professional and you've been doing this,for years and years and you dedicate all,your time to Facebook advertising we can,almost certainly generate much better,results ourselves running your Facebook,ad campaigns for you then what you can,get yourself it's just a simple fact of,we are professionalism we have the,experience we do this day in day out we,can draw from a lot of the other work we,do on with our clients so Facebook,advertising is important part of your,business and you want it to perhaps take,it to another level to scale or you want,someone to take it off your hands or you,want both then we can help you with that,so if you're interested and I said got a,budget of more than three thousand,dollars a month your Facebook Ads and,what you should do is book a free call,with me there'll be a link in the video,scription bread at the bottom where you,can book a free strategy session these,sessions lasts about 30 minutes and it's,just very informal conversation for me,to find out a bit more about your,business and for you to you know me to,sort of describe how our services work,you can obviously hear our information,and make a decision whether you want to,work to work with us or not completely,an obligation but ya be great to talk if,you are interested in us taking this off,your hands and getting you much better,Facebook advertising results if you,enjoyed this video please give it a,thumbs up please comment below to let me,know don't forget to subscribe to my,youtube channel I'm releasing all lots,of content right now on Facebook,advertising answering these sorts of,questions and then yeah I told you guys,seen thanks a lot bye

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Multiple Ad Set in Facebook| Create Multiple Ad Set | Structure Facebook Ad Campaigns The RIGHT Way

Multiple Ad Set in Facebook| Create Multiple Ad Set | Structure Facebook Ad Campaigns The RIGHT Way

hey guys welcome back to my youtube,channel thank you for watching this,video,so in today's video we'll discuss how to,run your ads,um more effectively in 2021 how to get,more conversions and how to reach out to,more people,so now are uh different ways of running,ads using your,uh facebook business manager you can run,single image,ads you can run carousel ads or you can,run collection act,but today what i what i'm going to give,you is that how to run multiple ads,within one campaign you can create,different ad sets,you can create multiple audiences and,you within within one campaign you can,run,ads so now i'll guide you step by step,how to target different audiences within,the one ad within the one campaign,using the same budget for instance,you're spending about 20 dollars on a,campaign roughly,so you'll be showing five to ten,different ads within that same budget to,different people,facebook will automatically find out,which ad is performing,uh better than the other ads and show,that,ads to more people and will push that,audience further rather than the other,ones,so in order to do that just follow these,steps go to your business manager,so just click on your ads manager and,over here just click on create,so just click on conversion ad so,basically conversion ads,um you should run once you have enough,data in your pixel,um so facebook can actually run these,this sort of campaigns for you if you,don't have much data,to your picture or if you don't have,much conversions on a website already,so just try and run traffic ads,engagement ads and other ads so,you can get more audiences and then,you'll be able to run the conversion ads,so click and continue,and over here just create a single image,add,leave the campaign uh budget,optimization for now i'll show you in,the next video how to do that,so just click on next,website and over here just click on,purchase as our goal or objective,is to sell our products or services so,just choose a budget,that's more appropriate than leave it to,4000 rupees,and just use the save audience for,instance i've created one so this,audience is basically,um it's it's targeting certain cities,and certain age and you know all that,details,so just click on next,so over here you just choose your,instagram which is already connected,to your facebook business manager if you,haven't connected it yet just please,refer to my previous video so you can do,that easily,so over here um,just uncheck this dynamic performance,and we choose the single image add,so over here add media add image,and you can select any single image that,you think will perform,better than the other one so for,instance we can just choose this,overhead one,and we just click on done,so over here we'll just put a primary,test copied,so i just choose the call to action,button which should be booked now,because they're booking for the tests,and here you can just,paste the link of that certain service,so people don't go to any other website,and they just log on to your website,which is,premium diagnostics,right so after that your pixel is,already connected,so this is if you click on publish so,this algorithm will publish,now once you have published this just,click here,and duplicate this um,click on duplicate,and over here just change the name to,carousel so you can remember and from,single image to character,and here just select the items,for instance cover test just put the,headline the primary text,the website link so choose the best 10,images,uh you think are going to get you the,more,conversions or more traffic to your,website so once you have done that again,click over here duplicate it,and you can choose,you change the name and put it to,collection ads,and over here just click on collection,choose a template storefront,right so you can leave the products um,dynamically as well if you have um made,the product sets you can choose those so,just click on here,so it'll basically show all the products,to your,audiences and over here just click book,now and just paste the link up to your,website over here,and then just click on done so this is,how you have,created different ad sets within one,campaign now,the next step is um targeting different,audiences within the same,so rather than dynamic video you can,also choose an image,and you can just upload the image and,you can choose this,bit over here and you just this is how,it's going to show you to you,uh this is how i'll show you to your,show to your audiences click on done,now so your one ad,set is complete so over here where you,see new conversion ad set,click over here duplicate it,right so you'll see the same ad sets,already in there so all you got to do is,from here just,choose create new audience um i would,suggest,create new custom audience,choose website next,so from here using your pixel choose,those people who are,from the last 180 days um,all website visitors so you'll be,retargeting in this ad,read targeting and create,audience,and just click on done so similarly,you have now created two different,audiences you can again duplicate it,and you can create a look-alike audience,so just click over,here create new audience look alike,audience,and just keep it to five percent or one,percent depending upon,your needs uh this is,pt pixel purchase,and then just click on create audience,right so after that just click on,publish so now you basically targeting,three different audiences and three set,of different ads,within one campaign so if you're not,sure on which ads to promote which,artworks or which creatives to promote,so over here you can select you know,different,uh ad sets and you can target different,audiences and facebook will,automatically push your ads to those,people,who are more likely to shop or those,audiences uh which are more,which is generating more response for,instance,um a single image is performing uh,within your look-alike audiences,so facebook will push that uh your,character is performing,better uh when it comes to retargeting,so facebook will push,push to that so in the next video i'll,show you how to create,custom audiences uh different audiences,and how to use those for facebook and,instagram to re-target your customers as,well,thank you

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