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The Facebook Ads Learning Phase in 2022 (Explained) + How-to EXIT!the facebook ads learning phase is

Zaryn @ Market & Hustle

Updated on Jan 19,2023

The Facebook Ads Learning Phase in 2022 (Explained) + How-to EXIT!

the facebook ads learning phase is,crucial to the success of your campaigns,on the platform and in this video what i,want to do is explain what it is and,then go into detail of how it's working,in 2022 as well as share some best,practices that you can utilize to exit,the learning phase as soon as possible,hey youtube fam welcome back to market,and hustle where we simplify marketing,so that you can accelerate your business,growth and if you're enjoying these,videos make sure to subscribe and hit,that bell notification so that you never,miss one of these videos,so the learning phase is a process that,every single campaign that you run on,facebook at the ad set level has to go,through to help the algorithm understand,who is the optimal audience and what are,the optimal places to deliver your media,so you typically see this in the column,that's called delivery which you can see,here as an example and it'll say,something like learning active or,limited learning it's going to usually,say one of these three and when it's,learning it needs information in the,sense of conversion data regardless if,you're running a traffic campaign,or if you're running a conversion,campaign or a lead generation campaign,there's about 50 conversions more or,less that is needed within a seven-day,period to inform the delivery algorithm,most people are curious if this is,something that's optional is not,optional you cannot opt out of the,learning phase so you can opt out of it,it's going to happen no matter what type,of objective you're running but you're,most likely going to run into issues,with the learning phase when you're,doing conversion campaigns because it's,a lot harder to get 50 sales than it is,to get 50 people to your website or 50,video views so this this process is,essential and,during this period you will typically,see volatility within the delivery of,your media one day your cpa could be,very high the next day it can be kind of,low and it can kind of move around,because again,the,algorithm is showing your ads to as many,different people as possible to try to,understand who's the optimal audience,for your ads,now this is a screenshot of a campaign,that ran that launched on december 3rd,and what you're seeing here in the,purple is,the number of purchases are happening,and what you see in the column under the,purple on that blue line is you're,seeing the cpa that's cost per results,so on december 3rd there isn't a lot of,information this campaign is going,through the learning phase and as,there's more data on december 5th and,then on december 7th,the algorithm better understands who the,audience is so it starts to stabilize so,if you look at the blue line underneath,it,in the first day or two the cost per,action,peaks around close to 100 cpa but then,in by december 5th,7th,and december 9th we start to see those,costs,uh being significantly lower so by that,point we've exited the learning phase,and facebook has a good understanding of,who our audience is,and this is the benefits of the facebook,learning phase now sometimes your,campaigns don't exit the learning phase,and you might have multiple audiences,that you're talking to multiple ad sets,in your campaign and some of them might,exit and some of them don't,now i want to share with you a few best,practices in regards to the facebook ad,learning phase first one is,to avoid making,changes in the first seven days when,your campaign is running now the reason,you want to do this is because when you,make what's called significant edits,it's going to reset the learning phase,so that means it's going to be a longer,period of time before your ad set is,going to be able to run toward an,optimal audience now what does,significant edits mean,this is actually something that will,fundamentally change the optimization of,your campaign so if you change the,conversion event that you're optimizing,for as an example that is a significant,edit because the algorithm now might,deliver your media differently another,example of this is if you start to,change your targeting that will impact,the delivery of your media now if you do,want to make changes that's totally,understandable that's totally okay you,just want to minimize it you want to be,strategic,and you want to wait at least seven days,and you don't want to be making changes,all the time like you don't want to be,making daily changes in fact we know,that with the ios 14 update,and the aggregated event measurement,protocol that facebook now has,you are not seeing conversion data in,real time it's being delayed for a,couple days three days on average so you,don't actually even know really what's,working because there's a three-day lag,so that's why it's important if you are,going to make changes to your campaign,for business reasons it's totally fine,you don't need to be afraid of resetting,the learning phase just don't do it all,the time because it's not going to help,you out you want to be strategic when,you make these changes and you and you,just want to minimize that frequency now,another best practice to know it is that,since the learning phase happens,at the ad set level each one of your ad,sets,needs to go through the learning phase,avoid having too many ad sets especially,if you're talking to the same audiences,if you're if you have a big amount of,audience overlap you want to consolidate,and that's going to help you,successfully and quickly exit learning,phases i'm not saying only run against,one audience i'm just saying if you have,a ton of audiences you will be impacted,by the learning phase and wherever,possible best practice is to consolidate,audiences now the other part of this is,because you need 50 conversions per each,ad set to exit the learning phase you,need to have realistic budgets,if you have a,you know if your cpas are very expensive,and you're running like 10 a day budgets,or 25 day budgets it's just probably not,going to be realistic for in seven days,for you to get enough conversion volume,uh,to exit that learning phase so that's,another thing you want to consider,now if you do not exit the learning,phase what you'll notice in your,delivery column is a prompt that says,learning limited your campaigns will,still run your budgets will still spend,this just means that facebook didn't,have enough data to get to the point,where it can with a high degree of,confidence say that it's optimizing your,media at the most effective,and when this happens if you're still,getting sales and you're driving,performance and you're happy with the,results you're getting then you can,leave your campaign as is you don't have,to turn off your ad set you don't have,to end your campaign if you're still,getting results and you're happy with it,totally makes sense,however if you want to maximize the,impact of your media you want to use,some of those best practices that i,mentioned,look for opportunities to consolidate,audiences or potentially increase budget,now there is one other scenario that i,wanted to share with you that i've,talked in previous videos,and that's regarding changing your,optimization event,so the question is,if i can't reach 50 conversions in a,week when optimizing for purchases for,for an ecom sale should i optimize for a,lower intent action like an add to cart,so this is a common strategy and one,that i've spoke about before and,something also that facebook recommends,so what they say is that if your ad set,can't get 50 purchases in a week or,about 50 then consider optimizing the,next step before that which is add to,cart,now this recommendation is controversial,because what some people say is that if,you're optimizing to someone who's going,to purchase you're driving a better,quality audience to your website which,totally makes sense but if you're doing,so at the detriment that the delivery,algorithm can't figure out who your,audience is,there might be some performance,implications so my recommendation is,that you test this set up a test,and compare performance when you have,your regular always-on campaign,optimizing for purchases,and,if again if you're not getting those 50,conversions in a week at the ad set,level,for maybe a two or three week period,run a campaign or maybe one week,depending on how much money you're,spending and how large your audience is,run a campaign,optimize the conversion event for add to,cart and then compare performance take a,look at how many sales you end up,getting in total and then also take a,look at the impact that you're having on,the on on your retargeting campaigns,because as you change what you're,optimizing for again you're driving a,different quality of audience to the,website so i think this is something you,should test facebook would just say hey,switch to add to cart my recommendation,now is this is something that you,definitely want to test into the,learning phase is something that helps,the delivery algorithm find your,audience you cannot skip this process,it's going to help you long term but,there definitely are some ways to,mitigate it and to exit faster and,prevent your campaigns from staying in,the learning phase too often when it's,running,you

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NEW Facebook Learning Phase is Killing Your Ads

NEW Facebook Learning Phase is Killing Your Ads

over the past 12 months there have been,so many changes to facebook ads and,instagram ads but not many people are,talking about the changes to the,facebook learning phase and this is a,really big deal the facebook ads,learning phase has changed a lot and,this means you now have to be very,careful with the adjustments you make to,your facebook ad campaigns in this video,i'm going to explain what this big,change the facebook learning phase is,and how you can adjust to make sure you,get this right so we all know that since,the ios 14 changes facebook now has less,visibility over the actions that people,take once they click on a facebook or,instagram ad and go through to your,website they can't tell with the same,degree of accuracy what people are doing,and all that sort of stuff and that has,affected how facebook campaigns learn,how they work out who is most likely to,take your desired action when they,should advertise to them all the stuff,that they used to calculate very easily,and one of the impacts of that is that,the learning phase is now very different,instead of being a short 24 to 48 hour,process where your facebook ad campaigns,go into the earning phase for that time,period and after that they are optimized,at least to some extent ready to go and,could perform really well,the time period during which the,campaigns learn is definitely extended,effectively the learning phase has been,elongated and facebook aren't talking,about this i've got an article up here,about you know the guide to the learning,phase i've been through this in a lot of,detail and facebook aren't mentioning,that the learning phase is now a lot,longer,probably for obvious reasons they don't,you know that that's a negative thing,for facebook advertisers but we know,it's true because we have campaigns that,we're running for our clients that are,very stable and have been stable for a,long period of time and we are seeing,them improve incrementally over time,it's not like they did all the learning,during the first few days or even the,first few weeks no six months in they're,getting better than they were three,months in a year in they're even getting,even better this is a trend we've been,seeing um quite a bit recently i wanted,to create a video on it and what all,this means effectively is that stability,is key keeping your facebook ad campaign,stable not over adjusting is where,you're going to see best results however,it's very important to distinguish,between the things that you can change,and the things that you can't change in,your facebook ad campaigns because if,you don't change anything you're going,to run into massive issues so i wanted,to create this video where i go through,the things that you can change the,things that you can't change the things,that you can change sometimes i think,it's going to be tremendously valuable,if you're wondering how to adjust and,optimize campaigns so let's start by,covering the things that you should,absolutely never change in a live,facebook ad campaign if you need to,change any of the things i'm about to,talk about you need to create brand new,facebook ad campaigns don't adjust your,existing campaigns otherwise you're,going to get in the way of facebook's,optimization process you're going to,affect that elongated learning phase and,you'll hurt your results so to,demonstrate this i'm in an example,facebook ad account we're going to go,ahead and create an example campaign and,the very first thing i'll talk about is,a campaign objective facebook often,won't let you but it's very important,you never actually change that i've got,the new campaign objective menu by the,way you may have the old one the same,applies either way and i will have a,video about this new campaign objective,setup very soon that's the first thing,next thing is buying type um most time,you're going to go with auction anyway,but there are other options like region,frequency never change that in an,existing campaign next is campaign,budget optimization there's a lot of,debates versus versus cbo you can,switch between the two i would,definitely not recommend that you do,most of time i like cbo but there are,definitely cases where i'm going to set,budgets at the ad set level but,whichever one you go with you're in it,for the long haul with this campaign do,not go ahead and change that you'll hurt,your results you need different,campaigns to go with a different budget,optimization setup then we can jump over,to the ad set level and the next thing,to never change is conversion location,most people are going to be using,website for this type of campaign but if,you wanted to for example test sending,people to messenger whatsapp all that,sort of stuff that's absolutely fine to,do and can be a great part of testing,you might find out something that works,really well for your business but don't,adjust an existing campaign create a new,one to test that next thing conversion,event if you're obviously operating a,sales campaign or a lead campaign or,what used to be what used to be referred,to as a conversion campaign you're going,to be optimizing for a conversion event,like purchase lead etc once you've,selected a particular conversion event,um i would definitely not go ahead and,change that and then after the,conversion event we scroll down the next,thing is budget type not budget that's,something you can change but daily,budget lifetime budget i'm a big fan of,going daily budgets basically all the,time but whatever you go ahead with make,sure you don't change again that's,something that facebook won't often let,you do but if they do which they do in,certain circumstances do not change that,and then finally i want to scroll down,to the optimization and delivery section,you can see that this optimization for,ad delivery is automatically set to,conversions whatever you have selected,here and with this sort of campaign i,definitely recommend conversions do not,change it to anything else,a lot of these things that we've just,covered we just talked about they're all,around campaign optimization and,facebook's,optimization process if you think about,that in a similar way to how you might,train an athlete okay,under these settings that you start with,facebook's going to try and learn going,to try and train much like you might,take an athlete and train them for,sprinting to be as fast as they possibly,can if you then take that same athlete,and go oh by the way you're running a,marathon tomorrow they're not going to,do anywhere near as well as if they had,been training for a marathon in the,run-up that you can apply the same thing,to these facebook ad campaigns if you,get the facebook campaign to learn under,certain circumstances and then go oh,we've completely changed some of these,settings all the things that i've just,mentioned any one of those it's like,taking the sprint athlete and getting,them to run a marathon it's not going to,work as well you need to create brand,new campaigns that can learn under the,right conditions if you want to change,any of the things i've just talked about,next we need to talk about the things,that you don't need to create a brand,new campaign for if you change but you,do need to create a brand new ad set,within the campaign if you change them,okay so if we scroll up to,targeting the audience section if you,change anything about the actual,targeting who you're advertising to i'd,much prefer you pause your existing ad,set duplicate it create a new version,with the changes and run things that way,the same logic applies to what we just,talked about the campaign now you don't,need to create a whole new campaign for,this like you did with all the previous,things i mentioned you can just create a,brand new ad set and that's important,because you're going to want to be,testing different targeting options new,targeting options that can help you,improve performance but any of this,stuff right custom audiences look-alike,audiences locations age gender detail,targeting languages change any of that i,want a brand new ad set the exception to,the rule here would be um if you're,turning on or off detailed targeting,expansion don't need a brand new ad set,for that you can just test that and if,you're wanting to add in any exclusions,you know for example you may want to,decide that you want to exclude people,who have bought from you in the past 30,days you can add that in without,necessarily creating a new adsense those,would be the exceptions of the targeting,stage next thing placement options if,you're say going from automatic,placements to something manual where,you're getting a lot more specific i,would rather you created a new ad set as,opposed to changing your existing ad set,and then finally if we scroll down we've,got cost controls if you've started,without a cost control which most people,will do and you want to add one in be,better off creating a new ad set for,doing that likewise if you wanted to um,remove one same same situation right,it's all about the optimization process,if you get a facebook ad set just like,the campaigns to learn under certain,circumstances and you go ahead and,change it you're in for a hard time so,any of those three things new ad set but,not new campaign previous ones new,campaign and then next we need to talk,about the ad so if we jump over to the,ad now just like there are things that,you need to create a brand new campaign,for if you change and there are things,you need to create a brand new ad set,for if you change there are also things,that you can keep the campaign keep the,ad set but need new ads for if you,change and that is anything in the ad if,you change the primary text the headline,the creative where the ads taking people,to um the call to action buttons even,anything like that i would be looking to,create new ads and that is absolutely,something you want to do you want to be,testing new ads you want to be testing,new creatives you want to be introducing,new stuff to overcome ad fatigue but,don't adjust existing ads create new ads,allow facebook to learn with the new ads,under the new circumstances it's also,useful for being able to look back at,historical data and see that okay that,ad produced that results that app,produced that results if you adjust ads,and you look over time you're like okay,well which time frame corresponded to,which version of that ad it becomes a,lot more messy so for data purposes,that's also helpful now i want to be,very very clear about an important point,here i am not saying that because there,is now an elongated learning phase that,you should never make adjustments to,your campaigns that's not what i'm,saying at all you have to adjust your,campaigns to improve performance and you,have to do so to overcome things like ad,fatigue you just need to know what to,adjust and what create new versions of,instead and that's what this video has,been doing so absolutely test new,targeting options absolutely introduce,new ads into your campaign um to work,out what resonates best with your target,market to overcome ad fatigue for all,that sort of stuff absolutely increase,your budget if you're seeing great,performance or decrease it there are all,sorts of things you can change now even,with those i still wouldn't recommend,you do so,very frequently no more than once every,seven days i wanted to make that very,clear because that's a very important,point before i tell you more about how,to structure your facebook and instagram,ad campaigns i just wanted to quickly,tell you about my company lead guru,which is a specialist facebook and,instagram ad agency and as you can see,from this page here we offer done for,you facebook and instagram ad services,so we create manage and optimize,campaigns for our clients many of our,clients come from consuming my content,and go on to work with us and see,fantastic results from doing so so if,you want a professional company to help,you get better results with facebook and,instagram services you can come through,to our website page like this and you,can go ahead and click on the schedule,free session and you can go ahead and,book a call directly into our calendar,you can see here with one of my team,members and,they can explain more about how we work,you can tell us about your business we,can see if we'd be a good fit hopefully,we get a chance to work together we do,have a 3k per month minimum budget,requirement so if you meet that or,you're about to be in that sort of range,then by all means go ahead and book a,free call we do we'd love to potentially,work with you as you've seen in this,video there are lots of elements of a,facebook ad campaign that you absolutely,do not want to change which means it's,very important that you set your,campaigns up the right way the very,first time to help you do that i'd,strongly recommend you go ahead and,check out this video here in this video,i demonstrate a full facebook ad,campaign setup in the quickest and most,concise way possible it's only about,four minutes long but in that i show you,exactly how i'd recommend you structure,and set up your facebook ad campaigns go,ahead and check it out

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