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shopify offer free 14 day trial that you,can go ahead and create your shopify,store and start customizing it but wait,a minute what if those four teens three,days trial ended and you haven't,finished customizing your shopify store,before launching your business well,shopify can also offer 28 free days,trial that you can go ahead and take,your time to customize your store and,launch your business hey guys happiness,here welcome back to my channel and this,channel is all about different shopify's,tutorial small businesses tips as well,as entrepreneurship in general so in,today's video i am going to be showing,you guys how you can go ahead and extend,those 14 free days trial that shopify,offer at the beginning when you create,your shopify account,and start customizing your store from,shopify before launching your business,so i am going to show you today how you,can extend those 14 three days trial to,free 28 day trial so before i jump into,this video please don't forget to give,me a big big thumbs up subscribe on my,channel for more tutorials like these um,leave me a comment down below and let me,know what you think about today's,tutorial and without further ado let's,jump in today's tutorial so the first,thing that you're gonna do is go to, just like this here i will,leave the link down below on my,description so you can go ahead and just,click it and it will take you straight,on this shopify page and on this page,you can go ahead and start your free,trial,you can click here and put your email,address and then click start free trial,or you can click right over here and,from here you'll go straight to the page,where you can go ahead and add your,email address or if you have your,shopify store already you can just go,ahead right over here and click log in,so pretty much i am going to show you,how you can go ahead and create a free,trial but i won't go too deep because i,have another video where i went into,detail on showing how you can start a,free trial and create your shopify store,and but i'll just go and show you just a,little bit so let's say your email is um,okay so your email is hello,at, you can go ahead and click,here start free trial and the next page,will be this one where you can go ahead,and put your password and then you can,create your store this way you can get,your first free 14 days trial so that's,how you can do it but if you want to,know more details on how you can create,your first shopify store step by step,make sure to watch that video it will be,popping up around here on top of the,screen but for now i'll go ahead and,jump on my actual shopify store that i,created before and i'll go there and,show you how you can get more,14 days trial which will be 28 free days,try okay so here i am on my shopify,store and you can see i have three days,left in my trial and pretty much at the,beginning i had 14 free days to start my,trial and i used these three days to go,ahead and start creating my store i,created my store using dawn theme so if,you want to see a tutorial how i created,my store using downloading you can go,ahead and click the link i will leave it,on the description below so you can go,ahead and watch the,tutorial and as you can see this is my,still using dawn theme and i,explained all of this and show you how,you can go ahead and add your products,add the video links and everything i,will leave the video link on the,description so you can go ahead and,watch it so pretty much i spent almost,all my 14,free days trial to create my shopify,store and as you can see before i showed,you it says i only have three days left,but for me to go ahead and extend my,days,i can see here shopify since shopify saw,that i have been working on my store,like almost like daily not every day but,pretty much i am almost closed to lunch,my,shopify store then shopify sent me this,here it says i am a to continue,working on my shopify store for free,so,meaning they are going to give me more,free days to go ahead and claim my,eligibility,so i can continue working on my shopify,store for free i'll go right over here,where it says continue building and,click it so i'm going to click it and,show you five is going to give me more,days look now i have more for 10 days,extended on my,free trial period so while i was editing,i just realized my video voice was,really messed up so this is another day,and i am recording this video so pretty,much you can see i have less days,uh after getting my new 14 extra three,days now i only have 15 days because,it's another day but pretty much the,next part that i was going to show you,is when you select a plan so let's say,when your,free trial days are over,you can just go ahead right over here,and click select a plan and these are,the plans that shopify offers so if you,want a basic shopify plan which is 29,per month you can go ahead and choose,the plan here i will really recommend,you if you're just a new beginner you're,just starting out your business i will,recommend you to pick the basic plan,because you can spend less and see how,your business is gonna go instead of,picking the 79 per month plan or the,299 per month that will not be great,especially if you have a small business,and you are still catching up in the,market you still don't know if you're,gonna make a profit or not or you're not,sure if you're gonna like what you're,doing or not so the basic plan will be a,great deal even though you're gonna have,less features than the other expensive,one but go ahead and start with this one,this is a great plan and your store will,still look amazing so you can go ahead,and choose and click choose plan,and once you get here you can go ahead,and on this page this is where you're,going to,pick your plan and go ahead and pay but,basically what i want to show you if you,have your maybe like five or three days,trial they won't charge you until your,free trial ends,and as you can see from me it stays here,i have,uh i still have a free trial and my,trial will end on december 31st this,year,uh 2021 so yeah even though if i'm if i,go ahead and buy the package still they,won't charge me but this will be good to,make you um stay,up to date and even if you launch your,batik you won't be affected so i'll just,go back and yeah guys so that is how you,can go ahead and get more extra 14 free,trial days from shopify,which will conclude to 28,um three days trial but just in case if,the word won't come up here that says,you are eligible for more days you can,go ahead and contact shopify support by,going right over here and then um click,shopify help center and once you're here,um let me see my page is loading okay,you can go ahead all the way down you,can scroll all the way down,and click contact shopify support and,you can log in put your login,information and you can go ahead and,start charting with the shopify expert,which they are always available like 24,hours and you can just tell them like,you need more extra free days to finish,customizing your shopify store and,they'll be happy to help you so it's,just like that very simple very easy so,i hope you liked today's video please,don't forget to give me a big big thumbs,up subscribe on my channel and leave me,a comment down below and let me know,what you think about today's video and,yeah i'll see you guys on the next video

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How to cancel my Shopify Trial | Beginners Guide

How to cancel my Shopify Trial | Beginners Guide

all right back at it again edward,anthony from resolutions digital here,let's get right to it got an interesting,question uh hi guys i open online store,at shopify this month,on 14 day trials now right,uh i don't want to sell product here,in future,can i close it before the trial ends and,if so how do i go about it how do i do,it,thanks,well i understood even though there was,grammar issues but who cares who's,counting right all right so how do we,close this down,so it's very simple but i know that some,of us might have some issues and so i,want to cover all the steps here very,very simple stuff if you guys want to,take a break on shopify or anything like,that go on the bottom where it says,settings here on the corner,and go to where it says plan and so on,plan if you come across this screen,right here where it's like okay i don't,know what to do,i want to make sure that you understand,that,you know however you signed in into the,account you're not the actual owner of,the account you're probably under as a,staff or something of the sort so if you,come across this screen that's what it,looks like so sign out make sure that,you're the owner sign back in and then,you should see a screen that shows,something like this,okay once you click on there and then go,ahead right here on the bottom where it,says positive deactivate store,and here comes shopify trying to tell,you some options as towards what you,could really do,so right here uh let's let's just go,over these real quickly i need more time,to get my store ready,so this will just bring you down to the,lowest shopify payments per month that's,right the 29 one is not the cheapest,plan uh they have an even cheaper one,which is nine dollars a month and so,what that does is that it allows you to,keep working on your store,right um,but you know no one would be able to buy,anything right i guess that's what it's,saying here so to my understanding it's,the back end you have the back end but i,don't think the front end is accessible,in other words anything on the,customized theme it might be i could be,wrong because it could have changed it,but it puts your uh plan at a very low,server state right uh so i guess the,checkout you won't be able to check out,you won't be able to do test checkouts,uh make sure that no one could make an,order that's what the nine dollars a,month is so who is this for well you,know if you're trying to take it one day,at a time and you don't want to spend so,much money or you're having a hard time,finding a developer you don't have,budget for it and you really want to,take this slow,um but,if this whole thing is just not working,out for you because you realize hey you,know what,i changed my mind i don't want to do,drop shipping anymore i want to do this,other business it's just that i,purchased this theme where i got this,theme installed and i got all these,products in here i don't want to erase,all these products,just to start all over you could if you,want to but that's where this second,option comes in the store isn't working,out just give me a new 14-day trial and,let me just start fresh right so that's,what the second option would be,let's talk about the third option so the,third option,is basically it's like you know what,we're going through hard times or,you know whatever concept concept we had,in mind isn't just working out at this,moment,maybe you're at a point in your life,you're like you know what i'm gonna,concentrate on this nine to five for now,and i'm gonna rack up some more bread,i'm gonna get some more money and then,i'm gonna come back it's just that i,don't wanna be paying any type of,monthly fees i don't care if it's two,dollars a month i don't to pay nothing,because i want to concentrate on this,other gig or i want to concentrate on,getting money on the side and then i'll,come back,well to some extent here's the good news,you go ahead and deactivate the store,right,once you deactivate the store you know,shopify will ask well do you want to do,this and they'll prompt you some other,things right and then you say no i'm,done,if six months down the line,you still have the same email that you,came and did this right,you go in and you're like hey you know,what my money is a little bit different,now,i think i'm ready but wow,to go back in and to add all those,products,i don't know if i want to do that,you know if that's the case i don't,think you have to worry about that,you can go ahead and pay for shopify,just as long as you have you know keep,the keep that url name,uh,and use the same email to log in and,your account should be reestablished,with everything there,temporarily i'm talking about like let's,say a few months,but if you're like a year later,shopify will just wipe out the hard,drive of all the um products that you,had in there probably even customers,okay,um and you might have to start all over,again it's just that you're not gonna,get the free trial which at that case,you might well just make a new email and,get yourself a free,trial something else i might want to add,here that's very important before you go,ahead and deactivate your store very,important uh go to your domains,go to domains this is critical,so domains if you got it from godaddy or,whatnot what you need to do is unplug it,from the store before you abandon it,do you know how many people have had,issues,trying to reclaim their domain name,after they just let go of a shopify,account that's like super dormant,and you know you probably sold it to,somebody or you just totally forgot,about it and you're like oh my domain is,stuck there and i can't pull it out,and then you're fighting with gold daddy,trying to like get things back up and,running so what i'm trying to tell you,is that before you close your store down,make sure that you go to domains,press remove okay or change primary,domain from to the, okay change change it,first put the store on maintenance mode,then press remove as well as any other,third-party domains press remove on all,of them okay so what you're doing is,you're unplugging the domain,and then once you unplug the domain,that's when you go ahead back to plan,you go right here where it says pause,the activate and then you fully shut,down,i'm only telling you this because i've,worked with clients before that they had,these domains and you know we're we're,about to launch and all of a sudden,they're like yeah here's my domain,here's my go daddy go ahead plug it up,and i'm just like,hey yo,this is married to another shopify,it's like oh that was years ago i was,like okay well we need to go get it,and then it's just a hassle now we got,shopify support involved uh then they're,trying to retrieve the old account,they're trying to validate if that was,really you it becomes a massive,nightmare,simply because you forgot to unplug the,domain,now if shopify is watching this uh word,of advice that i would say is that if,merchants are disconnecting or,deactivating completely,the pop-up rather than trying to,convince you to continue paying,should be hey you might want to unplug,the domain before you go,and then it's like okay yeah let me go,ahead and do that but instead they stay,quiet you know tell you nothing and,that's why i'm making this video so i,hope you found some value to it i hope,this was uh valuable to you so even,though you're not disconnecting right,now if you're ever going to disconnect,in the future please don't forget about,your domains,and all i ask is for that thumbs up,in the video so it can help the,algorithm talk to you soon

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