how long google ads under review

What To Do When Your Google Ad Is Still Under Review in this video I'll show you what to do,when you

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Updated on Jan 08,2023

What To Do When Your Google Ad Is Still Under Review

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What To Do When Your Google Ad Is Still Under Review

in this video I'll show you what to do,when your Google ad has been under,review for more than one business day so,let's get into it are you wanting to,learn more about social media,advertising and online marketing but not,sure where to get started then social,proof is the perfect channel for you,social media advertising is one of the,most powerful ways to promote your brand,products or services and we want to show,you how we upload weekly video tutorials,and how-to videos teaching you the ins,and outs of Facebook Ads Google Ads and,much more so if you're ready to learn,about social media advertising and,online marketing hit that subscribe,button turn on notifications so you,don't miss our next video so it can be,really frustrating when it seems like,your ad has been in review for what,seems like ages and it doesn't seem like,you can do anything about it and you've,just got to wait but I'm here to tell,you there is something that you can do,to expedite the process if your Google,Ad has been under review for more or,longer than you think it should be so,what you can do is go up here to the,help tab and click on this button here,get help,now once this loads in the search bar,just type in ad review and then click on,this one here about the ad approval,process now scroll down a little bit to,this section here how long ad review,takes and you'll see here if your ad is,under review for more than two full,business days contact us for information,now you can actually do this if your ad,has been under review for more than one,business day I've actually used it,myself so then just click on the contact,us button and it'll take you to this,support page here now for me this says,it looks like your Google Ads account,currently doesn't have any ads under,review and that's because I don't know I,haven't got any ads or newly created ads,at the moment but if you do if you have,an ad that's been under review for more,than one business day or two business,days it'll come up with some additional,support options here and you can,actually contact Google ads and they,will set your ad at a higher priority,and review it faster I actually did this,for one of my ads that was under review,for more than one business day and after,submitting this form it was then,approved within one hour after,submitting the form so it definitely did,help and it really worked I hope this,helps you get your ads reviewed faster,it definitely does work as I said I've,done it myself,and I hope this is a useful tip for you,so make sure to hit that like button of,course subscribe to the channel and,we'll see you in the next video

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