how long does it take for facebook to review ads

FB Ads Stuck in Review More than 24 hrs? Do THIS NOW!what to do if your facebook ad is talk,in revie

Onuzurike Chukwuagozie

Updated on Jan 20,2023

FB Ads Stuck in Review More than 24 hrs? Do THIS NOW!

what to do if your facebook ad is talk,in review,how to fix a facebook ad stock in review,for over 24 hours,hello business owners goal getters and,profit makers as a digital marketing,agency i'm always here to give you value,and help your business grow online,that is the aim of the videos we create,online so this channel is dedicated to,business owners who want to make more,sales get more customers and grow their,business online leveraging on the power,of social media facebook ads google ads,instagram ads so do well to go ahead and,smash that subscribe button right away,so many clients recently complained of,this particular issue facebook had,review taken longer than usual to get,reviewed or to become active and one of,them said my facebook ad has been stuck,in review for over 24 hours please help,so the help is what you are going to,give in this video so if you notice,sometimes you have done everything,correctly you have set up your ads,correctly your campaign has been set up,correctly your videos is intact,everything is intact but yet you publish,the ad and after 12 hours it is still,being reviewed after 24 hours it is,still being reviewed if you have faced,such challenges before then you are not,alone because in this video we are going,to be explaining exactly what you have,to do if your ads has been on review for,over 24 hours what you need to do is do,nothing i'm sure you are shocked yes on,our screen here you notice that i have,some active ads and one of them is still,in review and about four of them is,already active so these two ads here has,been in review for over 24 hours now i,made the mistake that a lot of us will,have made so i went ahead to try to edit,the creative or change the video i know,many of us will try to do the same but,don't try to do that because anytime you,try to edit an ad that is already in,review facebook algorithm would try to,restart all the process all over again,is that all right so if your ad has been,in review for over six hours and you go,ahead to edit one or more creative the,review process will start all over again,as if it's a fresh review so having done,that i,ensured that these other ones were not,tampered with at all so these other ones,were not tampered with and i left it,just as it is,and lo and behold 2 a.m this morning the,ads became active so this other last one,that i seen review i will not touch it,until it's accepted so most times you,should have done the right things right,your ass has not been reviewed so your,ad being rejected is different from it's,being reviewed is that all right so,being resident means it has been,reviewed and has been found one thing so,in that case you can request for a,manual review a human can help you to,review because sometimes facebook,algorithm can be so so crazy and,annoying and a pain in the ass so what,you need to do is for us that have taken,longer than usual to get reviewed let it,be and if the situation persists you can,go ahead to contact support the link to,contact support is in the description,that is if every other thing that we,mentioned in this video fails remember,to get more content like this go ahead,to smash that subscribe button just know,that before your ads run on facebook or,instagram the facebook team always,review it against their advertising,policies so this happens automatically,by the facebook algorithm before the ads,can begin running and you can also see,the status of your ad delivery in the,column of the ads manager so sometimes,even after your eyes have become active,a whole lot of review is still going on,and you notice that sometimes active ads,can become rejected if they found it one,thing so you might also want to ask how,does the ad review works so facebook ad,review relies primarily on their,algorithm to apply their advertising,policies to the millions of ads that are,being run across all the apps be it,instagram be it facebook native app,itself and all that just know that just,at this moment a whole lot of ads is,being turned up,every minute every second every hour so,however facebook uses human reviewers to,improve and train their automated system,so in some cases manual review is done,on some ads so the ad review system,review as for violation of facebook,advertising policies so this review,process may include these specific,components of an app such as image video,or text and the targeting information as,well as the ad destination among other,information so an ad destination is,where an address be put to who click on,the ad such as the web page or the,landing page so based on the result of,the ad an ad is either rejected or,allowed to run so that is how the review,process works so we'll go ahead to check,out how long an ad review takes now to,tell us the truth before now,if i should set up an ad and publish it,it takes nothing less than 30 minutes to,one hour and the ass will become so,active but of recent because of kovid 19,and all that so for the past two years,the ad review process takes longer to,get reviewed all right so facebook also,doesn't help matter because,every now and then they are making,changes to their whole process and,before some of this algorithm will get,used to the new changes a whole lot of,useful time is being spent it's been,wasted so the ad review process usually,takes from as little as 30 minutes,up to,24 hours it's after 24 hours that if,your ad doesn't get reviewed you can now,go ahead to take the next step which is,to do what contact support or to fill up,the form the links to do all this will,be dropped in the description so most,ads are reviewed within 24 hours,although in some cases it may take,longer so you have to keep in mind that,ads may be reviewed again,including after they become active does,that make sense so if you want your ad,to start running on a specific date or,time in the future you can schedule your,ad does that make sense so that they can,be reviewed even before that time so,once it is time your ad will just begin,running so once the ad is submitted it,will go through ad review but won't,begin delivering until that date so that,is how to beat facebook through their,game so if eventually you want to start,running ads next week so you can start,today and start scheduling that ad,creator ad and publish it so that it,will go through the review process and,become active but will not start,delivering until that next week so we,have what are the limitations of reviews,so reviewing us from millions of,advertisers globally against facebook,advertising policy is essential but it,is not without challenges do so their,enforcement isn't perfect so their,algorithms and the people that they work,with actually make mistakes so whenever,they launch a new policy it can take,time for the virus algorithm to,enforce it in the system but over time,there,and machine get better and their,automated enforcement improves but then,always standing after a whole lot of,people have been burnt after a whole lot,of money is lost just imagine you want,to sell this hot product and eventually,facebook is delaying the review process,money is lost in the process time is,money people so limitations of the,review process that is done what happens,when you edit a previously scheduled or,running ads so when you edit a,previously scheduled or running ads a,whole lot of things happen so the,following changes to previously,scheduled or running as our ad set will,trigger a new review process so if you,make changes to your targeting wow so,after you've actually published your ad,and it's active and go ahead to maintain,it your targeting that can trigger a,whole new review process if you also,make changes to your creative for,example your image your text your links,or your videos that can go ahead to,trigger a whole new review process if,you go ahead to try to optimize your ads,or if you go ahead to change your,billing events does that make sense so,if you don't want to get your ads all,through the process of review again,please after it has been published make,sure you leave it as it is or you can,leave the previous one and make a,duplicate of the new one they cannot go,ahead to edit the new one does that make,sense so changes to your ads bid amount,budget or asset shadow will not trigger,a review so make sure that before you,publish that add everything is already,intact everything is already set and,it's already entered so that you don't,have to come back to make unnecessary,changes in future hello business owner,hope you are getting value from this,video all right so what happens when,every other things fail so contacting,facebook support is the best option to,try after 24 hours has passed so you,either get your ad approved or feedback,on what you need to change so there are,two options of contacting facebook,support it's either you contact them via,chat or through a help center form does,that make sense so if you're contacting,facebook support through chat you can go,through the link we dropped in the,description facebook business support,page so you'll be presented with a menu,from facebook online help center so,underneath this menu you'll see a,section entitled still need help contact,our support team so you can just go,through that and contact their support,so there's also a form that i can feel,online that will go a long way hope this,helps if you got value in this video,which i know you did but i had to smash,that subscribe button right away also,like and share this video don't forget,to keep on adding value because that is,only how the money can come more profits,to us peace out

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Facebook Ads Stuck In Review [WHAT TO DO🤔]

Facebook Ads Stuck In Review [WHAT TO DO🤔]

hey what's up guys this is Ali from my,social you calm and welcome back to my,youtube channel what do you do when your,facebook ads are stuck in under the view,or interview for a long period of time,I'm sure you've seen if you run Facebook,ads on a consistent basis sometimes we,place an ad everything looks good but it,stays in under the view or in process in,preview for a long long time and,actually guess what there's a way you,can contact Facebook and speed up the,review process so that's what we're,gonna talk about inside this video,Before we jump into the demo you know,what to do right yes make sure you,subscribe and hit the bell icon so you,get notifications of all of my future,videos alright let's jump in let me show,you what you can do if your facebook ads,are stuck in under review for a long,period of time basically what you are,gonna do is make sure you write down,this URL so slash business,slash help there you go so Facebook very,important that you maybe bookmark this,if you are gonna use this on consistent,basis again its backslash,business backlash help and then what you,will do is go down at the bottom,actually right here so the the chat,contact our support team and then the,chat option and basically they're gonna,the chats gonna open in your messenger,so if you click on that and then you're,gonna see a page like this chat with our,support team let's go through this so,make sure you have your name right put,your phone number in there pick your,Facebook email do put your ad account ID,so if your manage multiple ads you will,have to go back to the Facebook Ads,manager and look at the ad account ID,select your Facebook page from the,drop-down and then I believe,but you have to select from here right,here so my ad is pending in review this,option right here and then this is,optional more information I would say do,provide more information so maybe if,your ads are pending interview for 24,hours 48 hours so give them more details,here maybe if it's a video ad or image,ads whatever the details are do give,them more information here one thing I,would point out if your ads have been,stuck for less than 24 hours I would say,just wait if they're stuck for more than,24 hours then go and do this process and,then basically what's going to happen is,it will actually trigger a chat window,with Facebook advertisers support it'll,look something like this and they'll ask,you some more for more information,maybe confirm your account your IDs your,Facebook ad that that's in question and,then they will be able to look into it,in more detail and basically what they,do is the process is sometimes the,machine learning or algorithms it just,gets stuck so what they do is they do a,manual review and from what I've seen,like in couple of minutes or sometimes,in a couple of hours your ads does get,approved if everything is good so guys,this is how you can if your ads are,stuck in pending interview for Facebook,you can request you can contact them or,over the chat and then you can request a,manual review again the URL you want to,make sure you to write this down or,maybe bookmark this it's,slash business slash help that's the URL,and then hit on the the chat icon which,is right here I'm not sure if they're,open on weekends they might be I haven't,I don't remember but I know they're open,during the weekdays so super simple this,is how you can get your Facebook ads to,be reviewed and approved ASAP thank you,so much for watching before,go you know what to do make sure you,subscribe and it's a bell icon and I,will see you in the next video thanks

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