how long does it take for facebook ads to work

How long does it take to see results with facebook ads? | Facebook & Instagram Ad FAQsIt's Allie Blo

Allie Bloyd

Updated on Jan 17,2023

How long does it take to see results with facebook ads? | Facebook & Instagram Ad FAQs

It's Allie Bloyd. Today's question is, how long does it,take to see results from Facebook and Instagram ads. If,you find this video to be interesting or helpful, make,sure you subscribe to my channel, so you never miss,anything new.,How long does it take to see results from Facebook and,Instagram ads. So in terms of your testing timeframe, I would,give your initial testing campaigns. And that means your,first round, at least two weeks, that does not mean that you,won't be turning off some ads or ad sets, maybe even some,campaigns, probably not If you do it the right way. But,definitely some ads and ad sets will come off. That is not,really considered in the two week period, if something is not,producing results, or is producing results and an,exponentially higher rate than the other ad sets based on the,way you've structured this testing campaign, you can safely,turn those off, you don't have to keep wasting money on non,performers. Our goal is to weed out the non performers right,away in those testing campaigns. But when it comes to those other,ads, unless you are an E commerce business that sells,something, and that one sale is really your entire relationship,with that customer, you're not going to see the ultimate,results in a couple of weeks, if you are a business that sells,high ticket, you definitely should understand by now that,you don't typically get a lead and then close them on that high,ticket sale, the next day, there's a process the leads,gonna come in, maybe they'll schedule an appointment right,away, maybe it'll take him a couple of days to schedule, then,they're gonna have to wait for that appointment to happen.,Hopefully, you're able to close them on that first try. Not,everybody can. And sometimes not everybody will. And so maybe,there's a second call. There are also industries where people,have to apply for things, they have to get approved for things,,there is not going to be an instant transition from lead to,sale. Again, if you sell ecommerce, you should be trying,to generate those front end sales. But your long term game,plan should really focus on customer lifetime value, the,amount of times that you can sell to a customer, how much,they will spend with you. So ultimately, the true results,can't be seen right away. But that initial two week testing,campaign is really when I would consider you at least close to,being out of initial testing, then we're going to take the,winners from those campaigns. And we may continue to do some,testing with the winners. So this is not part of initial,testing, we've now found some data and some answers. And then,we're going to test additional elements, maybe we're changing,out a headline, or we're testing the same ad but to a different,audience. So that process can take a month, a month and a,half. Again, you should still be producing results during this,time. But they should improve as time goes on. And you make those,changes, not only to your front end ads, but to your back end,sales system and your funnel and your follow up campaigns and,your sales process that is going to make just as much if not a,greater impact on the amount of money you actually produce from,these campaigns. Most people, they want to see this immediate,instantaneous result. And I always find it a little ironic,that people who have, you know spent a year or more trying to,figure this out and not being able to, once they finally start,to see ads producing results, they then expect it to be this,overnight snap of the finger process. And unfortunately, if,you really step back and say Okay, does this make sense for,my business? Probably not. Let's look at my other customers that,I've had over the years. Do they all close the next day? No,people have a buying cycle that they go through your business,should have a certain length, on average in your buying cycle,,understanding that some people are going to close really,quickly in the short term, but that's usually going to be a,small percentage of them, then you're going to have those,medium timeframe leads that convert, then you're gonna have,those longer timeframe leads that convert. I've had so many,leads that are two years down the road convert through the,course of my business so it is not uncommon whatsoever. And you,need to be willing to be patient with this as you would with any,other type of advertising or any other big change that you are,implementing into your business. If you found this helpful, make,sure to subscribe to my channel. Like this video or And then if,you have questions thanks for watching

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i spent twenty dollars a day,for seven days on facebook ads and here,are the results hey guys,welcome to my channel so today i'm going,to be talking about,facebook ads as you guys know i do have,an,online boutique as some of you guys may,know i should say i do have an online,accessories boutique,and i decided to try out facebook ads,because i hear,a lot of good things about it i've used,facebook ads i believe,a couple like probably twice max in 2018,when i had my online clothing boutique,and based on those results from what i,remember it wasn't anything like really,significant and,i believe at that time i spent five,dollars,for a week or something like that i'm,excited to share my results with you,guys,so if you are interested definitely keep,on watching,if you are new to my channel i just want,to say hey welcome my name is donna i,make fashion,business videos and i would really love,it if you would hit that subscribe,button down below if you do,like this video and you want to see more,content for me and also give this video,a thumbs up because it'll really help,out my channel a lot so just keep in,mind that when you do run ads,you do have to run at least a few ads in,order to see what really works for your,business and what you should stick with,and what you know your potential,customers like,so when it comes to doing facebook ads,you cannot be scared to spend money and,you cannot be scared to try out,different techniques,so what i did this time is completely,different than what i'm doing now,i am running ads again and i did change,up a few things if you guys are,interested,in me doing another part sharing the,results that i get,again i could definitely do that i think,when it comes to facebook ads a lot of,times,a lot of people they think oh,advertising on social media,like i'll definitely be able to,see great results right away and my,brand is gonna skyrocket a lot of people,are just gonna love what i have,and they're gonna come flocking to my,store when really that is not the case,so the main reason i decided i wanted to,do facebook ads was because i wanted to,get,i wanted to gain more brand recognition,and i also just wanted,more people to visit my website as well,to see if that would bring in some more,sales,and it didn't screen record like the,process of me doing it because,it was completely new and i was trying,to make sure that i did everything,the right way so i'm just gonna put in,some screenshots for you guys to see,um so when you create a new campaign,there are some categories that you could,choose from,you could choose awareness consideration,and conversion,and for me i wanted to get com um,conversions then there's another,category where you could choose,something like lowest cost cost cap,bid cap and target cost and i was,actually going to do target costs,but they said that target costs will,soon be unavailable,and they recommend not using it because,i'll have to make the changes later,so i went with cost cap with because,they said that it was a similar,alternative with cost cap you control,your costs while getting the most,volume for the budget that you have and,with this i just put the daily budget at,twenty dollars because that's what,facebook had recommended,so twenty dollars a day it do let you,know that the,results may vary and you will most,likely spend,a little more or a little less just,depending but they also do let you know,that if you choose,lifetime budget you'll never spend more,than the amount that you choose,and if you choose daily budget you might,spend more on some days,and less on others to maintain the um,the average daily budget,so just be ready depending on what your,goal is,to spend a little more a little less and,based on the information that i put in,they said that the people that i should,reach,would be between 1.7k to 5k,and the amount of link click link clicks,would be between,44 and 128,so the payment summary came out to 140,dollars for the ad to be ran for seven,days so before i go into the results i,just want to,let you guys know a little more,information,so i'm i'm doing this so that if you,guys are interested you'll have an idea,on,what you may experience as well so the,facebook ads aren't just ran on facebook,they are also ran,on instagram so instagram stories,instagram feed,are in the explore page so i created,this campaign,on october 24th and they,approved my ad and everything to start,running on october 25th,and the end date was on halloween,october 31st came out to me spending um,136.32 so,it is about four dollars less than the,estimated amount of money that,um i was going to spend and facebook ad,manager does bill you daily so,i did receive a bill of 25 dollars,for the october 25th to october 26th,i was also billed 25 from october,25th to october 27th,and i was billed 25 for october 26,to october 28th and then i was billed,35 from october 28th to,october 30th so i definitely noticed an,increase in my,insights on instagram and i'll put a,screenshot in so that you guys can see,so my objective was to get link click,quite like you're saying link link links,link,clicks so people can visit my website,when it came to,my performance i actually,surpassed what they estimated so,landing page views came out to 415 and i,did notice a difference when i was on my,shopify account,and i would check every day i noticed,that i had about,100 more people visiting my website,daily,and um i got 415 landing page views,i was able to reach 23 903 people i got,um,635 link clicks from facebook so based,on the information and all of the,results,um i did get more people to notice my,brand,but um none of that converted into sales,based on the estimated reach in link,link lake,so they said that the max reach would be,5,000 but i got 23 000 so,23 000 plus so something that i did not,note here that i forgot to,really note that i think i could go back,into my facebook and see okay so my,camera died so things may look a little,different i had to like rearrange,something but i think where i left off,was i was trying to tell you guys about,the audience when it comes to your,audience you really want your,audience to be defined you don't want,them to say that your audience is really,broad,and you should try to narrow it down as,much as possible,and that's kind of what i'm doing now,with the ads that i'm running narrowed,it down to specific places within the,united states instead of being so broad,and saying like everywhere in the united,states um something that i also learned,too is that you should think about your,brand and,the type of people that you truly want,to,target don't just put something that is,really really broad because you're,thinking that the more people you reach,the better,you want to reach people who are more,likely to,purchase something or more likely to be,interested in,shopping with you and this time around,too with the new ads that i'm running i,also put that i wanted an,engaged shopper to be,part of that audience because i want to,see if that actually,makes a difference i believe that is,everything that i wanted to mention in,today's video i feel like i probably did,leave,some stuff out like i probably got,thrown off because my camera died i had,to wait for it to charge and stuff but,if you guys have any questions or you,want to see me do anything else with,facebook ads definitely let me know down,below,give this video a thumbs up if you did,find it helpful or,interesting i am definitely no expert in,ads,i'm still trying to learn thank you guys,so much for watching and i'll see you in,my next video

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