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Verify Facebook Business Manager in 2022: Help Prevent Ad Account Shut Downs (Updated Method)In this

Andrew Hubbard

Updated on Jan 21,2023

Verify Facebook Business Manager in 2022: Help Prevent Ad Account Shut Downs (Updated Method)

In this video,,you're going to learn how to get your Facebook business manager account verified,in just a few minutes. Now,,even if the start verification button is currently great out for you,,and you're unable to start the process, don't worry.,This video will show you exactly how to fix it.,This whole process takes just a few minutes from start to finish.,So let's dive straight in. Okay.,So the first thing you wanna do is like this video, if you find it helpful.,So it really does help the channel. If you tap that like button,,it helps get this video in front of more people to help them get their business,manager account verified as well. So I really do appreciate it, but seriously,,onto the first step, which is to go to the Facebook business manager.,Once you're there, you need to go to your business manager settings. So for me,,it's down in the bottom left,,I've got my businessman and just settings the button that I can click if you're,using the business suite, because I know some people have been upgraded to that,,then you just need to find how to access the business settings from that screen.,So for me, I'm going to click on business settings.,Once you're in business settings. If you go down and click on security center,,you'll notice that business verification is most likely great air out.,So you'll have either continue or start verification.,And that process won't be enabled yet, but don't worry.,I'm about to show you how to do that.,So what you need to do is go back over to the menu on the left and under,accounts. You need to click on apps.,Now what we're gonna do is we're going to add a new app.,Now don't worry if you've tried this in the past and the method of creating an,app, hasn't worked for you. This is actually an, an updated way of doing it.,So this should work. Even if creating an app, hasn't worked for you in the past.,There's a few differences here. So click on, create a new app ID,,and then we're going to choose games. So create a HTML five game,,hosted on Facebook and click next.,Enter anything for the display name and click create out.,Enter your password hit, submit, okay. From here,,you simply need to click on our setup under games.,I agree and click confirm. All right,,now we just need to enter a few quick details for this game.,All of this is dummy data. We're not gonna enter anything real. Now,,the other thing you might be worried about here is that because we're entering,dummy data, Facebook, mightn't like it.,But what we're going to do is we'll do this process and then we'll come back.,We're going to actually delete this app and remove it all.,So it's nice and clean and there's nothing left in the background.,So you don't need to worry about that at all. So come in here,,enter something for the tagline, enter your name for the publisher.,If you want choose a category and just choose anything,,I just choose action and then scroll down and we're just going to hit save,changes. Okay.,The next step here is to go up to your app settings and choose basic.,And we're just going to enter a few more details here.,So we need a privacy policy URL. Uh, you can put in your actual privacy policy,,or I just put in Google in this case.,And then I just copy and paste that into the user deletion section here,,going to upload an app icon.,This can be any image as long as it's 10 24 by 10 24 pixels.,I'll include a link in the description below.,If you just want to use the blank image that I use as well in case that's,helpful. So click that, choose your file.,I'm gonna choose my nice blue square icon here.,And we've got an app icon. Now you can see here,,my verification button is still gray out. Uh,,so I'm just going to save these changes again.,And now the next step is actually to go over here to app review on the left,,click that and click permissions and features. Now what you'll notice here,,if you scroll down a little bit,,some of these features actually say only available with business verification.,So choose one of the features that say that and click request,,and then click continue. Now from here,,all we need to do is go back to settings basic. And if you scroll down,,now you can see the start verification or in my case,,complete verification button is actually enabled. So at this point,,you can actually go and start to complete the verification process.,That is the first big hurdle complete.,So what we wanna do is click star verification or complete verification,,click that button, and we're going to go and begin the verification process.,This is pretty easy.,So the first thing you wanna do enter your business details.,That's the first step, enter the legal name of your business.,It's really important here that the legal name you enter matches your official,business documents.,So whatever is on your certificate of formation or your official business,formation documents must be entered exactly the same here as the legal name of,business. Okay? Choose your country, enter your address.,So I'm just gonna pop in an example, address here,,but you should put in your real address.,So the address you enter here needs to match exactly what's on your official,business documents,,enter your business website and just hit next.,So what Facebook does now is they've just searched some public databases and,they will try and find your business. So have a look through this list.,If you can see your business name with the correct address list,,all you need to do is select that and click next. If however,,you don't see your business listed, maybe the name is there,,but the address is incorrect. Or maybe it's not there at all.,Then you simply click none of these match, click next.,And if you've chosen none of these match,,it's now going to ask you to verify your business name.,So you need to upload legal documents to verify the name of your business.,In my case,,I just use the certificate of formation and that worked perfectly fine,,but you can upload anything that's on this list. So upload the document,,click next on that next screen.,You'll just need to verify your business address or phone number.,I chose phone number because it was quick and easy. And then after that,,you just need to choose a verification method, go through that final step.,And then we'll what's gonna happen is you'll submit your application for,verification. And usually within three days,,Facebook are going to approve that for you.,But if it's not approved within three days, don't panic. Just wait.,They will get back to you. Sometimes it does take a little longer.,The other thing I'll mention here is this only works for incorporated,businesses. It doesn't work for so traders or into Jules.,So you do need to have a registered company.,If you're going to register your business manager,,it's just something important to note there.,So once you've got your business officially verified,,the last thing to do is just to go back and clean up that app that we created as,part of the process.,So all you need to do is go back over to the app screen here. Uh,,the other way to access that is from the business settings menu, go to apps,,select your app here and click open in app dashboard.,It's going bring you back to that app screen. Now to delete the app,,you just go to settings, advance,,scroll down at the very bottom it's got remove app.,So you like remove app hit, remove, and that will officially delete the app.,Once you enter your password and submit it, but just remember,,make sure you are verified before you go back and delete the app. Now,,if this video is helped, all I ask is that you tap that like button.,It makes a huge difference to the channel. And if you want to hear more from me,,make sure you subscribe and hit that little bell to get notified.,Whenever I release a new video. Thanks for watching.,I hope this video has helped and I'll see you in the next one. Bye.

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Facebook Identity Verification = Less Ad Account Shut Downs

Facebook Identity Verification = Less Ad Account Shut Downs

yo what's going on guys,welcome back to the channel my name is,nick tario and today i want to discuss,with you guys something new that i,recommend,every single one of you guys that's,running facebook ads maybe if you're a,shopify business owner and you have an,ad account and stuff like that,basically if you have a facebook ads,account and you're running and spending,money on paid advertising or,planning on to you need to make sure to,do this and that is,facebook identification verification so,basically what you do is you submit some,documents to facebook and allows you to,verify your identity with facebook prove,you're a real person and also helps out,without account,shutdowns so before i show you how to do,that in this video make sure you hit the,like button and hit that subscribe,button for new videos every other day,similar to this one so let's get started,guys,so facebook id verification essentially,what you're doing is,you're telling facebook and showing,facebook you're a real person,it's very simple to do uh you just need,a driver's license and you literally,just need a mailing address that,facebook can send you a letter in the,mail you type in some code and it proves,that hey you're a real person at this,address here's your license here's your,your identity has been confirmed by,facebook that you're a real person,now the reason why this is important is,because when you're running and spending,money on ad accounts and stuff we all,have seen it before at ten to ten we,have problems where if ad accounts get,shut down,randomly you know you you'll still like,cross a boundary with facebook in terms,of like,disrupting a rule and stuff but you have,a higher chance of getting your,advertising access restricted and maybe,the ad account getting completely banned,versus just a stop on the wrist saying,this ad account isn't approved or this,ad isn't approved,now when you verify your identity with,facebook you're showing your real person,and you're increasing your trust factor,with facebook,showing them your real person and all,that so super simple to do it's,something you're not going to see any,results from,but maybe it's going to help you with a,potential shutdown in the future,and it's something i recommend doing,when you're running facebook ads in 2021,and something,i recommend to start doing now so that,way you do it today you get the letter,in the mail about a week ago a week from,now,and you know you'll have less of a,chance in the future for getting your ad,account shut down,so let's get started of how to actually,do that so what you need to do is simply,go to your facebook go to your personal,profile,page and then up in the top corner right,here you can see some stuff,um and you want to click on settings and,privacy and then you want to click on,settings now when you get to settings,you should see something about identity,confirmation and it'd be like confirm,your identity to do things like run ads,about social issues elections or,politics now again we're not running any,of those particular campaigns but we're,still gonna do it anyway to prove to,facebook that we're,real we're a real person so simply click,view and when you click view,um it should ask you for something like,your,password something like that i just did,it so didn't have to do it but,you're going to get right here it would,be confirm your identity you might be,asked to provide proof of your identity,if you want to do things like run ads,about social issues,elections or politics this is to help us,ensure facebook is a safe place for our,whole community so again just proving,your real person proving to facebook you,know they can trust you you're not just,some random person,who you know has like fake identity,running in a facebook page and stuff,spending a bunch of money and purchasing,these ads and stuff,you know just again increasing that,trust factor so but so if we click on,this one right here running ads about,social issues or politics you you simply,like i said,i just completed it and stuff like that,so you know two factor off,authorization super simple just confirm,your phone number,someone logs on your facebook they,request your phone number first before,they can access any of your stuff so,super simple to do primary country,location so this is already gonna do,like um you know you give facebook your,mailing address and everything they're,gonna send you a letter in the mail,literally just gonna have a number on it,you type it in so,very easy to do and then your personal,id so your driver's license i think you,need front and back,you submit it to facebook and they're,gonna verify your information,so again easy to do this is literally,just something that,you can do really quick i'll take five,minutes to do and it'll help you out in,the future you're gonna increasing that,trust factors and help you out in the,future with you know ad account,shutdowns and stuff i don't want you to,watch this video and think you're gonna,be unstoppable after like i'm never,gonna get an account shut down again,because that's far from the truth if,you're clearly,violating facebook's terms of policy,you're gonna get shut down regardless,but this is gonna help out with getting,a slap on the risk of an ad,a disapproval and the machine just,randomly shutting down your account,thinking,hey they running some bad ad their id,isn't even confirmed,the person that's running it so maybe,it's a hacker or something like that,that's just spending a bunch of money,spreading some false information out,there so you're gonna hurt and quickly,ban your account to prevent,anything like that uh where verifying,your identity they're like oh well this,is nick you know he's a good person he,he's trusted with us he's going through,all the process we know he's a real,person and stuff so,let's just disapprove that ad make him,get it reapproved and stuff so,again if you won't see a clear result,clear tangible result to this,like you know something as simple as,increasing your creative which gets you,a better cpc and all that good stuff but,it's something that it's just gonna be,better prepared for you it's just,something that's taking a safety,precaution to ensure you have a great,time on facebook down the line because,trust me you don't wanna get on their,bad end or it's a pain in the,ass so quick just final words recommend,do this get it done,super simple get it set up you're gonna,regret in the future again,if you're an ecom business owner spend,at least a thousand dollars per day,on facebook or paid advertising in,general make sure you click the link,below book a call with me,and we'll actually go through your ad,account stuff and figure out what we can,do to further scale your business like,we did for multiple,other accounts and scaled up multiple,other brands to 400k plus per month in,revenue so if you enjoyed this video,make sure the like button if you're new,to the channel make sure you hit that,subscribe,button and i post new videos every other,day similar to this one,and you make sure you want to stick,around it's about that time guys again,my name is nick tario i hope you enjoyed,this video and i'll be back,soon talk to you guys later peace

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