how long are ads on peacock

Peacock Premium is Just $2 & Getting Tons of New Shows alrighty everyone hope you're doing well,i wa

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Updated on Jan 10,2023

Peacock Premium is Just $2 & Getting Tons of New Shows

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Peacock Premium is Just $2 & Getting Tons of New Shows

alrighty everyone hope you're doing well,i wanted to go ahead and record a short,video today and talk about peacock now,peacock has some big changes coming up,over the next month and they also have a,really good deal going on in september,as well right now you can get peacock,premium for either a dollar 99 a month,for up to 12 months,or if you want to get the annual plan,you can get that for 19.99,for an entire year,normally it's either 499 a month or,49.99 per year,so you do save 60 percent now a big,change that is happening with peacock,and this is i suppose the reason why,they're doing this promotion,is that a ton of shows that previously,went,from nbc to hulu the next day are now,going to be peacock exclusives,so just kind of going through the list,here,got an article pulled up from variety,some of those shows include the lawn,order franchise the chicago franchise,uh the tonight show starring jimmy,fallon saturday night live the voice,america's got talent i know for me,really since the early days of hulu i've,associated,hulu with the place as where i go to,watch saturday night live on sunday,afternoons so this is going to be a big,change for me,and i suppose for a lot of other people,that watch these shows as well,now there are some shows that will,remain on hulu such as a lawn order svu,and this is us the mindy project 30 rock,but starting on september 19th,those shows that i mentioned earlier,like the voice and snl,are going to be exclusively on peacock,the exception for this is going to be if,you are a hulu plus live tv subscriber,you'll still get the live nbc channels,as well as bravo and e which they own as,well,you could record shows through there,but for everyone else you will have to,have peacock to watch these shows going,forward now peacock doesn't get as much,attention as some of the other streaming,services,i think their originals are,not quite as exciting as what we see,from disney plus or netflix however,there are several reasons i think a lot,of people would want to consider signing,up for peacock one of those is going to,be sunday night football,if you get peacock premium you can,stream that,there are several different shows and,movies coming out in the fall,there's going to be a series based on,the book series of vampire academy,coming out,uh there is going to be also a show,based on the pitch perfect franchise,different movies like jurassic world uh,nope,that was the,jordan peel horror film that came out,recently that will eventually come to,peacock and oddly enough peacock is also,the home for yellowstone which is,actually a paramount production but they,have the streaming rights to that so,anyway i try to keep you guys informed,as far as any special offers that come,up with streaming services over time you,don't want to check out my website on my,deals page shelley stream it dot com,forward slash deals i've been trying to,update that more frequently as always if,you like this video make sure to give a,thumbs up and subscribe to this channel,to stay up to date with all things,streaming,you

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