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Fix Facebook Ad iOS 14 Problems (New Way To Run Facebook Ads 2022)so in today's video what we're goi

Tristan Parker

Updated on Jan 20,2023

Fix Facebook Ad iOS 14 Problems (New Way To Run Facebook Ads 2022)

so in today's video what we're going to,be talking about is how to overcome the,post ios 14 apocalypse now despite the,changes being over 12 months ago we're,still actually having conversations with,business owners and prospects today who,are still struggling with the changes,that took place on ios 14. now if you're,not aware the changes that took place on,ios 14 meant that the users of apple,phones were able to opt out of being,retargeted with advertisement apple have,allowed them to not see advertisements,from,brands or businesses which is great for,user experience but as an advertisement,agency and brands such as yourself this,has been a huge pain in the ass and i've,heard time and time again that,businesses have started to die or the,ads have just not been performing after,the ios update so in this video we're,going to talk through a couple of things,that are really going to help you bring,your ads back to life a couple of,changes that you can make to your ads,and your business manager to just really,get the most out of the facebook ad,platform because ultimately despite a,lot of people jumping ship and going to,the likes of tick tock or google ads,which is fine the facebook ads platform,still does work very very well,now one of the biggest drawbacks to the,ios update is that facebook as an,advertisement platform now physically,has less visibility over actions that,people take so for example if you are a,brand or store and you're sending,traffic to your website and you want to,be able to retarget everyone that added,to cart it's going to be a little bit,more difficult because if they're on ios,and they have opted out you're not going,to be able to do that now if they have,opted in or if they're on android you,are still going to be able to do that,which is why the advertisement still,works what this means is is just the,typical audience pool that we would have,pre ios is significantly smaller which,means that we just have to be mindful of,that when we are trying to build our,audience pools so previously pre-irs,when creating a retargeting campaign of,any sort you would easily be able to,create an audience pool for say for,example if someone had visited your,website you can say you could ask,facebook to retarget them over 30 60 or,90 days and that would work these days,you can still do that but what i,recommend is just keeping the time,period up to 90 days because that's,going to give you the longest window,whereas this audience pool is going to,be larger than if you were to say 30,days we'd also create a separate,audience for events so for example if,they added to cart it would create that,as a custom audience now we are still,doing these things but also on top of,that you want to start looking in,platform now i've spoken about off,platform but now we need to start,looking at in platform so things like,video views exposure to facebook pages,or instagram pages or even on platform,shopping ads okay we want to create,audience pools for each one of these,things and we end up with a list of,audiences that we can target okay so now,when we're creating ads to retarget to,people that have visited our site added,to cart or even engaged with us what we,want to do is we want to stack all of,those into one single audience so,typically we say don't stack things but,in this instance we're going to be,stacking all of those custom audiences,and that's just going to give us a,larger pool of people that we can,retarget to but don't worry because this,pool of people is still going to be,really nice and refined compared to if,you were reaching out to cold audiences,which means that your cpms are going to,be a lot smaller and your cost per,conversion is typically going to be a,lot smaller as well so yeah i just,wanted to make this video because i know,a lot of businesses do rely heavily on,retargeting and being able to remarket,to their people that visited their site,or even added to cart or even previous,customers whatever it might be it is,still possible in facebook yes things,have become a little bit more difficult,but it's not possible and if you,implement these things that i've said to,you today you're gonna have a much,better higher success rate than if you,want so if you've got any questions,please do let me know down in the,comments if you found this valuable,please give it a thumbs up i'd really,appreciate it and if you haven't,subscribed to the channel yet i would,appreciate that too now have a great day,there's more videos coming up on the end,screen and i'll see you in the next,video bye,you

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iOS 14 - What Will Happen To Facebook Ads?!

iOS 14 - What Will Happen To Facebook Ads?!

hi guys it's ben heath from lead guru,and in this video,i'm going to talk about how the updates,with ios 14,are going to affect facebook ads and it,seems at this stage we don't know of,course but it seems at this stage like,those changes are going to be very very,significant,that's when we're covering this video,what's going to happen and how you can,prepare for it now,so that um you don't don't suffer too,much and you potentially take advantage,of this situation that's what we're,covering,in this video before we get into that,when i very quickly ask you to smash,that like button please click that,thumbs up button,and go ahead and subscribe to my youtube,channel if you are new for more facebook,advertising,related content so i'm actually what you,can see in front of you right now,is facebook's um effectively a support,document if you can call it that,where they're talking about how apple's,ios 14 release may affect your ads,um and there's some really interesting,information in here and i think,quite a few of us in the industry are,kind of shocked at the impact,this seems like it's going to have so,i'm going to talk about through what's,going to change what that's going to,mean,and then sort of basically speculate,about what the impact that might be,we don't know there may be that this has,less of an impact than we expected to,may have more um it may be that other,changes are made alongside this that,counter,what's going on here so i have to stress,that we don't exactly know what the,ramification is going to be and this,will be something that i'm creating lots,of content on,over the the coming sort of weeks and,months as this as this plays out,in in early 2021 and beyond,but firstly what's going to happen so,the changes well let me read the first,paragraph and i'm going to read through,this whole thing and i'll go through,some,important points that i think can be,really key and i've also made some notes,because i really want to um,to stress some of the the important,things and you know this is this is a,big one guys so definitely pay attention,and you might want to take some notes as,well,so this is what facebook have said here,apple has announced changes with ios 14,that will impact how we receive and,process,conversion events from tools like the,facebook pixel,okay businesses that advertise mobile,apps as well as those that optimize,target,and report on web conversion events from,any of our business tools,will be affected that is an enormous,statement,right basically they're saying if you're,running conversion campaigns you're,going to be affected by this,well if you follow my stuff and what,most facebook advertisers recommend and,where we see the best results,it's with conversion campaigns for the,vast majority of businesses,and how is it going to be affected well,they've mentioned that it's going to be,affected in terms of optimization,in terms of targeting and in terms of,reporting on data,three of the main massive pillars of,facebook advertising,as i said the extent to which this is,going to be affected we don't know yet,i'm going to get through to some uh,some details soon but um but yeah so,let's run through some of the things,that are going to happen and how that's,going to affect things,so one of the big ones that we're going,to see in early 2021 at least as far as,far as i'm aware if i understood things,correctly,is that um facebook well within the,facebook and instagram apps,users are going to effectively be asked,if they want,that app so in this case facebook or,instagram to be able to track their,activity online,to be able to track the actions they,take on various websites that's going to,be basically a pop-up that occurs,most people i think are going to say no,most people will go no i don't want them,to go to track my website now it,will be it will be sort of pitched as,this will help um,facebook and instagram provide you with,a more personalized ad experience so you,see ads for products and services that,you're interested in as opposed to just,random stuff um so not everyone's gonna,click no i certainly wouldn't i'd rather,see ads i'm gonna see ads anyway on this,platform so i'd rather see ads for,things that i'm interested in,so facebook needs that data to work it,out but a lot of people will take no,particularly with the,privacy issues have been in the press,recently and all that sort of stuff,when people tick no it seems as though,facebook,on ios devices at least it may well,extend facebook may well extend these,rules to other,like android devices on a computer we,don't really know yet that's that's,seemingly a bit unclear,but they may explain the rules but on,ios devices they will not be able to,track,the actions very well that people take,now of course to run a successful,conversions campaign,you need to be able to tell facebook,what a conversion is and you,facebook know that using pixel data and,tracking the actions people take on your,website,so it seems as though that functionality,is going to be impaired so what does,that mean that means you aren't going to,be able to get,well i should say with all this it may,mean because we're not 100 sure,it may mean that you aren't able to see,as,good data as you see right now so now we,know that,you can send someone through to your,website and you can track if they view,content if they add it to cart if they,initiated checkout they purchased all,that sort of stuff,depending on your business obviously you,might not be able to get all that data,in fact it very much seems like you,won't be able to get all that data,particularly if someone is taking that,action on an ios device,which as we know represents a good chunk,not not the majority but a lot of,um sort of the interactions that take,place post facebook ads are going to be,on,an ios ios device with a mobile or,tablet or something like that,so that reporting in terms of the data,you see is is going to be affected,but that's sort of not the only thing,that that,infects it doesn't just affect your data,you might be thinking well that's not an,issue because i can just,take a you know i can run a new campaign,i can see based on total sales volume,the impact that's had yadda yadda but it,also affects the optimization process,both from you as a facebook advertiser,but also from facebook,facebook relies on that data to be able,to work,out how to improve your campaigns it's,why campaigns have been running a long,time,often improving performance is because,facebook's going aha well you gave us,this audience to advertise to but we've,worked out that within this audience,these people convert better we've worked,out that they converted this time of day,did they convert through these placement,options that they convert with all these,different variables right if the ability,for facebook to work out,what is a conversion and what is not a,conversion,goes away or is at least diminished it's,going to affect their ability to uh,to optimize and also your ability to,optimize if you can't see which ads for,example generated the conversions and,things like that,i'm not saying that you're not going to,see any of that information it doesn't,seem like that's going to be the case,right,as i said we don't exactly know how this,is going to play out at the moment but,it seems like,some of that information is not made,available and it's going to be more,difficult for you to optimize the,campaigns as well,now i know that some of this stuff seems,very negative i do have some positives,coming out of this at the end,so please stick around for those if,you're thinking oh no what's going on,but you know on the face of it there's,definitely going to be some challenges,coming up with that with this sort of,stuff okay so we know reporting's gonna,be affected,we know that optimization both from you,as a facebook advertiser and facebook as,a platform itself is gonna be affected,effective negatively another way that,this is gonna be affected is if facebook,is not able,to track what people do online as well,as they are right now,that's also going to affect targeting,because,you've almost certainly had this,experience particularly if you're,interested in facebook instagram,advertising where you've all of a sudden,thought about buying something or,booking a trip or whatever right you i,did this recently i've used this example,before but with all the lockdowns and,everything's been going on i basically,set up a home gym in my garage so i was,researching home gym equipment and,weight training,plates and all that sort of stuff right,and as soon as i started doing that,of course all my ads on facebook and,instagram i'm just,full of home gym equipment,right now obviously how has that,happened well,a big part of that is that the pixel was,on a lot of the websites you know,facebook pixel was installed a lot of,websites that i visited obviously,and therefore facebook can see aha,this user is clearly in the market for,these sorts of products right now,i would have been included in interest,to do with,weight training and home gym and,exercise and equipment and things like,that,therefore those advertisers that are,advertising to those interests will have,been able to will have,been automatically targeting me as i,moved into,that interest targeting option now,assume that,facebook isn't able to see that me as a,facebook user because i've disabled,you know i said no i don't want facebook,and instagram to be able to track me,online,they aren't able to see that i'm taking,those online activities,how was facebook and instagram going to,know,how to categorize me as a user in what,i'm interested in,so it may be that a lot of interest,targeting options are affected,by this as well and you can see from,that from that very first thing there,you know facebook say,businesses that advertise mobile apps as,well as those,that optimize target and report on web,conversion events,from any of our business tools will be,affected,um and that's those are the three things,i've talked about you know the,optimization the targeting,and the reporting are all going to be,effective i've got some other notes here,i'm just going to create glasses,it's quite a lot to to unpack here um,when is this going to happen so it seems,like facebook is going to start um,it seems like this is going to happen in,in early 2021 i don't have a more,specific timeframe than that from what,i've seen but that seems like,that's when users of both facebook,instagram will be asked if they are,happy,for those apps to be able to track the,activity they do online,they're going to either be able to say,yes or no some of the impact of this,change,is going to be the percentage of people,that say yes or no we don't really know,that,i suspect the majority of people will,say no,um which you know on the face of it,isn't great,if i'm honest i said this positive is,coming but isn't great,and um and that we think is gonna happen,early 2021 whether that's you know,second week of jan or later,who knows right we will basically uh,basically see,right what else have i got here um yes,i've talked about tracking i've talked,about optimization i've talked about,targeting,three major points um,okay a few other things i need to say at,this point you may have been listening,to this,and and if your business reliant on,facebook ads or you're generating,customers from facebook ads consistently,you may be panicking a little bit the,first thing i say is look don't panic we,do,not know what the impact of this is,going to be we do not know if facebook's,going to come up with other ways of,working out who's interested in other,stuff they do use other,other mechanisms for assigning interest,targeting not just online activity,um so there's that we don't know,um how much data is and it,isn't going to be available it may be,that the change is very insignificant,um you know it could be that this you,know facebook ads is affected by five,percent ten percent it could be that,expected,a lot more than that um and everything,in between will know a lot more once it,starts so,there's no point in panicking right now,before you know what's going to happen,so just please try and not worry at this,stage,before we know in more detail okay,it's very easy to do it's very much,human nature to sort of worry about,stuff,but um but try your best not to and it,would not surprise me in the slightest,if actually this doesn't have that much,of an impact,okay there's been other events happening,before where people have gone oh this is,going to have the biggest impact in the,world facebook advertising,and actually it hasn't okay this could,be,one of those may not be could be more,significant if conversion campaigns are,severely impacted and we're forced to,use other campaign objectives then,it could be more significant but um but,we will see so don't panic at this stage,right,i think it's fairly safe to say that,this is not going to be good for the,majority of facebook advertisers in the,short run,unfortunately i think if if you're if,you're using a lot of conversion,campaigns,um i think we are likely to see,a negative impact i said i don't know,how much could be small could be large,to those campaigns in the short run um,things happen things change particularly,in highly dynamic industries like,facebook advertising,but i think in the longer run,there can be some real real positives,that come out of this and it may well be,that,to get as good results as you're,currently getting or you were getting,previously,you have to change your approach instead,of obviously giving up on the platform,so what i mean by that is there are a,lot of sort of fair weather facebook,advertisers i'm sure you're aware of,this um hopefully you're not one of them,you're yourself where they kind of have,a little dabble,if it's easy for them to get really good,results they'll carry on but if they,have to put in any time and effort,they're just going to give up,um if the costs rise even a little bit,they're not profitable,not very well set up businesses not,thinking about the long term,if it gets hard in any way they'll just,jump ship right,there's a lot of businesses that,advertise on facebook who fall into that,category and part of that's because,facebook is such a good advertising,platform right,they these are sorts of businesses that,test a whole bunch of different,platforms,facebook ads works really well boom,let's run with that let's spend the load,on the platform and they pop up like,that,well a lot of those businesses are going,to leave if,if facebook ads is negatively affected,in any significant way,and conversion campaigns are less,effective less profitable,a lot of those business is going to,leave what does that do that's going to,reduce the cost of facebook advertising,it's going to drop cpms,so it may well be that those that are,willing to sort of stick through those,what may be a little bit of a difficult,time maybe a few months or so,of working out new processes come out,the other side in actually a better,situation,because there's less competition there's,lower costs and if you,find a way and i'll we'll certainly be,working on this and i'll certainly be,sharing,material on this find a way to make um,your campaigns really effective you,might actually end up being in a better,position,okay these things have happened in the,past for sure you can make something,harder,and that can happen so that is um that,is a really key point that i wanted to,uh to get across is that this is,certainly not,all doom and gloom on that point,i think that facebook is taking,some steps here,i mean obviously they're reacting to,what apple have done right,but facebook are taking some steps here,almost in self-regulation like these big,tech companies are self-regulating to,some extent,i think for the long run that is,positive does that mean we're gonna you,know you're still gonna be able to,retarget nine different levels and that,sort of stuff,well most likely not but,what we don't want those of us that work,in this industry,those of us that rely um you know we,have lots of clients and there's lots of,people that follow my content that,facebook ads is,a very important customer client,acquisition channel for their business,they rely on it to a great extent,we don't want severe government,intervention,coming in and making,um facebook ads make really drastic and,negative changes basically by force,if we can self-regulate to avoid a lot,of that stuff coming up in the first,place,um and by we i mean you know obviously,facebook and that lot,themselves i think there are advantages,to doing that i think that if,potentially smaller steps can be taken,voluntarily,it'll stop really large steps being,taken,by force so i think there's some,recognition of,we have to know in this industry that,there are people concerned about privacy,issues and tracking and all that sort of,stuff,and we want to get ahead of that right,okay um,right what do i see what do i think is,going to happen most,likely with how this is going to go,going forward,i think facebook will be working,tremendously hard,on this issue at the moment and trying,to make sure,that their advertisers aren't negatively,impacted,much as little as possible if at all,because obviously they do not facebook,do not want to lose advertisers,advertisers are their customers,and that that's what props up the you,know multi multi multi billion,dollar evaluation that the company has,if advertisers,leave they're going to suffer so fast is,going to do everything it can to prevent,that from happening,i think that they may well come up stuff,that i can't predict right now,i think that there are other ways that,things can be,done so you can achieve a similar,outcome but perhaps with a different,setup,so i would say the balance of most,service-based businesses now,the majority of them are running,conversion campaigns,generating leads via their website if,this change has a big impact on,conversion campaigns to a website,does the shift turn more towards lead ad,campaigns going forward,i don't know at this stage it may well,do there are concerns about lead ad,campaigns around the quality but if that,becomes the norm and adjustments are,made and things like that,that concern may well go away we may see,that lead ads perform particularly well,instead of facebook being able to track,what happens to a lot of uh,e-commerce stores like external,e-commerce stores because they're not,able to track,target optimize et cetera as well are,people going to be doing using facebook,shops and and,doing more stuff on facebook because of,course facebook will track all of that,you know if you're taking actions if,people are taking actions on facebook,then facebook's still going to be able,to track that that information and use,that,for targeting for optimization for,delivery and things like those it's why,they say here,you know businesses that advertise,mobile apps or those that optimize,target and report on web,conversion events are going to be,affected they're not talking about if,you're running a lead ad campaign or,or on facebook specific campaigns and,that's maybe,and you know i say facebook could be,similar to instagram as well maybe,that's,the direction that we end up taking what,i'm trying to get at here,is that there's certainly going to be um,opportunities out of any change that is,made,okay it may well be that some of you can,better stop advertising if they can't,work it out if you can work it out,you might win out of these changes even,on the face of it they seem negative,towards facebook advertisers,if you're involved in the industry as an,agency standpoint like i own a facebook,ads agency,what do i think is going to happen i,think that this change in the short run,might be fairly positive for our,business models because i think if we,can,sort of lead the way and work out how to,get good results,under a new paradigm if indeed that's,what happens you know we may see that,the changes are very insignificant and,all of this is sort of worrying about,nothing but if we do see things shift,significantly,more and more facebook advertisers more,business advertising on facebook that,perhaps used to have good results and,ran it themselves,now need expert help to help them out so,it could again in a sort of funny,way be good for you if you were involved,in the,selling facebook ads services space in,the,in the agency game um whenever there's,changes there's always challenges and,there's always opportunities and,i think we're most likely going to see,changes here i can't say for sure i,think we're most likely,and i think it's going to be challenging,and there's going to be opportunities,and i think,if you go into this with the right,mindset if you know what no matter what,changes they make,i'm going to work out how to make it,work for my business because,for for facebook ads to work for your,business just like any sort of marketing,platform that's a competitive,environment,you don't have to hit like some,arbitrary goals you just have to,out-compete your competition,because the cost of facebook ads is,always going to drop to the point at,which,it's profitable for most advertisers,because,if it wasn't those people would stop,advertising and the cost would keep,coming down like it's always gonna find,that equilibrium right,where it's still profitable for the,majority of advertisers otherwise,people stop advertising and the price,will drop drop until you reach that,point,so in order to win with the platform no,matter what changes,no matter what changes they make you,have to out compete the competition,in order for it to be profitable for you,that may mean the cpm's half or drop by,you know five percent who knows um so if,you go into the attitude of like i'm,going to do a better job with this than,my competition,i know that that means i will still be,able to advertise on facebook going,forward,and it may well be an opportunity for me,if i can work out new and innovative,ways,of making things happen if the odd way,of doing things has uh,has not worked out as well so as i said,um,we don't really know what's going to,happen that's some of the thought,process i would strongly recommend going,through this,uh this document if you've got app,installed campaigns there's more,information around here,you can see that facebook talk about,there's other things by the way there's,like ad creation limits,as you can see in here there are um,attribution window limits so,we no longer be able to track 28 day,click it's going all the way down to,seven day click i believe,uh i went through this before yeah 28,day click um is gone,20 day view through has gone seven day,view through has gone so we're going to,be limited,so you will won't be if someone clicks,on an ad today,and buys in two weeks time you won't be,able to see that in your facebook ad,account,going forward um from when they,implement these these changes so that,might mean that your facebook ad results,look worse in the uh in the short run,um particularly when the changes made so,again,don't panic if you look back historic,data be like why has that gotten worse,it's just because of how the data is,reported,nothing's really changed in in customer,generations so a few other things in,here,they talk about targeting limitations um,dynamic ad limitations i'm gonna,probably almost certainly create a,specific video,for that i wanted to talk about this as,a top level what we think is going to,happen and we will be drilling in,100 into some of the specifics like you,know they're talking about here dynamic,ads you can only have eight conversion,events that's going to affect some,businesses not others,um we will be drilling down into the,technical details of those as and when,they become,you know they become um,they sort of come to fruition they,become very very impactful,okay hopefully that has been useful,now one thing i want to mention before,you go,is a well my free facebook ads,mastermind group so it's a free facebook,group um,full of facebook advertisers just like,yourself there is,already bid and there is going to be a,ton more discussion around ios 14 the,effects that's gonna have on facebook,advertising and instagram advertising,in my facebook group so i would strongly,recommend,that you were that you go ahead and join,we have almost 60 000 members as of the,recordings video so it's an amazing,online community,full of i said people just like you i do,free live trainings in there i also,release content into there and i'm going,to be doing a lot of content on,ios 14 updates and how that affects,things i think that's probably one of,the biggest things to affect the,industry,in in in a while um so yeah we'd love to,have you uh have you in there,if this video has been useful please,give it a thumbs up please um,subscribe to my channel if you're new,please comment below to let me know if,you've got questions things like that i,try my best to get to all the comments i,can't quite manage all of them but i,i do try my best um oh actually one,thing i want to quickly mention,that um my uh my my sales team will be,annoyed if i don't and that's our,facebook advertising services,so my company leader is a facebook ads,agency we create manage and optimize,campaigns and,if you want to help if you want help,improving performance you want to get,campaigns up and running or you want a,company,who's going to be on top of things and,professional and working out how we deal,with these adjustments,we can we can very much do that for you,so best thing to do would be to book a,free call with one of my team members,link in the description below just go,ahead and click on that there's also a,link for the facebook ads mastermind,group in the,description below i should have,mentioned that so yeah links in the,description below that'll take you,through to a page on our website where,you can book a call directly on with our,with our sales team and um,they can basically find out more about,your business explain how service works,see if we'd be a good fit,and and go from there but um but yeah,wanted to quickly mention that before,the end,thanks a lot guys best of your facebook,campaigns guys get ready for what's to,come,and i'll talk to you soon bye for now

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