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Campaigner Platform Overview including Email Marketing, SMS, Landing Pages, and Morehello thank you


Updated on Jan 23,2023

Campaigner Platform Overview including Email Marketing, SMS, Landing Pages, and More

hello thank you for joining me today for,an overview,of campaigner we're going to look at,some of the features and settings,within a campaigner product to allow you,to do email marketing,and sms campaigns when you first log,into the campaigner you'll be greeted by,a dashboard,you'll have your navigation bar at the,top help,notifications and account settings which,we'll cover later,as well as some quick action buttons to,add contacts,create a new email campaign and also a,new signup form,we can also look at our most recently,modified,campaigns and jump right into them also,we'll see our contact growth summary to,see how well,our account is doing in reference to,subscriber growth,last but not least in the bottom right,hand corner we have the last email,campaign activity,this is where we can take a look at our,campaigns as well as jump in,and view reports in order to get started,using campaigner,you probably need some assets to get,started with,let's take a look at our library from,here we can upload,media such as images and pdfs,look at our templates create articles,and also create landing pages,under the media library we can upload,images,as well as edit them and we can organize,them into folders,and rename the files,as i mentioned you can upload images and,pdfs,to include in your campaigns under,templates we can take a look at the,templates that we created,we can copy them delete them preview,them and even create,categories you'll see the categories,option,in a lot of our features it'll allow you,to stay organized,articles allow you to create content,that you can use,in multiple campaigns let's say you have,some evergreen,content that you want to put in,different types of campaigns,that can be simple information like,information about your company,or maybe even a footer that you want to,use across different campaigns but not,all of them,in essence you can inject the article,information,into some of the campaigns that you're,running you have full control over this,next for landing pages you can hop in,and create,a gorgeous landing page that allows you,to,attract subscribers inform someone of an,upcoming webinar,or just inform someone about your,products and services,this is a preview of a landing page,to create a landing page click on new,landing page and you'll be brought to,our editor,you can use the tools here that are,available,as well as bring in your own html and,then you can simply publish,your landing page next it's probably,important to have contacts to send,emails to,under manage contacts we have the,ability to view our contacts,add new add to mailing list,change the status export and then take,more actions there's a robust search,feature within contacts,and you can also add contacts to lists,you can import contacts using a csv,or an excel file if you wish or you can,even use the copy and paste,method and we give you straightforward,instructions,on how to upload your contacts,you also have the ability to create,custom fields,you can create a new custom field that,can be a text box number box,check box check box list or drop down,item this would be great for targeting,using segmentation and also,injecting through merge fields in your,campaigns,to organize your contacts head over to,mailing lists we have,general mailing lists which you can name,your mailing list,you'll see how many active contacts that,you have in your list,how many active sms subscribers you have,on that list,total contacts whether or not it's being,shown in forms that you will create,and if there's any signup forms created,with those lists,here you can search and sort as well you,can import subscribers here,refreshed accounts delete export and,then again,categorize your mailing lists,segmentation is a great way to send the,right message to the right person,with segmentation you have a lot of,powerful options at your fingertips,we do support and or for segmentation,like,state and country or you can have state,or country,when we look at the options available we,can look at email action which,allows us to look at any email campaign,or a specific,email campaign whether they did or did,not take,action on that email whether they,bounced,received or converted from those emails,you can also specify the time frame and,this is very customizable as you can see,here,we also have form submission if someone,completed a form that you have created,if they subscribed or updated,subscribed updated or didn't either you,can go ahead,and take action and filter those out and,again it could be within a specific time,frame,or any time you can search a contact,field,so that we can say that somebody's email,address includes,whether their favorite color is blue,whatever it is that you have,with standard and custom fields you can,check to see if somebody,is part of a mailing list or a segment,or not part,of a mailing list or segment as well,we also have geolocation and campaigner,where you can put in,certain zip codes and check to see if,somebody is near that zip code or not,we have the radius and we could set that,but we can also put in the zip codes,manually as i'm doing here we can add,many and we can even use a map which is,really cool,if i bring up the map see here i can,also click around here to add more,areas we also have the ability to store,purchase information within our,ecommerce tables we have integrations to,shopify,magento and also woocommerce and with,zapier we can connect to over 2,000 different platforms we can take a,look,and if you have information in our,e-commerce tables you could check to see,if somebody has placed orders or not had,bought or not bought certain products,or bought products or not bought,products within certain categories,let's take a look at orders so we can,specify a status if we want to we have,the option for have placed an order,has not placed an order x amount of,orders and some other options,here we again have our time frame,anytime today,or i'm going to put in the last 90 days,with our workflow automations if,somebody is in a specific workflow,you could check to see if someone did or,did not open a specific,email whether or not they clicked,forwarded,and did any other actions or had other,actions happen just like we did with,email general again our time frames are,available for,segmentation and under sms action can,have,any or a specific sms,contacts who were were not sent an email,clicked received,balanced or unsubscribed again last,seven days 30 days 60 days or can be,customized here,segmentation is very powerful and allows,you to,really hone in who you want to send your,emails to,or your sms campaigns to,definitely take a look at this and let,us know if you have any questions,you can also upload suppression lists to,help you,block certain contacts that you do not,want to send,emails to now that we have assets such,as lists,contacts and images and maybe even,landing pages,in our campaign or account we can go,ahead and start creating campaigns,when we go to campaigns we'll have the,option to do a few different things,from here you can see all the campaigns,that you have in draft,in workflow or that have been sent and,you can,dive into those and take a look and you,can also,go in and use our full email editor drag,and drop,you can upload html copy and paste html,or pull in content from,a url let's take a look at our drag and,drop,editor our drag and drop editor is so,easy to use,and if you want some inspiration take a,look at the items we have to offer on,the left hand side which,are themes that we made available if we,take a,look at the great escape version and,click on it we'll have some other,alternatives as far as layouts,maybe we like this one here and we want,to take a look at it and use it we can,there's always the ability to start from,blank which will allow you to start from,a blank canvas,but let's go ahead and start editing,this one we can always,view it in mobile and on desktop before,we get started as well,but i'm going to jump in and we're going,to start editing this here's our editor,we can go ahead and give our email,campaign a name,we have the ability to cancel what we're,doing under tools we have save as a,template,you can save what you're working on,create a template this way you can use,it again later,export html and then copy it to our full,email editor if you need to do some more,customization,we have the ability to save preview and,test and then move on to the next item,in the campaign process we'll go over,that in a few moments,we have content blocks that you can add,or we can just simply start editing,what's here,in the theme that we're using but maybe,i want to add some more flair to this,email template i can drag some text over,and just add some text in here,we have some formatting options around,spacing our link color and even a,background color if we want for that,block,we can drag an image block over and add,an image,we can choose an image from our library,and let's go ahead and drop one of these,in here,let's keep get this cute guy here so we,have our image,we can use alternate text which we,highly recommend,add a link to your image maybe you want,it to be a different size maybe this is,too big for this,template i can go ahead and make it a,little bit smaller,we have our alignment border style and,spacing,maybe at the top i should put a little,more spacing so it gets away from the,logo there,awesome the caption block is really cool,because it allows you to put an image on,one side and text on the other,you can also change the layout so you,can do different things with it,again you would select an image or,upload one add the alternate text,link change the size if you want and,then you have,all the other options like you do with,the other blocks with spacing,link color background color and you can,also convert,any block to html just remember that,once it's converted,it's no longer editable in the drag and,drop functionality,now that i'm starting to fill this out,with content that we don't need,it's important to note that we can move,blocks around maybe i want to put that,underneath the text,i could duplicate blocks as well as,delete them i'm going to delete two of,these,and move on to collage collage is a way,to have,two images three images or four images,in your email,and you can have it look like this you,can have it go across,as well as in other formats you can,control whether or not the images would,stack on mobile,yes or no here's how you would add your,images,and again you got your spacing let's,delete this block,when you add the video block you can,paste the youtuber videmia link and will,automatically have the play button and,will pull in your thumbnail,alternative text is available here again,default size,and alignment and other options for,spacing,and border,we can add a button anywhere in our,email and right now this is using the,theme that we chose,we could change the button text add a,link,change the color and formatting of our,button as well and again,spacing we can add a divider anywhere we,want in our email,and we can also customize the color size,width,and spacing if you want to add social,media links to your email it's easy as,dragging this block over,if you want to bring your own in and,customize that that is fine as well,we start off with facebook and twitter,and we can add a bunch of other services,as well as,email address and website link we can,change the size,orientation alignment as well as the,color we offer color,black and then white version,and then again spacing so here probably,it'd be really good to put some spacing,in the top and the bottom,and maybe change this back to color,and i'm going to delete this block here,if you want to bring your own html in,you can do that and plop your html in,preview the changes see what it looks,like and whether it looks like you want,to keep it or not,and move forward and if you have an rss,feed from say your blog,you can go ahead and enter your rss feed,to automatically pull in say blog,content,again you would just preview your,changes and accept it,let's move on to rows if you want to,have two three or more,columns in a particular part of your,email you'll just,drag that over and start editing and put,your blocks,in that area you also have the ability,to format,the rows as well and add a background,color,alignment and and add your spacing and,even resize your column widths,just to give you an idea i'm going to,add a four column above,that so we went from one column to four,column,back to two column we can delete whole,sections,copy them and then move them as well it,is a true drag and drop experience,under theme we can edit the theme that,we have,or we can choose another one maybe,something else is a little more fitting,for our email,today let's go ahead and choose this one,here,and we can apply that theme but more,importantly what we can do,is go back in and edit that theme,let's go back from here we can go in and,make some changes,i can say i want my text to be centered,i need my,body text to be arvo instead of arial,my border style i can define that link,colors are always going to be,light blue but maybe we want a little,bit darker let's go ahead and do that,show the underline i'm going to remove,that and other options as you can see,here,and this would apply to your to your,email but,keep in mind that you can override that,at any time in other words,if you say your button color is always,blue but you need one to be read you can,change that and it will not affect,anything,else in your email once you have an,email ready to go the next thing you'll,do is do some testing,from here we can view it on mobile and,on desktop we can send to test contacts,you do have the ability to create test,lists of people that you have that you,want to be on a test list this way you,can quickly send that out,you can manually add them here and you,can also use our dynamic content feature,which is another,option that we have available if you,choose a certain segment people that,live,in the united states so you can serve,them specific content,and if they live in say canada you can,serve them,different content as well and that's,something we can show you,if you have interest as far as how,dynamic content works,but as long as somebody's part of the,segment you can serve them,specific content all right so this looks,pretty good to me i can export the,campaign we can print it,and then what we would do here is close,the preview and then we're going to move,on,and look at the other elements we need,to send our email,we'll take a look at our plain text make,sure everything looks great for,folks that cannot receive html and then,move on,and from here we would fill out our,subject line our pre-header we do have,options for merge fields and emojis so,this is for personalization and,creating some excitement and you can,also determine whether or not these,elements are part of an experiment or,your,your testing split testing capabilities,choose your from name,choose your from email and your reply,email can be different,and you have tracking replies on or off,choose whether or not it'll be part of a,workflow have your footer options,social sharing if you want to include,that and if you,have conversion tracking enabled in your,account and you want to track your,conversions,you would enable it here and make sure,that you have the tracking code,installed on your software,you can use google analytics or any,other type of custom tracking,parameters as well as adobe analytics,and from here what i'm going to do is,i'm going to,save the draft and get a synopsis,of what we want to do you'll notice i,need to select recipients before i can,send this out,once we have our recipient selected it,will show here it will show us any,tracked links we're tracking,we can schedule and send it or send it,immediately and take a look at our,social sharing,let me just go ahead and select,recipients really quick,let's go ahead and choose a demo list,and that should be our audience we can,schedule and send,we can send it now send one time,send out a date and time let's go ahead,and choose,next week at three o'clock 302 pm,so we can go ahead and schedule and send,that if we want to once you send your,email it'll go into the,queue and get sent to your recipients,we'll take a look at reporting,in a little while campaigner also has a,full,email editor to get started you can,choose one of the numerous templates,that we have available,you can also start from a blank email,but what i want to do is go ahead,and choose one that we have available,here,once you're in the editor you can start,editing and,change the text for the template we have,you can add new,text and you can use all of the options,available at the top,we can insert media from our media,library as well as a url,add links to our text insert merge,fields such as first name or,any other merged fields that we have for,standard and custom fields,and i mentioned dynamic content this is,where we can go ahead and,drop in dynamic content if someone is on,a specific list or on a specific segment,they will see that content,you can have one segment shown one,particular piece of content and another,segment something different,you can insert your rss feed and a whole,bunch of other items,we also have forward to a friend forms,which you can create in your forms,insert tables and then you have a bunch,of,other formatting options here like,bolding underlining,your text centering left justified,adding,bullets and other options,you have the ability to drop in the,articles that i mentioned earlier,let's go ahead and drop our footer,you'll see that there is,this little bit of text here but when we,render it it'll actually show our footer,we can automatically insert a link to a,landing page that we may have,created earlier just like with our drag,and drop we're going to move on to the,next section,we would add our subject line pre-header,and other information,when i preview the email we will see the,footer from the article,actually rendered here again choose all,of our options our recipients,our look at our tracked links our,tracked links are,actually editable if you found that you,have a broken link or typed one wrong,you can actually edit that after the,send it will still,work schedule your email and then your,social sharing,options and those are the two main,editors that are available for creating,emails,to run an sms campaign simply go to,campaigns sms campaigns,create a new campaign and from here we,have the items that we need to,take care of when we want to send an sms,message,give our campaign a name we can add a,message,you can say hello there we can also,insert merge fields,which is cool so i can go in and say,first name,hello there this is a test counts our,characters,message segments we can include an,unsubscribe message we could track links,shorten urls,and choose whether or not this will be,part of a workflow,next we will want to select our,recipients,then we can schedule and send our,message,we can send it right away if we want to,but we can also send it next week,and then we would end up scheduling and,sending it seeing how many recipients,there will be look at the tracked links,and then we can close the sms summary,but from there we would go ahead and,just schedule it and send it out,next we have autoresponders,autoresponders are a way to,automatically send out emails and,trigger emails to go out,one of the autoresponders we offer is,recurring it's a win-back email,that gives inactive contact some,incentive by sending them a promotional,email when their activity level drops,maybe they haven't received an open in a,while or they haven't opened or clicked,an email in a while,you can go ahead and send them an email,including coupon if you want to,this is also great for birthday emails,retention emails and,maybe renewal emails if somebody has a,subscription,or something then we have a recurring,notice which,would be choosing a contact date field,and creating an email,that will regularly be sent on or near,that date,on the triggered side this can be used,to just simply send a welcome email when,somebody gets added to a list,or can be a response to an action such,as,opening an item experiments is a great,way to find out what content is working,or maybe,is not working let's hop into the,experiment feature,take a look you'd give your experiment a,name choose which element you want to,experiment with and,the most popular is going to be subject,line but you can also choose pre-header,the from name,from email or maybe the design here's an,experiment that i started working on,and this one is a subject line version,we have version a,and version b and you'll notice the,description and then the subject line we,have my happy monday,and happy tuesday that's two variants of,subject lines but i'm going to probably,send those on the same day,but what i can do is say happy monday,and then i can also say happy day just,wishing somebody to have a great day and,this would be the two variations i can,add more variations like cd,and on and on i don't know why you would,want to use a lot of different,variations but you could use a few if,you wanted to i would recommend not more,than five,then what you would do is select your,recipients,so from here you can select your,recipients and then say i want,20 of the contacts to be included in,this experiment in other words 10,are going to get version a 10 are going,to get version b then after that,the remaining 80 percent are going to,get,the winning email and we'll choose that,in a moment,you also have some refinements here you,can also use a total,of a certain amount of contacts if you,wanted to,so what we could do is have the,experiment run say for three days,and then what we want to do is based on,unique opens,especially for a subject line we're,going to go ahead and say,whichever one wins we're going to send,that winner to the remaining 80,of our list we can also do it on clicks,total clicks and unique clicks on a,specific link,which would be related to your content,that would be a great way to test your,content test your subject lines,and see what is working and what is not,working i mentioned e-commerce before,this is where you'd see your data such,as your products and your orders,what we can do is hop in and take a look,at the products and orders,here's our products we have some,products in here we can go ahead and,categorize them,remove them from categories search etc,and this would come in from third-party,platforms or through the api,here's a look at some orders and if we,look at,an item we can see that we have a sku,product name status,short description weight quantity price,and total,you have the ability to create segments,or search on all of this content,that is coming in from your ecommerce,platform making,email marketing that much more powerful,if you want to grow your list best way,to do that is to create a sign up form,and you do that through our signup form,editor,we can create a new signup form and,start working on it,give our signup form a name,automatically add subscribers to a,mailing list that we're going to choose,or let them choose the mailing list if,we want to so from here i can choose a,mailing list,and then move on i can also be alerted,or have certain email addresses alerted,when somebody's added,that subscription form,from here i can add all my fields,as well as format them on the right hand,side change the color,the look and feel of everything that's,going on here,we have the ability to serve a thank you,message,redirect subscribers as well as send a,confirmation email if we need to,and then the welcome message once,somebody does confirm their subscription,which,again is optional from there you would,finish,your form you can choose to link to the,form,add it to your website whichever is best,for you,most people add it to their website you,can just grab this,code here on the right hand side add it,to your website,contact our support team if you need any,assistance with this feature,next up one of my favorite items is,workflow automations,why work hard when you can automate some,of what you're doing with email and sms,let's take a look at a sample workflow,that i've,created what i want to do is hop into,the canvas and show you,the power of workflows on the left hand,side,we have what's called nodes these are,the items or actions that you can take,with your automation series or your,workflows,we have the ability to save our design,exit validate it to make sure everything,is going to work correctly,auto arrange if you're if you're not as,good as me is laying out your workflows,you can,click auto arrange and it'll help you,out and make it look awesome,validate design and cancel what you,would end up doing is drag these nodes,out to the canvas and build your,workflow,you'll always start with the beginning,trigger and then the,exit when we look at the trigger we have,the ability to say,when does this automation start it can,be based on a rule which means,they're part of a list or a segment,right here you see i have list,membership they're added to campaigner,example,list so what you can do is go in and say,i want this to be an email action if,somebody,was sent not sent opened or did not open,a specific email,or any email i want to go ahead and add,them to this workflow,if they filled out a form that we,created earlier,we can go ahead and get them into this,workflow,the contact field we can check if the,first name equals harry we can go ahead,and move forward,i did select list membership which is,the list that i chose and then we have,sms,action so where they sent or did they,open a text message,which is really cool,this is a filter group you can add more,than one filter group but we're going to,keep it simple for this explanation here,once somebody's added to that list we're,going to go ahead and send them a,welcome email,and this is just a welcome email that i,created that i want to send out and,will be sent then what i want to do is,wait three days and this is customizable,i can,i'll wait a week three weeks days etc,can even,wait until next friday or wait until the,third of the month,and even at a specific time if we want,to but i'm simply waiting three days and,checking to see if they open that first,email,and i created a segment ahead of time,for that because that's how this will,work,and then allow me to measure who opened,or who did not,open that what i'm looking for is folks,who did not open so if they did open,i'm going to send them a second email in,the series if they did not open i'm,going to send them the same email with a,different subject line,then i'm going to wait three days and,then send them the second email pretty,much i'm giving them a second,opportunity to open that first email and,that's the welcome email,then what i'm gonna do is after three,days regardless,next i'm gonna send them an email saying,hey this is what makes us different than,our competitors,i'm gonna wait three days and then send,an emotional appeal email,that would just have maybe a coupon code,or something to incentivize somebody to,convert,wait five days and then see if,they opened all those emails and that,would be a,this segment here and if they did i'm,going to exit,and if they did not open any of those,what i want to do is remove them from,the list,you can add them to different workflows,you can change list membership to add or,remove,we can also update the contact field and,this can be an incremental value or,it can be text,we can show hover descriptions we can,turn that on or off which is what i'm,doing now and this will determine if,somebody can enter the workflow once or,go through repeatedly if they meet the,criteria,this is a simple example of a nurture,workflow,there are so many uses and we'd be happy,to talk to you,about how you might be able to use,workflows,the next section is reporting we have,reporting for email campaigns as well as,sms when we look at a report we can see,who opened,clicked subscribed replied unsubscribed,and even complained we're seeing,a preview as well as our delivery,information and then,our desktop and mobile breakout which is,really good to know,you can export any of this data you can,save certain items like opened and,clicked as a segment,you can print the information and also,keep in mind you can click on each one,of the items on the left hand side,to see how many people clicked who,clicked who opened your specific,email also look at a click heat map,which is really cool,and a click trend chart over time as,well as a breakdown of your email,deliverability,such as bounced then you have your,social sharing section as well as,geolocation,where people are that are opening your,emails making this,very powerful again you can save items,as a segment,and export your data under sms campaign,report you have your sms activity,tracking your clicks how many were sent,how many were delivered and then how,many failed,this is all exportable just like email,campaigns,you also have reports for contacts,autoresponders workflows experiments,smtp messages and landing pages let's,take a look at workflows,when you look at a campaign we can drill,down by date which,we have options like today last week,last six months,and we also can drill down by a certain,period,as well as look at specific campaigns,from here we'll see how many emails were,sent the delivery rate open rate clicked,open rate,click-through rate and unsubscribe rate,as well as our email activity,and email delivery like we have with,email campaigns,same thing with the email activity like,we do in normal campaigns open,clicked subscribed replied et cetera all,of this,is clickable and you can save these as,segments,you also have your social sharing,geolocation and then,sms activity if you had any for this,campaign,when looking at the experiment reporting,we'll have the different versions,color coded to show the unique opens for,each one in each version,we have a breakdown of the stats we have,a trend overview which we can change to,opened clicked and replied and then we,have engagement for each version,and on the left side we can choose the,email activity like we can with emails,open clicked,heat map replied complained your email,delivery,social sharing and geo location this,information is all exportable and you,can save,the email activity as a segment,and the landing page report we can see,who viewed our landing page who clicked,on any links,and if you have a form we can find out,who subscribed,we have the ability to look at who,viewed who clicked,a view trend chart click trend chart and,then who subscribed,and we can also see who looked at the,landing page on desktop versus mobile,you have access to our knowledge base as,well as,support information live chat email and,then,contacting technical support the message,center will include,reports and other activity that you need,to know about,under the profile icon you have access,to account settings,billing you can manage your users look,at integrations,and also obtain your web hook data if,you need to connect to us through api,using web hooks under account settings,you can change your password,change the date format time zone your,default sender address,and choose what news and updates you,want you can also set the account to,auto sign out you can look under billing,for your billing information settings,you can upgrade your account look at,your activity,payments made your invoices,also look at the settings for each,individual user,and also create new users and give them,specific,roles such as email marketer designer,email marketer,list manage reporter etc and we can look,at the roles and permissions for what we,chose,and get a little more granular as far as,the permissions that we want to,let our users have look under,integrations to see the integrations,that we have,with shopify magento zapier,as well as survey town we do have the,ability to send smtp messages,which are transactional emails such as,updates to your order,other information that you need to send,one off or maybe just to a small group,of people,that is a little bit timely,under sms you're going to set up your,sms text profile to be used in your sms,campaigns that concludes this quick,overview of campaigner,there is so many more small features,and items that you can do with,campaigner that we just did not have,time to cover,today but if you want to see if,campaigner's a great fit for you and,your organization,please let us know contact us we'd be,glad to give,you a customized demo of campaigner,have a great day

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Import your Existing Contacts into Active Campaign

Import your Existing Contacts into Active Campaign

hey what's up it's darren and in this,video i'm going to show you how to,import your contacts to your,new active campaign account these are,your existing contacts,who maybe you have from another um,email system like mailchimp or you,have them in quickbooks or intake queue,etc,a couple things i want to make sure you,understand is that,if you have a contact and they've not,given you permission to send them emails,you can still import them we just have,to make sure that they're marked,correctly,so that when you send them a welcome,message we can then,move them into one of your automations,but we're not going to keep sending them,emails if they've never given you a,permission to send them,emails if they're a patient and,you've sent them emails before because,they're a patient you can import them as,a patient to your list and say hey,you're a patient my list,here's welcome to our brand new email,newsletter etc,but i don't want you just grabbing a,bunch of emails off the internet,or buying an email list or even just,importing a list that you got from,somewhere,or you know and people aren't suspecting,you because they'll start saying this is,spam because you've never sent them an,email before and if you have an email,list from somewhere else,or contact some customers you can import,them we just have to just,manage them properly so i'm not gonna go,through,every way to get your uh email list,from your current software because like,there's no possible way for me to know,exactly where it is but what you need to,do,is you need to export your contacts and,so,the information we need is their name,preferably first name last name,phone number email address those are the,main things we need,actually we need name first name and,email address that's,all we need if you can get a couple,other bits of information,that would be great so you need to,get it into a csv file,so let's say i mean you'll have,hopefully more than four people,but there's a couple things that we need,to do we need to create a file,of patients or customers so one file is,going to be a list of customers,and the other file is going to be a list,of prospects or not customers,so if it all comes in one then you're,just going to need to organize let's say,you need to go in and you just look at,everyone go customer customer,i can hold down shift and i'll select,all if i can hold down,my command it'll select just two of them,like this and if those aren't customers,i can delete it and then i would save as,um test import contact file,customer right,and so i have to have one that's,customers and one file that's prospects,because we have to upload them uh,differently because,we have in here we have lists and when i,import people so this is my wife's,account this isn't the account that i've,set up for you,let me show you i'm going to import into,my wife's account so i don't mess up my,template accounts,but in the account i've set up for you,there's going to be,like clients leads and blog subscribers,so if i import a list everyone i import,has to go into one,list at a time so if i if i bring in a,you know 100 contacts,i can't as i import them can't separate,them into clients or leads i have to,really just,put them into one or the other i can put,them into leads and blog or,clients in blog but i can't put half of,them into leads and half of them in the,clients,so to start the excel or csv files have,to be separated into,clients or customers and prospects,and once i have it i believe it has to,be a csv file so we can also,do save as and i can if it's an excel,file i can just kind of come down and do,comma separated values and i can save it,as a csv file,so you may need to spend it might take,you 10 minutes to go through,your whole export from quickbooks let's,say or from your current system,and separate them out or your current,system might be able to separate them,out for you,so if you're using quickbooks everyone,in there is going to be a,customer if you're using mailchimp you,should be able to export a list,of just your prospects and a list of,customers so here like with,andras you know we've got these i can do,let's see delete the engagement view,contacts,i could go to view contacts and then i,can do export contacts,and then you export your contacts and,then,let's say i want to import contacts i,can totally import contacts here in,activecampaign,from the list and import from file if i,want to,import when i'm ready to import here's,how we're going to do it we're going to,go to contacts,and then i can do import contacts,import from file and i can go,find my file open,all right so let me go back to my file,and just show you what you want to do,is you want to have a column that's,let me see if i can make this bigger you,want to have one column,that's first name one column that's last,name if you can't split them up that's,okay,activecampaign can import full name,phone number address,you might have other things like ip,address and all this other junk like,ignore those the main ones we want are,first name last name email,phone and address if it's exported,it already has those great don't worry,about just note what they're called,because when we go to import we need to,map them over,you see how it says first name first,name last name email address,phone it says do not import this field,well i can go down here to phone,address and i can go down here um not ip,address like printed address and i don't,have a field so i could add a new field,if i want their,mailing address in my account but let's,say ip address,like you don't need to import that um,that's unnecessary,and then i would select the list i want,and then any tags so what i suggest you,do when you import these,is put like just create a tag that's,existing,um patience and i'm gonna put test in,there because i'll know to remove the,tag,later on but existing patients and then,tab now when i import it it's going to,create this tag as like,existing patients for existing customers,right here we want to import them as,active contact,and click update existing because what,that'll do is if they're already in your,system it'll,update them with this tag and into that,list,you can also say if these were patients,you would put existing patients and then,you would put,patients so now they're going to get,tagged as patients and they get tagged,as existing tests,now when you do this if you have an,automation that's triggered,with this tag this is where it gets,tricky it'll run that automation,so what you want to do is so if i want,to do that,and i want to import people without,triggering the automation because maybe,these patients came five years ago,new patient scheduled impatient after,first visit,okay i don't know that this will be that,but let's say,so this is triggered with the with the,um form and not the tag,so it won't trigger this automation so,good i don't have to do it let's just,say,this was triggered by the tag patients,you could go,and toggle this automation to an active,now i could go import everyone,they won't get triggered into this,automation once they're done importing i,would come back and turn this,automation back onto active hopefully,that makes sense,this can get a little complicated but,if you mess up no worries people won't,care,um and if you can do neuroanatomy or,you've gotten this far,like just remember it's just go slow map,it out,but if when you import them adding a tag,like,ebook back pain ebook is going to,trigger an automation,and you don't want them you know they,got it like months ago,like i believe this one's triggered by,the tag ebook if i was going to add that,i would come in and make this,inactive and then go back and finish,importing and click on import now,and then once they're done importing,then you come back and you,make the automation active again and as,they come in it won't start that,automation for them,and then what you're going to do is,you're going to go back,and you're going to so you're going to,import your clients list,and then you come back and do it again,and import your prospects list,invariably sometimes you'll mess things,up and that's okay,just do not worry about it at all just,you know measure twice cut once then,what you're gonna do,is you'll see when you go to contacts,you'll have,a whole bunch of people like in your,contacts like they're not in here,because this is the sandbox account,if you want to start a contact in,automation manually there's a couple,ways you can do that,you go to the contact and you can edit,bulk edit contacts,and when you go to bulk edit contacts,there's an option to,enter an automation or add a tag and if,you know that the tag triggers an,automation,you can add the tag to the contacts or,you can trigger an automation to the,contacts or both,you can take people out of an automation,by doing bulk edit you just need to make,sure you go to,let's say list and edit all,and then you can trigger people to start,a,an automation going back to what i said,before you don't want to trigger an,automation to someone who,was a patient a year ago and it says,welcome to our clinic you're a brand new,patient so here's what i suggest you do,i suggest you import your existing,contacts and you,tag them you know as patient to the,patient list,with a existing patient tag so now i,know okay the existing patients have a,separate tag,so i can email all of them specifically,if i want to get specific,and then i can send a campaign email to,them and say hey mrs jones this is dr,lebauer,i want to welcome you to our brand new,um like newsletter,it's not really a newsletter but a brand,new newsletter and i'll be updating you,on important things happening in our,clinic by the way i wrote a brand new,ebook,i would love to send you a copy just,click the link below if you'd like to,get it,and then you just put a link to your,ebook opt-in form,remember um oops it's under sites,forms you put a link to that form in,there and anyone who gets it who wants,it will click on that,and now they'll enter that automation um,on their own volition and that's the,best way,to get people in there you might even,say hey,you know i've got room for a few total,body diagnostic,exams this week if you've been,struggling with x y and z here's a link,where you can,request availability and you send them a,link to the ask about availability form,so assuming you have these set up,correctly you can now send campaign,emails out to an existing list of people,and they will then manually move them,into your automations especially if,they've,you know opted into one of those a long,time ago or didn't versus,putting them through something that they,didn't want and i want to make that,clear,like we don't want to put them into,something they don't want and,people will start going back through,these on their own volition,and when you start sending emails to a,list that maybe haven't emailed,just know that a lot of people are going,to unsubscribe and that's okay we don't,want them in there anymore if,if a message like that isn't something,that they're you're like i don't want to,hear from this person anymore,just do not worry about the unsubscribes,that you get,and what you can do is you just send,them value based emails,and give them links to go do other,things watch videos hey,get this free book or request an,appointment etc,and then that'll get them moving through,your automations when they want it to,happen,with their permission hopefully that uh,makes sense,the other thing that you can do,you can start people in an automation,who are currently in it but my,number one suggestion would be is that,let's say you're using,mailchimp and someone is in your free,ebook sequence over on mailchimp,bring them into the active campaign but,don't put them through the same email,sequence just let that email sequence,end over at mailchimp,and then new people will go into it over,an active campaign or patient,specifically if you have a,list of five emails you send all,patients over in mailchimp and now you,have 10 here an active campaign let them,finish that out it's kind of like,when you raise your rates you let the,existing people complete their plan of,care,and you roll new people into a new plan,of care at a higher rate,it's the same thing we're going to do if,you're already using email automation,somewhere else,so that's how you import your contacts,your existing contacts into,activecampaign,if you have questions you know you can,come and,ask them in the group there are other,videos here to help you go deeper into,setting up and customizing your active,campaign account don't hesitate to go to, and search their help,documentation,it got a lot of great videos and help,documentation on how to maximize your,active campaign account using our,pre-loaded emails and our pre-loaded,automations thanks so much and we'll see,on the next video,so,you

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