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How Facebook Charges? | How we pay on Facebook | Latest Facebook Ads Course |#22disabled,foreign,for

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Updated on Jan 22,2023

How Facebook Charges? | How we pay on Facebook | Latest Facebook Ads Course |#22

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Facebook Ads: When You Get Charged - Which is Best?

Facebook Ads: When You Get Charged - Which is Best?

hi guys is Ben Heath from lead guru and,in this video I'm going to talk about,the when you get charged setting within,Facebook's ads manager now you may have,been putting a Facebook ad campaign,together you get to the ad set level,which is all about targeting and,delivery and you see this option right,at the bottom that says when you get,charged and you can basically choose,amongst different options about how you,get charged you get charged on an,impression basis do you get charged on a,link click basis or a through Play basis,and you may be wondering which option is,best to to go with and that's what I'm,going to explain in this video I've had,a number of questions about this,recently now just before I get into that,just wanna quickly mention that at the,end of this video I've got a free,Facebook advertising related resource,that I think you're gonna find very very,interesting so make sure you stick,around to the end for that okay so I'm,in an example Facebook ad account right,now I'm going to show you how this works,this when you get charged setting what,you should select and I've created an,example traffic campaign and that's the,one I'm going to use now the first thing,to mention is that different campaign,objectives will result in different,options when you get challenged setting,so there are certain campaign objectives,where you can only use you could only be,charged on an impression basis another,ones like traffic where there are,options so I thought to use traffic I,said because there are options so,selected this campaign and I'm gonna go,ahead and jump to the ad set level,because the ad set is where the when you,get charged setting is so now I want to,scroll down all the way to the bottom,you may be adding in other stuff and by,the way if you've got you know questions,about other targeting options placement,all the other stuff at the app set level,just check out my youtube channel I've,created lots of videos on all that sort,of stuff but I'm interested in this,section here where it says show more,options you click that and you can see,we've got here when you get charged now,you can hover over that I and Facebook,give you some some information about how,this works and you can see on the,right-hand side here that you can click,Edit and when it when I'm using the,traffic objective I can change from the,default of impression to link click OK,and a lot of people do and a lot of,people change that to link click because,they think that's what I want I don't,just want impressions I want link X,therefore I only want to be charged when,I generate,clicks my recommendation with the when,you get charged setting is that,basically from a result standpoint it,doesn't matter it just changes the way,your data is reported and the way your,receipts look and that's because,Facebook thinks about its ad inventory,and how much money it makes from,advertisers on an impression basis so,Facebook's objective as an ad platform,is to generate the highest revenue per,impression possible so it's usually done,in per thousand impressions accepted one,impressions just tiny but let's say,Facebook wants to take their average,revenue per thousand impressions from,$20 to $30 or as high as possible,you know this is an example numbers but,you know the sort of thing I'm talking,about so if facebook is thinking about,it in terms of a per impression basis,that's basically always how they're,charging now when you come down to this,section here and you select something,else like link click or if you were to,select a through player when it comes to,video views you're just changing the way,in which the data is presented you're,not really changing the way in which you,get charged so you let's say for example,you were to reach a thousand people and,from that thousand people you generated,50 link clicks okay well the cost per,link click for you as an advertiser is,going to be the same as whether you,select link click for when you get,charged or whether you select impression,for when you get charged we test this,it's basically no difference between the,two and that's as I said because all the,Facebook is doing when you change this,to something like link click is they're,just converting the per impression cost,interlink clicks and displaying that,data for you and in your receipts and in,the billing section okay so when it,comes to when you get charged the option,you select basically makes no difference,in terms of results maybe if you want to,report slightly differently but we would,therefore recommend you just don't,bother with it there's a reason why it's,tucked under show more options and it's,seen as an advanced feature that's cuz,it's not going to make any difference to,your results so don't worry about it,basically get lots of questions about,this setting don't worry about it leave,it as it is and not going to change the,results you get it's nowhere near as,important as all the other things that,actually can make a big difference like,optimization for a delivery and some of,the other settings at the,that level particularly the the event,you optimize for whether it's a,conversion event conversion campaign and,of course the campaign objective those,are much more significant things that do,have an impact on how Facebook delivers,your ad campaigns and in fact I'll,include a link in the video description,to a video all about campaign objectives,and I'll also include a link in the,video description to a video all about,optimization for ad delivery because,it's a really important parts to get,right now at the beginning of this video,I mentioned a free facebook advertising,resource their thing to be very very,interested in and that's my free,Facebook group called Facebook Ads,mastermind group now my Facebook group,has got more than 34,000 members it's a,fantastic community fun of Facebook,advertisers Instagram advertisers that,want to get better results from their ad,campaigns they're very much willing to,help each other out to answer questions,I do live trainings in there every,single week and post a lot of free,content in my group as well so that,sounds like the sort of thing you'd be,interested in you want to connect with,like-minded people and find out more,information about how they're doing,things ask questions that other experts,myself included may answer then go ahead,and join completely free to do so link,is in the description go and request to,join we will approve that request and,we'd love to have you in there and love,to see you getting involved if you,enjoyed this video please give it a like,that's always really appreciated please,share that really helps me grow the,channel and produce this content for you,guys please comment below to let me know,and of course subscribe to my channel so,when you do subscribe click the little,Bell notification so that you are,notified when I publish new Facebook,advertising related content which I'm,doing multiple times per week things,like this can help you get better,results and yeah best of luck with your,Facebook ad campaign guys and I will,talk to you soon thanks a lot bye

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