how facebook ads calculates cost of adds payment info vs purcahse

Facebook Ads Strategy Rarely Used By Smaller Advertisershey guys i would like to show you two,underu

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Updated on Jan 21,2023

Facebook Ads Strategy Rarely Used By Smaller Advertisers

hey guys i would like to show you two,underused features,inside the facebook advertising platform,that,i would like to encourage you to start,testing,especially if you get more than 100,conversions per month,and the reason why i say 100 conversions,per month is because your account needs,enough velocity of sales,for facebook to be able to know who,actually buys your stuff so those two,features,are cost caps and minimum return,on ad spend what these features do is,they allow you,to be more aggressive but also,take less risk so for example,it is a very rare day that i can run an,ad,to a wide open audience at lowest cost,with the lowest cost bid strategy and it,actually give me a cost that i'm happy,with,however with a cost cap i can say,hey i want to spend fifty dollars per,sale and if it can,and if facebook can get me sales for,under fifty dollars it'll keep running,the budget,if it's getting sales over fifty dollars,it'll scale back the budget and not,spend the money,as you can see here cost cap i got a ten,thousand dollar budget,it'll never spend that ten thousand,dollars but i'm okay with that because,as long as it spends a thousand and it's,hitting my numbers,um which this is definitely hitting my,number,uh then i'm making money we're,profitable and everybody's happy,so the way you set these up is whenever,you go into a campaign you set up a new,campaign you click conversions,i'm going to go ahead and continue here,and now when you go down to campaign,budget optimization you turn that on,you're going to choose campaign bid,strategy and then here you can choose,either,cost cap which says control your cost,while getting the most volume of results,for your budget,so what i'm going to do is i'm going to,choose cost cap i'm going to go over to,my ad set,and then i go all the way down to the,bottom and here,i'm able to say how much i want to spend,for a conversion now be realistic here,you know like don't say 10,or else your ads never gonna show,because if you say,if you say ten dollars but you know,you're getting fifty dollar sales,and you don't start getting ten dollar,sales facebook will never show your ad,however if you know you're getting fifty,dollar,why not put 60 here and let,facebook do its thing and get you as,many,60 sales as possible so be realistic,that's the number one thing,with these two objectives so here i,could put like fifty dollars for example,and now what's going to happen is,facebook is gonna serve this ad and as,long as,purchases are coming in under fifty,dollars they will continuously serve the,ad and keep running through the budget,but if it's higher than 50 they're going,to,save my budget and they're not going to,spend as much which,again allows me to be more aggressive in,my targeting so i could target,everyone 18 and older and i can be more,aggressive with that targeting because,facebook is controlling my costs,so same thing with return on minimum,return on ad spend,except instead of putting a purchase,price so instead of saying hey i want 50,conversions i can go down here and say,hey i want to make,two times my money on my ads and so,it'll run,your ads and if you spend 50 and you,make 100,back then that's a two return on ad,spend,and you're meeting your minimum return,on ad spend so it'll keep spending more,now i really really like this one with,e-commerce stores because,e-com stores especially ones with,tons of products in the store tend to,have higher value customers,and that's what this one really targets,is,value so instead of targeting say,someone who is going to buy one,item but you can get a lot of,conversions for like thirty dollars,this is going to target people who are,tend to buy,five six items and have higher average,cart values,because remember facebook sees it all,everyone has their facebook,always logged in when they're shopping,so facebook knows who likes to spend,more money and on what kind of items,so that's what this is really good for,so those are the two features that i,highly suggest you use if you have more,than 100 conversions a month,i would love to hear if you guys have,any questions or,i would love to see some results once,you guys test these out

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FACEBOOK PAYMENT METHOD: Add & Set-Up Payment Method to Facebook Ad Manager

FACEBOOK PAYMENT METHOD: Add & Set-Up Payment Method to Facebook Ad Manager

In today's video, we will understand how to make payments set up at the business level,,Ad account level & personal ad level. In the last video, we understood what is the,difference between these three. At what level, with which account you can give access to it,,like how you can manage it as an agency, as a freelancer or as a personal manager.,In today's video, we will understand about payment setup. I am sharing the screen with you.,You are watching my screen. This is my regular dashboard of Facebook. From here we will go to the,Ad manager then menu first. Click on the Ads. As soon as I open Ad Manager,,my personal account will be open. You must have seen,personal Ad account, this is what I told in the last video. We'll go to the menu; as soon as you click on Ad,,your Ad account will be created. If already created, then it will redirect you to that account.,This will not create your personal Ad account again. A personal Ad account is created only once.,As soon as I came here, my personal Ad account opened. So here I will go to another ad account.,Where there are some campaigns and status from which you will get a little overview.,You can see the dashboard here. There were already some campaigns run here.,I maximize this. Till now, some campaigns are running from this personal account of mine. You can see the entire status below.,Now here, we need to understand what is the condition of payment setup on a personal account.,I'll go to the Menu. I'll go to 'All Tools' and then to 'Billing.' As soon as I click on Billing,, it will direct me to the billing page, where my complete history will show, when the amount has been credited and when it has been debited. It will show it all here., As you see, my available balance is Forty-two rupees at the personal account level.,If I want to add funds here, then I click on 'add fund' from here.,I will get a payment option, debit card or credit card, UPI, PAYTM, Net Banking.,These four options come at the personal Ad account level. The same thing in Ad account, it means in that new business account,we create in that business manager; we create an Ad account. What happens if we set up payment on that ad account?, Let's see. Now I will go to the business setting, through which I will go to the business manager,,from there, I will take any one business manager. I opened this business manager,which we saw in the previous video. Now I went to the settings of this business manager.,Yesterday we created aad account here 'WscubeTech Learning'.,Now I set the payment method of this ad account here., As soon as I go to the payment method, here I click on add payment method.,Here is giving you the options Debit Card and Credit Card & Online Banking. The country is India. I take INR in currency.,The currency in India is INR. As soon as I took INR in the currency,, the option of online banking was removed from here. You can add the amount here only by debit and credit cards., This is for an ad account. You get four options on personal.,Ad account, debit card or credit card, UPI, PAYTM, Net Banking. But on an Ad account, you have the option of,debit and credit cards only. This is the difference. After this, we see how you can set up payment at the business manager level.,If I go to business settings, it will take me to the business manager of Facebook.,Facebook's Business Manager has appeared. I go to the setting. As soon as I click on the setting,,it will directly take me inside Facebook's Ad manager as well as business settings.,There will be the option of payment setup, as well as if you want to give direction to someone,or give account roles, then you can also give that. We saw this in the previous video.,Right now, I go to payment settings, and here you can enter your tax information which is for GST.,If you are working for any company or agency then you should not enter your GST number.,If you are doing it for a client, then take access from the client to his business manager,and ask him to enter his tax information on his business manager,or by taking information from them, you enter it, it means that you are running a business for a client,,then you should not enter your tax information. If you are working for a client, you put their GST number or tax information here.,Do not enter your personal or tax information. Take care of it. Now in the payment method, I clicked on 'Add Payment Method.',Here also, it is giving you the option of debit and credit. If you want to add payment directly,,then you can use debit and credit cards here as well.,When I click on 'Add,' it will take all the card details from you. Then, it'll ask for all information it wants.,You can enter your card details here, through which you can set up payment.,This is the basic information on the payment level. You get four options on your Ad account,,a debit card or credit card, UPI, PAYTM, or Net Banking. In Ad account level, you can add an amount with,a debit card or credit card. You can add an amount with a debit or credit card at the business account level.,Like I entered information in tax. I click on Add Tax Info. It asks for your GST number, PAN number, business name, and address.,Now the question is, is it compulsory? It is not mandatory. This is optional. There is a lot of optional here related to text info.,If you are a freelancer, even if you don't use it, if you don't have GST, then there is no problem.,If you are working at the company level, then you enter your tax info. If you are also doing freelancing,, you also have a client; then it will be my recommendation to you people that you apply for GST, which is not costly,through which your Ad account will be secure. Facebook will not consider it fake. It will not block you, will not disable it,related to terms & conditions and policy. In the upcoming video, we will see the, the policy of Facebook Ads, the terms & conditions or policy regarding the advertisement.,This is a payment setup system in business manager, ad account & personal ad account. Thank you so much.

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