how does facebook show ads related to things you searched on google?

How Facebook Ads Interest Targeting REALLY works (Target people searching Google with FB ads!)if you

Ash Davis

Updated on Jan 22,2023

How Facebook Ads Interest Targeting REALLY works (Target people searching Google with FB ads!)

if you're looking to target people who,are searching for your services on,Google a lot of people think that the,only way you can target these people is,by doing either Google Ads,or ranking at the top of Google,organically but what if I told you there,was actually a way to target these,people using Facebook ads now when,you're advertising on Facebook a lot of,people think that Facebook only really,has data on the channels and platforms,owned by Facebook so that's the, channel the Facebook,Messenger,whatsapp Instagram and basically assets,that Facebook already own but the truth,is is that Facebook has a lot more data,than that and those platforms that they,own is only really a small fraction of,the data that they use to target people,with their apps and the majority of,Facebook's data when you're looking to,target people using facebook ads and,when the algorithm is optimizing the ads,to find people that are more likely to,buy it and be your ideal clients the,majority of the data that Facebook uses,is actually from other websites,including websites that people find when,they're searching on Google so let me,explain how this might work imagine,you're on Google and you go to search,for how to generate leads now the,majority of the websites that you'll,find on the first page of Google will,actually have the Facebook pixel,installed on that website so this means,every time you or anyone goes to that,website Facebook will be able to know,that this person has visited this,webpage and what Facebook does is it,looks at the data and all the different,keywords and all the different phrases,that this webpage that you are visiting,actually has so for example if it has,the keywords lead generation a lot of,times facebook will be able to look at,that page and it will be able to create,an interest for the person or the people,browsing that page as someone who would,be interested in lead generation and,this is just one simple example but it,works for pretty much any keyword in any,industry so for example if you are a,financial advisor you could target,people that are looking for wealth,management insurance,or planning and different things like,that if you're an accountant you can,target people looking for accounting,services bookkeeping how to save money,on taxes and things like that if you're,a web design agency again you can target,people who are looking for web design,web development,maybe WordPress web design things like,that so there's really almost no endless,amounts of interest that you can target,people on when it comes to using,Facebook,so in face but when you go to create,Facebook ads and actually start,targeting people by an interest a lot of,people think that this interest is,actually only data that's been compiled,by Facebook from people that are using,Facebook or browsing different Facebook,pages itself but actually a lot of the,data most of the data inside of the,interest on Tinian Facebook isn't just,data on the Facebook platforms itself is,actually data that Facebook gets from,other websites that you're browsing,online so what this basically means is,that if you are doing Facebook Ads by,targeting people with different,interests you can actually target people,that are browsing different websites and,searching on google for these different,keywords keywords around the interests,that you're actually targeting people on,and that makes Facebook incredibly,powerful because what this means is that,you can now start targeting people that,are searching for your services without,having to pay the expensive costs of,Google Ads and you can target the same,people and actually more people because,Facebook has a lot more data than just,what people are browsing on the websites,and you can target those people and more,by using Facebook ads and that's also,one of the reasons why Facebook ads work,so well because Facebook has so much,data at its disposal and so many,websites these days have the Facebook,pixel so it makes Facebook a very very,powerful way of targeting people that,are actually looking for your services,right now so yes you could potentially,target the same people just by using,Google Ads and by ranking organically on,Google and that could work but the,problem with that is that right now,Google ads is more expensive than,Facebook ads and also ranking,organically for free on Google does take,some,for that to happen if you can do that,it's great I get hundreds of leads every,single month just by ranking organically,on Google but it took years to get to,that stage where I'm now getting leads,every single day organically from Google,so if you don't want to wait for that to,happen then Facebook ads is a great,shortcut to start getting results right,away and also start targeting people,that are actually searching on Google,looking for your services looking for,help with things that you can actually,help them with so if you'd like to learn,a little bit more about how with,Facebook ads actually works and how you,can generate leads then what I recommend,that you also do is sign up for the free,master class that I've recorded so,that's it for this video thanks for,watching and I'll see you in the next,one,you

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how does facebook show ads related to things you searched on google? catalogs

Kya Google aur Facebook Apki Bate Sun Kar Ads Dikhate Hai? How Does Google and Facebook Target Ads?

Kya Google aur Facebook Apki Bate Sun Kar Ads Dikhate Hai? How Does Google and Facebook Target Ads?

How many times do you feel that google or facebook sees your conversations and shows you ads according to it,How many times it has happened with you,that you just talked only, didn't searched anything and you started seeing ads related to it,actually these apps don't see or hear your chats,but the process through which they target ads and shows you that is very detailed and sophisticated,In today's video we'll talk about how these apps reads our mind's thoughts and start to show ads,And how it's important for you to know as a SEO and digital marleting professional,hello everyone.. I'm Amit Tiwari from,And in today's video we are gonna talk about ad targeting of the tech companies,Now before we start to talk about ad targeting you have to understand the types of data,Zero party data... means direct data,First party data.... Second party data And Third party data,What is the difference in all four?,Let's say you want to take a phone just now a lot of iphones got sold in flippkart's sale,Those who have bought iphone must send sweets... Address is available on google,So let's say you want to buy an iphone You go to a website, enquires there and fills a form,and they starts to show you ads,So this is direct data means zero party data because you have just enquired about an item,and you are seeing its ad Pretty normal... this is zero party data,Now if this same website will start to show you ad, two years after filling the form,That you want to buy this phone and should buy today,So this is first party data, data is still of the same company but is being used in different way,Now what is Second party data?,If you'll sell your old phone on the website of some company,or would visit the office to sell,and if you started to see ads from some different website to buy a phone and start to get offers,So this is called second party data.. the company whcih you sold your old phone,they have sold that information to phone selling websites and companies,And this phone selling compnay is showing you ad to buy a new phone,So this was the example of second party data,Now last is third party data... Let's say if you say on facebook or on some other website in a normal conversatiion or post,that your phone is working very slow and its battery backup is very poor,And suddenly you start to see ads of some company that " are you tired of your old phone's bad performance?",Can't play pubg through your cool new iphone and send sweets to everyone,So this was last type i.e. third party data type's ad,So now you understood ads triggered through all four data types,Now let's talk about how apps shows ads accurately without hearing your conversation,Actually they do not hear conversations because,No.1.. Listening to someone conversation whole day, analysing & showing ads according to it is a very tough and expensive,Eveyone do not have this much purchasing power that he can record the conversations whole day,And No. ... It is not necessary, we all are always dropping information about us in the online world unintentionally,that these companies can use and analyse it on large scale and can show you taergeted ads according to it,Now let's see this second point in detail Every smartphone have it's own unique device ID,Every smartphone have GPS through which it can track its location,Email also... and all these things are in those people's phone who you meet, talk and work together,Social media, gaming etc apps also,ask you permission for device ID, phone No., Email ID & location permissions etc while installing,Especially social media apps which have permission of camera, mic etc also,And all these permissions create a profile after combining your web browsing, location, contacts & choice ,,when you give your phone no. in a mall while shopping,then the phone no. is used not to give you loyality points only,Loyalty is just pennies, real cash is your purchased item that's linked with your phone no.,And that same phoneno. you have given on websites like Amazon, Myntra etc to log in,All big tech companies purchases offline data,No matter if you buy groceries in the mall, you must encountered people who offers,credit card sevice, lucky draw for tour package who asks you phone no., Date of birth, address etc,To get rid of them, you give them all this information also,All this information also sells,You muct have heard about Google, apple and yahoo,But have you heard about finicity?,Have you heard the names MX, Yodlee, Plaid and Quovo?,They do not have any app but they are world's biggest Data Aggregator Companies:,These Data Aggregator Companies collects data from different sources,refine, analyse it and then sell to other companies,Facebook... where cool kids used to upload their birthday photos,and now mom dad of those cool kids uploads good morning and good night graphics,They also buy data from these Data Aggregator Companies,you orders fruits from big basket and buys milk from Big bazzar,Trust me.. facebook and google both can tell after collecting purchaser's information,that you have made milk shake and from now you'll be shown Keventers's ads,But this tracking is only of first layer,After it, even more refined clone tracking comes.,Let's assume that you met a friend suddenly at a weekend,And he again starts to dream for Goa trip and after sometime,you start to get ads of those websites where Goa flights are available,So you thinks that your phone must be spying you because you haven'y searched about goa until now,But in this case, your friend must have searched about goa,And when he met you, then because of the same location of both of yours phones,Apps catches it... Apps can calculate that this person has searched about Goa,and meets other person who is in friends and contact list and added in facebook also.,then both must be planning for a trip, and starts to show ads according to it,If two phones keep coming at a same location, on same time continously,then chances increase for both of them to affect each other's ads, Because it means,That the owner of those phones could be collegue, or coulb be working togehter in the same office,If the owner of both those phone are linked on each other's social media,,follows each other and in conatct list also then ads will get affected even more, Because,You both could be friends.... Many times ads aren't shown to you to just sell stuffs,For Eg.. If your friend wants to purchase a car then you can be shown ad so that,you can get positive vibes for that particualar model or company,so you won't say in front of your friend that you don't like this brand,It's like focusing somewhere and aiming somwhere else,Now Question arises that, Is it bad?,Ads are not anything new... you are always seeing ads on billboard, posters, banners, newspaper, TV, Radio etc,Apps personalises the ads and shows you ads of things that you are interested about,But this quality can also be used like,,you should keep being showed ads of something until you won't start feeling that you need it,And then you would purchase it,When your choice is shaped in the name of personalised ads,Then problem arises, and when it's problem then noise is also there,Different types of privacy groups have started opposing this tracking,Apple have done arrangement to stop apps tracking in this IOS 14,Google is the King of tracking companies,Already ready, this king has started moving towards cookieless analytics,In which Co-Hot analysis will be done at the place of user's brower's cookies,But this technology is not that much perfect until now,That's why google is pushing away the trials of this technology again anad again,So tracking will remain in online campaigns but its method will change,And no matter if people will exxagerate and says bad about ads,But if in a 72 page newspaper, On 60 pages you'll see ads that aren't related to you,,then its better if you'll see some usefull ads,Its hard for SEO's to arrange analytics in this new privacy focus era,Google's floc technology that works on cookieless tracking it'll not be as accurate as browser cookies method,So a lot of things will also start to depend on SEO's experience,so this was rough explanation of targeted ads Apps definitely tracks you, but on the basis of your data,They do not track through your phone calls or through recording your voice,They won't gonna do this much tough work,If you have any questions or suggestions then let me know in comments section,Thank you so much for watching this video,My name is Amit Tiwari From,And I'll see you next time,Take Care!!

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