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How To Target Instagram Followers With Facebook Ads [FB Ads 2020]hey what's up guys ali here from,my

Ali Mirza

Updated on Jan 22,2023

How To Target Instagram Followers With Facebook Ads [FB Ads 2020]

hey what's up guys ali here from, and welcome back to my,channel in this video today,we're going to talk about how to target,your instagram followers with facebook,ads before we jump into it you know what,to do subscribe hit the bell icon,also like this video all right now let's,jump right into this and yes you can,target your instagram followers,so something you have to remember not,all followers but engaged followers,uh using your facebook ads and it can be,very powerful a lot of people and brands,if you built your audience on instagram,guess what you can target them you can,put your offers,in front of them using facebook ads,now it's a two-step process we're going,to look at both in this video,step number one is we're going to create,a custom audience so,imagine we're going to capture the,people from your instagram,that are super active so that's step,number one and then step number two is,once we have built the custom audience,then we can use that custom audience,inside,facebook ads all right now let's jump,right into,the steps so here i am logged into one,of my,ads manager on facebook so to do step,number one to build the custom audience,of people who are engaging,on our instagram from your ads manager,we want to go to a place called,audiences so you're going to click,on and i know they keep changing the ui,and they do like move these,things around the buttons but it's,always there,so you're gonna go to business tools and,then click on,audiences this thing right here so,it's already open the second window and,it's gonna look uh like this so this is,the place,where you go to build the custom,audiences look like audiences look at,all of this,saved audiences all that good stuff,now let's create a custom audience of,people who are,engaged on our instagram,so to do that we're going to click on,right here create audience,and then custom audience right here the,first option,so let's click on that and then a lot of,different options and these are called,like different sources so you can build,the custom audiences of people,going to your website people watching,your video a lot of stuff but for this,video we're going to focus on instagram,account,so if you look read on the right hand,side i believe,so it says create an audience of people,who visited or interacted with your,instagram profile,posts or ads uh you will need a,professional account which can either be,a business or creator account so that's,something you have to remember,your instagram account cannot be a,personal account you need a,a business or a creator account all,right so,let's click on that and then,now to if you're like me and you have,access to,a lot of different instagram accounts,make sure you select the right one,because if you don't select the right,one you're going to build an audience of,the from the wrong account,so here's the right instagram account,for this ad manager because i,i manage multiple clients so that's why,i have access to,a lot of different uh instagram accounts,and then,look at this so right now i have,everyone who engaged with your,account in the past 365 days so i can,change it to 30 days,i can change it to 60 days 180 days so,that's totally up to you,how big of an audience d you want to,capture,so let's say 180 days,and then also there are different,options here you can target,and everyone or you can target anyone,who listed your account,people who engaged with any post or ad,people who sent you message,so here's something very powerful for a,lot of people the personal brands or,businesses,if you have a huge audience on instagram,and if you get a lot of dms from people,guess what you can create a custom,audience of people who are just sending,you dm and obviously,if it's only like one or two in a month,that's not a lot of people right,but if we have a lot of people for big,brands this can be very powerful,people who see it saved any post or ad,that's a very,powerful because these people here's why,if people are,sending you messages on instagram or,people who are saving your,posts or ad on instagram they're already,familiar with your brand i call them,hot audience so if you have more offer,new offers new,lead magnets or maybe sales campaigns,this can be perfect audience to put your,message,in front of all right for this example,let's just go with,the first one everyone who engaged in,180 days,uh let's name this i'm just going to,call it,engaged and then i also like to use the,so i remember that i selected 180 days,and then create the audience and it does,take and let's hit done,so right here even though so here's the,audience that we just created,so even though it says ready but see,it's populating so,after and it takes some a few minutes to,a couple of hours,uh after facebook is done you'll,actually see a number so right here so,this is like 590,000 people right here in this audience,so you'll see a number like this,right there and sometimes,the audience is too small it's going to,say something like this below 1000 or,the audiences,like this so small after matching so do,look for that because if you have a,a very small audience so facebook may,say that's not the audience is very,small,now so we created the audience and,facebook is still populating but let me,go,to step number two and show you how to,use this audience,inside your facebook ad so let's go back,to the ads manager now,so we're done with step number one which,is we captured our instagram audience,aka we built the custom audience,inside facebook ads manager now step,number two,is so let's say uh we want to use that,audience inside a facebook ad campaign,so pop quiz for you,where do you think inside the facebook,ad campaign,creation process where do we use the,audience,if you answered ad set that's the right,answer,so let's create a new campaign a test,campaign so let's hit,create from objective let's pick you,know traffic we want to drive traffic,you can also do conversion campaigns or,lead generation campaign,i'm going to name it test and i want to,build out the whole campaign with,everything in it but i do want to show,you where to go,and select that audience that we just,selected from instagram,the custom audience so we're going to,hit continue so that was our step number,one which was the,setting up the campaign objective our,step number two,is where we select the audience that we,want to,target with facebook ad so that's right,here so what you want to do is scroll,down and you're going to look for this,section right here,the audience section right here inside,your ad set,and then you see how create new audience,use saved audience,and then also custom audience and what,we just created was,a custom audience so when i click inside,this box you'll see now i'm able to see,all the audiences that i have created,inside,this ad account and the one i just,created,even though facebook was still like,populating,i'm able to select that right here so uh,instagram engaged in 180 days and that's,it,now do make sure obviously you you,dedicate your the right budget,and you build out your ad campaign as,far as the right copy,the offer um the messaging the image,and also the if you're using the video,those are the right type of,offer because a lot of times people,select the right audience so for example,in this case we're targeting people who,are uh engaged on instagram but then,their offer is not compelling or their,image is not really eye-catching or the,video is not really like you know,pulling people in so make sure you,do that as well because facebook ads to,really get results from facebook ads,you have to have the right audience,right custom audience or saved audience,or lookalike or cold audience,write offer write copy with the right,you have to basically,a reason give people a reason to click,on your,ad or to to go buy your product or buy,your service or,convert into leads for your business so,do keep that and that was like a side,note for,for this video today but this is how,you create a custom audience of people,who are engaging with your own instagram,and then you're able to,use that custom audience inside your ad,set and,target them with facebook ads if you,have any questions you know what to do,leave those questions in the comments,below before you go make sure you,subscribe hit the bell icon and also,like this video,i will see you in the next one bye for,now

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How to Run an Instagram Ad in Facebook Ads Manager | 2022 Update

How to Run an Instagram Ad in Facebook Ads Manager | 2022 Update

hi everyone i'm tamara from social media,college and in today's video i'm going,to show you how to run an instagram ad,from the facebook ads manager,so first up we need to head over to the,facebook ad platform and to do that,we're going to type in,,now for the majority of you you're going,to see this new interface called the,facebook business suite,if you don't get this and you're still,getting the business manager let me move,my little face over here that's okay,facebook is slowly rolling out business,suite to everybody and it's not 100,rolled out so if this is not what,you see then then don't fret we will,still aim to navigate what we're trying,to get through is the ads manager and,that is the same ads manager as before,that's not what's changed it's this new,interface that you land on when you type,in,so to navigate to ads manager,you would think it's ads but it's,actually not we're going to scroll down,here we're going to go more tools so,we're going to open up more tools here,and here we go we're going to find ads,manager i'm going to click on that,now for anybody who's run,any ads on facebook or instagram this is,familiar to you now this is a bit of a,test,ad account that we have going for you,guys so we can show you some tests so,that's why all of these are,you know just sitting there but,essentially yours is going to look,something similar right you've got to,have your campaigns you're going to have,your ad sets you're going to have your,ads,and here's what we're going to do we're,going to create a campaign,and the main difference,to run instagram ads if you only want to,run instagram ads and you don't also,want to run facebook ads the main,difference here is the placement,so,to set up a campaign will be the same,steps as you normally would do so let's,actually take that and take those steps,so to do that we're going to be on the,campaign tab make sure that that's,selected we're going to hit this green,button here called create,i'm going to create a new campaign,now same thing right when it comes to,objectives you can do the same thing on,instagram so let's,use the brand awareness,objective here so for instance the,social cafe is,for the purposes of this video it's a,local cafe so we want to get the word,out and we're going to use the brand,awareness objective so at the campaign,level we select our objective so i'm,going to select that,and we're just going to name it down,here i'm going to give it a name we're,going to call it um instagram promotion,right let's say that we're gonna give,um a free cup of coffee with every,muffin bought today,or bought this week actually so i'm,gonna call it that i'm just gonna hold,off calling the ad set in the ad because,i'll take it through one step at a time,so let's go continue,and as you can see in the background,there right it started to generate that,and now we're creating our campaign so,we've given our campaign a name and now,we have to go through and just set all,of the details here at the campaign,level so i selected the brand awareness,objective,uh i can set the budget at the campaign,level here but i'm just going to leave,that for now and i'm going to hit next,down here in the bottom where my face is,let's move my head my head keeps getting,in the way of all the buttons,there we go okay now we're at the ad set,level right remember we build the,campaign first then we build the ad set,before we actually build the ad,and this is the bit that is the most,important when you're running instagram,ads because it is here that we select,the placement,now don't forget in the facebook ads,manager even though it's called facebook,ads manager you have different,placements,so i want to scroll down a little bit,you have the ad set name you can call,your ad set anything we're going to call,it,free coffee promotion,i'm going to i like to put the name of,anything special about this here so if,it's a specific audience or if it's a,specific placement i like to put it in,the name of the ad set just so it,doesn't get lost we're going to leave it,at five dollars a day,i'm going to scroll down uh to our,audience we're going to select sydney,because that's where our cafe is,oh i'm in the wrong spot,what am i doing that's custom audiences,here we go over locations i'm going to,hit edit,we're going to remove australia,i'm going to put in sydney,me and my buttons today,put in sydney,here i'm gonna select sydney,and we're gonna leave it as all genders,my cafe is located in sydney let's leave,it as sydney for the purpose of this,video,because this is the most important part,this is the part that makes the,instagram ad an instagram ad it's the,placement,so,currently facebook will leave it as,automatic placements and it recommends,that right because facebook can help,optimize different placements based off,your campaign to help you get the,results that you want,but if you just want to run only an,instagram ad you don't want that ad to,show on facebook you don't want it to,show an audience network you need to hit,manual placements,and when you do that,let's close that,when you do that all of the placements,opens up to you and you can now start to,pick and choose what you want,as you can see everything is selected,and what we're going to do is we're,going to turn off facebook,we're going to turn off audience network,and we're going to turn off messenger,that leaves us just with instagram and,if you scroll down here you will see,you can actually select,the the actual features within instagram,if you wanted just in the instagram feed,you could keep that um checked and you,could take off instagram explore for,instance and you can uncheck instagram,stories but for the purpose of this,video let's just say we're running an,instagram ad and we don't mind where on,instagram it's going to be it can be on,the feed it can be in the explore,section it can also be in stories notice,how it doesn't actually automatically,check instagram reels this is new,you can now run ads in instagram reels,which we love but it doesn't actually,automatically check it that's probably,because it's still new so let's leave it,unchecked for now uh we're going to keep,feed we're going to keep explore we're,going to keep stories and that's pretty,much it that setting alone,lets you run instagram ads,if you keep scrolling down here notice,how everything else is unchecked we've,got igtv as well everything else is,unchecked we're going to keep that,optimization and delivery and we're,going to move over to the ad and now,we're going to build the ad so now,something to think about is how do we,want our ad to look like on instagram so,you'll see now here in the preview,section,that only the instagram placements that,i had selected,are now showing remember if you had,selected automatic placements there,would be a lot more different images,over here on the side but it's only,showing me what i've selected,and you want to make sure you select the,right um the right instagram account so,let's just leave it as you selected page,like that,and we haven't connected our account for,this,for the purpose of this video so that's,all it is you would then use this to,build the ad as you normally would and,there's videos that we have to show you,how to build an ad but for now that is,the only setting that you have to change,if you want to run an instagram ad it,sits at the ad set level let's just go,back here,sits at the ad set level and it's only,to do with the placements and you go,down to manual placements and you select,instagram and that is it your ad will,now show on instagram,and that's it folks uh follow us for,more uh tips and tricks on your socials,at social media college and,looking forward to the next,one you

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