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QUICK & EASY METHOD: How To Create A Form To Collect Your Customers' Information Using Cognito Forms

Joshua Oduwaiye

Updated on Jan 22,2023

QUICK & EASY METHOD: How To Create A Form To Collect Your Customers' Information Using Cognito Forms

if you put out on the internet without,Cisco products or digital products you,agree with me that one of the critical,things that you used to check if your,funnel is actually performing well is,your other form right so you always,would want to add another form to the,landing pages your sales pages to be,able to get customers information and,get their data so that you can be able,to use it to sell to these people later,or for remarketing okay so if you are,not able to set up your order form,correctly you're definitely going to be,wasting a lot of money and you're going,to be losing money from your advice okay,and that's why today I'm going to be,showing you how you can actually set up,your order form using Cognito forms all,right this Cognito form is going to help,you set up other forms on your website,on your sales page and aligning pages,and it takes less than 20 minutes to get,this done all right so all you just need,to do is sit tight watch this video till,the very end and you're going to know,how to do this for for yourself so,without further Ado let's dive into the,video so today I'm going to be showing,you how you can actually create your,other forms and add to your sales page,or your website so that you can be able,to collect your customers information or,your prospect information on from your,Facebook ads or from whatever form of,ads other YouTubers that you're running,for your products whether it's a digital,product or a physical product all right,today I'm going to be using Cognito,forms to set that up and it's basically,easy I'm just going to head over to,,cognito, so I hit enter and please,going to load okay now we have the page,up right now and the next thing you want,to do since if this is your first time,of hitting this page obviously this um,website you need to sign up and signing,up is free so you can sign up using your,Google accounts that if you have a Gmail,account you can sign up using your Gmail,account or you can sign up using your,Facebook accounts or you can sign up,using an email all right so whichever,one you decide to go with it's actually,if you want to go ahead with your email,you can just go ahead and set up an,email add your name you add your email,address you add the organization name,your business name and you also add the,password and you create your account you,just hit on sign up right so that's,basically how easy it is to sign up but,since I already have an account I'm not,going to go through the process of,signing off I'm just going to head over,to logging into my account so that I can,show you how how to set up your other,forms and collect your prospect,information or collect customers,information all right so I'm just going,to hit login at the bottom here and,since I have an account I'm just going,to go ahead and click on it like this,and I'm going to set up password my,password is going to be okay,yeah so we are in right here,so this is my account,and as you can see you can see I already,have some forms here already I already,have some customer informations that,I've been collecting before,okay so now all you just need to do at,this point now is um you can just come,to this top left you're going to see new,forms now I just stopped there's going,to see new forms you're just going to,hit and click on it,now you're going to see it's going to,take you to this path where you're going,to now build new forms all right so,basically you need to find out or know,what exactly you want to collect from,your customers right so I'm just going,to,um have a brief or what I want to,collect for my customers so I'm going to,be using an example the example I'm,going to be using is um physical,products let's take for instance I'm,selling a physical product and I need to,collect the customer's name,okay I need to collects the address,okay and collect the uh emails,okay I also need to collect phone,numbers of these customers,okay and,yeah also we need to bring out an option,for them to be able to choose what,package they want so I'm just going to,go with um package,okay and normally I like to provide an,extra space for them to be able to,um Express themselves like some of them,might have a reason for not being able,to receive their product right now so I,always add space for additional,information,so you might want to tell those oh I'm,traveling but I'll be back on social,dates so just keep the products on me so,additional information okay,okay so this are these basic things uh,these are the basic information we want,to collect from these customers all,right so I'm just going to go ahead,we're going to create,um the form for them let's just assume,this is an All-Star product like for,health,Osa,let's see this is an osrt,okay so I'm changing the title to all 30,okay and the reason is so that we'll be,able to identify it,from the other forms that are out that,we create,so this is also T I'm going to start the,first one so here I'm going to go ahead,and you can see just click on this first,plus sign here and it's going to bring,out these other options for you so from,here I'm going to pick out name,I'm going to drag it and drop it right,so you can see we've dragged and dragged,name so what we want to do for this name,is we want to make it compulsory so that,if somebody doesn't feel it the person,cannot submit that form okay so you want,to make a compulsory so here at this,point where you see required require,this field,we're going to see always,right so once you click on always,whenever this customer,feels information maybe if you use the,other information it doesn't feel this,particular information,the person will not be able to hit,Summit because it will keep on showing,an error sign that he needs to complete,this information before he can head over,to click the submit button okay so um,that is it and you can also see that it,comes with an asterisk sign which,indicates that it is compulsory for the,customer to fill in the information so,the next,um box we are going to add is the,address so for us to add address we're,going to hit on plus again and I'm just,going to pick address here,and drop it okay so if we use this,address it's usually going to,um cause a bit of issue for some,customers because we need to make this,compulsory so when you add this type of,address for them they'll need to fill in,the the address that means they are,street name you know the city where they,are the states the zip code and all that,which some people don't even know so for,for us to make it easy for them we would,have to delete this what we're going to,do is basically pick up a normal text,box which is this and drag it okay,yeah so we have a normal text box what,we're just going to do here is we're,just going to change this to address so,you can see this is the title at the top,here so we're just going to change it to,address,address,okay,um,or you can just add delivery address so,that,delivery address so that the customer we,understand what this actually is so I'm,going to also click on this here and,drag it to the end because I want it to,be wide enough,for their information right so I'm going,to scroll down to where we're going to,make it another compulsory requirement,okay so you can see we had required this,field again we're going to click on,always all right,so we have addressed,delivery address we have the name now,the next thing we're going to look out,for is uh let's check our guide email,address okay so we're now going to go,now we click on this plus sign which has,brought us these options here so we're,going to hit on this email and drag it,here,okay so now we have this email,showing here now we can decide not to,make this email compulsory because,sometimes some customers don't like to,um share that kind of information but as,a marketer you will need this,information to be able to send them,mails from time to time maybe to warm,them up or to further sell them okay so,if if you want to sell this Prospect,later on or these customers you can just,require that they feel this,um email option all right so if they,feel this email option then you are good,to go they are definitely going to give,you their emails all right but in the,case where to you it is not a compulsory,tool you can decide to ignore the,required button okay you can just make,it a,um an optional stuff so that they don't,get to worry themselves too right you,their emails the next thing we are going,to be going ahead to do is create for,phone numbers okay now we're going to go,ahead,so I'm going to click on this plus sign,just in front of the email for phone,numbers and you can see the options has,popped up from this other side so you,can now go ahead and drag this phone,number,here okay so in this case we now have,the phone number here but because we,don't want,um we don't want our customers having,issues or not just our customers having,issues but in the case of trying to,retrieve these numbers from your own and,as the marketer you might not be able to,get the direct phone numbers the numbers,might either eliminate the zero sign,and just assume that you already know,that the first number is zero and in the,case where you want to save that as a,WhatsApp number it means you need to,pick up each number individually to save,them you cannot save them collectively,okay so the best thing you want to do,here is instead of using the phone,number that is already,generated here we're just going to go,ahead to pick another,um option so I'm just going to pick up,an option for numbers which is this,and we're going to drag it here,I will eliminate this one,you just click on it to remove anyone,just click on it you don't need to hold,it just click on it once these options,are going to come up then you're going,to see delete now once you delete it you,can either drag this and drop it here if,you want or you can decide to leave it,at the bottom here but I'm going to drag,it here because I want it to be properly,arranged so we're going to change this,to,phone numbers,or just phone number,so we can make provision for alternative,phone number so we just have this as a,phone number it's just going to be in,integrass and,we are going to go down to make this a,required field so that whenever the,person doesn't add a phone number,because it will not be allowed to,continue,um also submit the form to you all right,so we have name we have delivery address,we have the email and we have the phone,number all right,so,let's go and see what's next for us so,next we have here is the package,Okay so,if you are selling for instance the OSAP,t,you're just going to click on this plus,sign here and once you click on this,plus sign instead of you just picking um,text boss or just a name box you are,going to go ahead with choice,here so you can see Choice here so you,can have a drop down Choice like this,where you can just click on this and it,will bring up different options for the,person all right so,you can decide to do that or you can,decide to do something like this,something like a radio box where people,can just click tap on anyone they want,to go with all right and you can also go,ahead with check boxes where people can,also choose from the checkbox they can,just check whichever option you want to,go with all right and so I personally,like that drop down option so that you,can actually,pick from the drop down and choose your,own choice all right so here we're going,to label this or we're just going to say,choose,yo,your package,so now that I've told them to choose a,package you're not going to scroll down,to fill in the type of packages you have,so let's say for instance I sell one,one also,treatments,t,for let's say sorry for about 13 000,yeah,I'm going to make it look like this,then you can see this how it's going to,show right so let's say,we now want to,um do let's say two,also,treatment,C,and let's say we are adding a free gifts,and let's see close,free gifts,okay,they will not add the,the plus sign,and we add the price so let's say the,price is now 20 000 naira if you're,buying two and one free gifts okay so,just move like that so I can not I can,copy,I can copy it and do it for the third,one,okay and if I don't also want to include,the third one I can just delete it here,and that is it and if I want,more I can just click on ADD add I keep,adding and all you just need to do is,just copy out all the information here,duplicate it here and edit it that's all,okay so I just want to I'm just looking,I'm just going to leave it this way all,right and once we have done that I'm,going to come to required field so that,I will make it a compulsory requirement,for them to also pick their choice here,okay so if you don't pick a choice you,will not move to the next level so we,have,one two three four five over six done so,the fifth one,or the sixth one sorry,the sixth one,is going to be additional information so,I can decide to choose here,and just add a a complete text box you,can just add a text box,so that's we'll be able to write,any information on the customer wants to,send to us okay,so,I want it to be big so I'm just going to,write multiple lines here okay so that,the customer can write as much as they,want to right so I'm going to write on,this label here I'm going to turn it to,additional,additional information on,okay so now we have this as additional,information and it's also going to,become okay we can decide to ignore it,we can decide not to make a composite,right so now we have our form set up all,right the next point is uh this submit,Stitch so,we don't want our customers seeing this,update stuff this update is supposed to,be like for us alone so that we're able,to see and update to upgrade to a the,paid package okay well,we'll just delete it here take it off so,you can see now we have only the submit,button okay so but for the summit button,you can go ahead to edit it,so I'm going to click on it to edit it I,hope you saw what I did there let me go,back again so this is the submit button,all you're just going to do is click on,this this point here just click on it,you can see it has opened up right so,once the customer clicks on this submit,you can even change the submits,to something else,you can change it to,um I,um,I am ready,for,my,package,you can see you can see it's going to,show the same exact way you have typed,it okay so whatever I want to be written,here you can actually write it yeah so,but here I'm just going to make leave it,as submit so that it will be known as,Summit okay then the next thing is after,the customer clicks Summit what do you,want the customer to see what do you,want what do you want to happen now as,it is it is already programmed that once,you hit submit that it shows this,information thank you for filling out,the form your response has been recorded,okay but you don't want to use something,um casual like this you want to set up a,thank you page,okay so once if you have a thank you,page you've already set up you're just,going to click on redirects here and,include the thank you page here okay so,let's say for instance I have created a,thank you page and,I'm just going to go ahead with Joshua,orders okay,dot com,slash thank you,okay,so let's say that's it,we now so now we have uh submit button,ready,so if you want to also get your emails,send if you want to get emails to maybe,two three or four people you can come,here and edit the emails option so as,you can see this is the email I used to,register so this email is where I'm,going to be getting my orders once,someone makes an order okay or once,someone fills the information and clicks,and submits this way my other form is,going to be sent to but if you want it,to be sent to maybe different emails,maybe you have a team that you want them,to be seeing the emails to you can just,come to this part and include all you,just need to do is add a comma sign and,include the other email,that you want to add to it okay so once,you are done you can now hit on Save,at this point and it's going to save all,right but in this case I'm not adding,any other email everything is just okay,and fine as it is right now okay,so,I'm going to go back and,at this point,we have this form set up okay so what,you want to do next is,come to publish okay sorry I was,supposed to save it so I'm going to save,this changes now,this is where I was always just click on,Save was able to save these changes,before moving out of this page so as you,can see this is this is how the form now,looks like and this is how the form is,going to be on your website all right so,let's say we want to edit this you want,to change the font you don't like the,way the fonts are looking,once you get to publish level and you,see this publish code you're going to,see a style editor now this style editor,we're going to change the fonts all,right so I'm going to go ahead and pick,monserrats,here,okay so the labels everything I'm going,to go monster at and,okay I just want to go I want to go,ahead and use monsterian fonts for,everything so you can see I've changed,the font automatically,okay,I've changed the font automatically so,you can see that everything is showing,in this form right so um at this point,the button,at the bottom part below if you want to,change this color of the button to let's,say a deep red,you want to change it to a deep red you,can see this is the button background,color so I'm just going to click on it,and maybe I just go to this red you can,see the button has changed and I can,also change the button text format to,monserrats okay so you see everything is,looking beautiful right so once you have,done this this easy you can just go,ahead you can go to the headers too and,also change the font of the headers to,monster art and make it bold also it's,already not on board so that's fine,okay so you can see this is looking good,is looking better right so if you have a,website now sorry let's change let's,save this please,save these changes so if you have a,website I'm going to show you how to add,this on your sales page right let me go,to my sales page and show you how to add,it okay so uh this is a page this a page,I've used to run adverb before so I want,to show you how you can add the,um cognitive form you have created to,your sales page or maybe to your landing,page or whatever page you want to add it,on a website right so once you get to,um your editor your Elementor editor you,might you can be using another form of,editor but at the moment I'm using,Elementor so I'm going to show you,Elemento,so what you just need to do is search,for HTML,yes HTML code this is it so I'm just,going to drag it and drop it here right,so now that I've dragged it and dropped,me here I'm going to go here,and copy that code so let's go back and,copy that code,okay so you can see this is the code,here right so I'm going to copy it,and now that I've copied it I'll head,over back to the page and paste it now,that I've pasted it I'm just going to,click on updates,okay,update so I'm going to go to the page,I'm going to open the page now,so you can see this is the page this,page we just added this information to,so you can see it's showing this is how,I'm showing on the page this is going to,show on the page okay so you can decide,to change this name if you don't feel,comfortable with it you can try to,change this name to let's say for,instance order here,if you all feel this form to make your,order so you can decide to change it at,the point of setting up this whole form,right so you can see it's basically it's,the fonts are cool and you can see it's,seamless it's easy for customers to make,their order make their choices whatever,they want to do whatever information,they want to give you they can easily,give it to you all right I'm sure you're,able to learn something from this I hope,you enjoyed the video I hope you were,able to learn how to set up your,computer forms for your website

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Introduction to Workflow - Cognito Forms

Introduction to Workflow - Cognito Forms

hey everyone,i'm nadia from the cognito forms team,and i'm so excited to introduce you to,our workflow feature,when you hear the word workflow you,might think about anything from managing,approvals and negotiating contracts,to tracking service requests and,completing sales orders,simply put workflows are the ways that,people get work done,they involve a repeatable sequence of,tasks that drive a business process from,start to finish,in incognito forms you can automate this,sequence on a single form to build,flexible efficient workflows,to get started open the workflow menu at,the bottom of the build page,here you'll assemble your workflow using,three key parts actions statuses and,rules,a workflow action is a specific event,that not only updates an entry but can,also trigger additional steps in your,workflow,for example when someone hits the submit,button that action could then display a,confirmation message,send an email notification,or change the status of the entry,to edit actions select the name of the,action in the workflow menu or select,one of the action buttons at the bottom,of your form,the workflow status describes the state,of the entry in each stage of your,workflow,the action of submitting an entry,automatically changes the status from,incomplete to submitted,with the ability to add up to 20 total,statuses you can create custom complex,workflows all on one form,workflow roles enable you to customize a,form based on who's working on it,the public role represents the person,who starts the entire process by,submitting a new entry,while the internal role represents the,individual who receives the entry,the third role type is other this role,is available for any other individual,involved in your workflow,once your roles actions and statuses are,in place you can enable workflow link,sharing,workflow links are the glue that bind,your entire workflow together,when an individual receives a workflow,link they're able to access role-based,entry data and perform any available,actions on the entry,in other words workflow links ensure,that you engage the right people at the,right time,next enable save and resume to allow the,individuals in your workflow to save,their progress as they go,finally use the form read-only option to,set the entire form as read-only,you might use this setting for certain,roles or to prevent further editing once,the workflow is complete,you can also assign read-only settings,on a field-by-field basis in the field,settings menu,with the ability to add multiple steps,that can happen in any order or even at,the same time you can automate just,about any existing process within your,organization,if you'd like to learn more about,setting up automated workflows incognito,forms be sure to check out our user,guides and pre-built workflow templates

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