how do you stop ads on instagram

STOP Running DEAD Instagram Ads & Watch This! | How To Run Ads On Instagram! I think most people wou

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Updated on Jan 07,2023

STOP Running DEAD Instagram Ads & Watch This! | How To Run Ads On Instagram!

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STOP Running DEAD Instagram Ads & Watch This! | How To Run Ads On Instagram!

I think most people would say most,marketers would say yeah Instagram is,for everyone like it's it's the main,channel you've got to be on Instagram I,think that's wrong so I'm gonna take a,really contrary and point of view in,that no Instagram is definitely not for,everyone,in fact there's pretty much no social,media platform that's for everyone hi,guys it's Sam day here from day,helping serious entrepreneurs like you,boost sales to your products and,services on line using it simple but,super effective online marketing tips,and tricks and if you are not subscribed,to this channel already make sure you,subscribe and click that boner a,vacation button so you never miss a,strategy that could help you to boost,your online earnings so today is a,little bit different I have a really,special guest on today called Adam from,the modern marketing show,Adam how is it going today yes I'm doing,good I'm doing good it's really great to,have you on the show Adam has got his,own YouTube channel as well which we're,gonna be speaking about in depth can you,give us like a little bit of a kind of,synopsis about what your YouTube channel,is all about and what you kind of help,people with totally yeah so the YouTube,channel is uh it's basically a dimeric,video it's all about a marketing,strategy so we cover things from SEO to,online ads to marketing strategy overall,research so the boring sides like,research and things like that marketing,planning but basically anything that,involves running a successful and,profitable marketing campaign you can,probably find on the channel awesome,awesome and I actually watch a lot of,Adams videos as well and one of the,things that really stood out to me with,Adams channel was the kind of the,content that you talk about with regards,to Facebook and Instagram market and I,haven't really seen another channel that,kind of breaks it down in the way you do,is Instagram for everyone so if I have a,product or a service is it for its can,anyone market on Instagram or is it,other kind of niches that are just not,working yet right okay excellent,question Sam yeah so I think most people,would say most marketers would say yeah,Instagram is for everyone like it it's,the main channel you've got to be on,Instagram,I think that's wrong so I'm gonna take a,really contrary and point of view in,that no Instagram is definitely not for,everyone,in fact there's pretty much no social,media platform that's for everyone maybe,with the exception of Facebook if you,just want to run a few things but,there's a couple things that we're,seeing with Instagram notably and with,Facebook as well is that there it kind,of like peak right now peak levels so,peak adoption everybody knows about them,everybody's kind of using them so that,means that to succeed on Instagram you,can't be first there's no more first,mover advantage pretty much everyone's,there so you've really got to be the,best so this means are you willing or,are you able to kind of be the best one,in your market in your industry you,don't have to be the best across all of,Instagram or all of Facebook but you do,have to be or aim to be the best for,your marketing your industry so a lot of,it and and this is where we kind of come,back to marketing strategy right away is,you've really got to identify all right,who's your ideal target market are they,even on Instagram if so who are your,competitors do you have a chance on that,platform are you better looking at a,different platform instead let's say I,have a product or service and I'm trying,to define whether or not my audience is,even on there and if they are if it's,oversaturated and there's too many,competitors on there where do I start,with performing that kind of research,yeah so so excellent points there as,well first of all yeah you want to,identify your market so it's like figure,out as a man or as a women is it this,age range is that that age range,whatever it is and really quickly you're,gonna start to see like even a quick,google search on like what demographics,use Instagram what demographics use,LinkedIn what demographics do you use,Pinterest and that'll start to show you,all right it looks like my people are,here I'm gonna be able to find them all,on Instagram so let's say that we've,determined that all right we've got,women aged 27 that's kind of your market,Instagram is gonna be the main one so,you've got a product that's like really,visually appealing you're gonna be able,to market so now we're gonna go to,Instagram now the key to success with it,then if you've determined all right,looks like I have to be on Instagram two,things number one is to just go very,very kind of niche down and figure like,what kind of interest or what aspects of,my product or my business are going to,be most appealing,this kind of core market that I can,create content around rather than really,broad bland boring vanilla wide open,content you're never gonna be able to,compete on so that's the the thing there,the second thing is you've got to really,understand the difference between kind,of paid platforms and organic platforms,now there are changes with pretty much,every social media platform where they,sort of shift from being an organic,platform like say Facebook back in like,2012 where everybody was getting a lot,of reach a lot of exposure for all your,content then it shifted to a pay-to-play,model where you got to put in money,Instagram is there now so if you really,want to succeed on Instagram Instagram,ads those are gonna be your best bet,pretty much without a doubt yeah you,can't build up an organic strategy,you're spending a lot of time time that,could have probably been better spent in,other areas of your business and instead,accelerating your content ads okay so my,next question then because we've,Instagram there's there's there's many,ways to to promote or to advertise using,paid ads you have kind of Instagram,always kind of similar to Facebook,whenever you put a post out and it gets,maybe a little bit more likes or shares,then your other posts Instagram are,trying to get you to push the promote,button and start promoting that but then,also there's the story ads as well so,what is the ways that the strategy what,what should we be doing should we be,using the promote button to promote,individual posts should we be doing,story ads or should we be testing them,or what what's your advice there okay,excellent so first off never touch the,promote button it's like the it's like,the boost button for Facebook ads the,fastest and most effective way to lose a,lot of money so anytime that you hear,someone that's like Instagram ads don't,work Facebook ads don't work odds are,pretty good they've been hitting the,boost button on Facebook or the promote,button on Instagram and the reason is is,this is kind of the easy way to do it,not only is it Nessa,all we'll talk about that in just a,second but it also puts you in a really,bad mindset where it's like look I'm,just gonna spend money and it's gonna,work and that's never how it works like,how it works is we're gonna take a step,back we're gonna be really strategic,about everything we're gonna plan it all,up we're gonna make sure we have the,right message for the right audience,that's,promote the right objectives and that's,when you get results so how do you get,good results in the Instagram ads yeah,all sorts of them first of all Instagram,is owned by Facebook so that means that,we've got to run all of our Instagram,ads through the Facebook Ads manager,that's fantastic because Facebook Ads,manager is by far the most robust and,beautiful advertising system I've seen,online beats googles and YouTube which,uses Google's like it's just those are a,disaster but if you're having issues,targeting it's gonna come from the,Google side so you're gonna use your,Facebook Ads manager and then from there,you're gonna select either the Instagram,feed or the Instagram stories and these,are relatively similar in regards to,strategy but only different in regard to,the placement so where the ads gonna,show up what its gonna look like I mean,there's differences in length and styles,and formats but the important thing to,note is the way that people are going to,engage with content is going to be,different depending if it's a feed,depending if it's a story ad so you've,got to adjust your strategy and your ad,creative accordingly,but really all that's going to come down,to is sort of making sure that you've,been strategic right from the very,beginning and then all of that kind of,becomes easy like if we know we're going,after this target market we've got to,use this image we know we probably want,to feed ads so we're gonna make sure it,looks like an ad sold alone click on,probably want to run a story out as well,we'll see which one performs better then,you can have a scale up the winner and,cut down the loser or at least try to,hone in on it and optimize it later,let's talk a little bit about creative,so you spoke about you know split,testing and the importance of you know,having most multiple kind of different,tests that you can perform and see which,one is outperforming the other but in,terms of what type of creative should,should we be focusing on with regards to,Instagram specifically is it a picture,is it I see a lot of videos on Instagram,as well always it kind of a combination,or is that something you would test as,well yeah absolutely so we always test,regardless like there's never there's,never a one-size-fits-all there's a few,kind of rules of thumb that work well,like if you're selling econ stuff or,anything that's very product specific,then a picture of the product tends to,work that like without without fail we,have a picture of the product it's going,to work better than,some kind of lifestyle picture or some,kind of end result will always test it,anyways because different markets have,different results but that's kind of a,kind of a give away in regards to video,versus image so here's the kicker a,video will perform better if it's a good,video that's the problem is that if it's,a bad video obviously the image is going,to perform better so without a doubt we,almost always start with an image first,so we can kind of get a baseline of what,we're looking at then we'll put out a,video and we'll test a couple different,video variations now in regards to kind,of what the image is gonna look like and,what the video is my advice is almost,always you want to take up as much,screen real estate as possible so if,you're able to use like vertical video,go for that if you're able to use a,square video use that you never want to,just have like a tiny little strap or a,tiny little video or a tiny little image,because you're not sort of maximizing,all of the area that you've already paid,for with your ad so that's the big thing,the second thing is it's got a look like,it fits in it's gotta be catchy it's got,to be attractive all the usual things,that people know but somehow forget when,they're creating ads so what will happen,is we'll spend a lot of time on the,campaign and then we'll neglect the,creative and not spend enough time,formatting it designing it make sure,that it's it's pretty you know it looks,good and people actually want to click,it and then don't be afraid to ask your,friends and your colleagues or your,employees and say hey like would you,click on this this look good,is this something even relevant because,often when you kind of step back and you,look at things objectively it's like,well yeah there's no way anyone's,touching that thing,so why would you put money behind it so,just a little bit of kind of forethought,ahead of time continue a lot of money,and a lot of paying further down the,road so let's say we we've tested a,couple of ads and we've got one that,seems to be peaking it seems to be,getting a lot of clicks maybe it's even,getting some conversions and we we want,to focus on that ad what types of things,do we do to optimize it for even more,conversions is it just simply up in our,daily spend or is there more that we can,do yeah sound that's a complicated,question so there's like there's so much,we can do that the big heavy complicated,answer is we scale it up and scaling it,up is probably a conversation for,another day we can touch on it here but,there's multiple ways to scale it up,there's obviously like you mentioned,incremental budget scaling where we can,take our budget,small amounts so we don't mess up the,algorithm we can duplicate ad sets and,started into new campaigns we can test,different audiences with it we can kind,of come up with new creative for it I,mean there's all sorts of sort of,different ways to get it into more,people's in front of them including,actually objective scaling so right now,if we're optimizing for conversions we,could optimize for traffic or engagement,or video views all that's really techie,stuff though and and really complicated,so I think the easiest thing is to,really just start to slowly,incrementally increase the budget so,never just tack on a zero to the end but,raise the budget by like 10 15 20,percent every two or three days let the,algorithm settle see what's happening,and then you do it again that's the,easiest way the second thing I always,recommend is as soon as you've got a,winner perfect time to start writing,your next ad get your next creative get,your next ad figure out your next design,because the question isn't if but when,that ad is gonna stop working could be a,week could be a month,I've had ads that have run for over a,year and still been fantastic but,eventually they're gonna slide and when,they do you want to be ready with the,next one to replace it so you can just,keep that momentum forward,yeah that's that's really crucial he,said I think so many times you can be,reliant on what's working now and and,not plan ahead enough for the future and,with particularly we've paid ads it's,it's a thing where there's competition,competition coming in people their,interests change and stuff like that so,staying on top of it is super crucial I,wanted to now go into a little bit more,of the side of say custom audiences and,retargeting but let's start with the,feature of custom audiences how,effective is it if someone's got an,email list or even maybe a list of phone,numbers or even if they've been they've,installed the tracking pixel from Google,on their website,how can they utilize that and should,they be utilizing that with their their,Instagram ads right on yeah so first,thing is is that yes everybody should,have sort of the Facebook pixel,installed on their websites the Facebook,pixel will give you that custom audience,data for Instagram as well so important,to say,it's like yeah we need a Facebook,account Facebook has we've got to get,the pixel that'll give us our Instagram,pixel data that we can create the custom,audiences from so how effective are,custom audiences fantastic right because,the reality is is that a custom audience,is an audience that already knows you,likes you just some extent trust you,these are warm people they're people,that are familiar with your brand,they've engaged with you by other Sonia,but your email is visiting your website,perhaps even purchasing from you making,them a hot prospect so what you can do,now is we can take these lists you can,upload them to Instagram or Facebook you,upload them to Facebook but then you can,select them through Facebook or,Instagram and then you can put your ads,directly in front of these people which,means you can structure your campaigns,very differently for someone that has no,idea who you are versus someone who,already knows who you are and you can,progress them further down the funnel,and that's the beauty is that when we're,looking at kind of the marketing funnel,overall and we're running these like,tofu ads top of funnel ads for cold,traffic that has no idea who you are,we're trying to get them to maybe take a,lead magnet or watch a video or,something like that that's a very,different strategy than someone's,already got that we're just trying to,move them further by giving them more,value by loving on them with content by,helping them more and by not I need to,reintroduce ourselves and being a,sequela hey it's Adam again here you've,never met me because they already know,who you are so you can just say look you,already know all that let's take this,thing that you've already shown,interested in it let's give you the next,step for it and that's how these,relationships are really really built,and nurtured and kind of the higher,lifetime value of the client or the,customer the more valuable these are,going to become so if you've got a long,buying cycle you've got a large ticket,sale item for your clients for your,customers these are basically mandatory,because you're going to need them to,increase those touch points and to,continue showing up again and again then,basically nurture people for years I've,had clients that have read my emails and,following my videos for two or three,years sometimes before reaching out and,then say hey yeah I followed you for for,a while now,three years and yeah I think I'd like to,do business like that's cool yeah here's,an application we can we can have to,chat but essentially yeah these fine,cycles can be very long so you want to,make sure that you're staying in touch,and continuing to provide value awesome,some great value,there that Springs a question on which,is the strategy so that the funnel,strategy for someone who is interacting,with your ad as a cold lead and someone,who's interacting if your ad from maybe,a retargeting campaign would you say,that if you're targeting people coldly,these as you saying top of the funnel,marketing people who have never seen,your brand before potentially is is that,it's the method different would you like,send them to your sender maybe to an,article or something and then get them,onto every targeting campaign or what,was your advice there yeah excellent,question because a lot of people get,this wrong and and buy their ads fail is,a lot of them treating a cold lead like,a warm so basically what often happens,is we skip a whole mandatory part of the,relationship where someone will run a,cold traffic ad and basically say buy my,stuff so it's like you've no idea who I,am never heard of me but you should just,you should give me money you should buy,my stuff and it's akin to like proposing,marriage on the first date it's like we,don't really know each other but like,you should really just commit and just,like jump in and that's good it'll it'll,all be fine though I assure you and,that's just not the way things work now,just like a relationship the ad and the,funnel can happen at various speeds this,doesn't have to be a multi-year thing,the relationship can happen sometimes,even in the create of a day you can go,and they can walk through your entire,funnel consume all your content maybe,have a call with you the whole thing can,happen very fast but it does need to,progress through those levels so for a,cold person who has no idea who you are,yeah sending them to something like a,lead magnet or a download or some kind,of content that's fantastic I prefer,sending them somewhere where I can,collect some kind of information like an,email address or whatever so I can,follow up you don't have to,you can't send them to a piece of,content and then retarget them with a,lead magnet you may want to test both,see which one's going to be more,cost-effective once that's done this,person becomes a warm you think now know,who you are and that's when you can,start making your harder offers so,essentially when we're looking at offers,we have two sides we have the direct or,hard offer and we have the soft or,transitional offer so the soft,transitional offer goes to cold traffic,this is,lead magnet video something easy low,very directory and then the heart,offered direct offer this is the buy now,sign up for something more,time-consuming like strategy call,basically something that's going to make,them become a customer later so you've,really got to make sure that that gets,structured after so that you don't burn,them out because there's this expression,in sales just like it doesn't hurt to,ask,and yeah totally hurt staffs can do a,ton of damage by like coming out and,just asking for all this stuff when,you've given nothing in return,so a lot of people especially when,they're new to marketing have this,expectation that the clientele almost,owes them something and it's it couldn't,be further from the truth it's like we,have to prove our value and show them,there's a lot of competition a lot of,other people they can choose to do,business with you really have to,position yourself is that ideal,Authority and key solution to their,problem let's talk a little bit about,look-alike audiences because I feel like,that's a an interesting opportunity as,well you don't necessarily have to be,limited to your own list but Facebook,gives you the option to create a,look-alike so can you kind of delve into,what that is and how we potentially,could be using that to help scale or,manage your ads yeah absolutely and in,fact we'll cover one of the most,important things about look-alikes as,well which is where people go so wrong,with them so for starters a look-alike,audience is simply telling Facebook or,Instagram Facebook again which will use,it for Instagram that yeah this is the,group of people that I want you to go,and target this is my custom audience my,email list my website visitors my,customers whatever it is I want you to,go out there and find me the people that,match them the most closely so it's,basically like saying hey here's a list,of my absolute best people these are the,greatest ones they love me love what I,do tell everyone about me they keep me,the most money find me more people like,this and then Facebook says okay here,you go,and they go out and they look through,everything and it looked through,thousands if not hundreds of thousands,of different data points they match that,all up and they try to provide you the,absolute best customers in return to,sort of match with that so that sounds,fantastic on the surface where people go,wrong with look-alikes,is they try to build them off of either,the,audience or too small an audience so,basically they might build a look-alike,off of something that sounds pretty,solid like website visitors but maybe,the visitors aren't likely to become,customers maybe they're just interested,in other content maybe they're,interested in enjoy yourself solution,rather than it done through your,solution or whatever it is so you've got,to always test your look-alikes as well,they often are your best audiences for,not always the second thing is is that,often people will make a look-alike,audience with way too small a number so,they'll have say 300 people on their,email list they'll build a look-alike,audience from it and then it doesn't it,doesn't return anything in return and,again it's because you're not giving,Facebook enough data to sort of build,this thing out so kind of at a minimum,we like 500 people ideally we like a,thousand because we're not always gonna,get a perfect match anyways so if you've,got a thousand two thousand three,thousand people an email is fantastic,you've got a few thousand people that,have visit your website that's great too,and a way to increase the size of your,custom audiences you can just build it,out over a longer time frame so instead,of say looking at website visitors over,the last 30 days you could look at 90,days or even up to 180 days and all of,these are going to allow you to build a,larger custom audience that you can then,build a look-alike audience from sounds,super confusing easier once you kind of,get into the mechanics of it you build,that audience and then you you build a,look-alike from it but that's,essentially it let's say I'm absolutely,new to marketing on Instagram where do I,where do I start,what kind of things do I need to keep in,mind yeah so if you're brand new to,Instagram probably the best thing you,can do is really dive in and consume,some of the content strategically so,this isn't thumbing through kind of,mindlessly just looking at stuff but it,means really like sitting down for an,hour to pen and paper with Instagram,open making sure you've got your,competitors and your colleagues and,other brands that you follow and,starting to make note of what they're,doing what are the images that are,they're using what are the videos that,they're doing how often are they posting,are they using hashtags how many are,they appearing in the post or in the,comments what are the lengths of the,captions what are they writing about,what is the style and the format it,sounds like a lot of homework and the,reality is it's because it's like we,really got to dive in and sort of deep,dive what's working how this is going so,we can form our own strategy from there,we've got a look at art what's realistic,for us are we gonna be able to do this,what's kind of the minimum effective,dose maybe it's once a day maybe it's,twice a day maybe it's once every two,days what's something that we can do,consistently and kind of an ongoing,basis and then starting to put that into,practice from there it really comes down,to even going up a step further and,looking at all right what's the ad,strategy here like if we're gonna be,promoting content where do we want it to,go what do we want them to do and how,does this all fit in strategically to,the brand overall because there's no,point in having an Instagram strategy,just for the sake of having an Instagram,strategy waste of time money and energy,there should be leading to something,even if it's to increase brand awareness,or provide more value or build the email,list or whatever it is but there's got,to be a goal because otherwise we're,just gonna get kind of wasting all of,our time in something that could have,been better spent somewhere else yeah,yeah yeah very key very key I think that,the final thing that I wanted to kind of,really touch on because it's super,important I'm sure you'll agree is is,targeting when when you're putting ads,on on anywhere really you want to make,sure that you're targeting the right,people but I've noticed as well you,mentioned not using the promote button,but I've seen us as well when you do use,the promote button the targeting it's,not very great on Instagram it's quite,vague there's there's not much you can,do so what kinds of things can we do to,ensure that our Instagram ads are,actually served up to the tune up to the,most kind of reliable most people who,are who are likely to want to buy our,product awesome,yeah for sure so I think the first and,most important thing is is that when it,comes to running ads in general there's,kind of this old hierarchy of success,that's back from the like direct,response marketing days where they said,there's kind of three components,responsible for a successful ad and each,of them has a relative percentage forty,percent of the success of your ad is,going to come down to the targeting,forty percent is going to come down to,the offer that you make so basically,you've got to give them something,irresistible that they actually want to,do and then twenty percent is going to,come down to the coffee and create of an,image and all that stuff design of the,app so this is why it's so crucial that,yeah we do identify that perfect person,that we're going to put our ad in front,because otherwise we've kinda just lost,40% of the success of Brad way there so,how do we figure out the targeting it,really all starts with forming that,ideal customer avatar so figuring out,the exact details of the person that,we're trying to target in kind of the,three core areas so demographic details,age gender income occupation anyone the,forms come in the sort of generic,demographic details geographic details,what city state province country,neighborhood street wherever they live,and then psychographic details which is,really where Instagram and Facebook,shine what are their attitudes beliefs,organizations affiliations kind of all,the head stuff that goes on what do they,follow what do they read all of that,stuff because when we put all those,together we're gonna be able to pinpoint,exactly who we're after so the question,then becomes not necessarily the,targeting is gonna be off because we,should be able to dial that in but it,might be the author,maybe we're just putting something in,front of them they just don't want and,if that's not the case then we know that,we can move on it all right we just have,a really bad app it's just,nobody likes it it's not that pretty,it's not that good so we can start to,really discern where the issues are so,you can start to fix them,awesome awesome great great I love how,you how you broke that broke that one,down I feel like this is a very,comprehensive interview now and I would,encourage anyone watching this to,definitely go and subscribe to Adams,channel but also take action as well,like sometimes we can get so caught up,with the theory of what is supposed to,happen but it's like what you were,saying we have to test it and that's the,only way we're going to really see what,is going to be working what isn't,working and then we can kind of double,down on what's working and get rid of,what's not working and I think that's,the best one of the best pieces of,advice which is to test your ads and sit,and see what's happening really so thank,you so much Adam you shared so much,great advice where can we find more of,your content online,yeah to two places obviously YouTube is,probably one of the best places so if,you just type in out of mere hearts out,of my heart video you'll find there,other option is a dimeric palm which is,vrh a RT is how you spell the last name,finally there thank you so much Adam for,sharing all of that awesome content if,you are not subscribed to Adam make sure,that you go and subscribe and when I,leave all of the information to his,channel and his website in the,description down below is some awesome,content you're gonna find there I am,subscribed so that's really gonna help,you to boost cells to your products and,services on Lion by not just looking at,the channel but also implementing the,stuff that you actually see and learn,there as well I also have the formula,which is behind me this is the formula,to generate in leads and sales online so,if you're struggling at the moment or,you want to up your online selling and,you want to understand how does this all,work and you want a framework to start,with then make sure you download the,formula absolutely free I'll leave a,link to that as well in the description,down below so you can grab your free,copy but I really do hope that this,video brought you value and if it did,then please click the like button down,below and make sure you share this video,with a friend if you have any additional,questions or comments then leave them,for me in the comment section but until,next time watch some of my other great,videos makes you subscribe to this,channel for more awesome business,related content have a great day,download the formula and I will see you,soon

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