how do you set up dropshipping on ecwid

Ecwid Dropshipping Aliexpress Tutorial | Dropshipping Guide 2022 ecwid drop shipping for aliexpress

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Updated on Jan 12,2023

Ecwid Dropshipping Aliexpress Tutorial | Dropshipping Guide 2022

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how do you set up dropshipping on ecwid catalogs

Ecwid Dropshipping Aliexpress Tutorial | Dropshipping Guide 2022

ecwid drop shipping for aliexpress hi,guys welcome back to another video and,in today's video i'm going to be telling,you about accurate drop shipping and how,you can use it to,import your products from aliexpress so,without wasting any more of your time,let's just jump into it so over here as,you can see this is the website this is,how it would look like and all we have,to do is just simply sign in so as you,can see this is how the website looks,like now as you can see it's pretty,simple it's really easy so once you're,over here all you have to do is just,simply you know sign in or just sign up,so to sign up all you have to do is,click on get started button over here at,the bottom or at the top right corner,over here and once you've done that you,can go ahead and start selling your,products through the ecwid so let's go,ahead and get started so once i click on,get started all i have to do is just,simply enter in my full name my email,address my password and then just simply,click on set up your store now as you,can see there is no payment gate over,here so that means that you don't have,to enter in any payment options as well,no credit card no debit card or any of,that all you have to do is just simply,enter in these three options and then,you're good to go or if you would like,you could go ahead and sign up with,either google facebook or apple but i,would suggest signing up with google,because it is much more easier or any,one of these i'm gonna go ahead and sign,up with google and once you have signed,up or sign in it will take you over to,your control panel over here and over,here you can basically you know control,all of your websites so over here as you,can see this is a couple of things that,we need to do to actually you know get,our site up and running but we'll just,hide that for now so over here at the,left side you have a couple of different,options so you have my sales and in here,you can basically you know get,everything and know everything about,your sales you have your orders,abandoned cart customers and order,details then you have underneath catalog,and in catalog you have your products,categories and gift cards and marketing,and underneath marketing you have your,overview and google ads facebook ads and,automations and stuff like that like,that's pretty important and then down,below you have your sales channels now,over here you have your overview of your,website and underneath website you have,your overview of your exact website you,have your design your domain your seo,then you have facebook and instagram of,shops as well now if you are,using a free account you won't be able,to do that but to be able to connect,your facebook or instagram account you,need to have at least the basic package,or higher and same for tick tock and,then same for mobile and other channels,as well so in other channels you have,google shopping vend ebay and amazon as,well and then in these configurations,you have your design you have your,payment you have shipping and pickup you,have settings and apps and stuff like,that now that you know a little bit,about this website let's go ahead and,click on website and on website let's go,ahead and go over to overview where we,can overview our website so over here we,can see this is our website and we can,go ahead and view it over here as you,can see this is how it looks like edit,this website all you have to do is click,on edit this site in your overview,section and once you do that it'll open,up the editor and over here you can edit,your website so over here at the left,side you have all of your basic controls,now this editor isn't like wix or,anything like that it's not that easy,it's a little bit complicated but as you,can see it still manages to be easy as,well so at the left side you have all,these different categories and different,layouts of your website so over here you,have your header you cover your power,section you have cover stories delivery,info and stuff like that so whichever,layout option you choose you can edit,that option so for example i'm in the,header option so i can go ahead and,change my logo like over here i added,hash productions before it was just you,know drop shipping website or stuff like,that so i changed that as well then you,can add in an image or a text as well so,if we add image we can go ahead and,change the logo as well you can add any,logo you want like for example if i,wanted to upload this png of this turtle,then i can go ahead and upload that as,well so as you can see it's uploading,right now once it's uploaded it'll look,pretty nice i think so as you can see,this is how it would look like if i,uploaded the image i think it looks,pretty good so i'm going to keep it like,that and then go back and you can go,ahead and change the navigation of it as,well so in home you can change home to,whatever you want and you can you know,add links to other pages as well so you,know this is going to be the call action,on click so whenever someone clicks on,home it'll be taken over to the home,page website where you have your added,your link,and same with the about section store,and contact as well so and you can also,add in another menu if you want to but i,think this is good for now and then you,can also change the cover or stuff like,that but actually i want to change the,color because the color is definitely,not good so if i come over here in the,design section i can basically you know,change the background as well so i can,change it to the default color which was,this or i can go with the solid color,and change it to something a bit more,let's say,black over here that fits our website i,think black looks pretty good but it has,this cute little turtle that i added so,i'm gonna go ahead and go with this,whatever this color is i'm gonna go,ahead and try to find it i think it was,in the green section so if i come over,here i'm gonna go down over here i think,something like this right i think this,looks pretty good,so yeah we'll keep that and then you can,go ahead and change all of the other as,well like you can change the site logo,you can change the navigation menus you,know font style and you can make it bold,as well you can change the color of it,as well you can add in the phone number,the search icon the card icon and all of,that so as you can see it's pretty easy,and then the same goes for the cover as,well so if i come over cover and click,on design we can go ahead and change the,layout of it as well so i can make it,look like this or this or this,this was the default one or make it look,like this or this as well or this or,whatever layout you're more comfortable,with so i'm gonna keep it like this and,i'm gonna change the background color as,well so this is the background you can,go ahead and change it to whatever one,you want so i changed it to green,so i changed the header green so that,match the color so i'm going to go ahead,and keep the color like that you can add,in a tagline title and stuff like that,so if i come over here into content you,can change the welcome i basically added,the welcome before it was something,generic so i changed it to welcome and i,added the tagline as the number one,website in the world which it is by the,way don't judge me and then you have,your subscribe button and contact button,and stuff like that so,once you have edited your website all,you have to do is click on publish and,you can go ahead and view your website,by clicking on the link that it pops up,so now that we have our website now what,we need to do is we need to add in our,products now to add products what you,need to do is go over to catalog and,over here you have products simply click,on products and over here you can go,ahead and add some of the products as,you can see i've added some of these,products beforehand but we'll just you,know leave that and click on add new,products over here and let's go ahead,and open up aliexpress so this is the,product right here now there basically a,two ways that you can add these products,you can either add manually like you,know you can download these images and,you know you can copy the text and you,can copy all of the other details as,well and then just simply come over here,and paste all of those options over here,like you know you can add an image of,your product add in the name of the,product the sq number which is a,specific barcode number that is related,to the product that is you know printed,on the product when it is being shipped,and then you have the weight and,description like you can add all of this,as well or you can do it the easier way,which is going to cost you a little bit,money now the easier way is that you,have to install a certain application so,you underneath at the bottom you have,your apps and in apps you have your app,marketplace so in app marketplace go,ahead and leave this page and go to app,marketplace and over here what you need,to do is come over here on the left side,you will have filters and categories of,different applications what you need to,do is click on drop shipping now once,you click on drop shipping you will have,all of these different products as you,can see over here so these are the,applications that are going to help us,to you know take our drop shipping game,to the next level so what we need to do,is we need to just simply install this,application which is called spocket now,to install this application you have to,upgrade your application to a higher you,know upgraded from free so you can't,install this application in a free plan,but the basic gist of it is that you,will basically be able to copy all of,the products that you need but from,aliexpress by this simply added clicking,a button so how would it would work is,once you've installed it once you've,signed into it all you have to do is,just copy the link of the product and,then paste it into the spoket url and,just click on search or a copy or,whatever and then it'll copy all of the,details like the shipping details the,variants the sizes the shipping the name,and everything and it'll even copy the,sku numbers and stuff like that so you,don't have to copy that then you can go,ahead and paste it and then your product,will be uploaded and it'll be ready to,be sold off from your website now,speaking of you know upgrading your plan,let's go ahead and check it out so as,you can see over here the free plan is,zero dollars per month but you can only,upload like 10 different products but in,the venture pack you can upload like 100,products per month which is like 15 per,month and in the business one it's 35,and you can upload 2500 products which,is quite a lot i would suggest upgrading,to venture because in venture you will,be able to you know uh have facebook,advertising google advertising printers,advertising and snapchat advertising as,well and also you will have like you,know you will have facebook shop and,instagram shop as well so i think that,upgrading to the winter pack is most,suitable so that is how you basically,use ecwid to drop ship from aliexpress i,hope you guys enjoyed this video if you,have any questions let me know in the,comment sections down below and i'll be,sure to answer them as soon as possible,so having said that i will catch you,guys in the next video and until then,take care and goodbye

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