how do you see what mobile devices people are using in facebook ads account

How To Target People That Use Certain Mobile Devices Using Facebook Adshi guys hi my name is Josh al

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Updated on Jan 23,2023

How To Target People That Use Certain Mobile Devices Using Facebook Ads

hi guys hi my name is Josh also known as,Yoshi Bear Jay in this video I'm going,to show you how to Target how to make,your ads short to people who have,specific devices it could be an Android,um iPhone whichever I'm going to show,you how to do that the reason why you,want to do this is because if you're,looking at your ads manager and you're,seeing that there's much more,conversions coming from people who own a,specific device,then it makes sense to Target that,specific device in your ads,so in the video I'm gonna show you my,ads manager show you the purchases and,show you the process to find out where,your conversions are coming from in,terms of the the device that people are,using and then I'm going to show you how,to Target people who are on specific,devices,so guys let's not waste no time let's,get into the video so guys currently I'm,in another one of my ad accounts and we,just started running ads on this one and,as you can see here,this campaign and this campaign this,campaign's got six purchases this,campaign's got 15 purchases and they're,coming in at this cost right here right,so but we need to know,where the majority of the results are,coming from in terms of the devices that,people are using,so when people interact with your ads,right they're either going to see it on,their desktop on their phone or wherever,right,so by knowing where people are,interacting with our ads and seeing if,they're interacting on an Android or uh,iPhone that determines where we should,direct more of our ad spend,because that's where the majority of the,conversions are coming from,so in order to find that out,all we've got to do is this right,you want at the top right here you want,to go to,you've got view set up and you've got,three lines like this and you've got,three lines like that you want to go to,the one that has a three lines like this,right that's the breakdown tool,then,you want to select,placement and device,placement and device,and when you do that,you're going to be shown the so,basically what's going to happen it's,going to break everything down into so,the actions that people are taking it's,going to break them down into Android,iPhone and all that and just different,devices so you can see where the,majority of your conversions are coming,from however due to iOS 1415,before it would show you clearly like oh,you got one purchase from someone who,was on an Android smartphone you got,three purchases from someone who was on,an Android tablet right but because of,iOS 40 iOS 1415 and some of this,information is blocked,what you want to do you want to follow,it by the amount spent because the,algorithm is going to push budget,to ad sets and ads that it knows are,performing well,so if we see that the majority of the,budget is moving to,um Android or iPhone that's where we,know that oh the majority of our,conversions are coming from that device,and guys the reason why I'm setting this,up like this year just so you can,understand so when you know that,information you know how you're going to,build your ad to Target specific devices,so you can get more from your ad spend,so I'm going to show you so once you're,here you just scroll across,to amount Spin and mount spin right,and these are the devices listed here,so anyone who's ever interacted with,your ad clicked whatever it's going to,link all it's going to list all the,devices here,and guys look,check this,I'm scrolling down scrolling down okay,no money is coming from here okay no,amount spin all right,fifteen dollars Thirty One dollars from,device iPhone and device Android,smartphone let's go down some more again,the majority of the spend is,device Android smartphone and device,iPhone,and look at the rest,0.97 zero dollars like now from using,this breakdown tool we know that the,majority of our conversions are coming,from Android smartphone and iPhone,Android smartphone and the iPhone,right so now we know that we need to,Target,people who have those specific devices,to increase our likelihood of getting,more conversions,that's why when it comes to doing,Facebook ads you want to go pretty broad,first and then you want to use the data,to guide you,so now we know that I'm going to show,you guys how to Target people,who have specific devices,but before you do that you want to make,sure that you know where you where those,majority of your conversions are coming,from so you need that knowledge that,data first you don't want to just do it,off of straight away you want to go,abroad first and get that knowledge and,data and then be more focused with your,targeting,so I'm going to show you how to Target,people who have specific devices so so,what you want to do you want to click on,create then go to sales then click,continue now you're at the campaign,level,and here for the sake of the video let's,turn this on,twenty dollars cool,and then click next now here you choose,a conversion location that's totally up,to you you want to choose your pixel,and once you've chosen your pixel you,want to choose your conversion event as,purchase then we scroll down you can,choose your audience right here the age,gender whichever then when you get to,placements guys this is key when you get,to placements you click show more,options and guys when you get to hair,placements,click manual placements,scroll down then right on their hair,click show more options,and you're going to be shown these,options specific mobile and operating,systems,and then you just click edit,and it'll give you this option all,mobile devices,then you click here,and you select,you can do all or you can put in,specific,you can put in specific,bone models in here right by doing this,year it's going to,make your as much more targeted in terms,of device because if you're seeing that,the data is telling you that yo you're,getting all your conversions from people,who have iPhones you're getting all your,conversions from people who have,Androids and smartphones or you're only,getting conversions from iPhone users,this is what you want to do,so you can Target your ad spend and and,and guide the algorithm in the way you,think it should go in order for for it,for you to get more results out of it,this is how you do it guys you can do,iOS devices only,Android only again you can type in the,Android models in here Samsung Galaxy,whichever,or you could just do all mobile devices,but before doing this you need to use,the breakdown tool,to understand which devices are giving,you the most conversions first,I would not suggest you do this off the,bat because,one you're limiting yourself you don't,know where your results are going to,come from so you might as well give the,algorithm as much freedom to get your,results for the cheapest cost possible,you don't want to restrict it too early,on once you know where your convention,are coming from then you want to Target,like this guys if you want to learn more,more advanced stuff uh in terms of tick,tock ads Facebook ads click the link in,my description,and you can basically just watch free,courses on how to do things properly,even down to the structure yeah because,guys this is gonna really help you guys,so as usual I'll be coming back with,more marketing tips and tricks to help,you guys and your businesses,take care guys

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How to facebook ads devices sittings2021/Specific mobile devices & Operating Systems/fb ads/Facebook

How to facebook ads devices sittings2021/Specific mobile devices & Operating Systems/fb ads/Facebook

to target specific mobile devices and,specific,operating systems now this is something,that you might not want to use that,often but still,it is one of the many targeting options,that we have in our toolbox now,in order to be effective with your,marketing and your advertising,you want to have as big of a toolbox as,possible,to target people as specifically as,possible and this is just one of those,things in that toolbox,whether you choose to use it or not it's,more control to us,and it's a way of mastering the system,so let's dive into it and learn just,how it works so what we're going to do,since we're still in the placements is,that we're just going to go down until,we see the,show more options and i'm going to click,right,here so it's a specific mobile devices,and operating systems and this is where,we can do,a more specific targeting so by going to,the writer and clicking on edit,i can make a couple of choices now the,first thing i can do is that i can,choose to target all,mobile devices or i can choose to just,target android devices or use ios,devices,or feature phones only so what does this,mean,well it means that for example if i'm,looking to only be targeting people who,are using android,phones i could choose that or if i'm,targeting people who are only using ios,devices they would be for example ipads,there would be iphones etc i could do,that so you have to get into the,psychology of who are these kind of,people right,because we know that apple using ios,devices that's a more high quality brand,and people looking for more high quality,items that is a specific type of,audience this,specific type of people so if that is,the type of people that you're looking,to target,this could be a very valuable target,option now similarly we can target,feature phones only and a feature phone,that is one of those really old school,phones do you remember the old nokia,phones for example that doesn't have a,smart screen,or any touchscreen at all so if you're,looking to target the older generation,the more technically challenged,generation,if you will not everyone is but some are,you could use the feature phones only,and you could target them so let's say,that you're selling a course in how to,become more technically advanced or how,to learn the basic mobile phone using,skills,you might want to target people using,feature phones only,because they they don't feel like,they're capable of using a smartphone,so it's just one of the many targeting,options that we can use,so we're going to use all mobile devices,for now,now we also have another option we can,target people to,who are only connected to wi-fi so what,does that mean,well that means that people who are,connected to a wi-fi,they are usually stagnant right so,they're usually at home in the majority,of cases but they might also be sitting,still at say a cafe,what we know is that they are not using,their mobile net meaning that they are,at the very least not traveling,and people who are not traveling are,more likely to buy something,generally right because if you're,traveling you're probably just scrolling,through and going through,information so this might be another way,to target people who may or may not be,more likely to buy,as you can see the potential reach with,it on is 480,000 people and with it off is 480 000,people so,in this targeting that we have done it's,not going to change anything,but it might do if we get more specific,like we're choosing one of these and,then we're using,only one connected to wi-fi so once,again this is all about what we decide,to keep in our targeting toolbox,then we have some exclude content and,publisher but this is only,if we are using the audience network,which,we aren't and i recommend strongly that,we don't,right so what we're going to do is that,we're going to keep things open we're,going to select,all mobile devices and uh we are not,going to,bother if they're connected to wi-fi or,not right so this is how you target,specific mobile devices,and operating system not something that,you might use often but something that,is now in your toolbox,should you choose to do such specific,targeting right,now we are done with the entire,placement section,well that also means that if you are,going to decide to do some specific,split testing later on,and since we're only using facebook news,feed as we go along we might want to add,in facebook news feed,into the title up here now i'm not going,to do that right now because i'm not,going to bother with it until i decide,to test the placement,but just know that if you are deciding,beforehand to test different placements,it's a good idea to add it to the ad set,name too because then you know what this,ad says specifically,is targeting all right just a little,hint in there but,a lot of these things is going to be,repeated as we go through the course and,i'm going to show you because we're,going to be doing these things also as,we move on,in the next lecture we're going to move,on to budget and schedule,very exciting see you in the next,lecture

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