how do you post multiple ads on craigslist

[How To Post Ads On Craigslist] Craigslist Ads Posting No Flagging Method Make $500+ Daily hey it's

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Updated on Jan 09,2023

[How To Post Ads On Craigslist] Craigslist Ads Posting No Flagging Method Make $500+ Daily

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[How To Post Ads On Craigslist] Craigslist Ads Posting No Flagging Method Make $500+ Daily

hey it's troy miner and in this video,i'm gonna be sharing with you,my personal craigslist marketing,strategies,for being able to promote any work from,home business i'm going to share with,you how to keep your craigslist account,safe,and prevent it from being flagged,and i encourage you to watch this video,through to the end because i'm also,going to share with you a very easy way,for you to make instant cash daily,as much as uh 500 a thousand two,thousand dollars per day using this,strategy,so be sure to watch this video through,to the end and as i get started be sure,to like comment and subscribe to my,channel you can go ahead and do that,right now,and um,what i will say to you is this you know,a lot of people don't use craigslist,they've given up on it they've been,using it incorrectly in the past a lot,of people have gotten their accounts uh,shut down i'm gonna show you how to,prevent that from happening,so,first things first when you go into,craigslist very very important the very,first thing that you want to do,is when you post your ad you want to,stay away,from any jobs all right,um a lot of times people will end up,putting their ad in this job section,and immediately they end up getting,flagged why it's because these people,are not looking for a job,so what you want to do is you want to,come down here to sales,business development,or you can come over here under services,and go down to small business ads,so when i click on sales business,development,what's gonna pop up,are these ads right so um,how does this work very very simple,you're gonna come over here you're gonna,click on post,all right and once you do that,uh what type of posting is this you're,gonna scroll down again stay away from,jobs stay away from gigs the only place,that i would recommend that you go is,right here,under service offered,now there's a couple of reasons why you,want to do this,the first reason is this is that if,you're promoting,your business,uh under the job section,you're gonna end up paying anywhere from,20 bucks in smaller cities,to as much as 35,in larger cities only to risk getting,your account banned so,come over here,scroll down to,either,financial services right you can click,on that,uh i personally like,uh i like using skilled,no not skill trade i like using small,biz ads,so come over here click on small biz ads,okay and now this section is very very,important so i'm going to cover a couple,of things really quickly,so let's talk about setting up your ad,now this is where a lot of people go,wrong,the very first thing that can instantly,get you flagged by craigslist algorithms,is this right here,your postal code right,what you want to do is you want to,actually do a google search,right depending on what city it is that,you are promoting your ad in and then,just copy the zip code right whatever,zip code it is that you want to use,you come back over to your ad and you,place that zip code in here so,using this as an example let's say that,i'm placing an ad in tampa bay right i'm,going to put tampa bay area i'm going to,put the zip code and then just keep this,very simple what is the title of your ad,make 500 cash daily watch this video,right something to that effect,and then in the body of the ad right you,want to provide something that has so,much value that it makes it hard for,people,to um not take advantage of this right,so,an example of an ad that i might use is,we're seeking 30 people interested in,work from home positions no experience,required must be 18 years of age or,older all training provided sales,background is an a plus,we are offering a free 50 cash rewards,card for simply watching a short video,to the first 30 people today,contact the number below this should say,call the number below to hear a short,message to redeem your fifty dollar,card and then you know put in whatever,number it is that you want in here now,why should you use a number and not an,actual website again you want to keep,your account safe you want to keep your,account from being flagged so,the best strategy that i would use if,you have a phone number,that has a voicemail already set up,you know something that will redirect,people,to your website,then use that right that's the safest,bet so,i'm all set over here right i'd come,down here,okay click on,continue,all right and once i click on continue,right i'm gonna click on continue again,and then over here right,be sure that you add at least one image,maybe two,and once you add your image right it,should be something that's eye-catching,something that's re really simple,you can do a google search for,royalty-free image ads right doesn't,have to be something elaborate and then,you would just come over here and click,done with the images,now what is the next step i'm going to,tell you what the next step is,so the next step and what it is that i'm,offering,again i mentioned a free 50 cash reward,gift card for simply watching a video,so when people call my number and they,are instructed let's say for example to,press the number one,when they press the number one they are,going to get a text message,sent to their phone with this website,special offer receive a 50 rewards cash,gift for watching a quick video they,come over here they enter their name,they enter their email address and then,they have to enter,their mobile phone number and then they,just click on start the presentation now,is this working right let's take a look,at this,okay the system that i'm using is known,as mlm,recruit on demand also known as mlm rod,and this is the incentives program,so how many prospects have i gotten,already using this message this method,59,right i've already had 59 people that,have,gone ahead and claimed their free 50,cash reward gift card,you also can,share this 50,uh gift card,using these copy and paste strategies so,this works really well for social media,um this program mlm recruit on demand,this is the incentives plan,and with the incentives plan,okay you have so many different ways,that you can market this,with this incentives plan,um,you get a seven day,one time only seven dollar,trial,and then at the end of your trial period,it's like 37 bucks a month,to get 59 prospects using craigslist you,know is it worth it for me absolutely,so,what does the,page look like all right i just shared,with you,i just shared with you the prospects,that you can get and what is it that i'm,currently promoting using this offer all,right i'm currently promoting,a system known as exodus elite now i,have been a member of exodus for many,years,if you've been following me for any,length of time you know that this is my,primary business and there are several,things that i love about this number one,there's no waiting to get paid right,this has to do with digital marketing,you make a sale today you get paid today,exodus elite achieve 100 to 2 000,pay uh paydays,150 000 a year or more income so,you would watch this six minute only,video tutorial,sharing with you how this works,and,this exodus elite compensation plan i,have shared this with,many people that i know a lot of friends,a lot of acquaintances and what,i love about this is that 100,of this of them,100 of the people that i've shared this,with have all said,that this is the best compensation plan,the most fair compensation plan that,they've ever seen,so uh you would watch this video,okay,and you can scroll down,and see our online webinar presentation,which i highly recommend that you do,everything that i share with you in this,video is going to be provided directly,below this video in the description,and,if you scroll down this sales page,all right you have the ability to check,out some of the,testimonials right real people making,real money and you have the ability to,the ability to check out,the five different product packages that,exodus elite has to offer,and,if you scroll to the very very bottom,you make a decision you want to get,started,or you want to learn more about exodus,elite then you would just come over here,click on this join exodus now button,and um should you decide to go forward,you can connect with me either on,facebook you can connect with me on,linkedin,um i'll even share below this video in,the description a way for you to set up,a date and time for us to actually speak,using my online appointment center and,you can get your questions answered you,know we can have a real conversation and,i can help you get started and i use,this third party marketing system,this link gives you a free video showing,you how to connect this that allows me,to get unlimited leads and to promote,multiple different opportunities so,let's take a look at the testimonials,page,okay,um if you click on the testimonials link,look these some of these people are,making seven figures and more per year,and um,i will tell you one of the things that i,love about exodus look at this this is a,business that you can truly change your,life forever,what i love about this is that,the very first challenge that people run,into with any business that they join is,they join the business they're excited,the first question they ask is well what,do i do now how do i generate leads how,do i make sales,with exodus elite you have the most,up-to-date,powerful training that was created by,some of the most successful people,in the home business industry so they're,sharing with you their story they're,sharing with you what it is that they're,doing the company stands behind the,concept of you get paid first,and if you've ever done any kind of,network marketing affiliate marketing,right you joined an opportunity,the minute that you spent your money all,of a sudden you don't hear from your,sponsor by the way i never ever do that,i love connecting with my team my people,i share personal videos other marketing,strategies that i use to get results,but let's say that that happened,right maybe you've had that experience,in the past,with exodus elite the training is,already there,so it's not like,you know,once you join you're stuck right this,system teaches you what it is that you,need to do in order to make multiple,sales every single day like clockwork,i also have a personal proof video,showing you results,again that information would,will be provided to you below this video,in the description,and just check out some of these,testimonials right if you're a young,person like me i would consider this,i had my first two enrollments within my,first month,um,let's talk about some of the products,again you have five different ways that,you can get started,the online money generating education,program this is ideal for two types of,people,maybe you are looking to start an online,business,you're uh a beginner you know you're,somebody that you've been around for a,while maybe you haven't really gotten,the results,you click on this tab right who is this,also for this is also for people,that are happy with the current business,that they promote but they're looking to,boost their online business in sales,now exodus elite is considered,to be,uh high ticket marketing but it really,isn't right,i mean we have a product that starts for,as little as a hundred dollars,for the product itself,and even at the very basic level look at,all of these courses that you get access,to,and each of these courses has multiple,lessons,i know a lot of people that struggle,with,promoting their offers in facebook,groups,right um,they have people and i know this is,annoying that,spam the heck out of their ads,uh you know,flag your ad just because they they want,to be able to get their ad to the top,this,course and these lessons teach you how,to avoid that,maybe you don't have an advertising,budget right you don't need to use any,paid ads really for social media,marketing,um this course shows you how to do that,10k blueprint learn how to make 10 000,plus per month in 90 days or even less,and these are just some of the products,and services that are offered at the,very basic levels if you're involved in,cryptocurrencies,you know why not learn really really,learn the secret and the magic on making,them work email marketing uh secrets how,do you grow your email list,instagram ad success right you want to,know about facebook marketing instagram,marketing tick tock it's all in here,uh and you know again this is a about,either supplementing your income or like,in my case,being able to be a full-time online,marketer look people ask me all the time,what is it that i love about exodus,elite and being an affiliate marketer,the freedom you know i mean the money is,great don't get me wrong but it's the,freedom that most people are chasing,not having to answer to a boss not,having to,ask permission to take days off or to go,on vacation you know that's all,attainable,if you have the right information so,you and i get paid in direct proportion,to our skill level,i shared with you one aspect that i've,learned relating to marketing using,craigslist,right i mean,if you spend 10 bucks 15 bucks 20 bucks,uh a week,and you're able to get the high number,of prospects that are actually,taking advantage of your opportunity and,your offer then that's sensational right,so,with that being said uh if you got some,value from this video be sure to like,comment and subscribe to my channel oh,one last thing when you are on,craigslist,do not post more than two ads,every two days,right so,uh i posted two ads this morning,i will wait two days before i post an,additional two ads and your ads will run,for 30 days,and you have the ability to go into your,craigslist back office under your,account,and um,post those expired ads again,this is how you're able to get into,multiple cities right all throughout the,usa,and objectively your goal should be to,have your ads,running in 15 or 20 cities over time,very easy to do within the first month,if you have that going on then i'm,telling you right now doing it the way,that i've shared with you you will get,uh very very good reliable results keep,your account safe hey look uh thanks so,much for watching this video the links,are directly below in the description,click on those links and with that being,said once again i'm troy i hope you have,an amazing day and thanks for watching,take care

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