how do you grow facebook followers without paying for ads?

How to gain 5000 Facebook followers organically - Grow facebook page without adsin this video we are

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Updated on Jan 23,2023

How to gain 5000 Facebook followers organically - Grow facebook page without ads

in this video we are going to talk about,how we got more than 5 000 followers on,our facebook page and all that is done,organically and within 100 days so if,you want to learn about how you can grow,your facebook page organically then,let's dive in,now no matter if you have an online,business or you have a physical store if,you want to promote your business online,on social media then facebook is your,number one spot to create your account,or maybe a business page and then start,promoting it online and how you can grow,this facebook page to grow your business,online and promote it on facebook this,is what we are going to discuss in this,video we are going to talk about few,points that you can take care and use,that for 100 days and see how much,followers you can get in our case we got,more than 5 000 followers so let's dive,in in the point number one and that is,updating your info now this one covers,about the basics of page creation you,should have a enticing cover image your,logo should be clear there should be a,good information in the about section,especially start the about section with,at least with your website url or maybe,with a seo keyword and this will be,really helpful for your online presence,and once you have optimized all the,details about your facebook business,page then comes the next point that is,content creation and in this case you,should only focus on videos you can,surely go ahead and post images here and,there but your prime focus should be,only post videos now of course you don't,have to show your face for promoting,your business or creating content for,that you can surely go ahead and create,faceless videos and make a content,marketing plan around that now if you,are a local business then while posting,these videos on your facebook business,page make sure you never ever miss to,mention a check-in which could be your,location your city or maybe your state,or maybe some metro cities where your,business deals in so make sure you,always select the check-ins so that your,videos will be promoted by facebook to,the local audience of that area so if,you are a local business and you are,posting videos then make sure you never,ever miss to mention a check-in next,point is creating reels now creating a,full-length videos might be a little bit,overwhelming for you so luckily you now,have reels on facebook as well you can,go ahead and create short videos on,facebook you can create short videos,about your business maybe behind the,scenes or maybe tutorials or maybe some,tips and tricks you can surely go ahead,and create short videos and then post it,on your business page and as instagram,is pushing reels really hard so this is,the best time to grow your business page,using reels next point in our list is,joining facebook groups now these groups,are not going to be just any facebook,group first you need to make sure that,you join groups in your niche or in your,category or at least in the category,where people need your help and your,content can help them and while joining,these groups you need to make sure that,you are allowed to post your videos on,these groups now this was not going to,take them out of the facebook platform,these groups should allow posting videos,from your page that you can mention in,the post or if in case it is not allowed,in the posting you can go ahead and post,these videos from your business page,in the reply for any post in the group,which means that if you have a video,which can help someone in resolving some,issue you can go ahead and mention your,video in the comments of any post and,from there you will start getting,eyeballs and people will start seeing,your page as well as your content,and if you keep on doing this for the,next 100 days i'm sure you will be,easily able to cross the 5000 mark and,then you can grow your facebook business,page from there,if you like this video then make sure,you hit the like button and to watch,more videos like this make sure you,subscribe to this channel and hit the,notification bell so that you can get,notified whenever we upload our next,video and if you need any expert help,for your next wordpress project then you,can contact our wordpress experts using,the link given in the video description,below

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how do you grow facebook followers without paying for ads? catalogs

How To Increase Your Facebook Page Likes and Follows

How To Increase Your Facebook Page Likes and Follows

we've helped so many of our clients,increase their facebook page likes also,known as facebook fans by tens of,thousands so how can you do the same or,better question why should you do the,same we all know how organic reach has,continued to decline,so even if you get a whole bunch of,facebook page likes only a small,percentage of those people are going to,see your post organically in your feed,moving forward so what's the point well,i'm going to answer that question in,today's video so stay tuned to learn how,to get more facebook page likes and why,it still matters,what's up everybody welcome back to the,channel i'm brandi with life marketing,the digital marketing agency with a,mission to help small businesses grow,before we get started you guys know the,drill go ahead and like and subscribe,and hit the notification bell so that,you don't miss out on any of the,business growing videos we put out every,single week all right so let's start by,differentiating what the difference is,between facebook page likes and facebook,followers the amount of people who like,your page can be different than the,amount of people who follow your page,facebook says when someone likes a page,they're showing support for the page and,that they want to see content from it,when someone follows a page it means,they may receive updates about the page,in their news feed so you may be,thinking wait a minute does that mean if,someone just likes my page without,following it they won't see my page's,posts in their newsfeed that was my,first thought at reading that but not,quite people who like a page will,automatically follow it even if people,like a page they can still choose to,unfollow it which means then they'll,stop receiving updates about the page,people can follow a page even if they,haven't liked it and the name or the,profile picture of the person who likes,the page may be shown on the page or in,ads about the page,so the goal is to garner page likes and,therefore automatically follows and to,produce content that would not warrant,any unfollows from there alright so now,let's answer the question why do,facebook page likes still matter there,are three main benefits number one,credibility the more page likes you have,the more credible your business looks to,potential customers it sounds like a,simple thing but in today's digital,landscape this plays a bigger part in,people's buying decisions than some may,realize because the reality is your page,likes represent more than just how,popular your brand is on social media,they represent how trustworthy your,brand is and for small businesses that's,a big deal because you're often starting,at zero if nobody has ever heard of your,brand before and you have to do,everything you can to build that brand,consumer trust trust is one of the most,common objections customers have towards,most small businesses and thus it's,something you want to overcome as,quickly as you can one survey found that,81 of consumers said they need to be,able to trust the brand in order to buy,from them so having a fair amount of,page likes or at least more than your,competitors have is a good first,impression to potential buyers because,it shows other people like and trust,your brand making it easier for them to,do the same all right benefit number two,is that you can invite facebook page,likes to join your facebook group groups,are a place to communicate about shared,interests with certain people you can,create a group for anything like your,family reunion your after work sports,team or your book club so oftentimes,businesses will create facebook groups,as a niche community to funnel down,their facebook page likes into a smaller,warmer audience facebook says creating,your own group really allows your own,community to flourish and connect even,more around your brand and your content,you can create a group and connect it to,your page to help build a community with,your fans and supporters so if you're a,b2b or have a business model that,involves cultivating leads having a,request to join facebook group could be,a great way to go with your facebook,marketing and if you already have a ton,of facebook page likes you can go down,the list and invite them to join your,facebook group all right and then lastly,before we get into benefit number three,here's a quick message from sherman hey,we just helped a small business make,over 1.5 million dollars through,facebook advertising and after managing,millions of dollars in ad spend for,thousands of different small businesses,we have decided to give away everything,we learn to you in a special program if,you want to learn the blueprint to,success the best practices from some of,the fastest growing companies in the,world and all the different tools you,will need then sign up for our social,ads training program,today all right so benefit number three,is you can retarget page likes with,conversion ads now this benefit is a big,one in your facebook ads manager you can,create a custom audience of people who,like or follow your page just go to,audience click create audience then,custom audience and choose your facebook,page as the custom audience source then,make sure your facebook page is selected,and you can select people who currently,like or follow your page once you create,that audience you can select it from the,ad set level when you're creating a new,ad so essentially you can create ads,specifically for your facebook page,likes to nudge them along your marketing,funnel into taking the next action you,want them to take i cover custom,audiences like this a lot more,extensively in my facebook ad targeting,video so i'll link that below if you,want to watch that next but the reason,retargeting matters so much here is,because like we just learned a few,minutes ago people need to trust your,brand in order to buy from you and in,order to trust you they need to become,familiar with your brand and in this,case that means putting your brand and,content in front of them more than once,which is why retargeting is so important,alright so now that we know how page,likes can benefit your business let's,walk through three ways to get more,facebook page likes and follows method,number one is the most common and tried,and true method and that is through the,facebook page like ad campaign you can,create an ad to put in front of your,target audience on facebook that has a,cta button to like your page here's how,to set it up in ads manager click the,create button select the engagement,campaign and then scroll down to,specifically select page likes click,through to the campaign level and ad set,level setting your budget audience,schedule and placements as you normally,would and just be sure to exclude your,custom audience of people who like or,follow your facebook page so that you,don't waste money sending them an ad,that asks them to like your page when,they already do if you need more clarity,or suggestions on how to set up a,facebook ad in general i'll link my how,to create facebook ads video for you to,watch next but for now i want to push,through to the ad level for the sake of,this video on the ad level you'll select,a picture that represents your business,well and you'll add your primary text,for copy the preview window on the right,will update in real time so you can make,sure that your image fits the dimensions,correctly and that your copy isn't too,long you'll want to use the copy to make,it clear as to what kind of content the,users can expect to see from your page,and how it will help them you don't want,to spend money on all of these likes,only to have people unlike your page,later because the content isn't what,they thought it would be or it isn't,valuable to them so comment below and,tell me one topic you could post about,that would make your page seem helpful,to your audience using page like ads is,how we drove all the client results you,saw at the beginning of this video so,the lower you can get your cost per like,the more page likes you'll get for your,buck and just to wrap up this method,with one final point of clarity this is,not the same as buying your followers,you've probably heard a lot of negative,talk around buying your page likes but,that's referring to spammy softwares and,the like where you just pay a chunk of,cash for fake followers or a bunch of,bots to like your page so that it looks,like you have a bunch of page likes,don't do that that's not what we're,talking about here a page like ad,campaign is an ethically sound method,that just places your ad in front of,your audience and gives them the choice,to like your page or not all you're,paying for is the exposure of that ad,alright moving on to method number two,inviting post reactions to like your,page if you go down your page to any of,your posts and click the list of,reactions it will bring up all of the,people who have reacted to that post you,can then go down the list and invite,them to like your facebook page if they,don't already now if you're not getting,much post engagement this may not be the,most lucrative method but if you do a,lot of facebook lives for example those,usually rake in a lot of reactions that,you can go down the list to invite this,is just an organic or unpaid option to,garner some page likes and maximize any,engagement that you are getting and then,lastly method number three is to cross,promote if you have a big following on,any other platform be it instagram,youtube or maybe your website gets lots,of traffic hits make sure your facebook,page is linked work smarter not harder,by making sure your community is,following you across all platforms you,can even give them incentive to like,your page on facebook either by hosting,a giveaway with liking your page being a,requirement to enter or by posting,exclusive content on facebook that you,don't post anywhere else and this is,again where a facebook group can come in,handy and you can make it so that they,have to like your page in order to be,accepted into the group to see the,exclusive content morgan has a whole,video on facebook groups so i'll link,that if you want to take a deeper dive,into how to get one started but all,right you guys that about wraps up,everything i have for you today don't,forget to like subscribe and hit the,notification bell before you go and i'll,see you in the next episode,you

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