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Twitter Ads Tutorial for Beginners [2022] twitter currently has around 400 million,users worldwide w

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Updated on Jan 06,2023

Twitter Ads Tutorial for Beginners [2022]

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Twitter Ads Tutorial for Beginners [2022]

twitter currently has around 400 million,users worldwide with over 73 million,users based in the us alone now twitter,is a powerful platform to reach and,engage with highly influential and,specialized individuals you can also use,twitter to simply create ads from dozens,of ad formats to drive sales build your,followers increase engagement and more,hey guys spirit here welcome back to,this channel and if it's your first time,here thanks for joining me now today in,this twitter ads tutorial for beginners,i'm going to walk you through the,process of how to create twitter ads to,grow your business in 2022,okay so before we launch into this,tutorial consider subscribing if you,haven't done so already or if you're new,to this channel and that way you'll stay,updated with actionable videos and,tutorials designed to equip you with the,skills knowledge and tools to help your,small business thrive online and without,the way let's go ahead and dive into,this twitter ads tutorial for beginners,okay so to get started with creating ads,on twitter for your business we first,need to head over to our browser and,type in, and that's going to take,us to this web page then simply navigate,up to the top right hand corner and,ensure that your twitter account is,logged into if you have not,automatically been logged into the,correct account go ahead and log into,your twitter account then simply,navigate back down the page under,country and select the correct country,that you're in,and this will add the currency for the,country that you selected which will be,used throughout your account so go ahead,and ensure that your country and time,zone is correct then come down and click,let's go,okay so the first thing that we're going,to be asked inside our twitter ads,account is to select a campaign,objective this is essentially the goal,that you want to achieve with your,campaign and the first option we have,under awareness is reach this is all,about reaching as many people as we can,with our ad on twitter then next to,awareness we have consideration and,under consideration we have a few goals,objectives that we can choose from for,example what we can do within,consideration is build our following so,this is going to help us build our,followers on our twitter account we can,also drive engagement by promoting,tweets on our account now if you have a,website or an app what you can do is,focus on a specific cta call to action,so for example i can drive people from,twitter to visit my website or i can,drive people from twitter to install an,app and above app installs we can also,pair our ad with premium content this,allows us to put our ad on top of other,video content that other publishers have,created and then we can also drive,engagement through video views get,people to watch your video then under,conversion we have app re-engagements,get people to take action in your app,however today what we're going to do is,focus on website traffic and this,objective is all about driving people,from twitter clicking on our ad and,sending them to our website it could be,a specific page on our website where we,want people to perform a specific action,so go ahead and select the most,appropriate goal for your twitter ad for,the purpose of today's tutorial we're,going to go ahead and select website,traffic,and then navigate down to next,okay now before i guide you through the,process of creating your first twitter,ad campaign what you want to do is,navigate up to your profile in the top,right hand corner and click here,and simply come down and make sure that,you've added a payment method if you,haven't already added a payment method,go ahead and add that payment method,before you continue with your campaign,and as you can see under funding source,we've already gone ahead and added our,visa that we want to use to fund our,twitter ads and your payment method will,not be charged until your ads are up and,running,okay so once you've added a new payment,method and you've selected your,objective your campaign goal then simply,come down to campaign name and go ahead,and name your new campaign,and for the purpose of today's tutorial,what i'm going to do is create an ad,with the focus of promoting the triple,threat strategy which is a strategy that,we implement for our small local,business clients and we want to drive,our target audience to our website to a,specific page on our website where they,can book a strategy session with us by,simply clicking on our ad and arriving,on our website page okay so this is the,first level of our ad and that is the,campaign level now the structure and,process of creating twitter ads is very,similar to creating ads on tiktok and,facebook and for those that are also,interested in learning how to create ads,within tiktok and facebook what i'll do,is link beginner tutorials down below,that will take you through the process,of creating ad campaigns using tiktok,and facebook okay so let's go ahead and,complete our campaign details now once,you've named your campaign simply,navigate down to daily budget now if,it's your first time creating an ad we,recommend that you add a total budget,and then you add a start date and an end,date because a common mistake that,beginners make is they add a daily,budget so how much they're willing to,spend each day but they do not specify,an end time and end date for that,campaign that can become a very costly,mistake so as a beginner we recommend,that you add a total budget for example,what we're going to do is add a hundred,dollars,then what you want to do is navigate,over to the daily budget and what i'm,going to do is add 10,and then come down to start this is,where you want to select the start date,of your ad if i click here i'm going to,select the 16th which is tomorrow i'm,happy with the time over here then if i,navigate over to end and click specify,time,this is where i want to add a end date,now if you're a complete beginner this,is exactly what you want to do you want,to add a start and an end date for your,campaign,this allows you to know exactly how much,money you're going to spend for this,particular campaign so if i click on,this date here,i'm going to navigate back to february,and then select the 25th of february,which is 10 days from the start date and,i'm happy with the time down here so the,total amount that i'm willing to spend,over 10 days for this campaign is a,hundred dollars,each day my daily budget is ten dollars,so i want to spend equally ten dollars a,day for this campaign then simply come,down to advanced,and make sure that you have the,recommended standard pacing selected,this is going to allow twitter to,deliver your ads efficiently throughout,the day based on your daily ad spend,then simply navigate down to next,and this will take us to the next,section in creating our campaign and,that is the ad group details the ad,group level,so what we want to do is navigate up to,add group name and simply add your ad,group name,and i'm going to call this triple threat,strategy ad group hashtag one,now the reason i've added hashtag one is,because within each campaign you can,create multiple ad groups think about,your ad group as audience targeting and,so for example let's say that in your,one campaign you wanted to test three,different audiences that you've created,to see which ad group which audience,performs the best now once you've added,your group name simply navigate down to,delivery under total ad group budget,this is where you can add a budget for,this specific ad group now for example,let's say that your total campaign,budget was a hundred dollars like we,added in our campaign settings and let's,say that you wanted to create four ad,groups and you wanted to distribute your,hundred dollar budget across all these,ad groups evenly then what you would do,is for each of the four ad groups you,would add 25,and that way each of your four ad groups,will be allocated 25 to spend and you,can a b test you can measure each of,these ad groups to see which ad group,performs the best however for the,purpose of today's tutorial what we're,going to do is just create one ad group,and if you're just creating one ad group,you can leave this empty you can also,add a start time and an end time for,your specific ad groups but again,because we're just running one ad group,we're going to leave that empty and then,navigate down to goal then if we click,here,and here we have the option to select,site visits link clicks or conversions,as our ad group goal for the purpose of,this tutorial what we're going to do is,just click link clicks now if we decided,to keep site visit selected this is,where you want to track specific events,that happen on your website however,because this is just a beginner's,tutorial we're not going to show you how,to set up event tracking we'll share,this in a more advanced tutorial so come,down and click link clicks,because the goal for us is to send,people to our website from our ad then,come down to bid strategy make sure that,you have auto bid recommended this will,automatically maximize your results at,the lowest price this is recommended for,complete beginners especially if it's,your first time creating an ad then,scroll down to this section here pay by,and this is where you want to make sure,that you have link click selected this,means we'll pay every time that someone,clicks on our ad and then under,measurement options this is where we,have more settings in regards to,tracking again we'll cover this in a,more advanced tutorial then scroll down,to demographics,and this is all about your audience,targeting this is all about specifying,your audience that you want to target,with your ad under gender go ahead and,select the gender we're going to keep,any selected and then under age we can,go ahead and select age range and,because we want to target business,owners we're going to select here and,then click on 25 so the age group that,we're going to target is 25 and up and,then come down to location this is where,you want to target specific locations so,at the moment we have our home country,selected new zealand what i can do is,also go ahead and add australia,and as you can see we have australia,down here you can also type in regions,states or cities so i'm going to go,ahead and click australia and i'm also,going to type in canada and i can simply,select the country canada,and one last country i want to target is,the us,and down here we have the united states,under include you can see that i'm,targeting new zealand australia canada,and the united states so four countries,then simply come down to language now if,your ad is in a specific language you,can go ahead and add your target,audience's language down here we're,going to leave that blank and then,scroll down to devices here you have the,option to target specific operating,systems now because with this ad i want,to send people to my website it doesn't,matter what operating system that our,audience is using so i'm going to go,ahead and select all of these options,and you also have further targeting,options for each of these operating,systems so for example under ios i can,select all and i can go ahead and select,the latest ios if i like,we can also come down and select the,device model we can also select a,carrier however for the purpose of,today's tutorial and campaign we're,going to focus our targeting on all,devices now the reason that you would,target specific operating systems is,let's say that you wanted to drive app,installs but your app was only available,on android in that case you would only,want to target people that use android,or if your app is only available on ios,then you would only target ios operating,systems okay so what we're going to do,is navigate down to custom audiences so,we've already specified our audience,demographic for this ad group and we've,also specified the devices that we want,to target with our ad,then under custom audiences we can go,ahead and include or exclude custom,audiences that we've created however,because we haven't created any custom,audiences we're going to leave this and,go ahead and create our audience by,simply navigating down to targeting,features,and then under keywords this is where we,can choose to include or exclude,specific keywords that our audience is,engaging with these are keywords from,tweets that they're engaging with,they're searching so this is all based,on keywords that are relevant to your,audience for example what i'm going to,do is add marketing and as you can see,for marketing we have a large global,audience size so i'm going to click this,and then navigate up here and type in,small business and again this is a large,keyword that we're going to add and,target i'm also going to add local,business,and i'm happy with those three keywords,and over on the right hand side you can,see an audience estimate based on the,information you're inputting down here,we can also come down to follower,lookalikes this allows us to add other,accounts that we know our audience is,into so that's going to take the,followers of the account and find an,audience that looks like those followers,so for example i can add an account that,i know my audience is interested in,and i'm going to come down and select,anz australia which is a bank in,australia that i know that some of my,audience in australia will be using i,can also navigate up here and i'm going,to type in xero,and this is an accounting software for,small businesses so i'm going to go,ahead and select here,and then i'm going to add one more which,is going to be meta and then click here,and then exit out of that,so basically what this is going to allow,me to do is distribute my ad in front of,lookalike followers that are following,these accounts so basically small,business owners because that is,essentially my audience that i want to,target and then simply come down to,interest these are the interests that,your audience have so for example if i,click here,i'm going to navigate up to business,and then select business advertising,business software,entrepreneurship,small business marketing leadership and,technology,and i'm happy with that however you can,go ahead and add additional interest if,you like and then come down to movies,and tv shows this is optional and this,is if you want to target individuals,that watch specific movies or tv shows,then we also have events you can add,events in here or conversation topics so,if there is a specific recent topic that,you want to target so those that are,engaging with specific posts content,around a specific topic you can target,those then we can also navigate down to,additional options and this is where you,have the option to retarget people who,saw or engaged with your past tweets you,can also expand your audiences and this,is if you want to expand your targeting,into other audiences that share similar,characteristics to what you've added,above and you also have the option to,target the followers of your account so,what i'm actually going to do is expand,my audience by clicking here and i can,drag this to look like audiences that,are defined so lookalikes that most,closely match your audience features,then we can go expanded or we can go,broad but what i'm going to do is keep,expanded selected now remember like i,mentioned you can create multiple ad,groups within your campaign so you can,target multiple different audiences if,you like so for example what i could do,is i can go ahead and copy this ad group,that i've just created or once i've,finished creating this ad group and then,what i could do is change this for,example maybe i could go defined and,save that as a new ad group,or i could change that to broad and that,could be another ad group and then i,could see which ad group performed the,best the ad group that was more defined,expanded or was a broad targeted ad,group you could also change some of,these keywords that we've added up above,or accounts or interests and simply,create new ad groups with those changes,and that way you can test your different,audiences so again like i mentioned it's,ideal to have at least three ad groups,within your campaign,okay so what we're going to do is scroll,down the page and under placements we,want to make sure that all twitter,placements are selected then if we,scroll down to twitter audience platform,here we have the option to extend our,reach to the twitter audience platform,and this basically allows you to reach,your audience across different apps,so we're going to keep that turned on,and then under formats this is where you,can choose your specific formats again,as a beginner i would keep all of these,formats selected then come down to add,category and choose the categories that,describe your ad content i'm just going,to add business,and marketing,then come down and add your website so,i'm going to go ahead and add my website,and then once you've added your website,domain simply scroll down to creatives,and this is where we can start building,our creative so we've finished targeting,our audience we're finished with our ad,group now what we're going to do is,create the actual ad that we want to,display on twitter now you can choose to,create a tweet or you can use an,existing tweet that you've created from,your account,so for example what i'm going to do is,scroll down here and select this tweet,over here and as you can see this is the,tweet that we want to promote to send,people to our website our number one,strategy for our small business clients,the triple threat strategy now the issue,with this organic tweet that we created,a few weeks back is it does not have a,link that directs people to our websites,what i'm going to do is actually,recreate this tweet by simply navigating,up here and clicking create tweet,and then navigating up to add name i'm,going to add the triple threat strategy,promotion,then i'm going to come down and add my,new tweet,and as you can see i've quickly gone,ahead and created my new ad so make sure,that your ad is compelling it doesn't,have too much text and you have a link,to your website and as you can see this,is what my ad will look like your ad,will have a small promoted tag down at,the bottom of your ad then what i'm,going to do is click carousel,and then add my images,and i'm actually just going to go ahead,and add one more image,and then navigate up to add media and,click back,navigate down the page and i'm going to,add a headline,and then add website url this is the,final destination of where you want to,drive traffic to and this is where,people can book a consultation about the,triple threat strategy i'm going to go,ahead and click apply to all media so,each of the images will send people to,this website url,then once you've completed your ad,simply navigate up to the top and view,what your ad will look like,and then once you're happy with your new,ad you can simply navigate up here,and save as draft or schedule or you can,click tweet,and as you can see your tweet is,successfully saved come down and fill,out this information or click close,and then navigate over to creatives,and come down to tweets,and as you can see down here we've,created our new tweet creative so what,we're going to do now is head back to,our campaign,and then back here under creatives what,we want to do is make sure that we have,zero tweets selected zero selected,display creatives then come down to,organic tweets click here and come down,to promoted only tweets,and this will generate the ad that we,just created the promoted only tweet,simply click here,and then navigate over to preview,and this is exactly how our ad will look,simply cancel out of this,and then once you've selected either an,organic tweet that you created earlier,or a promoted only tweet that you just,created with the editor come down and,click next,and here what you want to do is make,sure that you take the time to review,your campaign details as well as your ad,group details remember within your,campaign you can go ahead and add and,create an additional ad group or you can,copy this ad group and then change a few,of the targeting options so that you're,targeting at least three different ad,groups so you can test which ad group,which audience performs the best so once,you've reviewed your campaign details,simply come down and click launch,campaign,and that's going to take us back to our,ads manager and down here you can see,our new campaign that we just created,you can see the start date the end date,you can see the total budget impressions,spins and results now remember our goal,was link clicks and you can see those,link clicks over here as well as other,information like results rate cost per,result daily budget and the remaining,campaign budget however that is,everything we wanted to cover in this,beginner's tutorial helping you get,started with twitter ads,and there we have it guys that is it for,this complete twitter ads tutorial for,beginners now if you have any questions,about this process make sure to pop them,down below and with that said thank you,so much for watching this tutorial all,the way through to the end if you got,value make sure you leave a like and,subscribe to this channel and that way i,will see you in the next video take care,guys,you

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