how do tv ads influence consumers

How Commercials Get Us To Buy Crap We Don't Need advertising is everywhere and what you,read what yo


Updated on Jan 07,2023

How Commercials Get Us To Buy Crap We Don't Need

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How Commercials Get Us To Buy Crap We Don't Need

advertising is everywhere and what you,read what you watch what you eat what,you wear,they're in the sky they're on the ground,they're in the water our economy thrives,on you buying more and more and more,even though you don't need anymore and,oh yeah you're in debt,the goal of advertising is simple get,you to buy a product to make you say yes,I want this,I knew this my life will be better with,this retro cowbell dispenser but a mason,jar - that is adorable this is the mug,that won't fall over watch this it fell,- Phil we wanted to learn how,advertisers capture our attention and,get us to buy stuff we don't even really,need so we turned to Jonas Sachs,an advertising executive and co-founder,of free-range studios to explain a few,ways brands get into our heads,how do ads tell us who we are or give us,tell us who we should be we see 3,500 of,them a day and the majority of them,basically tell us you suck and if you,don't buy this product you're not going,to be rich enough smart enough hot,enough and so we walk around being told,3,500 times a day how deficient and lame,we are are there an additive stuck out,in your mind the number-one most shared,advertisement on YouTube of all time in,that dub real beauty sketches add they,make the real beauty sketches it's all,about how women are so much more,beautiful than they think they are,through the stunt of a police artist,who's sketching them tell me about your,hair they make a picture of what they,think they look like which is what a,stranger things kind of have a fat,rounder face people are saying listen,they're reaching hundreds of millions of,people with a positive message about,beauty people want to share they say oh,those are my values that's my idea and,then you start buying the soap because,you share this value,No,so this is one of those classic shop,therapy ads that you know parent to it,is hard drinking coke is easy,you need to speak to people and level of,identity to speak people on level of,emotion there are millions of people,we're going to sit there and be like,yeah that's my truth that's it it's,totally me,thanks coke why use Beckham,advertisements tell you not that this,product does this thing it's that people,like this use this product if you want,to be like these kind of people use this,product and you're instantly one of them,you know we all want heroes in our lives,and we want to know how to be more like,those heroes and you know watching,sports and watching movies that these,guys are in we don't necessarily know,how to be more like them but,advertisements tell us how to be are you,up for whatever don't answer,grab a Bud Light and chilli try new,things make new friends it means all,just crafted around creating a gap you,know you don't have enough you don't,have what's right it's not necessarily,even at the audience of the sitting at,home and saying oh man I need spend more,time in the club it's like saying,they're saying everybody else is in the,club and why aren't you there so,advertising is just a constant fear of,missing out there's a huge amount of,that well,advertisers are like crappy friends they,make us feel needy ugly and uncool but,we keep him around anyway this is a,beautiful moment sure could use a coke,you

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